A tue story stranger shared my wife

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this is a true event that took place few years ago, but i can never forget the details...hope you enjoy, maybe share it, or use it to wank over

I want to tell you about the time i was in Neuchâtel Switzerland with my wife a few years ago

I had left her there for a week and gone to Poland on Business, when I got back on the Friday she was wanting to go out, we went into the town and had some drinks, she was wearing a short pale blue dress, she has a great body and beautiful long dark hair.

We were in a café sat at the bar and she was getting more and more daring, she decided to go to the WC and remove her Bra and thong, she came back and sat on a bar stool next to me and kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, I noticed a few guys had seen this but said nothing and let her continue, as the night went on we decided it was time to head home 3am!! On our way we passed a shop door way that was set back from the street, so we went in for a kiss and cuddle, well one thing on to another and before long I had her up against the glass her dress pulled down and her tits out and I was sucking on her hard nipples, right then one of the men form the café earlier walked past he looked but kept walking.

We carried on more turned on by the fact that a complete stranger had seen my wife having her nipples sucked, I pulled up her dress and was rubbing her wet pussy when the man reappeared this time he stood still and watched so we just carried on, she was rubbing me through my jeans and her pussy was so wet (fyi im getting hard just telling you this!!!)

I turned her to face the man and pulled her lips open so he could see her clit, he could not take his eyes from us, she asked me if it was ok to get my cock out, of course I said yes, she pulled open my trousers and It jumped out an and she started to pull on it the man just stood starring, she squatted down and opened her legs so he could see her pussy and she started playing with herself and then sucking me, i told to look direct in the eyes of the stranger she did as she was blowing me.

I then moved and got behind her she bent slightly forward and I entered her, the man moved a bit closer to see more and I could see he had a huge lump in his trousers he was rubbing it through the material, he came closer and started to touch my wife’s back running his had to her ass and with his other had playing with her tits, at this point he released his own cock and was stroking only a few centimeters from my wife’s face, I could see the pre cum on it already, he moved it to in line with her mouth and she looked around at me I nodded my approval and she turned back to him and licked the pre cum from the tip then in one move took it all in her mouth.

We continued like this in the door way filling my wife until she was done she juddered on my cock and at the same time I unloaded inside her he did too into her mouth, she turned kissed me with a wet face covered in sperm and the man simply put his cock away turned and walked away leaving us shaking covered in his spunk
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4 months ago
A wonderfully erotic story.
4 months ago
5 months ago
Very good story. It made me erect visualizing it.
5 months ago
Hot story
7 months ago
Mmmm got hard my self reading that
7 months ago
That was a hot story! Wife is hot!!!!
7 months ago
awesome story, very erotic
8 months ago
I need to get over there to be next in line for such an adventure.
8 months ago
Naughhty Boy, I Like it and I got such a tingling Erect Hard On reading and envisioning this that I couldn't resist Stroking and Jacking my Thick Hard Cock Off and Cumming in my bare Lap!
8 months ago
8 months ago
The spontanious ones are always much better than the planned ones.