When I opened the door, the first thing that hit me was the blaring sound of rock music. Even as I shook my head, my lips turned up in a big smile. That music could mean only one thing. Sharon, my young daughter, had come to pay me a visit. Sharon was my only daughter. She had left for college two years ago. I only got to see her when she graced me with a rare visit. She had been very bitter after the divorce and had stayed with my ex. Since she had a key, she would let herself in and make herself comfortable whenever she came by. If it was in the evening or weekend, she would at least call to give me early warning.

Thank goodness, she had only walked in on me once. We still joke about it to this day. Although, I never found it funny that my own daughter would walk in and find me stuffing my hard dick up into a younger woman's hot cunt. Anyway, she was here now. And since it was a workday, I guess she had figured to call me later to let me know she was there.

I had decided to take off early. And the music was blaring so loud, she didn't hear me come in. I decided to give her a start and walked to the den without calling out. The door was open and I could see her sitting at my desk. The terminal of my computer was on. But it was what was on the screen that caught my eyes. I have a 21-inch screen and most of my private files were on my computer. I did just as much work at home as I did in my law office. And I had always made my work computer off limits. The files in it were personal and confidential. I could see that she had opened one of my case files. The name was blinking at the bottom of the screen. And here she was, using my computer to read my files and surf the Internet. And the site she was watching was one of those adult porn sites. The music blaring in the room was so loud, a bomb could have gone off and she would have had a hard time hearing it. Sharon seemed so engrossed in the screen, she didn't notice me as I walked in. But I noticed her and what she was doing.

Sharon is 20 years old. She has always been a very healthy, active girl. She enjoyed all the rough sports as a young girl. I guess that I helped turn her into a tomboy. But that helped her in later life as it was an athletic scholarship that paid for her college. She stood about 5'6" and weighted in at about 175. But it was a well-muscled 175. She worked out everyday and played just as hard as possible. I had never thought of her as the dating kind since I very rarely heard her talk about boys. Even in college, she was more interested in sports than sex.

But seeing her sitting at the terminal, I could see that she wasn't ignorant about sex. Sharon had her sweatpants pushed down her legs. Only one leg was still inside them and they pooled around her ankle. Pair of red panties was bundled along with them. Sharon sat with one foot propped up on my desk. Her white sneaker and white sox were a big contrast to her chocolate thigh. Her head was thrown back and her mouth hung open. As I watched, I saw her hands moving in her lap. Her thighs were spread and her fingers were hammering in and out of her hairless cunt.

My dick throbbed as I looked down at her. I had seen her body many times as she grew up. But I never thought about her in any way sexual. After all, she was my daughter. But seeing her like this, I couldn't help myself. Her fingers were slick as she worked then deeply into her cunt. I could hear her moaning even over the loud music. Her fingers moved faster as she grew closer and closer to an orgasm. I reached over and turned the music off. Sharon's eyes snapped open.

"Daddy! What are you doing home?" Sharon jumped to snap off the computer. In her haste to try and shut it off, her fingers flew over the keys. She grabbed to turn the screen off and I watched as, in her haste, the screen fell off the desk. CRASH! The screen broke with a loud explosion of noise. I crossed my arms and looked down at her. When the screen slid off the desk, Sharon had jumped up and tried to grab it. Bent over the desk the way she was, her chocolate cheeks were pushed up.

"Oh Daddy! I'm sorry!" I turned and walked out of the room. I stalked into my bedroom and slammed the door. I was angry. Damn, but I was mad. I had just bought that screen a month ago. And there was no telling what her frantic fingers had done to my files. Yet, I couldn't get the image of her sitting there fingering her pussy out of my head. I could feel my dick throb as I saw her in my mind. Sharon was just as hot looking as her mom was. And it was Theresa's hot body that caused our divorce. Well, her hot body and insatiable sex appetite.

