Thirty eight years old but she felt like she was fifty, Rose Blaine thought as she looked out the front window of her nondescript house. The house was as bland as her life, as plain as she was.

Rose had been married for s*******n years to Henry, a long haul trucker who was frequently gone for weeks at a time, not that it was much better when he was home. No k**s yet, not that they hadn't tried real hard in the beginning, but they certainly had been trying a whole lot less as the years passed. Their marriage had survived one (that Rose knew of) infidelty of Henry's and they had since settled into a steady peaceful life of relative happiness.

Their home was on a rather busy street, next door to a small grocery store, separated only by a driveway. Rose had never thought their small house was an ideal place to live, as the store did a healthy amount of business which made it a little noisy, but at least it was real convenient in case you needed something. Watching the people coming and going was also an interesting way to pass the time, and Rose would often sit on her porch on nice days and pretend to read the paper while people watching.

It was a hot July morning, already seventy three degrees and it was not even noon yet. The porch was still in the shade so Rose threw on a t-shirt and went out with the morning paper and plopped down in her favorite chair.

One of the bread delivery trucks had just pulled in front of the door and the guy was pulling the tall rack of assorted breads and pastries down the truck ramp. Oops! The delivery person was a woman, not a guy, Rose noted. Another victory for women's lib, Rose thought.

It seemed like you would have to be strong to haul those racks up and down all day in this heat, but the woman seemed like she was up to the task. With her big broad shoulders and short black hair she looked kind of butch to Rose. Her light blue uniform top was soaked with perspiration down from her neck to the small of her back and under her arms.

The assistant manager of the store had come out to talk to the delivery woman. He was a k** named Paul, probably not even twenty years old, who all the local girls seemed to be crazy about. Paul was kind of cute in an offbeat sort of way, Rose thought.

Paul was about six foot tall and skinny, and had long dirty blonde hair that he wore in a ponytail at work. Paul was as interested in the ladies as they were in him, as Rose had observed him eyeballing the girls that frequented the shop. Rose even thought he was checking her out once.

That proved to Rose that he was hopelessly horny, because she had never been anything much to look at even when she was his age. Not that she was unattractive, she was decent enough looking, but very plain. Now that she was old enought to be his mother, there would be no reason for him to give her a second glance.

Paul was holding the side door open for the delivery woman and Rose watched him check out the woman's ass as she went in. He looked up and saw Rose on the porch and waved sheepishly. Rose smiled and returned the wave. That k** must walk around with a hard on all day, Rose thought.

Rose saw a couple of the neighborhood girls coming up the street toward the store, a blonde and a brunette. These two would really get Paul's interest, Rose figured. The brunette's name was Diane, a daughter of a friend that Rose had gone to school with, and she was really built. The blonde with Diane was named Debbie, and Rose didn't know much about her.

They waved and greeted Rose as they went past the porch. Rose congratulated them on graduating from high school last month and told Diane to say hi to her mom for her. Rose wondered if her friend knew that her daughter Diane was going out dressed like that. She was wearing a white tank top that showed a lot more than it hid. Boy, that Diane was real busty, just like her mom Rose observed. She had to be a D cup for sure. Her friend Debbie had to be as big as Diane, maybe even bigger. Oh, to be eighteen again.

Bullshit, Rose remembered. When she was eighteen she wasn't doing anything that was worth remembering, although she wasn't walking around with bait like those two had either. If she had it though, she would have flaunted it just as much as they did, if not more so.

The day went by slowly and when the sun started hitting the porch, Rose went in and watched some TV. That got old fast, so Rose decided to have a beer. This decision came with greater frequency when Henry was away, and earlier in the day too. Of course there was no beer left so Rose went next door to the store.

Paul was working the register when she went in and headed to the beer cooler in the back of the store. Opening the cooler door, Rose felt the cold blast out at her and she stood for a minute to enjoy the refreshing frosty air.

As Rose reached in for a six pack, she happened to look down and suddenly realized she hadn't put a bra on. Her nipples were as erect as could be from the cold blast of the open cooler hitting them, and although Rose was rather modestly endowed on top, her nipples were quite large and thick, and they jutted out sharply against the t-shirt.

Rose closed the door and walked around the store idly looking at things while waiting for her nipples to calm down, because she wasn't going up to the counter looking like that. It was very fashionable for the girls to walk around braless these days, but it was not really the look Rose felt comfortable with. It was a good thing it was quiet that time of day in the store.

From around the front of the store, Paul came down the aisle she was in, returning some items to their proper place on the shelves. He smiled when he saw Rose.

"Far out! That looks really good Mrs. Blaine" Paul said with an grin on his face that continued to grow wider by the minute. "What I wouldn't give for a couple of those on a day like today!"

Rose laughed and told him he was too young for such vices, while shifting the beer from one hand to the other. Just then Rose realized that he hadn't been looking at the beer, but at her chest. Rose flushed with embarassment under Paul's persistent gazing and walked around him toward the checkout counter.

Rose set the beer on the counter and waited for Paul to come back up front. Looking at the mirror set up at the store's entrance, she saw that her nipples were harder than ever. That little exchange with Paul had only made the situation worse.

When Paul came up to the register to ring her out, he was still all eyes, making some more small talk but still staring at her chest. Everything he said was something you could take another way, not dirty or rude, but certainly suggestive. When Rose handed Paul the money, she saw her hand was shaking.

"Mr. Blaine on the road again?" Paul asked as he took the change from the register.

"Yeah, he left yesterday and he's gone for a week or so" Rose replied.

Rose took her change from Paul, and jumped a little when his hand grazed her own. Good grief, what was wrong with her? Rose thanked Paul and got out of the store before she managed to completely humiliate herself.

Rose went home and put the beer in her refrigerator after taking one out. She cracked it open and took a deep swallow of the frosty Rolling Rock, draining half of it while walking into the bedroom. Rose peeled off the t-shirt and dug out a bra from her dresser.

As Rose straightened up in front of the dresser, she paused and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hands went up to her breasts, cupping her small round globes, her nipples still rock hard. It had been a long time since anybody had looked at her the way Paul had just then. Even if he was a goofy k**, Rose had to admit to herself that it was exciting.

Rose took her hands off of herself and put the bra on and replaced the t-shirt. No sense getting all hopped up now because Henry had only just left yesterday and would be gone for at least eight days more.

Rose had fallen asl**p in front of the television and awoke to the sound of a rattling in the driveway. Rose squinted at the clock while fumbling for her glasses, 9:30 it read. She got up and went to the back porch to see what was happening in the back. Probably a cat had knocked over the garbage can again.

Rose took the beer bottles out with her, all six now history. Rose stumbled a little coming out of the doorway and onto the screened in back porch, the bottles clinking softly. The back was dimly lit by security lights at the side door, with shades on them to keep the light from shining towards their house.

Rose looked over and saw that Paul was standing near the side door of the store. Businesses like this store worked these k**s crazy hours, Rose thought as she set the bottles down. They give them a title and then make them work long hours for short dough. The store closed at 9:30 so Paul was probably locking up. She was going to say good night to Paul when she saw someone come down the driveway to meet him.

It was that Debbie girl, the one with the blonde hair and big boobs. She went up to Paul and threw herself into Paul's arms. His hands grabbed Debbie by the butt cheeks and they embraced. Rose was going to go back inside but for some reason stood there frozen as they necked passionately.

Rose found herself actually feeling jealous as Paul and Debbie went at it. His hand were all over her, reaching under her blouse and groping those massive breasts. Rose wished she could see better, because the light was dim and she was looking through the screen window.

