Lovely Step Daughter

It was a cold day yesterday so we all settled down by the fire, my wife on the couch opposite and my step daughter Ginni next to me on the other couch. Ginni is at University and when she came in she was complaining about her bad back again and could I give her a rub, if you remember last time it was her legs and I got to test her sexual desires by gently rubbing her mound, clit and between her legs. So she said could I just lay down on the couch with my head on a cushion on your lap so you can play with my hair, she loves that and rub my back as well she demanded. Not wanting to sound too eager I said, cant you wait I am as tired as you are and no one rubs my aching neck. My wife said oh go on Ginni will make you a cup of tea after. So ok, I knew what was likely to happen, Ginni popped upstairs to put her pyjamas on which consist of very thin long pants, that hang on her hips and a little cotton crop top that just shows the hint of her pert puffy nipples. Ginni came back down and plonked herself in front of the fire to warm her bum, I said ohy move yourself I am freezing so instead of moving to one side she opened her legs slightly so the fire was between them, I was delighted to be able to see right thru the material and glimps the outline of her tight neat cunt, it was just the faintest slit with a few wispy hairs hanging down, she obviously shaves as she is quite hairy and is always waxing her legs, knickers on spread across the bathroom floor, door usually half open with hair flying all over. Anyway she heated her bum and stayed with her legs open for a good 10 minutes, I was enjoying chatting to her and gazing thru the material as she swayed slightly back and forth pushing her cunt lips towards me, she knew I could see and I deliberately stared right at her pretty tight fanny for ages then she smiled and wandered over to my couch.
Ginni picked up a little cushion and plonked it on my lap and laid down besides me with her head on the pillow and her back towards the back of the couch so easy reach for my left hand, already her thin pink pyjama bottoms had slid down even more, they were not far from her bottom crack, there was the faintest downy hair shining in the half light, she was so sexy and firm. My wife was on the other couch and she watched as Ginni settled down, rub her back darling she said, did she know what I was thinking, was she agreeing to my thoughts on conquest, did she want me to be the one who first penetrated her daughters young tight virgin fanny, maybe I was going to get them both tonight!.
I deliberately pushed the cushion forward as Ginni put her head down so that the back of her head was falling off it a little, into my lap and just touching the growing lump in my trousers, my cock was getting ready, it wanted to f***e those young cunt lips open and push into the new fresh hot void, rub her clit, press her inner parts, get up and into the neck of her womb, spurt deep and full into her lovely love hole.
I first played with her hair, just rubbing it and letting my fingers rub her scalp, but with rhythm that was like I was going to fuck her, slow, very slow making her feel every push, pushing her open and just pressing her little hard clit at the end of every stroke, my mind was racing, my cock was jerking ever so slightly, she could feel it but fuck her, she didn’t move and inch, the minx was teasing me, or was I going too far, stay calm I thought, just let things unfold.
As I continued to play with her hair she moved her hand up and under her head so that the back of her hand was resting on the edge of the cushion, just so near my cock that I could feel its heat, she knew I thought, she is moving her knuckles so very slightly and pressing onto my cock in a slow rhythm, fuck me she is matching how I am playing with her hair, I need to explore further I thought. I moved my left hand down to the base of her back, just above her waistband but I didn’t move it, just let it touch her smooth white back near the top of her arse cheeks. My wife got up form her couch and came towards us, shit I thought she knows what is going on, Ginni and I both froze but no she was bringing over a blanket, put this over Ginni she said, it’s a bit cold for her back as she d****d it over us, thanks Mum Ginni said, I have just been given the ok I thought, she wants me to play with Ginni but how far, I didn’t yet know.
Once my wife settled back onto her couch she laid flat out with her knees up slightly, I could see up her legs under her short skirt and I was sure I could see a little damp patch between her bulging black knickers. Ok then lets get to a different level I thought, I moved my hand up and down Ginnis spine, rhythmically and quite firmly, in fact a proper massage, is that ok I said to her, yes thanks but can you just go a bit lower as its very sore there and swollen. I moved down further, under the cover of the blanket I felt bolder and I knew that my wife was going with us as she had closed her eyes pretending to fall asl**p but was she, who cares as I was now getting a major erection, my cock end was bulging, it was nudging Ginnis hand and she was now definitely moving her fingers over the end in a real wanking movement. My cock was bent downwards and was straining to get erect and point up my stomach, he wanted to be in the fucking position but for now he would be squashed and uncomfortable straining to get up into Ginnis cunt.