When she felt she wasn't getting enough at home, she went out and got more, a lot more, sometimes two and three men at a time. Against my will, I felt my hand go down and stroke my hard dick thru my pants. The sight of Sharon's fingers sliding in and out of her bald cunt flashed in my mind. Even as I berated myself, for thinking these thoughts about my own daughter, my dick grew even larger and harder. Then, the soft knock on the door jerked me back to reality.

"Daddy? Daddy, can I come in?" I couldn't let Sharon walk in and see me with a huge bulge in my pants. I sat down in my lounger and let my jacket and briefcase cover my lap. "Come in, Sharon." As Sharon walked in, my mind was taken back to when she was a lot younger. Whenever she had done something wrong, she would softly knock on my bedroom door and then slowly slide in with her hands behind her back, and a sorry look on her face. I looked up at her and sure enough, she came in with her hands behind her back and that sorry look on her face. "Daddy, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I broke your computer." I looked at her face. Sharon had pulled her sweatpants back on. But I could still see her naked, fingering her pussy. "No Sharon! You're sorry I came home early and caught you. Didn't I always tell you that my work computer was off limits. The files I have on it are confidential. And how am I suppose to finish my work now?" just like when she was a c***d, Sharon began to cry. "I didn't mean it daddy. I started reading that file and then I saw the reference to that web site. I clicked on it and.."

I knew the file she was talking about. A wife was divorcing her husband because of his addiction to Internet porn. "Well Sharon, you really did it this time. If I thought that telling your mom would punish you, I would. But I bet you get a lot more freedom from her than you ever got from me? She would probably think the whole thing was one big funny joke?" Talking about Theresa always made me angry. I hated losing my daughter to her. But, the fact that I came out of the marriage not having to pay anything but her c***d support and college bills more than made up for it.

"If you were younger, I'd take you across my knee and wail the daylights out of you. I'm really disappointed in you Sharon. I gave you access here because I trusted you. Now I see I was wrong." Sharon came to the side of the chair. "Daddy, I didn't mean to abuse your trust. I wanted to surprise you. I had planned to cook dinner and have it ready by the time you got home. But I got bored. I turned you computer on and began reading some of your cases. When I found that one, it turned me on. I went to the web site and one thing led to another. I'm sorry. Daddy, don't look at me like that. I hate it when you look at me like that. Like I've done something terribly wrong in your eyes. I wish I were a young k**. Then you could spank me and it would be all over."

Sharon was giving me that same puppy dog look she did when she was younger. My dick had gone down some. And I felt that it was safe to stand up. But when I stood up, there was a nice sized spot in my pants. My dick had spread a circle of pre-cum that stood out in my pants. Sharon's eyes looked directly at it. I looked at the spot and then my eyes met Sharon's. I swallowed hard.

"Well, if you're going to cook dinner, maybe you should get started. I have to change my clothes, then go and clean up my den. We'll take about your punishment later." I turned and walked into my closet. I could feel Sharon's eyes boring into my back. Then she turned and walked out of the bedroom. I changed my clothes, having to also change my drawers. My dick had dripped so much pre-cum, the front of my drawers were soaked. I walked into the bathroom to take a leak. But my dick had grown hard and instead of shooting a stream of pee, I stood there stroking it.

I couldn't seem to make myself cum. No matter how much I wanted to. So I tucked my dick in my pants and went to my den. I was plugging in my old monitor when Sharon walked in. "I guess the monitor is shot, huh?" I turned around and Sharon was standing in the doorway. "That, was a brand new $400 monitor." She stood there as I turned the computer on and tried to find the file she had accessed. What came up was a corrupted file that was no longer readable. "Ah Sharon! The file is ruined." I slammed my hand on the desk. Then I spun around and looked at her. Even though I had backed it up, I had made some revisions that weren't on the backup file. I sat down at my desk. Ignoring Sharon behind me, I began to copy the backup onto the drive. Then I began to write in my revisions. Sharon turned and went back into the kitchen. About an hour later, she came and told me dinner was ready.

