takes a lickin and keeps on tickin

of course i love toys!! oooh damn, do tell! i am imagining right now...i will use my favorite one, a lifelike, not a vibrator (dont really like those, prefer natural movement), and spread so wide for you, baby, with one hand so you can get the best view, occasionally slipping and dipping those fingers in that juicy big pink pussy along with the dildo, as i take it all the way to the hilt again and again with the other hand. i will do the twisty movement when it is all the way in, round and round for awhile... mmmm shivers through my whole body cuz you are right there - i mean right there, like a dicks' length away, but not touching - watching and getting hot, enjoying your show....and that is making me so turned on i cant hold back - i cum all over that nice thick tube right in front of your face and you will still not touch as you enjoy my orgasm spasms until the dildo pops out on its own!! THEN .... you will take a moment to savor and honor the view of the now red, plumped-up from just being fucked, post-orgasm pussy lips ~ only a moment now ~ until i spread those fat lips so wide and you plunge your tongue in as far as your can and suck and lick up all my pussy juice, only surfacing for air to run your tongue up & down and all around the edges of my wet wet lips, taking care to spend a while sucking on each lip as well as my clit, pulling, licking and sucking, alternating rhythms from slow and dreamy to fast and hard as your hands are exploring my big ass and you pop a finger in my ass.......ahh wet dreams.......

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Posted by pauckerup
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3 years ago
"takes a licken" exactly describes what i would do
with you if given the chance
I LOVE eating
3 years ago
so hard after that. great stuff
3 years ago
we would love to meet you
3 years ago
A riveting description, and yes, I'd like to the guy there with you.
3 years ago
I love watching a girl masterbate. Smelling her hot pussy juices makes me so hard. Then I can lick up those juices as I clean her pussy.