Erin and Jenny threesome

Erin and Jenny
Part 1
When I heard Jenny coming up to your bedroom after we had been fucking I was horrified, I though oh shit the game is up and my head was spinning but when she opened the door and walked in I was astonished. Jenny is slightly taller than you at about 5’8’’ and she certainly looked older than sixteen she has gorgeous short blonde hair and striking blue eyes with a full bust that pushed out filling her shirt. Her legs were long and the denims she had on were so tight they looked like that were sprayed on, hard up into her cunt crease and holding her fabulous arse firm.
Jenny pushed the door open and said that she had been watching us and that what we had done was i*****l, I was middle aged and you were thirteen, we had been having full sex, I had fucked you long and hard, you had wanked and sucked my cock and I had come my spunk right up inside your tight girly cunt. The way she said this so graphically made me wonder what the fuck was going on! Jenny you said, please don’t tell my mum and dad, they will kill me and probably Paul as well and if not the cops will lock him up, cant we talk about this please. I want you both to be very clear Jenny said, unless you both do exactly as I want then I will tell everyone what has been going on. I have fancied Erin for months now, she is so sexy with her cute little tits, big firm nipples and wonderful lips, and I want to explore what else she likes as well as your big cock.
Ok Jenny said to you, lie on the bed whilst I tie you up, I don’t want you running off before I have finished with you. Paul, you come over here and sit in this chair in the corner whilst I get undressed, there is stuff I have planned for the both of you as she emptied out a big bag of sex toys, big black dildo’s, huge rabbits and long fat butt plugs, oh fuck I thought, I hope these aint for me. Jenny tied me to the chair, legs apart strapped to each chair leg, hands tied to the arms and a pair of your tights right round my middle so I could get up, my cock was spent but did start to respond as Jenny stripped naked. Erin you are tied on the bed with hands and legs wide apart, your lovely cunt is slightly open due to the hard fucking I had just given you and my spunk was dripping out between your arse cheeks mixed with your cunt gushes and my view was wonderful.
Jenny is stripping off and peeling her tight jeans off, she has a slight tan where her panties have been but her tits are tanned as well, she has been sunbathing in her knickers I thought, horney cunt. Jenny is quite slim and she has narrow hips, she is almost like a boy except her tits are well developed and big and firm with large puffy nipples, she is gorgeous and I can see you looking closely at her cunt, you are flushed and your tummy is rising and falling as you take long breaths sucking in the scent of Jenny’s cunt and body sweat. Your young cunt mound is pushed up, you are clenching your arse cheeks in and out, you are getting excited and I can see you are wanting to go further with Jenny. My cock and balls are twitching and frantically starting to build up another supply of spunk, if I can’t fuck either of you I am going to wank my cock when I get out of here.
Jenny is walking over to me and she is bending down between my legs, I wince slightly wondering what she is going to do to me, ‘ I want to lick all of Erin’s cunt juice off your cock and balls so I can get the taste of her before I lick her out, you will clean my cunt and arse so I am clean for Erin to suck my twat, I may let you cum but probably not as I need to punish you for fucking my little girly friend. Jenny is licking all of your cunt juice off my cock and taking each of my balls between her full red sexy lips as her tongue greedily licks right round my cock end, under my foreskin and hard down into my piss hole, this cunt is a hot chick no doubt, she is slowly cleaning my cock of all of your cunt juice and making sure my cock gets good and hard at the same time. I am leaning back in the chair and my legs are tensing as I try and get as much pleasure as possible but Jen is not letting me get to excited. You are right behind Jen’s arse and she is making sure she lets you get a great view of her arse and cunt holes as she drifts her legs apart and her arse up into the air, a perfect view. If you had never been interested in fucking another girl then you certainly look right up for it now. Your tits are puffed up, your legs are wide apart, your clit is glinting in the light and is pert upright, your lips are puffed, your mouth is slightly open and your eyes are staring right at Jenny’s exposed arse and cunt, you want to love them so much, you start to cry and beg a little. Jenny can I please lick your cunt, I so much want to taste another girls pussy juice, please let me. This is making me so horney, I am tied up with a massive stiff cock now, a 16 year old lesbian is lick my cock end and sucking my balls and you are begging to suck her pussy.
Jenny is walking over to you now, my cock is straight upright and twitching as I try to extract some feelings out of it, Jenny is taking your dirty panties and is shoving them in my mouth to shut me up, but also to let me taste your young 13 year old cunt juices. She is turning you round so your head is down at the bottom of the bed, you are still on your back, Jenny pulls my chair closer and bends over my cock again, she lets in push right down her throat as she lowers her arse and cunt right over your face.
You can’t move as you are still tied down, your arms are out wide and you are flat on your back and Jen has placed her cunt and arse right over your nose and mouth, Jenny is rocking back and forwards on your face with my cock right down her throat, she is being careful not to give me to much pleasure as she is concentrating on rubbing her pussy lips and clit over your nose and mouth. You are slightly scared as you can hardly breath and Jen is pushing her cunt down right over your nose and mouth so you decide to give her some back, you gently bite her clit, nipping it with your teeth, Jenny gasps and grunts as she recoils off my cock, you little bitch she yells, you will pay for that later but fucking do it again only harder. Your nibble at her massive clit, it is a bit like a tiny cock, it is right out of its hood pert and hard, proudly sticking up, pulling in and out of its hood as you bite and lick it. Lick my arse hole Erin, stick your tongue up my arse hole, I can see your tongue shoot out and enter the dark little hole jenny so loves to play with when shoving her vibrator up it. You are massively turned on now and can nearly cum by just pushing your clit up and down but you can’t quite do it so are very frustrated, Jenny has us both under control. My cock is ready to explode down Jens throat but she is not letting me move it in and out, she is concentrating on her clit whilst you lick out her arse and she is calling us both the most filthy cunt fucker names.