We were silent during dinner. Then Sharon broke the ice by telling me about how school was going. She could tell by my answers that I was still angry. Sharon took a few bites of her food and slammed her fork down on the table. "Daddy! When I was little, you would stay angry with me until you punished me. I hated waiting for you to spank me. It was torture. Why don't you just give me a spanking like you used to do and get it over with?"

I stopped chewing and stared at her. Then I continued to chew as I looked at her. "Sharon! You're no longer a small c***d. And you don't get away with your actions just by being spanked." Sharon laughed. "Daddy, I didn't say it would make what I did go away. I just meant that when you were mad, you would always hug me and tell me that you loved me even after a spanking. It didn't matter what I did. And I did some real dumb things. Maybe giving me a spanking will stop you from being so mad and you'll still love me."

She was so much like the young girl I remembered. She wanted to know that even though she had fucked up, I still loved her. I guess I acted without thinking about consequences. I placed my fork down beside my plate. "Well young lady. Since you decided to disobey my orders about my work computer, and then broke my brand new monitor, I guess you earned the spanking your going to get. Now finish your dinner and then I want this kitchen cleaned. That will give you time to think about what's to come." I picked up my fork and without looking up at her, I finished my dinner. Leaving my plate on the table I got up and walked into my den. I closed the door, just like I would do when she was younger. I walked back and forth. Sharon was no little girl I could take over my knee any longer. She was a grown woman. And I still had the vision of her sitting in my chair, fingering her shaved cunt. I felt my dick begin to throb. I don't know if I was ready to go thru with this.

I had just finished my second drink, when I heard the soft knock on the den door. The knob turned and Sharon stuck her head in the door. "Daddy! I finished cleaning the kitchen." I motioned her into the room. Sharon walked into the room and stood next to the chair. I had brought up the web site she had looked at earlier. On the screen was a glaring photo of a naked girl taking a big dick in her cunt.

"So this is what you look at when no body's home? You disobeyed me about my computer and you broke my monitor. Well, you're not too old to take your medicine. Take those clothes off." Sharon hadn't thought about that part of it. I always gave her a spanking on her bare butt. "Dad! I didn't mean that you should give me a spanking without my clothes on. I mean, I'm not a little girl anymore." I drained the last of my drink and set the glass down. "If you think I'm going to waste my energy spanking your clothes, you're mistaken. Besides, you didn't mind having your pants down around your ankles while you played with yourself, did you? Now get those clothes off and get over here."

Sharon seemed in shock. She must have thought I would just put her over my knee and spank her. But I if I was going to give her a spanking, it would be just like the spankings she had received as a c***d. Only it would be a lot harder to make up for her age and size. I turned my head while Sharon pushed her sweatpants down to her ankles and stepped out of them. When I turned around, she still had her sweatshirt and panties on along with her white sox and sneakers.

"I mean everything, young lady. Part of this punishment is the humiliation you'll feel by being spanked bare-ass naked." This time I watched as she removed the rest of her clothes. Sharon looked at me as she pushed her panties down over her hips. The first thing I saw was her naked pussy lips. They looked so puffy and swollen. Then she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt. She lifted it over her head and then unsnapped her bra. Her 36d tits bounced as they dropped from her bra cups. I almost gasped. Sharon looked just like her mom did when she was naked. I could only imagine what guys must think as they fucked her. The though made me even angrier.

Once Sharon was nude, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her across my lap. I placed my left hand on the small of her back. Her soft, round, chocolate cheeks stuck up in the air. I looked down at her thick, muscled thighs. Sharon lay across my lap in the same way that she had done so many years before. I could almost feel her trembling thru my legs. A sniffle escaped her as she turned her head to look back at me. "I'm sorry daddy. I promise I won't do it again." As I raised my hand, Sharon squeezed her eyes shut and turned back around. Her whole body tensed. I held my hand high in the air. Her ass looked so soft, so delicious. I wanted to reach out and touch it. But I knew I couldn't. In a blur, I watched my hand fly toward the target. The loud SMACK as my palm connected with her cheek echoed in the room. My eyes watched as the soft flesh of her cheek bounced with the blow. Sharon cried out. "Daddy please? I'm sorry." I raised my hand again. This time I struck the other cheek. SMACK "Oh Daddy, it hurts!" "Knowing I can't trust my own daughter hurts too!" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK By the 10th slap, I could feel the heat coming off her ass. I could even see the red spreading stain of my spanks.