It must be the beer, Rose figured, as her fingers unclasped her jeans. Rose could not believe she was doing this, even in the dark. What if he could see over here? Rose's hand went under the elastic of her panties and slid through her dense bush, finding the opening moist and ready.

Debbie suddenly went down to her knees in front of Paul, pulling his pants down to his knees. His underwear came down next and then it was obvious Debbie was giving him head. Rose walked closer to the screen, desperate to see. All she could see was the back of Debbie's head, moving slowly up and down, and Paul holding her head with the hands.

Paul was running his hands through Debbie's curly blonde hair as she sucked his cock. He occasionally looked down the driveway, and one time Paul seemed to be looking right at Rose, who stopped and stood as still as possible until he looked away.

Debbie's head began bobbing even faster on Paul's cock while Rose's fingers worked with increasing intensity. She wanted to get a better look and had worked her way right next to the screen window, but could not see any better. Rose wanted to see Paul's cock, wanted to see what it looked like, wanted to see Debbie's mouth sliding up and down his shaft.

Rose came before Paul did, and she thought her knees would give out when she did. As her orgasm ended, Paul's began and he moaned as he grabbed Debbie's head. It looked to Rose like Debbie took his load right in her mouth, continuing to drain Paul long after he erupted.

Debbie got up and they embraced once again and after exchanging a few words Paul pulled up his pants and Debbie began walking away down the driveway. Paul grabbed her from behind and while kissing her on the back of the neck, reached underneath her arms and squeezed her breasts. This was only about ten feet from Rose now, and she held her breath. Her hands went to her own breasts and squeezed like Paul's hands were fondling Debbie's globes.

Paul's hands went down to the bottom of Debbie's blouse and pulled it up over her breasts. What a huge pair of breasts Debbie had on her, Rose marveled, as Paul's hands clutched at the teenager's enormous tits. Debbie laughed while pulling down her blouse and skipped on down the driveway.

Paul said good night to Debbie softly before turning back toward the side door of the store. Rose watched him unlock the door, her eyes on his firm buttocks. As he opened the door Paul turned back and looking directly at Rose, smiled at Rose and waved before closing the door behind him.

Oh my God! He couldn't have seen me, Rose insisted to herself. It was pitch black over here, there was no way for him to have seen her. He didn't wave at her, he was just swatting at a mosquito or something, Rose told herself as she pulled up her jeans and went back inside the house.

Rose knew better though, and was now faced with the prospect of facing that k** whenever she went to the store.

Rose didn't go to the store the next day, barely ducking her head out to get the paper off the steps. She looked out the window a few times and one time saw Paul sweeping the front of the store. Rose jumped back from the blinds when he looked over toward her house. After that Rose stayed away from the windows, and even though she needed butter, she went without rather than go next door and face Paul.

Around five o'clock Rose heard footsteps on the porch. Rose went to get her pocketbook, assuming it was the paper boy collecting for the week. When Rose opened the door there was nobody there, but as she was closing the door Rose happened to look down.

There was a small paper bag on the welcome mat. Rose opened the door and picked up the brown sack that was a little heavy. Rose closed the door behind her and brought the bag over to the table and opened it.

There was a note inside, resting on top of a six pack of Rolling Rock beer. Rose's hands were trembling as she opened the note and read it.

"Tonight the drinks are on me Mrs. Blaine" it read. "Nine thirty. I'm really looking forward to seeing you seeing us once again."

Rose nervously paced the floor. Her head was spinning in so many directions and her emotions a whilwind as well. She was filled with shame, anger, fear and lust and incredibly lust was the prevailing emotion. Rose had no idea what was going on inside of her, but it was something that was either brand new, or had been there all along and had chosen to come out of her now. The only thing Rose knew for sure was that she would be out on the porch at 9:30 tonight come hell or high water.

Henry called home at around nine that night. Rose found it difficult to talk to him and hoped he wouldn't go on and on like he often did. He babbled on about Chicago, how he had to pick up a load in the morning going to Wisconsin and might have something waiting for him there. If so, he might be a couple days later than he had expected.

Fine, fine Rose answered while looking nervously at the clock. Please shut up and get some rest Henry, she thought to herself. He went on and on about picking up some hitchhiking hippie to help break up the monotony of the trip, even though it was strictly against the rules. The k** had an American flag sown on the butt of his jeans and another patch that said Impeach Nixon. Imagine wanting to impeach the President! Henry continued chattering non-stop, with Rose half hearing and half watching the clock.

Finally around 9:25 Henry ran out of wind and Rose was able to break in and wrap up the call. "Fine, yes talk to you later... be careful driving... yes dear...yes dear..okay honey... goodbye!"

Rose dashed into the bedroom and got ready. She was going to wear a thin bathrobe and nothing else. Rose got the last two beers out of the refrigerator and went out to the back porch. It was dark and quiet back there, even the security light was out.

Rose settled into a comfortable chair and waited. Rose lit a cigarette, one of the five a day she had allowed herself in an effort to quit the habit slowly. What if this k** was just screwing around with her? Making her sit out here like an idiot like this while he's hiding and watching someplace with his friends.

Just then the security light came on and out came Paul, who first looked down the driveway and then glanced over at Rose's direction. Rose had made sure it was as dark as possible, but for some reason she could not explain, picked up her cigarette and took a deep inhale.

The burning ember of the cigarette lit up Rose's face as she took the drag, then dimmed as she took the cigarette away and put it in the ashtray. Rose saw Paul smile and he gave a little wave and the sound of footsteps grew louder in the driveway.

It was Debbie, wearing a bright red tube top that drew even more attention to her bust. She skipped into his arms and they began to neck excitedly. Rose reached down for a beer with one hand while dropping her other hand down on her thigh.

Paul put his arm around Debbie's waist and started leading her over to Rose's back yard and to Rose's amazement sat Debbie down at the picnic table. Debbie pulled down Paul's pants and underwear and began sucking his cock.

Although they was closer than where they were last night, the lighting was worse in her yard and Rose could not see much, but could hear plenty. Rose could hear the slurping sounds Debbie was making as she energetically sucked his cock. Rose could hear Paul moaning and encouraging Debbie as she worked on his dick. From what Rose could make out in the shadows, it appeared that Paul had a pretty big one.

"Oh that's great Debbie...that's it, now work my nuts too baby. That's it, you know what I like don't you? Go down further on it baby, take in as much as you can" Paul groaned as he pushed Debbie further down his staff.

Debbie made a little choking sound and pulled off his cock for a second, still stroking him with her hand, while Rose longed for a better angle.

"It's too big Paulie" Debbie hissed "and you know what I want you to do with it tonight, so don't you cum. I need you to fuck me baby!"

Rose's hand had found her pussy and she gently stroked herself, trying to hold back despite how excited she was getting just listening to these two. Paul pulled Debbie off his cock and she pulled her shorts off and hopped up on the picnic table, laying down on her back. Her legs were hanging off the end of the table as Paul moved between her legs with his cock in hand. Rose wanted so badly to turn on the porch light so she could see better.

From the loud groan that came from Debbie, it was obvious that Paul had put his cock in Debbie and he was wildly pumping in and out of her while standing at the end of the table. He held her legs up in the air and thrust savagely into her, relentlessly pounding into the girl. He went on like this for what seemed like ten minutes, never slowing or stopping.

