Cuckold Fiancé

Hello there. This is Paul's wife Susan. You may or may not have read the two other stories my husband wrote that involve me. One was my
early experience with a bachelorette stripper. The other was when I seduced a very young student who was my lab partner. This story I am writing alone as my husband wasn't particularly involved. i.e. I was working in Toledo and he was living at our home in Cleveland. Paul and I met in Cleveland and shortly after I was transferred to Toledo. We always thought this was a good, natural way of making certain we didn't rush into things. Within a year, Paul and I were engaged. Shortly after our engagement, my boss hired a manager to run one of our food sites. He was a young, hot Latino named Rafael who immediately caught my eye. He was your classically tall, dark and handsome type. Upon being introduced to Rafael, I was immediately attracted to him. I mean so turned on, that I actually felt my juices flowing!! As we worked in the coming weeks, we would flirt shamelessly. It was hard for me to discern how much he was into me since he had a wife and young daughter. Perhaps he felt safe to flirt since I was engaged and he was married with c***dren.
As you know from the stories my husband (then fiancé) has written, Paul is a serious cuckold. I felt free to tell him about Raffy and Raffy immediately became part of our fantasies. Paul spoke fluent Spanish, so role playing was a huge part of our hot sex sessions. I remember in one marathon afternoon fuck, I called out Raffy's name in a heat of passion. So embarrassing...until I realized it made my fiancé shoot his load right then and there. We both laughed our asses off. In our next session, Paul announced to me in a Spanish accent that "your fiancé had to work late and he asked me to get you ready for him until he gets to Toledo". My pussy was immediately flooded with juice and I fucked him as though he really was Rafael. Telling him his dick was so much bigger than my fiance's and that I never get this wet for Paul. We both were very turned on and it turned into a marathon suck and fuck session. Highlights include me telling Paul that I want to swallow his Latin jizz and I want him to bareback me so I could give my fiancé a Latino baby to raise!! Upon finishing, Paul went to the bathroom, got dressed and came in my room asking if that was Rafael who he saw leaving the house. Man, such a turn on. I immediately picked up the fantasy, and told him that it was indeed Rafael who was there for his weekly suck and fuck. I apologized for keeping it a secret until now. Paul actually looked hurt as he played his fantasy role so well. Then Paul said that Raffy indicated that he'd left a mess that Paul had to clean up!! I was a bit confused and then it hit me that he was talking about a cream pie!! I replied, "yes, baby. He left my pussy a total mess!! Would you be a dear and clean it up for me? It's all in my pussy hair, there's some on my pussy lips and a ton deep into my pussy!!" Then I propped myself up on my elbows and said "come and get it, cucky"!! You'll have to dig deep as Raffy is a much bigger man than you are". So very, very hot!! For the first time, I completely understood the allure of a cuckold relationship..
I was the food service coordinator for a mid-sized University and Raffy was a site manager for concessions. On Monday we were planning the Friday night football game. This was my role, so I was able to control which managers went to which sites. So, I decided to put Raffy on the largest, most far away site we had. Knowing he would then be the last one to drop off his cash deposits...and I would have him all to myself...late at night. I called Paul that night and told him what I'd done. Wow, Paul said, so this is going to become a reality. Only if you want it to, I replied. We have 4 days to decide I said, trying to give Paul an out. I say we do it, he said immediately...if you're game. He was so sure, so fast. That's a good sign, I thought. I said in my most seductive voice, I've been ready to fuck him from day one! And we had another incredibly hot phone sex session starring Raffy, the wonder fuck!!
The rest of the week was filled with sexy anticipation. At the Friday meeting to plan the evening game, I sat directly across from Raffy. Only he could see me, so I pushed out my cheek with my tongue repeatedly signifying a blow job. Raffy lowered his head to hide his crimson red face face and his Cheshire Cat smile. It was soooo on!! As we were all leaving the meeting, I pulled Raffy aside and asked him "what's the difference between a girl and a lady?" He smiled and put his hand on my arm and said he didn't know. I whispered "a girl sucks, but a lady swallows". He just cracked up really hard. Before we went our separate ways I asked Raffy if he'd like to have a drink with a lady after work. He was totally shocked, but said he'd very much like to have a quick drink before he went home. It was all systems go. Later that afternoon, I called Paul and told him the joke. Then, after he stopped laughing, I whispered that his lady fiancé was going to have a drink with Raffy after work. His response was that he was going to the restroom for an extended stay.
