Erin learns vibrator sex

What to do next

Hi Erin, the next thing you need to learn is how to masturbate your fanny with a vibrator and this is after you have had a few more tries at pushing your fingers up into your pussy whilst playing with your clit. If you can’t get a vibrator Daddy can always give you a carrot or Banana to use but its best to use a vibrator or a dildo which is a nice soft cock shaped toy that you can use to get your fanny used to having a great big real cock up inside you for when Daddy let’s you have a try of his cock to start you off.
With the vibrator or Dildo its best that you come into Daddy’s bedroom and lie on my bed so I can watch you and help you if you get stuck or need Daddy to do it for you for a while.
So start by putting a bit of lubricating jelly or spit onto your fanny lips so that you can get started before your own cunt juices start to flow as you get turned on. Put a pillow under your bottom so you can get your vibrator in easier and maybe later on Daddy will show you how nice it is to put the vibrator a little bit into your bottom. Rub the vibro up and down your pussy lips slowly at first and not going too deep but just passing gently over your little clit. Your clit will start to feel nice as it gets excited and the little hood will pull back as it grows and you will be able to press the vibro onto your clit head, this will keep growing and one day may even be quite big like a little tiny cock and as you pull the hood back and forward with the vibro you will have to be careful as it may make you have a very quick cum which isn’t what we want is it darling.
So keep rubbing the vibro up and down your lips and now start to let it go inside a little, just a few inches to start with so it opens you up nicely and lets you get inside where your nice sexy place is, this is called the G spot it’s just up on the front inside wall of your fanny hole right in a soft fleshy spot and if you rub there for a while you will be able to have a cunt orgasm, very sexy girls can when they are trained properly have an orgasm from their clit and from inside their pussy at the same time so this is what we need you to practice. If we start with Daddy helping you have clit orgasms first and then maybe Daddy will let you have a turn with my cock up inside your lovely little fanny to help you find where your G spot is, which would be very sexy.
You should now be getting quite excited and your nipples will be getting erect as well so while you are playing with your fanny Daddy will just get on the bed with you and lick and gently suck your nipples so you have even more sexy feelings.
I am now licking your nipples and I will get my cock out as well so you can feel it and see it growing against your legs, I might even let you suck it a little as you will need to know how to suck and drink sperm sometime soon as this is what some men like you to do and Daddy can help you learn how to do that.
Ok Daddy’s cock is very big now so I will just rub it a little to keep it nice and hard, you keep pushing the vibrator up and down inside you and Daddy will rub your clit for you as its getting a lot bigger now and you need to concentrate on your cunt feelings, keep pumping in and out my little sexy girl and I am rubbing your clit faster and faster now and sucking your nipple at the same time. Your bottom is pushing up and down nicely so you can get the full 8” of the virbro into you and your clit is very swollen but keep going as Daddy needs to sit a little on top of you as I am going to wank my cock in time with your vibro so you can see the spunk shoot out onto your big hard clitty, keep pumping Erin and get your fingers back onto your clit, rub, rub, rub keep going Daddy is nearly going to shoot his perm onto your clit so it’s nice and wet as you cum as well, aaarggg Daddy is shooting his sperm onto your clit, you are wanking the vibro hard into your cunt hole and your fingers are rubbing your clit very fast, you are cumming as well, go on do it, wank that cunt, shoot your fanny juices out and push your bottom up for me, ooohhh you have cum as well.
There now Erin you have done very well and Daddy is very pleased with you so you need to have a rest for a while and then have another try at vibrating your clit again so you learn how to have multiple orgasms. Then you will be ready for Daddy to have a try at fucking your tight fanny and maybe training you how to have my cock into your bottom a little to see if you can have bottom orgasms.
Can you write back to Daddy and let me know what you do when you have vibrates on your own and what you like Daddy to do to you.
Love Daddy xx

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3 years ago
Nice, but girls getting jilly with gel,
feels like an impatient order of moves to me.

Let girls get wet by rubbing them selves.
Later they can insert any noisy instruments
they would fancy to visit their fannies!
3 years ago