Debbie had at least two orgasms and Rose had just had her second when Paul hit another gear and was drilling into her like a jackhammer. The still of the night was only broken by the sound of their bodies smacking together. Rose listened in awe as Debbie started whimpering in response to Paul's fierce pounding before finally orgasming once again, while trying to muffle herself as best she could.

At last Paul pulled out of Debbie's pussy and stroked himself a few times before groaning and shooting his load off to the side. As quickly as it had begun, it was over. Debbie put her shorts back on as Paul pulled his pants back up. They left Rose's backyard and Rose listened as their footsteps got fainter as they went down the driveway.

Rose was drained, feeling like she had been the one getting screwed instead of Debbie. That had been amazing to watch, and Rose couldn't believe how long Paul had managed to keep fucking. It must have been twenty minutes at least without so much as a let up. Rose was used to the three minute variety, and to make it worse it happened so rarely these days.

Rose stood up and lit her last cigarette and looked out to her backyard. Opening the screen door, Rose walked over toward the picnic table. The night air had turned noticeably cooler, and Rose felt the chill under her thin robe, which was thoroughly drenched with her sweat. As Rose got closer to the table they had used as a bed, she could smell the lingering aroma of whatever cheap teenager perfume Debbie had been wearing.
When Rose got next to the table she could also smell the unmistakable aroma of sex in the air. Using her cigarette as a night light Rose looked down and saw the stringy ropes of Paul's cum, which he had sprayed all over the seat of the table. Rose reached down and touched the cum with her index finger, which had cooled already. Rose brought the finger to her mouth and put her tongue on Paul's seed.

Rose suddenly shook her head as if coming out of a trance, turned and went back inside her house. Rose was unsure about what she had been doing and very much confused about the things that had been going through her head lately.

It was going to be another scorcher, Rose knew, judging by how hot it was already that morning. It was garbage pickup day and Rose quickly threw on some clothes when she heard the truck down the road. Rose couldn't believe she hadn't remembered to put it out last night, but then again she had a lot of other things on her mind.

Rose went out to the backyard to get the rusting gray garbage can, which thankfully was not full. There wasn't as much garbage when Henry was away but it was heavy enough as it was. Rose tried to avoid looking at the picnic table as she passed by it, but couldn't help noting the semen had dried, evaporated for the most part, leaving only a pale white stain as a reminder of what had gone on there.

Rose had been so engrossed by the sight that she failed to notice Paul, who had come out of the side door and was next to her. Startled, Rose dropped the can, almost spilling the contents.

"Sorry Mrs. Blaine, I thought you heard me call out to you but I guess your mind was... uh... elsewhere" Paul said while looking back at the picnic table. "Here, let me get this for you."

With that Paul took the garbage can and effortlessly lifted it and brought it down the driveway and out to the sidewalk. Rose was unsure what to do or say so she just sort of followed him. The muscles in his tanned slender arms rippled with the effort. The garbage men were just a couple of doors down so Rose waited at the sidewalk. Paul came over to her.

"I'll wait for them to pick it up and I can bring it back there for you, Mrs. Blaine."

"Oh, no that's okay Paul. Thank you for bringing it out here for me, that was very nice of you" Rose said nervously.

"No problem, I've got Mary working the register this morning" Paul said while staring at Rose's chest.

Rose had thrown on a blue tank top and shorts and wasn't wearing a bra. Rose felt foolish standing there like that so she crossed her arms over her chest. The k** probably thought that Rose was dressing like that to seduce him or something, when she had only thrown this on because she was in a rush.

"Don't cover up on my account Mrs. Blaine, I was just enjoying the view. I wish you would dress like that more often when you come over to the store" Paul said smiling. "Tank tops give me a chance to check out your tits, not to mention a better view of the hair under your arms. It's been really tough to get a good view when I have to look up your sleeves.

Rose turned beet red from humiliation, and she couldn't believe the k** was talking to her like that, and that she was letting him. She couldn't find words to say and simply stood there in shock, watching her garbage getting dumped into the truck.

"Don't be embarassed Mrs. Blaine, that really turns me on. Most of my girls let their armpit hair grow cause they know how much I dig it. Tits and pits and pussy, that's all I think about all day long. That and fucking, of course. What do you think about all day Mrs. Blaine?"

Rose struggled to find words to say as Paul went over and got the empty garbage can. How did this little k** think he was, talking to her like that? She should just storm into the house and never speak to him again. Except she didn't.

"Paul, you shouldn't be talking to me like that. I'm a married woman, s*******n years now going on eighteen" Rose finally managed to blurt out.

"You didn't say happily married Mrs. Blaine. I may be just an eighteen year old k** to you, but I know women. I could see it in you a mile away, the very first time I saw you. You're lonely and you need something new, something exciting."

"How do you know all of this? What makes you such an expert?" Rose said testily.

"You didn't say I was wrong, I noticed" Paul said as they walked back up the driveway. "I could tell you were one horny lady by the way you check everybody out when you're in the store, when you're on your porch. Guys, girls, you check them all out. Hell, last week there were two girls in the store and when one of them bent down to pick up something you just about killed yourself trying to look down her blouse, you remember that don't you Mrs. Blaine?"

Rose did remember that, she thought to herself. Things she did that she had always thought no one would notice, he saw. This k** seemed to know her like a book.

"At the very least I give you credit for not denying it Mrs. Blaine" Paul continued. "By you not insulting my intelligence giving me lame denials, I appreciate that. You see, we both know that you like to watch. I like to watch too, and I love to be watched. I bet you knew that already" Paul said while looking at the picnic table they were passing.

"I've watching you checking out girls that come into the store, and that really turns me on. See, even just talking about it gives me a boner" Paul said as he set the garbage can down. "Take a look for yourself Mrs. Blaine, there's no way for me to hide it."

Rose couldn't help looking at Paul's crotch, and the outline of his cock bulging in his jeans was as exciting as it was obscene, curving to the left and giving no doubt as to its impressive length.

"So, um... I... I don't understand. I mean ... why are you telling me all of this Paul?" Rose asked nervously.

"Because I want to fuck you, Mrs Blaine" Paul said bluntly. "First I want you to watch me, and then I want to watch you. Then I'm going to fuck your brains out, just like I did Debbie last night. What did you think of Debbie, Mrs. Blaine? Isn't she something? Only eighteen years old and wears a 36D bra, when she bothers to wear one at all. I'll bet you'd like to get your hands on those babies wouldn't you?"

Rose felt a shiver go down her spine. This was getting so personal, and he was so close to the truth it was scary. He knew exactly what she was thinking, things Rose didn't even admit thinking about to herself.

"I'm married Paul, and I've never been with another man since I've been married" Rose stated with complete honesty.

"Really Mrs. Blaine? No wonder you're so horny, I'll bet you were thinking all last night about how you'd like to take on this baby" Paul said while grabbing the bulge in his jeans. "You say that you haven't been with another man in all that time, and you're probably telling the truth about that. I'll bet you've been with women though, haven't you."

Rose stood there with her mouth open, lips moving but nothing coming out.

"Thought so. Nothing wrong with that, that's a real turn on too. I'd love to watch you go at it with a girl. That would really be groovy. I'll bet you're a real a****l once you get going."

"Why are you doing this... saying this... these things Paul?" Rose finally managed to get out. "I can't be your type, I don't have know, the body that these young girls have. What you doing, slumming or something?"