Sharon had begun to struggle by the last hit. Just like she used to do as a c***d. And like I would do then, I wrapped one of her thighs in one of my legs. But doing this caused her thighs to open wider. I could look down and see her swollen pussy lips open. I could also feel my pants grow wet from her dripping pussy. Sharon was crying real tears. And she thrashed about trying to get up. "Oh No! You wanted me to spank you so I wouldn't be angry anymore. Well you asked for it, now you're going to get it." When my hand landed this time, because of her thrashing around, it landed on the inner part of her thigh. To my astonishment, her cry was mixed with a loud moan. I also felt Sharon's thighs open even more. My next slap hit the other side of her thigh. Sharon moaned and lifted her ass off my lap. "Oh Daddy!" I felt my dick jump as the obvious moan came from her lips. I let my hand float down and rested it on her cheek. I felt my fingers brush against her pussy lips.

"Oh Daddy!" Sharon pushed up and I felt my fingers slid into her slit. I couldn't believe how wet her pussy was. Even as she ground her ass against my fingers, I could feel her legs grind against my hard dick. "Yes Daddy! Push your fingers in." I was in a trance. I looked down and saw the tips of my fingers slid into her. I had pushed about three fingers into her cunt when Sharon moaned. "Tell me you love me Daddy. Tell me you still love me!" My mouth opened and closed. My throat was so dry, I had to work some saliva on my tongue before any sound came out. "I do love you Sharon. But this isn't right. I shouldn't be touching you like this." I was holding my fingers still. It was the movement of Sharon's hips humping that caused them to fuck her pussy. "Daddy! Daddy! Spank me some more. Spank my inner thighs. Spank my pussy. Hard Daddy! Spank me hard." Sharon was practically screaming at me. I jerked my fingers from her cunt. They came away dripping with her pussy juice.

There was no hesitation this time. I raised my hand. All my slaps landed on the inside of her thighs. I smiled as I saw my fingers slap against the lips of her pussy. I aimed my hand so that the meat of my palm slapped her pussy. With each hit, Sharon jumped and moaned. "Harder Daddy! Hurt me Daddy! Love me Daddy! Now! Oh Daddy! Now! Shove your fingers deep in my pussy!" I did just that. I shoved the three bunched up fingers into her cunt. I didn't try to be gentle. As I shoved my fingers in, I spread them open. The amount of cunt juice that gushed from her cunt was unbelievable. Sharon nearly jumped up and down on my lap as her pussy fucked my fingers. She screamed as spurt after spurt shot from her cunt. Then like a limp rag doll, she slipped from my lap onto the floor. The way that Sharon lay sprawled on the floor, her thighs gapped open to my view. Her pussy seemed to pulse before my eyes. And every pulse oozed more pussy juice from her slit.

I didn't realize that I had taken my coated fingers and placed them in my mouth until she spoke. "Does my pussy taste good, Daddy?" I jerked my fingers out like they were hot pokers. 'Sharon! Honey! What have I done? No! This is wrong. I don't know how it happened?" I jumped up and ran to my room. I slammed the door closed but the f***e must have stopped the catch from closing. I lay on the bed, tears of shame running from my eyes. I felt Sharon's hands turning me over onto my back. "No Daddy! It's not wrong. What we did was right. It was what I dreamed about most of my life." I could feel her warm cheeks pressed against mine. "Ever since I had to move with mom I've thought about you. The one thing that stayed in my mind most of all was the spankings you would give me when I was bad. For some reason, all I could remember was your holding me and telling me you loved me afterward. I wanted to feel that again. I wanted to feel it so bad."

