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Watched As Wife Fucks Her s****rs Husband

It is so incredible for me to watch my wife slowly remove her clothing in front of Jim. I see her thick legs her pussy mound bulging thru her panties and then her bare tits flop loose as she removes her top at this point I'm shaking like a leaf my whole insides are quivering. I'm over in the corner of the room already nude and my dick is so hard it's throbbing as I'm watching my wife standing there bare ass naked as Jim is stripping and his monster of a cock springs free as he's staring at my wife's nude body. Here is my wife of 30 some years going to fuck her s****rs husband right there in front of me.
There is my wife and I both looking at his cock that is so much thicker and longer then mine. I'm leaning against the wall and my cock is leaking pre cum and so is his. The difference is he gets my wife's cunt and mine gets jacked off. He is over 6 ft tall and my wife is 4ft 8ins tall a total mise match. They both stand there about 4 to 5 ft apart looking at each others body. Then Jim walks up to my wife raises her head leans over and kisses her passionately his dick presses up against her belly leaving a pre cum trail. I see Kim's little hand wrap around his cock and start a slow pumping motion. That is natural in stink for Kim when ever she jacks me off. Jim grabs one of her tits as they kiss. Then he says to Kim this is going to be bare cock in your pussy with full pleasure is that OK. Kim nods OK. Then I see his hand go down to her hair covered pussy and pull slightly on her pubic hairs then his finger goes to her cunt that is soaked and he looks at his finger and says. I see your ready so he gets Kim up on the bed. By now my knees are so weak I can hardly stand as he spreads Kims legs exposing a soaked pussy that I could even see. Kim has totally forgotten about me it's now her and Jim. My dick is so hard it hurts my balls hurt I'm sweating as I watch Jim guide his huge cock into Kim she winces as it spreads her pussy lips. I see the look of pain on her face and then as he slowly gets it all into her a huge smile comes over her face. Jim is careful not to put his weight down on Kim because he is much taller and heaver then she is. He starts a fucking motion and I can hear Kim grunt every time he thrushes his cock in ward. She has her hand up on his ass pulling him in harder. I see Jim's face grimmest and he looks right at me as he starts to cum. He cums so hard there is not enough room in Kim's cunt for both cock and cum so it starts leaking past his cock and her cunt stares farting with every stroke. Cum drips onto the bed sheet Kim's nails are digging into his ass cheeks and she screams out with a huge orgasm. I see her legs stiffen and her tits harden and nipples standing erect and her belly heaving as she is cuming hard. I'm jacking off like mad shooting cum out 3 ft onto the floor. I'm watching my wife fuck so dam hard on a much larger cock and because it was strange. She hasn't cum for me in years just from fucking. I would have to eat her or use my fingers on her clit to get her off. My dick is now hanging limp and as Jim pulls from her cunt it is also drooping but for a different reason then mine. Kim's laying there still spread leaking cum from her cunt. God that was great for all of us involved.

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3 years ago
I thort you love me. So will Beth give me some.