Part 2
I am almost cumming my spunk when Jen lifts off me and stands up, you two didn’t think I was going to let you cum did you, I have just started. Jen ties a pair of your tights round my cock right at the bottom where my balls are, so tight it hurts, no spunk will get into me now Paul she laughs, she then unties my arms and legs and pulls me onto the floor by my cock, she ties the tights round the leg of the bed so I can’t move as the pain is so sharp, you fucking stay there while I have some fun with Erin. Right Erin you are going to wear one of my double ended strap-on cocks and you will fuck my cunt and arse until I decide you can stop. She pulls out a huge black strap-on that has a little dildo vibrator on the inside, put these on Erin and make sure the Vibrator goes up your pussy and the buzzer is on your clit. Jen turns on the vib as you pull the rubber panties up so the inside vib slips into your cunt hole, you gasp gently and close your eyes as the vib starts to buzz against your clit, you are in ecstasy and you love the sight of the big black cock as it stands out from your beautiful young tanned tummy, your cunt is pulsing in and out as you strain not to cum.
Jenny pulls you onto the floor next to me and is ordering me to push my cock into your mouth and fuck you hard but slow, it is so painful for me as my cock is massively pumped up with the bl**d pounding against the tights, I cry out in pain as my cock with its massive head enters your mouth, you are gagging and choking but loving the feeling of being abused, Jenny is between your legs and lowers her sopping wet cunt onto the big black dildo, she can feel the vibration from the vib that is now jammed onto your clit, she starts to raise up and then push down as she masturbates herself on the black cock, she is starting to grunt and gasp as she is nearing orgasm. You are cumming as well as I push my cock deep into your young sweet mouth that has now been abused and fucked by cock and cunt, you can taste my spunk, Jenny’s arse and cunt juice, you are rocking up and down pushing the cock into Jenny’s gaping hole, you are being spit roasted and loving it.
Jenny stops as we are both screaming to cum and gets up pulling me onto my hands and knees, you are dragged onto the floor next to me, Jenny is tying the tights round your neck and is leading you round the floor like a dog bitch ready to be mated. She tethers you to the bed post and stands over you with her legs apart and tells you to lick her clean again as she wants to be sure that any of my dirty man’s sperm is out of her, you are lapping up her cunt lips and tonguing her clit, she is grabbing your hair and pulling your face hard into her, almost wanking herself off on your face. She is pulling you into the middle of the floor and tying the tights down low to the floor on the bed post and pulling your arse round to face me, she drags the strap-on off your beautiful young bottom and pulls the vib out of your cunt, you cry out, please let me cum Jenny, I will be your bitch forever, please.
Jenny puts the strap-on herself and grunts as the little vib goes up into her pussy hole, right Paul, you will fuck Erin’s mouth as I fuck her tight young sweet cunt, we will leave her arse for another time. Jen lets the tights loose a little so I can grab hold of your hair and pull your mouth onto my massive cock end, I push it straight down your throat, I don’t care if it chokes you, I am free of the constraint of the tights and am hungrily fucking your mouth and throat, you are doing a wonderful job of taking it deep into your throat for such a young girl, you have stopped gagging and am letting your throat open to let my cock fuck you like another cunt. Jenny is round the back mounting you like a big black dog, huge cock pushing your cunt lips very wide stretching you to splitting point, but you are going to take it all, Jenny pushes further and you grasp the carpet as you strain to take it all, it’s in and you can feel the throb from the vibrator. Jenny and I start to push together fucking you from both ends, my cock deep in your throat, her cock pumping your cunt, the throbbing vib up her pussy all of us getting close to orgasm, you are first to cum, you are gasping for breath, nearly passing out as my cock plunges and gushes its sperm down your throat, Jen is hard at work at your cunt, pushing, pulling out, pushing in grinding the vib into her clit, banging into you faster and faster the big hard black cock standing out against your pure white girly bottom, aaaahhhhggg you gasp as you cum powerfully eyes streaming, spunk running from your mouth, I love you Erin screams Jenny as her cunt explodes and gushes her cum all over your arse, I love you to Jenny, I love you Paul you gasp as you collapse onto the floor sex juices pouring from all of your holes, you have been done and you love it, you love us both, Erin you are our young fuck lover and we will be playing together for a long time to come.

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3 years ago
excellent story, with that was happening to me, please write some more, and use paragraphs to brake up the text.
3 years ago
Great sexy story, Paul.

Please use more line breaks to separate paragraphs in your next longer tales. It helps readability!
3 years ago
excellent more more