"I told you that you have other assets that really turn me on. I like older women, they know what they're doing and they have a lot of energy built up inside them, just like you do Mrs. Blaine. Like the last two nights, I have to stand outside and get fucked and sucked off because I live with my parents and have nowhere to go, and I'm doing it with a eighteen year old girl that has to be in by ten. That's k** stuff, it's fun and all that but it's bullshit. Now tell me Mrs. Blaine, what did you do when you watched me fuck Debbie? Did you get yourself off? Did you play with your pussy and wish you were getting it instead"

Rose amazingly found herself nodding while adding "I... I really couldn't see very well, it was too dark. I... I tried to... wanted to..."

"Well it would be nice if we could have used your bedroom Mrs. Blaine. That way we would have been comfortable and you could have watched everything. Then after I got done with Debbie I could have started on you. I can keep getting it hard all night most times. A lot of guys say they do, but I deliver. If I get really turned on I can fuck all night. When is the last time you got fucked more than once time in a night Mrs. Blaine?"

Rose stayed silent as Paul continued. More than one time in a night, Rose thought, maybe their wedding night?

"I know you married women, better than you might think. I know how most of you get a whole lot less than you want. You can't hide it, it's only natural. Hell, there are a couple of older women I do on a regular basis around here, and you probably know them" Paul stated proudly.

"How, uh.. who?" Rose asked.

"Uh uh," Paul said abruptly, "I don't fuck and tell, never have and never will. That's why I keep so busy, because women trust me. Being discreet is the least I can be in return."

"But you... well you screwed Debbie right in front of me. That wasn't very fair to her" Rose snapped.

"You're right, it wouldn't have been fair to her if she hadn't known you were watching" Paul said, leaving no doubt as to the unsaid meaning.

"You mean...she knew I ... she...?" Rose said incrediously as Paul nodded with a big grin. Rose felt her face turn beet red.

"So anyway, I have to get back to work now I guess. I get off work at five tonight, but I have a date. Don't worry, it's not Debbie, it's a girl from outside of town. She's an older woman too, she's nineteen. If you want to be a part of it, come over to the store and tell me. You don't have to say a word, just wear the top you have on now and that will tell me that you want me, and we'll be at your back door at eight. If not, that's fine. I totally understand, and either way you'll never hear a word about any of this from me again, I promise."

With that Paul turned and went back to the store, leaving Rose standing alone and confused next to that picnic table. She looked down at that cum stained bench and shook her head. That k** thought she was going to throw away almost eighteen years of marriage just to screw him. He must be out of his mind.

So it was that Rose went over to the store around four o'clock and went to the beer cooler. Paul was at the register waiting on someone and Rose stood behind that customer. When that person left, Rose walked up to the counter and placed her items on the counter, three six packs of Rolling Rock.

When Paul looked up and saw who was making the purchase, he smiled that seductive smile of his. The smile got wider when he saw that Rose was wearing that blue tank top, with her nipples sticking out like bullets. Finally, as Paul broke open a roll of quarters so that he could make change, Rose casually lifted her arms and pulled her hair back. When Paul looked up and saw what Rose was doing, and saw the sight that turned him on so much, he got so shook up the broken tube of coins flew all over behind the counter.

Rose smiled as he bent down to pick them up, while never stopping his staring at Rose. His hands were even trembling a little as he counted out the change into Rose's equally shaky hand.

"Eight" Rose said in a whisper, and walked out of the store.

Rose stepped out of the shower and dried herself, but it was so humid it was easier said than done. Looking at herself in the long mirror on the back of the bathroom door, Rose couldn't believe that she was going to do this, or that this k** was even interested in her.

Rose's hands went up to her apple sized breasts. Too small she thought, but the nipples were big and the aureola took up most of the tit. It seemed they would belong on bigger breasts than her 32B's.

Rose's hands went down over his stomach, still flat thank goodness, she hadn't gained a pound more than the 111 pounds she had always carried on her 5'4" frame. Her hands went down to the thick bush of hair between her legs, too hairy she had always thought, but Henry liked it.

Same with her armpits, Rose admitted while drying her hair. When Henry first saw the growing number of feminists and young hippie chicks with unshaven armpits in the last few years, he insisted Rose let her underarm hair grow. That was fine by her, because it was a pain in the ass to shave them anyway, but she didn't realize how hairy she would get.

Rose ran her fingers through the thick jungle under her arms before spraying on a little deodorant. She had more hair under her arms than Henry, and he was a gorilla, Rose mused.

Funny thing was, one time she had tried to wear a sleeveless blouse out with him, he pitched a fit. It seemed he would be embarassed to be seen out with a wife who had hair under her arms. After that, she kept covered up unless she was around the house.

It must be one of those kind of things men liked to keep as hidden fantasies or something, because it seemed like a lot of guys liked the look but were ashamed about the way they felt and didn't want to admit it to others.

Paul sure didn't hide what he thought, that was for damn sure. He just about blew a fuse when he got a peek at her underarms when she was at the cash register. Even now, Rose got a chill when she thought of how Paul looked at her with such raw desire. It had been ages since anyone had looked at her like that, and it felt fantastic.

Rose did freshly shave her legs for the occasion though, and then tried to pick out something to wear. Rose finally settled on a yellow tube top and light blue shorts that showed off her legs, which were probably her best feature. Rose didn't usually feel comfortable wearing tube tops because she had so little to keep them up with, but this wasn't going to stay on long, if Rose had her way.

Rose blow dried her shoulder length brown hair, trying to get it into some kind of respectable condition in the humidity. It was ten minutes to eight and Rose threw a little makeup on, periodically looking out the window for Paul.

She cracked open another brew, hoping the buzz she was feeling would ease her nervousness. It also provided her with an excuse for what she still couldn't believe she was about to do. When all else fails, blame alcohol. That was what Henry did when he fell off the fidelity wagon that time. On that note, Rose took the phone off the hook in case Henry tried to call, and then looked out the front window.

Paul's car was now in the store's parking lot and Rose's heart skipped a beat when she saw him get out of his Buick. The passenger door opened and a pretty girl with long curly red hair got out. She was wearing an ivory colored peasant blouse and bell bottom jeans. Rose was shocked that this was actually happening, because up until now it had not really sunk in what she was doing. The two of them went into the store which gave Rose the opportunity to catch her breath.

The thought crossed Rose's mind that maybe there had been a change of plans, or maybe Paul couldn't talk the girl into it. Rose's mind wandered, remembering her experiences with women. Most recently, about four years ago Rose had gotten involved with a woman at a health spa she had belonged to for a while. It had lasted almost a year, on almost a weekly basis, until the woman had moved away.

There had been others, including the mother of Debbie's friend Diane, back just before she had gotten married. Six women all together, twice the number of women as men she had been intimate with in her lifetime. Rose always thought it had never seemed like cheating being with women, and she liked it just as much, even more sometimes.

Rose jumped when she heard a knock at her back door. She thought about not answering the door and just forgetting this whole crazy idea, but kept walking toward the back door and finally opened it.

Paul and the redhead smiled and greeted Rose warmly as she let them in. Rose gave them both a beer and Paul introduced the girl to Rose.

"Mrs. Blaine, this is Cathy, Cathy with a C" Paul said smiling. "Actually she's more like a D or double D, I think" he quipped. "I have to use your facilties, okay Mrs. Blaine?"

Rose directed Paul toward the bathroom and then came back and stood awkwardly with Cathy in the kitchen.

"He's so funny" Cathy said chuckling while moving over close to Rose. "He told me a little about you on the way over. I'm not all that experienced with girls, but I really enjoy it, and maybe you can teach me more about it."

