Cuckold Fiancé my Future Husband's Res

This is a follow up to our Cuckold Fiancé story posted yesterday. It is a collaborative effort between my wife, Susan and me, Paul.
In our last episode, Sue had blown and drained her hot new young Latin lover while her fiancé was racing to join her in Toledo. And she absolutely dispelled any fears or concerns that this may not be her cup of tea. Her hot Latin lover, Raffael, was her first of many lovers she took after becoming Paul's fiancé. As previously mentioned, Sue was transferred shortly after meeting Paul. She lives and works in Toledo while Paul stayed in Cleveland. Since they both had white collar jobs, this seemed like a reasonable solution. They would alternate traveling from one city to the other for weekends. Both thought the time away during the week was good for 2 reasons. It let there relationship develop at a slow pace which alleviated any pressure to accelerate towards a permanent status. And second, the week apart led to some marathon, come filled, wildly orgasmic sex on the weekends. What they didn't realize is that it would facilitate Susan ascension towards becoming an ultimate cuckold goddess. And Paul, a died in the wool cuckold, would become the quintessentially obedient cuck slave. Although Paul had lifestyle experience, Susan did not. However, Susan had a very keen sexual imagination. The best Paul had ever encountered. Susan was not a raving beautiful and she was the first to admit. She was a full breasted, curvy, highly sensual seductress. With a voracious appetite for providing oral pleasure and no gag reflex whatsoever. Thus, nobody ever kicked her out of bed for eating graham crackers, so to speak. And everyone and anyone who had a chance to spend intimate time with her, alway, always, always, came back for more. And they were glad they did. But enough preliminaries. On to the main event.
Susan awaited Paul's arrival with a healthy load of Raffy jizz all over her face. Raffy was not ready to meet Paul, so he left quickly after receiving what he still refers to as, by far, the best blow job he'd ever experienced. Paul bounded up the stairs to Sue's office in wild anticipation. What he saw was even hotter than he imagined. Sue was in her plush office chair tilted back. Her legs were splayed wide and she was dutifully playing with her hot, runny pussy. Her face was covered with Raffy's jizz. She smiled at him, winked, and in a seductively low voice/moan ordered him to "get over here and clean up my lover's mess, baby". Paul rushed over to her, dropped to his knees and eagerly started, licking the Luke warm cum off his fiance's face. Sue grabbed his rock hard dick and wispered for him to "use your little dick to move some his cum into my mouth...don't hog it all". God, he thought. Leave it to my slutty bitch fiancé to make even this hotter than it is! God, I love this slut!!
After her entire face was clean, Sue started kissing his neck and wispered that her big dicked lover wasn't man enough to fuck her, so Paul had some work to do. Paul wasted no time and was in her soaked pussy immediately. It felt so warm and wonderfully wet. "Is all this wetness me or him" he wanted to know referring to the puddle that he just dipped his dick into. "Mmmm, yes" was Susan's breathy reply. So very turned, Paul just pounded away relentlessly sparking the first coital orgasm of the day. He had to know if she had orgasmed with her young, Latin love. Sue knew what he wanted to hear when he asked, but was having no part of it. She laughed a sinister laugh and said "ha ha, don't be ridiculous, he had his big fucking dick half way down my throat...while I was massaging the biggest balls I'd even seen. I was so hot having my mouth full of hot Latin cock, that I just couldn't stop sucking him! You do the damn math"!! "Oh shit, shit, shit" he growled. He pulled Sue off the chair, turned her around and f***ed her knees to the seat while she grabbed the back of the chair. She smiled because she knew she'd gotten him sexually angry. Which was a very good thing. She grabbed the back of the chair and held on for dear life. And Paul was pissed....which meant it was time to punish his slutty cunt of a wife with a severe pounding. So he angrily pummeled her sloppy wet pussy as she moaned and came repeatedly. The chair was flooded with pussy juice squirting out of her with every withdraw of his hot cock. "Oh, baby this feels so fucking good." Paul replied, " just shut up and take it, you bitch whore". Sue smiled, came, and decided to push Paul over the edge. "OK, daddy. I'm just glad I'm not being assaulted by Raffy's monster cock. That would hurt!!" She braced for the onslaught...and it came with ferocity, as did Paul's massive load, as did the best orgasm she'd had in recent memory. They both collapsed forward almost falling out of the chair, exhausted, spent, and deliriously happy. She slid from beneath her fiancé and dutifully licked her pussy juice and his come off his spent, but still, but still hard cock. She serviced him like a high class call girl would (but that's another story). They had opened Pandora's box. And found fantastic levels of sexual adventure and excitement.

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Very lucky hubby!