I couldn't believe what my daughter was saying. But she continued. "I use to fantasize about you spanking me. Then you would play with my pussy until I begged you to fuck me. I remember when I would catch glimpses of you naked. Your dick looked so big. I didn't think anybody had a dick as big as yours was. But that was looking at you as a little girl. But I felt it as you spanked me. Feeling it pressed against my pussy made me so hot. I want it Daddy. I want to feel you pushing it slowly into my pussy." As she spoke, I could feel her fingers fumbling with my zipper. I know I should have stopped her. But her words enticed me so. Then I felt her warm hand wrap around my shaft as she drew it into the light. She was softly massaging it until it stood straight and proud. I watched as she turned her head and looked at it. "It's still bigger than most of the boys I've ever seen." Without another thought, Sharon bent her head. When my swollen dickhead slipped between her soft lips, all I could do was groan.

I should have stopped her. I should have made sure my door was locked. I should have never taken the chance to spank her. But I did spank her, my door wasn't locked and I didn't stop her. Instead, I propped myself up on my arms and watched her. I could tell, from the way she took me in, that my daughter was an expert dick sucker. Sharon slid her lips down my shaft with practiced ease. I felt the ridge at the back of her throat. Then with a swallow, she took every inch of me. I felt about two inches more of my dick slide into her mouth. Sharon's lips nuzzled the hair at the base of my shaft. Then she lifted up until her tongue swirled around the swollen head. She swallowed my shaft again. And each time, I felt the head push pass her throat ridge. Only two girls had ever done that to me before. And both of them had been hookers. Sharon moaned as her lips worked up and down my shaft.

"Oh Sharon! Ooh baby! Damn! That's it! Suck it! Suck it all! Oh, you sweet bitch!" My fingers entwined in her long hair. I pumped her head up and down as I fucked up into her mouth. If I allowed her to continue, I was going to shoot my load deep in her throat. I pulled her head from my dick. "Oh Sharon! Stop! If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum." When Sharon lifted her head, I could see a thin line of saliva and pre-cum stretch from the tip of my dick to her lips. "Oh Dad! I can't believe how sweet your dick taste. I want it. I want you to fuck me. Push it deep in my pussy." As she talked, Sharon was busy pulling my unbuttoned pants off my legs. She was like a woman possessed. She still had her sweatsuit on. But I was past the point of stopping. I pushed her hands away and stood up. "Take your clothes off, Sharon. Take them off and get up on the bed." I unbuttoned my shirt as I watched her strip. When Sharon was naked, she lay back on the bed with her thighs spread. I crawled between her thighs and stared down at her cunt.

When I bent my head, Sharon lifted her hips up off the bed. My tongue licked her slit. Sharon moaned as over and over I licked the length of her slit. "Yes Daddy! Ooh shit, that's good!" As I licked her cunt, I pushed Sharon's thighs higher and higher. She was nearly doubled over when the tip of my tongue touched her puckered asshole. Sharon's ass jumped off the bed. I grabbed her hips and stabbed my tongue in and out of her asshole. Looking up between her thighs, I watched Sharon as she reached up and grabbed her tits. As I continued to tonguefuck her asshole, Sharon pinched and pulled her nipples harder than I would have done. "Daddy, I'm gonna cum! Don't stop! Please don't stop! Harder Daddy! IEEE! IEEE! Daddy! Daddy! DaddyDaddyDaddyyyyyyyyy!" My mouth shifted up and I glued it to her hole. With my tongue flicking in and out, I sucked and tongued her cunt. Sharon filled my mouth with the sweetest, thickest load of cum. I had to swallow fast to keep up with her flow. Then Sharon's thighs dropped to the bed. With a heaving sigh, she lay back on the bed. Her chest rose and fell as she tried to catch her breath.