Cathy put her hand on Rose's shoulder and Rose felt the heat from her touch. The girl was a couple of inches taller than her, and she had a nice smile and tons of freckles on her face and upper chest. Rose's eyes drifted down lower, and although her blouse was loose and not form fitting by any means, it looked as if there was quite a lot going on down there.

Cathy's hand slid lightly down her arm, sending a shiver all over Rose's body and leaving goose bumps in her wake.

"You're really pretty, Mrs. Blaine" Cathy said, and Rose thought that she was about to be attacked. That thought made Rose crazy with anticipation but Paul came back from the bathroom at that exact moment.

"Well, it looks like you ladies are getting along great!" Paul announced. "Maybe we should get a little more comfortable now Mrs. Blaine. Why don't we take these beers into the bedroom where we can relax?"

Rose felt light headed as she brought them into their bedroom. She had taken all the pictures of Henry and put them away, figuring the sight of his face looking at her would be too much. Paul surveyed the room and pulled the corner chair over to about three feet from the bed.

"Mrs. Blaine is just going to watch us for a while, Cathy. Then I'll watch you two get it on" Paul dictated almost like a movie director would. "Mrs. Blaine will sit in the chair with her hands on her knees and not move or touch herself at all, okay Mrs. Blaine?"

"You can call me Rose" she said with a cracking voice.

"Hmmm, I think we'll call you Mrs. Blaine, at least for now" Paul said after a brief pause. "It makes it sound.... I dunno, sexier maybe. Have a seat Mrs. Blaine."

Rose did as she was told, sitting in the chair with her hands on her knees. Paul and Cathy embraced and his hands were all over Cathy's back and rear end. Cathy pulled Paul's shirt up over his head. He had a slender build, his chest smooth and hairless, with a few stray hairs sprouting from under his navel leading downward with the promise of more to follow. Already Paul had a prominent bulge in his jeans that Cathy easily found and rubbed hard with her right hand.

Paul repositioned the two of them so that he was behind Cathy, who was only a couple of feet away from Rose. Rose's heart was now racing at a frightening pace as Paul reached from behind and ever so slowly lifted the bottom of Cathy's blouse, exposing her china white skin.

Cathy had a slender build, but when her breasts came into view Rose was stunned. Cathy's breasts were enormous, impossibly huge and bell shaped, with nicely formed light pink aureolas capped with darker thick pegs. They looked like gigantic eggplants, Rose thought as Cathy lifted her freckled arms to let Paul get the blouse off. Rose noted Cathy had slight wisps of red hair under her slender arms, sparse fuzz that Paul softly ran his fingers through after discarding the blouse.

"Mrs. Blaine already knows about my favorite things, Cathy" Paul said while looking over Cathy's shoulder at Rose. "I didn't even have to ask Mrs. Blaine to accomodate me, she came already equipped. That's what caught my eye about her first."

Paul slid down Cathy's bell bottoms and then shucked the panties right after. Cathy had freckles on her thighs as well, which Rose thought was really cute. Cathy had a very small and sparse triangle of pubic hair which, like the hair under her arms, was several shades darker red than the hair on her head.

Paul's hands cupped and kneaded Cathy's pendulous globes, massaging them roughly as Cathy wiggled and squirmed under his touch. Rose felt like she could come at any moment and fought the urge to touch herself, and instead slowly rubbed her thighs together as she watched the intoxicating scene unfolding scant inches away from her.

Cathy turned around and nibbled at Paul's nipples before kneeling down in front of Paul and unbuckling his belt. Rose felt Paul's eyes on her as she watched Cathy unsnap his jeans and slowly bring them down.

Paul was wearing tight white underwear, and Rose audibly gasped as she saw the astonishingly large bulge that stretched the fabric out beyond belief. Paul smiled down at the sight of Rose staring at him, and even turned a little bit to give her a better look. He watched Rose moving her legs together rapidly and laughed.

"Cathy, I think that Mrs. Blaine is cheating" Paul quipped while wryly noting Rose's body movements. "Well, not really cheating, I guess, since she isn't really touching herself is she?"

Cathy looked back at Rose and smiled brightly, noting "Oh, you mean you haven't you seen Paul's dick yet Mrs. Blaine? He's so huge, isn't he?"

Cathy's hand went over the length of the astounding bulge that curled to the left in the snug briefs and extended over to his hip. There was a moist spot of precum staining the garment where the tip of his cock was.

"I think Mrs. Blaine wants to see more, doesn't she Cathy?" Paul said.

"We both do, don't we Mrs. Blaine?" Cathy asked.

Rose could only nod, as she was on the brink of an orgasm, rubbing her thighs together much faster now. Cathy slowly reached up and grasped the elastic of Paul's briefs and inched the underwear down. She was taking so long Rose wanted to reach out and yank them off him herself, but decided to play the game Paul's way for now.

Paul's pubic hair came into view first, a small tuft of very light brown hair. Cathy was taking an eternity getting those briefs off, and Rose was squirming wildly in the chair, holding the arms of the chair in a virtual death grip while starting to make tiny sounds that seemed beyond her control.

When Paul's cock finally sprang free from under the elastic, it wasn't as big as Rose had imagined. It was bigger, much bigger. As Paul's gigantic member swayed wildly in front of him, Rose let out a moan and felt herself convulsing, her body racked with indescribable waves of pleasure. She was screaming out while still gripping the arms of the chair in vice-like grips.

"Holy shit!" Paul exclaimed. "Look at her come! Far out! She never even touched herself once. Damn, she is a trip!"

Sweat poured down Rose's face as she sat weakly in the chair. Cathy smiled at her while she slowly stroked Paul's cock.

"That looked like it was really good for you Mrs. Blaine" Cathy said.

"I think I was right about you Mrs. Blaine" Paul said assuredly. "You are going to me an wild one tonight. I hope you've got some more energy left because you're going to need it."

Rose could not comprehend what had just taken place, but she was already getting interested again in what was going on before her. Rose took a deep hit of her beer, draining it and setting it aside.

Cathy had Paul's cock in her right fist, holding it at the base. It was not overly thick, but seemed to get thicker toward the top. The head of Paul's cock was downright bulbous, like a mushroom. As Cathy began sucking Paul's engorged weapon, her left hand gripped his cock just above her right. Even then, she had a whole lot of cock sticking out left to suck, which the redhead did excitedly.

"I have a hunch you don't get anything like this from your husband when he IS around, do you Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked.

Although the mention of her husband made her feel guilty, she had to admit that Paul's cock was nothing like Henry's. Henry's cock was a little on the small side, about the same thickness as Paul's but that's where the comparison ended. Rose guessed that Henry had about five or six inches, whereas this thing of Paul's had to be twice that long. It wasn't that Henry was out of the ordinary though, it was Paul that was the freak.

Henry was also uncircumsized, which Rose did not care for at all. She had always said that if they ever had a boy, the first thing she would do was make sure his thing got clipped.

Now this cock of Paul's was something you could wrap your lips around, Rose thought. She wondered how much of that she would be able to take in her mouth, maybe about half with luck Rose figured. His balls were also outrageously large, his long wrinkled sack dangling loosely between his legs, his nuts seemingly as big as eggs.

Paul lifted Cathy's head off his cock, which seemed to have gotten even larger still under Cathy's urgings, and had taken on a pinkish glow to its former pale color.

"Want a taste, Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked, moving over to Rose.

Rose opened her mouth and took in the plum sized head, tasting the musky seminal fluid that dribbled from the tip. Rose leaned forward to try to take more of the cock but Paul moved back over to Cathy.