The rest of the day flew by. I processed everyone's deposits from the other sites, put on bright red lipstick and sealing lip gloss and diddled myself waiting for Raffy and his hot Latino body. I was so very nervous I though I was going to pass out. The door opened and in popped Janet with her money for a banquet we catered. Forgot all about this. But Raffy hadn't called so I tried to process things and get her on her way. She produced an open bottle of wine left over from the catering and said "care for a mood relaxer before Raffy gets here?" I smiled and she smiled back and I said "why whatever do you mean". "Oh, please, you could cut the sexual tension in that last meeting with a knife!" She laughed. After a couple of glasses the phone rang. It was him! Janet took her que and wished me luck. Shit, was it that obvious? No matter. The wine really helped to calm me down, and that's all that mattered. I started cleaning up and filing things away when Raffy came in. I didn't even hear him and my first awareness of him was when he came up behind me, put his hands on the side of each arm and started kissing my shoulders. My body shuddered just a little and I whispered "mmmmm, hello Raffy, I've been patiently waiting for you." Wow, he said. You smell real good, still kissing my shoulders and making his way to my neck. As he started to kiss the right side of my neck, I tilted my head to the left and moaned "oh yeah baby. Do that". I reached back with my left hand and pressed his head closer to my neck. He reach around my waist and started to undo my blouse....slowly. Perfect, I thought. This is going to take a nice long time. He slowly slipped my blouse off and it drifted to the floor. He lingered towards my breasts and cupped them perfectly. "The clasp is in the front, sweetheart" I said and seconds later my bra was on the floor and Raffy was expertly fondly my bare breast with rock hard nipples. He wispered in my ear that I had perfect large breasts...much bigger than his wife's. I replied that my fiancé liked them as well, but right now they were all his...they totally belonged to him. Then I teased him whispering "you see anything else you like, baby". In a low moan he said "so, so, very much". I felt my pussy flood and I giggled. He started to sucker bite my neck, but I didn't want anything that would show at the office. "Easy stud", I said. We both work at the same place. I turned around and f***efully kissed his hot Latin lips. It was glorious. Hot, wet sensual and passionate. "holy crap, Raffy you are one hot, hot kisser", I said in a mixed whisper and moan. He started tweaking my nipples which were rock hard from mashing against his solid chest. No man boobs here! Fuck, that's another hot thing about my hot Latin lover. More juice flooded my pussy. If Paul were here he'd have a quart of pussy juice just to start licking. "Suck my hard nipples, baby", I pleaded. He responded immediately. And it felt wonderful. "Oh! yeah hot those nipples real good". While he was engrossed in my hot nipples, I reached down to feel what I would be working with. Very both length and hardness. Raffy started to do his sucker bite thing on my breasts and caught himself apologizing. "That's fine baby. Nobody from work will see those". "Just your fiancé" Raffy said. I laughed, "that's OK baby, he knows I'm hot for you. Mark you territory all you want". Really? He knows? said Raffy. "Oh yeah. We're not married yet", "my god, what a fucking turnon" he said, out of control. "I know", I said. He knows that my entire body is on loan to you for tonight. I'll just fill him in on the details. Raffy stood up and kissed my hard. Then he lightly pressed down on my bare shoulders and we both knew what was next. And my pussy flooded again. So much so that it started dripping down my legs. I landed on my plush leather office chair. My face within inches of his steamy crotch. I could literally feel the heat emanating from his groin. I kissed the outline of his dick through his pants. I thought, if he's bigger than my fiancé, I'm gonna give him the best blowjob he's ever had. Who was I k**ding. I always give the best blowjob any man has ever had. Or so I've been told, without asking, over and over again. I fumble with his belt buckle but finally prevailed. I Opened his waist button and slipped him paints down to his knees. His size was much more apparent to me now, and it was starting to look perfect. Ideally, he would be bigger than my fiancé, but not so big as to be painful. To me, I preferred Latin men just because they were larger than most white guys, but not too long as to be painfull like so many black men. One more garment to go until the big reveal. And I would soon come to appreciate that this particular disrobe would become the ultimate turnon for me in a cuckold situation. That precise moment when when I lower the last clothing and my toy for the evening is revealed. I slowly lowered his boxer and up sprang his gorgeous Latin, dark cock. Pointed straight to the ceiling, It