Jasmine and Rebecca

arriving at the party, jasmine realised she was slighly early as there were only 4 people there. thinking she might get d***k early and say something about
wanting to fuck rebecca, she told her that shed popped in early to drop the drinks off but had to nip back home to get rebeccas present. driving home
she couldnt believe how sexy rebecca looked. the image of rebecca wearing the white dress that clung to her curves and showed her full suckable tits off made
jasmine moist. pulling up outside her home, jasmine ran in, went straight to her bed stripping off along the way. falling on the bed she just had her thong on.
jasmine slowly caressed her boobs, making the nipples stand erect, she started tweaking and pinching them, imagining rebecca kissing and
sucking them. unable to hold back any longer, jasmine started to rub her crotch through the thong feeling how wet shed become. spreading her legs she slid her hand
inside her thong and ran her fingers up the length of her soaking slot. sucking her fingers clean, she peeled off her thong before slowly running her hands up
and down her body. feeling the tingling sensation start she slowly ran her hand over her mound pushing herself up to meet it. slowly she circled her clit
teasing and pinching it till it swelled. feeling the familiar ache, she slowly eased a finger inside her slot and scooped up some of the moisture. sucking her
fingers clean, jasmine eased 2 fingers inside herself while playing with her clit. mentally undressing rebecca, she slowly started to fuck herself. feeling the
juices start to flow she furiously finger fucked herself bringing her to an earth shattering climax as she raised her body of the bed in ecstasy. slowly
floating down to earth, she smiled as she sucked the juices off her fingers. her cunt ached with the longing of the thought of rebecca lapping and sucking
her juices from her soaking wet cunt.
after a shower and getting dressed, jasmine drove to the shops and bought rebeccas birthday present, a digital photo frame that jasmine loaded up with pictures
of herself and their mutual friends. arriving back at the party, jasmine smiled as there were at least 30 people there, making it nearly mpossible for her and
rebecca to be alone. jasmine wouldnt be able to contain herself if her and rebecca spent any time alone especially after seeing her naked the last time theyd
holidayed together with a few other friends. rebecca saw her, steered towards her and kissed her on the cheek after giving her a quick hug. kissing her back,
jasmine wished her a happy birthday and gave her the now wrapped present. unwrapping it, rebecca saw the pictures, laughed and gave jasmine another hug, nearly
causing jasmine to come there and then. a few other people arrived, rebecca saying she'll talk to jasmine later and went over to greet the newcomers. jasmine
got a glass of wine and went into the garden to chat to the other guests.
bumping into a friend she hadnt seen for years, jasmine chatted away, almost forgetting rebecca. not getting as d***k as she normally would, jasmine, danced to
the music the dj was playing. idly chatting to her friends, jasmine hardly saw rebecca that night.
as the party started to die down and the guests started to leave, jasmine found herself standing next to rebecca. grabbing jasmine by the arm, rebecca pulled her
outside and sat beside her on the lounger. have i upset you in any way, asked rebecca, cos you seemed to have avoided me all night. of course not replies jasmine,
i wanted to catch up with a few friends and lost track of time. good, said rebecca, id hate to lose you as a friend. jasmine smiled, kissed rebecca on the cheek
and said me too. they hugged, causing little electric shocks to course through jasmines body.
come on, said jasmine, lets tidy up, then ill grab a taxi home. im not letting you go home at this time of night, argued rebecca, you can crash in the spare room.
they soon tidied the flat and garden. rebecca told jasmine to make a coffee as she needed the loo.
making 2 coffees, jasmine went and sat in the room, rebecca joined her after having put on a long silk dressing gown that jasmine had bought her a few years earlier.
they made small talk while drinking the coffees, telling stupid jokes and making fun of people the knew. after an hour or so jasmine stood, said she was going to the
toilet and the to bed. following her, rebecca locked up and turned the lights off. coming out of the bathroom, rebecca was stood there, she gave jasmine a hug that
lasted a bit too long and kissed her. jasmine looked at rebecca, smiled and kissed her back.
rebecca looked at jasmine and said there was a present for her that shed wanted to give jasmine for a few years. jasmine looked quizzically at rebecca and asked her
what it was. rebecca smiled stepped back, me, she replied and opened the dressing gown to reveal her naked body underneath.