My hand was now moving further and further down, I was at the top of her arse crack but couldn’t get any further without a major shift in position but at that Ginni did it for me she pulled her knees up and pushed her bottom out exposing her arse hole and possibly her fanny crack. I moved down with new enthusiasm, I could now feel the top of her arse hole, it was wonderful little and tight, clean and with no ugly bits hanging out. I just moved my finger in tiny little circular movements round the rim just catching her hole slightly now and again; it was perfect, hadn’t been invaded by some dirty cock and with a lovely smell of clean fresh cunt juice mingled with a musty smell of sex. I didn’t dare push my finger in her hole, I just drifted into it with a little push and then away again, first slowly and then fast. Ginni was rocking into me a little bit and also moving her fingers back and forth over my cock end and then what a little fox, she moved my cock end herself to get it into the upright fucking position, it wanted to penetrate her but no not yet, not quite yet, there was time for both of us to play more.
My wife had now stretched her legs down and had moved her hands over her cunt, she had her fingers slightly between her legs, yes I was ecstatic, and she was masturbating very definitely moving her bottom up and own, pushing her cunt up but not so as Ginni could see, she didn’t want to spoil all of our fun. Ginni was now very hot and she was moving her own hands down between her legs, shit I thought she is going to wank herself off, oh no she isn’t I thought, that’s my job, I am going to do you my little sexy hot girl. So I moved my hand down over her arse and started to slip my middle finger lightly over her slit, no wonder she wanted to wank, her cunt was hot and swollen, the lips had parted and they were puffy and moist, I bead of juice had ease out and was dripping down her leg into her pyjamas. I played with her lips, moving into the middle slightly but not entering her, she wasn’t going to come that quick I laughed to myself.
As I moved over her slit I could feel her little clit start to grow and become erect, it was emerging from its hood, poking its head out up and out, further and further, I was very impressed she had a beauty for someone who had not yet been fucked, she must have spent many an hour masturbating and growing it, she was going to have a wonderful sex life, it was like a tiny little cock with its own foreskin hood. I pushed the hood back and forth, it was like wanking a little cock, it was wonderful but she was getting far to close to cuming so I left it and moved back to her arse. I was going to arse fuck her and leave her cunt till later. Her arse hole was now quite wet and open, she had relaxed and was letting me enter it. I moved my finger into the entrance and gave a little push past the arse muscles, I was in and she pushed back so I was up to the last knuckle of my finger. I moved in and out pushing quite hard, could she take pain I wondered, yes she could as I pushed hard as far as I could. I was right in and she was loving it, she was squeezing her legs together in and out, in and out, pressing her erect clit and trying to squeeze out an orgasm, I left her at it as she was also wanking my cock wonderfully and over on the couch my wife was in the final throws of her masturbating, her fingers inside her thong, her skirt pulled up but still so quiet other than the music throbbing to our rhythm. Ginni couldn’t see her mother cuming as her face was pressed in the cushion, her hand rubbing my cock faster and faster, her legs pressing in and out faster and faster, her other hand trying desperately to reach her magnificent erect clit, my finger diving in and out of her arse pushing in and out hard and deep, soft and slow. Mt wife came first, tightening her body, stretching her legs down, jerking her body and her stomach tensing as she jerked one out of herself, she didn’t make a sound, didn’t open her eyes, she was leaving us to come as well in the comfort that she was done . Ginni gripped my rock hard cock and squeezed, she wasn’t doing it properly but it was enough for my spunk to gush out inside my pants, long gushes, big dollops, huge hard full pressure squirts, my finger now pushed her clit flat, with my middle one deep into her arse and the other masturbating her clit to a big deep orgasm, she came in gasps and jerks, convulsing and jerking again and again, I pressed deep into her arse, she pushed back hard and put her hand over mine slipping her fingers onto her clit as well, we were doing her together, she had come and was exhausted, relaxing and sighing she was spent as was I.
None of us moved for at least 15 minutes but eventually as the music throbbed to an end my wife got up tugging her knickers back into place and her skirt down, she laughed as she said oh our Ginni I must have nodded off, I had such a lovely dream as well. Ginni got up pushing herself from me with her hand on my cock, squeezing me as she rose, yes mum I have had a nice rub from Daddy as well I am very satisfied, maybe next time I should have a deeper one to get right to the root of the problem, ok I said, I should be able to manage that, she pulled her pyjamas out of her cunt and arse crack as she walked off, I am going to get into you soon my little sexy hot girl and you will beg for it.
Come on my wife said lets go to bed as I want to re live that dream again, I have a few variations I need to try, what the fuck did she mean I thought as my spunk dripped down my the leg of my jeans, I need my cock licking clean I thought, maybe my internet friend should do it I thought as I sc****d the spunk into a little jar that I was saving the last 3 weeks squirts into, she would get it to drink soon, tied to the bed, legs stretched out hands pulled out and shackled, head pulled back and gagged with a mouth clamp forcing it wide open, ready to be abused.

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1 year ago
Where can I meet a woman like.
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Fuck that was a cracking story ;-)
2 years ago
DAMN!!!!This story was fucking hot!!!!
3 years ago
very good story thank you
3 years ago
4 years ago
very hot i liked reading it!
4 years ago
very good