"Your turn will come Mrs. Blaine, just be patient" Paul said slyly. "There's plenty for everyone."

"There sure is, Mrs Blaine" Cathy offered before going back to sucking his tool. "I tried to measure it the last time we were together but I couldn't tell how long it was because I only had a twelve inch ruler and it was bigger than that" Cathy said breathlessly, before returning to his member.

"Oh, stop bragging on me Cathy" Paul said blushing and loving every word. "It was only an inch or two longer than the ruler" Paul said while running his hands through the redhead's curly locks. "Hey, what can I tell you? I was blessed, and I feel it's my responsibilty to share it with as many beautiful ladies as I possibly can" Paul said smugly.

"Have you ever fucked a guy with a f******n inch cock, Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked with curiousity, not waiting for an answer. "I bet you've dreamed about it though. Ever have a cock this big in your mouth before? Ever feel a cock this size in your pussy Mrs. Blaine?

Rose shook her head no, as Cathy sucked even more furiously on Paul's cock, her tiny fists wrenching and jerking the shaft as she did.

"How about your ass, Mrs. Blaine? Do you like to get fucked in the ass? Imagine how nice it would feel for me to slide this thing into your tight ass. Imagine my balls slapping against you as I fucked your tender little asshole. Take your hand from between your legs won't you please Mrs. Blaine? You'd like that wouldn't you Mrs. Blaine, me fucking you in the ass with this thing, right?" Paul questioned.

Rose hadn't realized she had been touching herself all this time, so engrossed was she in observing.

"No, I couldn't do that," Rose said shaking her head with absolute certainty, "you're uh... way too big to do that. I... I couldn't."

"You've taken it up the ass before though, haven't you Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked.

"Uh... yes, but... I couldn't with... not with you. It's too... way too much" Rose stammered while gazing at Paul's cock as if hypnotized.

"Well, we'll see about that" Paul said, and with that he pulled Cathy up on the bed and burrowed his head between her legs, parting the fine fur with his tongue. Paul was on all fours with his back to Rose, giving Rose an exquisite view of his balls swinging wildly between his legs.

After a minute Paul got up on his knees and swung Cathy around so that Rose could see from the side as he put his cock at Cathy's opening and slowly eased it in. Cathy moaned as Paul buried about half of his cock into her, then gradually went deeper.

"Oooooh easy Paul, easy ohhhh... oh god wait honey" Cathy gasped as she fought to catch her breath. Looking at Rose she said, "oh man that is so good but it takes some getting used to" and moaned again as Paul buried another inch or so into her.

Paul started to thrust into Cathy with more intensity, soon going in all the way. Rose saw Cathy wince as he penetrated to the hilt, and then pull it all the way out. Cathy was now begging for more, while Paul was squeezing her breasts and pulling at her nipples. Cathy's breasts rolled lazily around on her chest as Paul started to rock the bed with the f***e of his humping.

Paul really started to give it to her, thrusting hard and fast into Cathy, who came with a rush. Rose watched as Cathy's eyes bulged wide as she looked over toward Rose, her mouth open wide as she let out an almost inhuman wail. Paul was far from done however, and continued to pound into Cathy, who seemed to be almost in another dimension as her eyes rolled in their sockets.

Paul dismounted and postioned Cathy onto her side facing Rose. Paul laid on his side behind her and lifted her leg with one hand, and probed for her opening with his cock in the other. Paul found Cathy's pussy with his prodigious weapon and thrust into her.

Rose had an incredible view of Paul's cock sliding into Cathy's pussy from his position behind and between Cathy's legs. Cathy's thighs opened wide as the impossibly long cock slid all the way in, right down to his balls, before slowly sliding back out until only the tip of the cone was still in her.

Rose got up slowly and knelt by the side of the bed, transfixed at the sight of that elongated prong sliding deep inside Cathy's pussy. Paul watched with interest as Rose reached out and touched Cathy's pussy, her hand sliding through the incredibly moist opening and rubbing her clitoris right above Paul's member. This made Cathy wail with delight, until Paul told Rose to get back in the chair, which she did with considerable reluctance.

Paul eventually disengaged himself from Cathy and straddled her, milking his swollen cock with both hands. In a matter of seconds, hot jets of cum spurted all over Cathy, drenching her with his seed.

Paul and Cathy laid silently on the bed for a few minutes, as Rose watched Paul's cock slowly deflate, a long strand of semen left hanging lazily off the tip of the knob.

"Well Mrs. Blaine, are you ready to get involved in some fun?" Paul asked while smiling at her from behind Cathy on the bed.

Rose stood up and stepped over next to the bed, waiting for instructions. Paul got up and came over from around the bed. Rose licked her lips involuntarily as she watched Paul's now flaccid cock swing in front of him as he walked, almost like the trunk of an elephant.

Cathy swung her legs around and got up as well, and while Paul came around Rose from behind, Cathy stood in front of Rose. Their hands danced softly over Rose, rubbing her shoulders and arms while Rose stood there motionless.

"See Mrs. Blaine's nipples Cathy?" Paul commented while he looked down over Rose's shoulders while gently kissing Rose on the neck.

Rose's entire body shuddered as Paul's lips grazed her. Rose looked down and saw her nipples bulging out against the soft fabric of the tube top, aching to be touched.

"See them?" Cathy commented. "That'd be hard to do since they're trying to explode through your top, aren't they Mrs. Blaine? Mmmmm....they look nice."

As Cathy spoke, her hands came up and touched Rose's nipples through the fabric, causing Rose to get out a gasp. Rose leaned forward, trying to create more contact, but Cathy kept on just lightly tracing the outline of Rose's nipples. Paul's hands came sliding softly down from Rose's shoulders, gliding down her arms and gripping Rose's wrists, holding them tight to her sides. In his wake, the soft hairs on Rose's forearms stood up in response.

"Help Mrs. Blaine off with her shorts Cathy" Paul asked, and Cathy dutifully responded, tugging Rose's shorts down and taking them off as Rose stepped out of them. Cathy's hands slid up Rose's legs as she got back up.

"Wow, you've got great legs Mrs. Blaine" Cathy announced before resuming her gentle caressing of Rose's nipples.

"I told you she had a groovy body, didn't I Cathy" Paul announced. "She reminds me of our librarian at school, all plain and covered up until I got her alone after graduation and then she was a beautiful maniac. Just like you are going to be Mrs. Blaine, with all these goodies just going to waste, up until tonight that is. Is Mrs. Blaine wearing panties Cathy?"

"Yes she is, do you want me to take them off her, Paul?"

"No, they can stay on for now" Paul answered from behind Rose, who was trying to rub up against him. "Tell me Mrs. Blaine, are your nipples as sensitive as they seem to be?"

Rose could only nod in response, at which time Paul directed Cathy to find out for sure. Cathy's fingers gripped Rose's nipples and squeezed them hard, twisting them slightly as she did. Rose's knees buckled a little as the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure hit her, as her head went backward as she looked toward the ceiling, hitting Paul's chest.

"Ooooh... far out Mrs. Blaine, I guess they are sensitive" Cathy exclaimed as she released the nipples and cupped Rose's small breasts in her hands and kneaded them roughly.

"Please.... I need... I need to..." Rose whimpered, her whole body shaking at this point.

Paul reached around with one hand and felt Rose's panties, lightly brushing her sex through the cotton.

"My, you're wet already, aren't you!" Paul loudly exclaimed. "Cathy, why don't you get those panties off Mrs. Blaine for her and see what's going on down there."