jasmine was shocked, her dream woman was offering herself and jasmine didnt know what to say. what do you mean she finally asked. you fancied me for years, replied
rebecca, dont deny it, ive seen the way you look at me. grabbing jasmines hand, she pulled herclose, wrapped her arms round her neck and kissed her softly. well, she
asked, do you like your present? i love it she repled, kissing rebecca back. they pulled each other close, looked at each other and kissed before forcing their tongue
in each others mouths. rebecca pulled her into her room and led her towards the bed. jasmine stopped before they got there, pulled rebecca close an kissed her hard,
tasting bl**d on rebeccas lips. rebecca smiled as she slowly pulled jasmines top over her head revealing jasmines full tits, her nipples straining through the flimsy
material of her bra. reaching up. rebecca ran her hands over jasmines nipples as they kissed. reaching round, rebecca undid jasmines bra, releasing her boobs. cupping
on of her boobs, rebecca ran her tongue over the nipple. teasing it before sucking it into her mouth. jasmine could feel herself getting wet as she cradled rebeccas
head to her tits. jasmine stroked rebeccas head as the she swapped to the other tit, licking and sucking the nipple before grating her teeth along the nipple before
sucking it into her mouth. rebecca looked up and kissed her forcing her tongue in to her mouth. pushing jasmine on the bed, rebecca ran her fingers up and down her,
stroking and caressing her body. rebecca lowered her head and licked jasmines stomach, fliclking her tongue in and out of her navel teasing jasmine to new heights.
she lifted her head and kissed jasmine, their tongues entwining. rebecca slowly rubbed jasmines crotch through her jeans. jasmine, unable to control herself, moaned
and arched her back to meet rebecas hand and started to grind her crotch. rebecca rubbed harder as she sucked jasmines erect nipples, bringing her to a shuddering
orgasm. jasmine moaned softly as she recovered, running her fingers through rebeccas hair.
jasmine slid down the bed till she was level with rebecca, pulled her close and wrapped her arms round her while they kissed. pushing rebecca on to her back, she
slowly ran her fingers round her nipples, feeling them grow under her light touch. she lowered her head slightly and lighly flicked her tongue over the now hardened
nipples, feeling rebecca arch her back slightly. reaching between rebeccas legs, she ran her hand over her mound, feeling rebecca open her legs to let jasmine get
a better feel. running her hand up and down rebeccas moist cunt she eased a finger inside her and twisted it. she pulled her finger out and licked it, tasting
rebeccas juices. rebecca smiled as she watched jasmine suck her love juices from her fingers. they kissed as jasmine returned her hand to rebeccas cunt, rubbing it.
feeling her clit grow, she teased it making rebecca moan loudly and push her mound to jasmines hand. jasmine eased a finger in, feeling rebecca tighten her cunt
muscles round her finger. slowly fingering her as she sucked and licked rebeccas tits, she built up speed before pushing another finger in. rebecca arched her back,
pushing her cunt on to jasmines fingers. twisting her fingers round, jasmine pushed her fingers in further, finally finding rebeccas g spot. pushing hard on rebeccas
g spot, jasmine lowered her head a started to suck on rebeccas clit. rebecca moaned loudly, furiously grinding her crotch on jasmines fingers and mouth. with a loud
moan rebecca came, her juices flowing over jasmines fingers. jasmine lowered her head to lap at the juices flowing out causing rebecca to squirm and start to giggle.
unable to control herself for much longer, rebecca opened her legs and grabbed jasmines head as she licked and sucked the juices from rebeccas cunt. climbing between
rebeccas legs she lowered her head and started to lick and suck on rebeccas cunt, teasing and licking her lips as rebecca stroked her hair. feeling rebecca begin to
grind her crotch, jasmine f***ed her tongue deep inside rebeccas willing cunt. wrapping her legs round jasmines shoulders, she grabbed the back of her head as she
started to come, her juices filling jasmines mouth. rebecca slowly floated back to earth as jasmine crawled up the bed. they kissed, rebecca letting some of the juices
drip into rebeccas mouth who eagerly swallowed them.
rebecca reached over and pulled jasmine on top of her reaching down and pushed her hands down the back of her jeans. the lay, kissing and cuddling for a few minutes.
jasmine rolled over, undid her jeans and pulled them off, she was about to take her thong off when rebecca pulled her back on top of her. squirming underneath her,
rebecca finally stopped when jasmines cunt was directly above her mouth. reaching up to play with jasmines tits, she eased her head forward and started to lick jasmines
cunt through her thong. looking up, she saw jasmines eyes closed and her mouth slightly open as rebecca ran her tongue over her cunt. pulling jasmines thong to one side
she eased her tongue inside her hearing a moan escaping jasmines mouth. as rebecca licked her cunt, jasmine sarted to rock back n forth as rebecca fucked her cunt with
her tongue.squeezing her thighs tight around rebeccas head, she came, her juices flowing out, covering rebeccas face. she rolled over, smiled and kissed rebecca, tasting
her juices. she licked rebeccas face before slipping her tongue in her mouth tasting her own juices.rebecca pulled jasmines thong off before climbing on top of her and
rubbing their stomachs together. pushing jasmines legs up, she pulled their bodies together, feeling their cunts meet. wrapping their arms round each other, they rubbed
their cunts against each other. they kissed as first jasmine came, quickly followed by rebecca, their juices mingling.
they lay there in each others arms, gently stroking and kissing each other before finally drifting off to sl**p wrapped in each others arms.

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