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One of my last meets was with a dom male and he did things to me that i thought i would never do, but what choice did i have with a dom male. we where chatting on msn and i told him i was going to be alone with the next 30 mins, he then went of line and i did not think much about it, till you guest it about 30 mins later a knock on my front door {i had meet him before] and at the door was the guy i had been chatting to. He came in with out saying a word i was a little taken aback with him just turning up, we went into the bathroom and he told me to strip off ,so i did without a word he unzipped his trousers ans told me to take out his cock which i did he then told me to suck on it as i was about to suck his now hard cock he lett out a squirt of pee and he just pee"d in my face and all over my chest an face. He the stopped and told me to suck him, which i did with out question. after that i was told to shower and dry off and then go and put of some sexy female underwear i chose some blk pantys bra and stockings he came into the bedroom and told me to lay facedown on the bed spreadeagled i did as i was ordered and he used some of my ties to tie me to the bed.He then found a gagg and gagged me i was under his spell and would of let him do anything without question by this time..........I DID By now i was getting called names etcetc and he was also telling me what he was going to do to me, he ripped of my blk pantys and my bottom was now exposed to him and within a few short seconds he was spanking my bottom with his bare hand {hard } i was told not to moan or move, but this was hard as he was spanking me hard {i did/could not moan as i was gagged} I was at his mercy he was spanking me and i cud feel my bottom getting very warm with each spank and sore.He was calling me names and been very verbal. he then stop spanking me and he asked how i was i just nodded when asked if i was ok, He then himself was hard and he came up behind me and layed on top of me and f***ed his hard cock str inside me and started to ride my man cunt i just took all he cud f***e in me after a few mins he stopped fucking me he untied me and told me to get on my knees i did without and he just stuck his cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me till i was gagging etcetc. After a few mins he bend me back over a fucked my man cunt again with his hard cock, he hen pulled out of me and afew seconds later i felt him cum all over my red hot and sore bottom and up my back i tyhen was told to lick suck him clean.He just left the room and went to clean himself up as he went i was called a dirty whore and a cock sucking bitch. As i was sorting myself out he came back into the bedroom and pushed my onto my knees again and f***ed his cock into my mouth as i was sucking on his cock he was kick my balls and calling me names again.he then told me to bend over and he once again entered me from behind, i bet i looked like a right whore, my head was all over the place i did not feel like it was me it felt like someone else. He just pulled up his trousers and zipped himself up and left, leaving me all over the place and looking like i had well and truely been had. Im glad you are wanting to use me as a sub At the mo i cant accom, but i will try to sort that out asap i will dress as you see fit and i will obey your commands, and i will accept a good hard spanking from you and anything else you see fit, I will please you with me mouth etcetc and iam yours to have me as you like.

86% (11/2)
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3 years ago
Thnxs for the comment .... i will take that on board .
3 years ago
Good story..,1 thing..a little more writing & less"etc..etc"..ok?