Cathy knelt before Rose and slid the panties down and off Rose, running her hand through Rose's thick bush and feeling the moistness that was oozing out of her.

"Oh far out man, is she ever wet!" Cathy remarked.

"My guess is she has a really hairy pussy. Am I right Cathy?"

"Oh yeah, Mrs. Blaine has a really nice bush on her" Cathy said. "Wow! She's really hairy Paul, and the hair is nice and soft too. I can't wait to bury my face in it."

"I figured that Mrs. Blaine would have a hairy pussy," Paul said confidently "and this is what gave me a hint."

Paul released Rose's hands and grabbed the bottom of Rose's tube top, quickly pulling it up and over Rose's head in one motion as Rose lifted her arms to assist him. With the top around her wrists, Paul twisted the garment and held it tightly, holding Rose's hands bound up behind her head.

Rose saw Cathy's face light up as she reached toward her and raked her freckled fingers through the lush growth under Rose's arms, releasing a lightly perfumed scent into the air with her caresses.

"Oh man Paulie, you must have creamed in your jeans when you saw these" Cathy remarked. "He's crazy about girls with hair under their arms, and boy do you have it!" Cathy exclaimed while nodding down toward Rose's underarms. Cathy's hands slid over and cupped Rose's bare breasts for the very first time, softly caressing them and letting her palms slide over the stiff nipples.

"As for me, I prefer these" Cathys said while bending over and taking Rose's nipple into her mouth. Rose groaned as Cathy's tongue swirled around the thick stub, then traced the outer ridge of her pebbled aureola.

"Easy Cathy, we don't want to get Mrs. Blaine too excited now, do we?" Paul cracked. "She's already doing a kind of dance here with me here. What's the matter Mrs. Blaine? You got ants in your pants or something? Do you want us to stop?"

"NO!" Rose practically screamed.

Rose realized that she had been almost marching in place, her feet shifting from side to side. Rose's body was practically exploding with desire, the likes of which she had never felt before.

"Tell Cathy what you think about her breasts Mrs. Blaine. I love hearing girls talk dirty." Paul commented while letting Rose's arms fall down to her sides, while still holding her wrists.

"Ummmm.... uh... they're beautiful breasts" Rose managed to blurt out, looking with unrestrained admiration at Cathy's incredible bosom.

"You can do better than that Mrs. Blaine" Paul complained. "When you look at her you aren't thinking about her in that kind of language. Tell Cathy what you really think and tell her what you want to do with them."

"Well, uh...I think you've got ... you've got really incredible tits Cathy, and I can't wait to feel them... to suck on them. I love girls with big ones" Rose said suddenly. Rose even surprised herself with that last comment, looking over sheepishly at Paul, who simply smiled and nodded.

"Thank you Mrs. Blaine. I'm glad you like them" Cathy said while moving closer to Rose and letting their breasts touch. Cathy smiled as she slowly moved back and forth, their nipples meeting briefly.

"I'm really looking forward to this Mrs. Blaine. Now don't you dare hold back tonight because we're really all friends here. You've been waiting for this for your entire life" Paul whispered in Rose's ear while releasing her wrists and sitting back in the chair Rose had occupied before.

There was an awkward second, but when Cathy opened her arms Rose jumped into her embrace and they kissed madly. Rose and Cathy's tongues were instantly dueling, searching hungrily inside each other's mouths, their breasts mashing together. Rose felt Cathy's knee come up between her legs and she parted them without a moment of hesitation, letting Cathy grind between her legs.

Rose eased Cathy down onto the bed, straddling the redhead. Squeezing Cathy's enormous breasts, Rose buried her head between them and licked her cleavage all the way up to her neck. Cathy's thigh continued to rub between Rose's legs while she worked over Cathy's breasts.

"God, they're so beautiful, so big" Rose moaned as she sucked vigorously on Cathy's nipples, her hands roughly kneading the weighty globes upwards.

Rose began slowly kissing her way down from Cathy's breasts, past her navel and through the light thatch of dark red hair adorning her pussy. Rose's tongue flicked around the thick labia, occasionally darting inside Cathy while reveling in feeling Cathy's contortions begin beneath her.

Rose felt Cathy trying to pull her over so she let her have her way, and Rose found herself with her thighs straddling Cathy's head. Cathy reached up and pulled Rose down to her while arching herself upward to meet her. Their mouths were buried in each other's pussies, and Rose was so charged up from watching all that time she knew she would not last long, but was surprised at how fast she came in response to Cathy's urgings.

Rose was able to concentrate a little more now and went at Cathy's sweet pussy with everything she had. Rose soon felt Cathy's vaginal muscles spasm around her probing tongue, and felt Cathy clawing wildly at her ass as she came soon after.

Rose rolled around next to Cathy and held her in her arms, feeling the young girl's heart pounding as she hugged her close. Cathy leaned over and kissed Rose on the cheek and burrowed her head into her neck, sighing contentedly.

While Rose lay beside Cathy she looked at Paul, who was stretched out in the chair with his legs on the side board of the bed. He was slowly stroking his cock, which seemed to be rock hard again, and seemed content to survey the scene for a minute before getting up and standing next to the bed.

Rose couldn't take her eyes off Paul's cock as he looked down on the two of them, still stroking that huge thing. He walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed on behind Rose, who was now positioned between the two teenagers. Rose rolled over on her back and looked up at Paul who was softly rubbing her right thigh.

Cathy came to life and knelt on the other side of Rose, stroking Rose's left thigh. The two hands moved toward Rose's pussy, gliding through the dense bush, their hands runnning over each other's before going back to Rose's thigh. They did that several times before they moved up Rose's stomach to her breasts, which were noticeably flattened by her laying on her back.

Paul and Cathy plucked at Rose's nipples, which responded almost immediately to the tender torment. Rose reached over to grab Paul's bobbing cock, but Paul gently grabbed her wrist and pulled it back over her head. Cathy did the same with her other hand and Rose found herself pinned to the bed.

Paul and Cathy leaned over almost in unison and began licking around Rose's nipples, their tongues barely brushing against the long thick pegs that felt to Rose like they must be visibly throbbing. Their tongues swirled all over Rose's breasts, once leaving Rose's nipples and licking toward each other, meeting between her breasts where their tongues touched briefly before gliding back to Rose's nipples.

Paul began sliding his tongue over to Rose's side, and Rose saw Cathy watching and trying to mimic his actions. Rose felt like her entire body was one big goose bump, and whimpered helplessly in response to this wonderful teasing.

While Paul and Cathy held Rose's arms taut over her head, Paul's tongue began a slow serpentine trip up Rose's side from just above her rib cage. His tongue slid up toward Rose's armpit but stopped just before reaching the bountiful tuft of hair, choosing instead to slide along the perimeter on the outside of Rose's arm before circling back around the inside and down to where he had started.

The feeling was unlike anything Rose had ever felt before, and then when Cathy did the same thing around her other arm Rose was almost beside herself. Rose looked at Paul, her eyes pleading for relief. Cathy moved from Rose's side to up above Rose's head and now tightly held down both of Rose wrists. Rose looked up but could only see Cathy's enormous breasts hanging just above her, dangling tantalizingly yet just out of reach of her mouth.

Paul put one leg between Rose's thighs and leaned over and sucked on Rose's nipple again. Rose could feel Paul's cock sliding on her hip as he moved. She wanted that cock inside of her so badly yet they kept teasing her, both of them enjoying how crazy this was making her.

This time when Paul's tongue slid off Rose's nipple and headed up her side, he didn't stop. Paul's tongue slid through her bushy underarm, nibbling and kissing and swirling around wildly.