was indeed larger than Paul's (yay) and had a big, beautiful purple knob on the end. "Oh, daddy, it's so big and beautiful. Much bigger than my fiance's. Can I kiss the head?" Raffy laughed, "you can do anything and everything you want to it. It's on permanent loan to your engaged pussy." I kissed the very top and slid my mouth over the huge knob. I did a slow circular motion around the while thing running my tongue along the ridges. Raffy flinched a couple of times and put his hand on my head to make sure I didn't pull away. I smiled, knowing I had him under my total control. I pulled off the head and said, "wow, there's so much pre-cum. Can I lick it up?". I couldn't make out his responses so I flicked my tongue back and forth over his peephole until I cleared it all away. Yummy! Then I ran my tongue down the left side, across the base and up the right side. Kissed the head, sucked on the knob and took the entire rod deep into my mouth. I pulled back up licking the under side and let the knob come out of my mouth with a popping noise. Raffy's dick was twitching like a weather vane in a storm. For the next 20 minutes I dedicated my efforts to working his dick in a variety of these motions as he moaned like a cat in heat. He was all mine. I could make him do anything I wanted...I owned him and his big Latin cock. I was careful to control things so as to prolong his explosion for as long as I could. If he was close, I'd squeeze the base of his dick and lick his big balls. He had such big beautiful balls! I really like a lover with big balls. Such a turnon to be unable to fit both of a lover's balls in my mouth. If only my fiancé could see me now. He'd know the full eroticism of cuckolding. I was certain, he would be spending long hours watching me dominate Raffy's dick in the future. After a few more minutes, I pulled him out of my mouth, looked up at him lovingly and wispered, "fuck my face, Raffy...pump away till you hit the back of my throat. Fuck my throat you big dicked mother fucker!!" He didn't need to be told twice. He adjusted his stance widening his legs. Put his hands on both sides of my face and started pumping my face slowly. With two free hands, I started playing with his big, bouncy balls. Even these were bigger than my fiance's. Finally I caved into temptation and starts pumping my pussy with one of my free hand. I came almost immediately but tried to keep it on the down low so it wouldn't push Raffy over the edge. My plush, leather office chair was soaked from my pussy juices. I'd had my first orgasm with another man since my fiancé asked me to marry him. It would be the first of many. And that thought pushed me to another orgasm....then a third. Meanwhile Raffy was pumping away at his new slut's throat. Paul's fiance's throat and mouth. His long thick dick bumping the back of my throat repeatedly, steadily and without mercy. Raffy was heading into the 2nd hour of what he would call, the longest, best blowjob he'd ever had. I pushed Raffy back till he sat on my desk. He was totally out of sorts, his mind in a sexual place he'd never been before and ever even heard of. "Are you ready for the best part, baby?" I asked. "The best mean that wasn't it?" "No, no, my Latin stud...the best is yet to come...literal and figurativly". I laughed. I pushed his shoulders hard until until he was lying back on my desk. "You're mine now, bitch" I growled. I leaned with both arms on his muscular thighs...more muscular than fiancé Paul. I lifted his rod and slid my mouth down until it hit the back of my throat. Nothing new here. Then I opened my throat and took in the last one to two inches, my nose pressed against his trim torso. Oh, fuck he yelled, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!! I laughed a little and then pulled my head up and dove my head down again. And opened my throat again. I did this two more times till it was clear he was going to pop. And I knew exactly how to bring him off in fine fashion. My last dive bomb run had his dick right at the back of my throat. I opened for the the last inch or two....then I closed my throat muscles...and opened them...and closed them. Raffy was toast. Gone. He bucked so hard I thought I was on a mechanical bull. He shot 2-3 load down my open throat. Then I pulled him out of my mouth, and took the rest on my face. I knew my fiancé was 5 minutes away and I wanted to give him a token of our first cuckold experience. Raffy lay motionless. Mission accomplished. He was my bitch now...and he knew it. I turned to the phone and called Paul. "Hi darling", I said. "How was you evening" He replied' full of excitement. "Very messy, my fiancé" So totally hot. "Could come up here? We have a huge spill on aisle 3. Major cleanup." I turned to Raffy and asked if he wanted to meet my fiancé...
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4 months ago
My wife blows the occasional hot date. She can blow anyone, or everyone she long as she tells me about it later.
5 months ago
HOT story fella - got more?