I lay there looking at her. I was doomed. I had committed the worst offense imaginable. I had fucked my own daughter. Well, not fuck exactly, I had only eaten her cunt and allowed her to give me head. But the throbbing in my dick told me I would be fuckin her soon. Sharon opened her eyes and looked at me. She moved closer and her lips touched mine. I felt her soft tongue lick the crème from my lips. Then her tongue tip slipped between my lips. When the kiss broke, a kiss that nearly made me dizzy, she whispered in my ear. "Fuck me now Daddy. Push your dick in my pussy and fuck me till I scream." I rolled over and was positioned between her thighs. I felt her hands guiding my hard dick to her pussy. Just as I pushed in, Sharon lifted her thighs in the air. I slid in easily. Besides, I had already lubricated her pussy with her own cum from my tongue fuck. I went slowly, until her pussy adjusted to my length. But as soon as I felt my dick hit bottom, I knew she was ready for me. I pulled out until just the tip was in. Then I grabbed her hips and slammed my groin down on her cunt.

Sharon screamed as my hard throbbing tube spread and stretched her cunt. I pulled back and rammed in again. When I felt that I was getting close to the edge, I slowed even more. We were both covered in sweat. "I can't cum in your pussy, Sharon. I won't take the chance on your getting pregnant." I was ready to pull out and shoot my load all over her lovely tits. Just like in all those porno movies. But Sharon had other ideas. As soon as I pulled out, she scrambled around and got up on her hands and knees. Reaching back, she pulled her cheeks apart. "In my ass, Dad. Shove your dick in my ass. Shoot your hot cum in my ass." I couldn't believe it. Sharon was crying out the same words that her mom had cried out so many times. Theresa loved being ass fucked. She loved it even more than the regular way. I took my cunt-juiced smeared dick and rubbed it against her asshole. I guessed that Sharon was no anal virgin. When the tip of my dick touched her asshole, she tensed. "Honey, relax. I'll try to be gentle." "Fuck Gentle! Shove that fucker in hard!"

My daughter's nasty words enflamed me even more. I placed the tip at her asshole and pushed only enough to get it started. Then, holding her hips, I steadied myself. "Get ready you nasty cunt. Daddy's gonna rip your asshole open." Sharon had pushed her face into a pillow. With a hard lunge, I rammed my dick up her ass. Even with her face in the pillow I could hear her throat-tearing scream. I pulled back and rammed her ass again. "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard!" fuck her I did. I fucked Sharon with the same savage lust I use to fuck her mom with. I could feel her fingers shaking as she fingered her cunt. And in no time, I felt the delicious swell in my balls. "Here it comes baby! I'm gonna fill your ass with hot cum!" I felt the tip of my dick expand and Sharon cried out. I must have shot a gallon of hot cum in her ass. Sharon screamed out that she was cumming also. Our bodies rocked in unison. And then we fell over on our sides. When I tried to pull my dick loose, she stopped me. "No Daddy! I want to savor every second. Let it go soft in my ass."

Later, as we lay in bed, glasses of wine in our hands, Sharon turned and kissed me. "Daddy! You have fulfilled my fantasy like I never thought it would ever be fulfilled. I never want to let another man fuck me, ever again." I kissed her on the nose. "Honey, are you sure you want to continue doing this? I mean, we have to be real careful that no one ever finds out." Sharon's hand found my dick and she slowly stroked it back to life. "After the way you fucked me, I think any other man would be a big disappointment." I looked at my daughter. I really didn't want her to fuck any other guys either. But if we just saw each other, sooner or later, someone would put two and two together.

"Tell you what! You can say that you're moving back home to save money. I have more than enough room for you and nobody would find it strange. But both of us have to continue to date other people. We even have to fuck other people. But the best we'll save for each other. Deal?" Sharon didn't answer me. She turned and straddled my legs.

As her soft pussy engulfed my hard dick, she kissed me. "Just don't let some other pussy sap all the juice from my dick." With that, Sharon rode me long into the night.
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great story, well done
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this is one hot fuckin story man - oh fuck my cocks out now - so horny. x
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Lovely story... wish I had been there to watch...