Although this tickled Rose initially, it soon began to feel like nothing she had ever felt before. This was the first time anyone had ever done this do her, as Henry would always look but never touch. Paul and Cathy were doing a whole lot more and it felt spectacular. Paul was obviously having a ball too, and even more so when he realized how much Rose was enjoying it.

Paul finally pulled himself away, and moved himself between Rose's legs. Paul reached down and felt inside of Rose, and then smiled when he felt how wet she was.

"Fuck me Paul!" Rose pleaded. "Please... I...."

Paul slid the head of his cock up and down the length of Rose's opening, making Rose shiver with anticipation. Finally, Paul slid the tip of the head in very gently, feeling the anticipated tightness that gripped him. He moved forward just a bit, then back, each time putting a little more in.

Rose thrashed around as Cathy held her wrists down, raising her hips to try to get more of Paul's cock inside of her. When Paul saw this he eased himself further into Rose, who let out a throaty growl in return. Paul looked down between Rose's legs and saw half of his cock was in her and she wanted more, she wanted it all.

Paul thrust into Rose's pussy, which felt just as tight as he had imagined. He heard Rose scream as he went all the way into her, right down to his balls. Paul looked up at Rose, whose head was straining downward, the veins in her neck bulging as she looked down at where his cock was buried deep in her pussy.

Paul slowly extracted his tool inch by inch, even letting it pop out of Rose, dripping and glistening brightly with Rose's juices. This time when Paul put it to the lips of Rose's pussy, he didn't wait but instead plunged right in hard, hearing Rose howl in response. Paul looked at Rose who was not begging for mercy, but instead bucking her hips, trying to get more. Paul looked up at Cathy, who was smiling and was enjoying this too.

Paul started humping away furiously, ramming his cock into Rose as hard as he could. Rose felt his balls slapping viciously against her and she responded by locking her legs around Paul's ass and thrusting her hips right back at him. The whimpering noises Rose made were music to his ears and urged him to pound away even harder.

Rose felt the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, almost knocking the breath out of her. It felt like Paul was drilling her into the mattress, so violent were his thrusts, but it felt so incredible Rose didn't want it to stop. Skin slapping together briskly, at a tempo and ferocity Rose had never experienced before.

Rose contracted her muscles as best she could around Paul's manhood as another orgasm seemed imminent. This time when she came she sensed Paul was coming too, as he let out a guttural sound.

The f***e of Paul's cum erupting into Rose was almost scary, a long series of spurts blasting deep inside of her. Rose arched her back and screamed out in ecstacy as Paul's spasms finally subsided, her pussy still trying to milk more out of him.

Paul looked down at Rose in amazement. He had expected Rose to be good, but she was way beyond what he had hoped for.

"Oh man Mrs. Blaine, you are out of sight!" Paul said excitedly. "That was fucking unbelievable. I don't come that quick usually but I couldn't stop myself, you looked and felt so fantastic!" he exclaimed as he held himself suspended above her on all fours.

Rose's wrists had been finally released by Cathy and Rose ran her hands up and down Paul's sinewy arms. Paul had continued to rock in and out of Rose even after he had spent himself, because it felt so great.

Cathy excused herself to go get some more beers while Paul finally eased out of Rose and laid down beside her, softly stroking her breasts.

"How was that Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked Rose. "It seemed like you were having fun."

" amazing Paul" Rose replied. "I never had orgasms like that in my life."

"I dug it too Mrs. Blaine. Every time you would come into the store I would try to picture what it would be like to ball you, and it was even better than I had imagined."

Paul reached over to his jeans and pulled out a crumpled back of smokes. What he pulled out of the pack was no cigarette.

"You like to smoke pot Mrs Blaine?" Paul inquired.

"Uh....I never have" Rose stammered. "I think I would like to try it though."

Why not, Rose figured. She might as well try everything tonight, watching Paul light the joint as Cathy returned with the brews. While her generation did not have grass around to the extent that Paul's did, she was aware of it and was curious. She watched Paul inhale the joint and hold it in his lungs while handing it to Rose.

Rose tried to emulate what Paul had done, nervously handling the joint and bringing it to her lips. The smoke was pretty harsh, but Rose managed to not choke as she handed it to Cathy. As they smoked that one down to the end, Paul fired up another one.

Rose didn't know what to expect from the pot and was a little disappointed when nothing seemed to happen right away. Gradually though, Rose began to feel the effects as everything became funnier and she became thoroughly relaxed.

Rose looked over at Paul's cock, which hung limply over his hip. Even completely deflated it had to be seven or eight inches long. Rose reached over and took the shaft of the meaty organ in her hand, pulling on it and marveling at its amazing elasticity.

Rose licked around the ridge of the bulbous crown, her tongue flicking around the opening, which prompted groans of pleasure from Paul. Rose felt the cock begin to show signs of life once more, so she began sucking in earnest. She began going a little further down the slowly revitalizing shaft with each motion.

Rose had no problem giving her husband what Henry liked to call "that Deep Throat action" that he enjoyed so much. After they had gone to see the movie of that name she had tried it on Henry and was able to do it on him with little problem.

There was no way in the world she would be able to take in all of Paul's cock, but Rose was trying to take in as much as she could. The rubbery prick had become almost fully erect again as Rose plunged down on it, forcing more and more of it down into her mouth.

Rose fought back the gag reflex when the head of his dick hit her throat and slid down. Cathy was stroking her hair as Rose sucked harder and harder, kneading his dangling balls with her other hand. Rose looked down and saw that she still had almost six inches of cock left in her hand and went down a little further while twisting the shaft in her hand, knowing there was no way she could take it all.

"Oh wow Mrs. Blaine, you can really give head! Paul, how does that feel? It's like she's almost got your whole cock in her mouth!" Cathy exclaimed with obvious delight.

"Arrrgghhh...." was all Paul could manage to get out as a response, as he was throughly enjoying Rose's manipulations.

Rose's mouth was getting a little dry and so she pulled her head up off of Paul's weapon, still sucking hard as her mouth slid slowly back up, savoring every inch. Rose looked at the throbbing cock, glistening with her saliva for almost three quarters of its length, and was amazed at how much she actually had been able to manage.

Rose pointed Paul's cock over towards Cathy, who grabbed it joyfully as Rose reached over for her beer.

"Oh wow, I can't follow that," Cathy said with awe in her voice, "but it'll be fun to try."

With Cathy on one side and Rose returning to his other side, Paul began receiving non-stop licking and sucking. He looked down at the two women taking turns at his cock, the view so incredibly erotic he fought back the urge to ejaculate.

As Cathy went down on Paul's cock, Rose grabbed his ball sack and took one of his nuts in her mouth. It was like trying to fit an egg in her mouth, but Paul enjoyed it as Rose rolled her tongue around it.

When Rose and Cathy began licking around the crown and their tongues met and swirled around each others along with his cock, Paul could no longer contain himself. He watched as cum spurted up in the air, spraying them both all over their hair and faces. Rose and Cathy seemed oblivious however, as they kept going at it through it all.

Cathy and Rose licked Paul's semen from off of each other, and as Paul eased from underneath them, they began to really go at it. Paul watched as Rose buried her face in between Cathy's tits. Cathy looked up at Paul and smiled wickedly, enjoying Rose's attentions.

It was another fifteen minutes before Rose and Cathy finally came up for air. Paul had watched them go down on each other with such intensity that he found himself getting hard again.

Rose had just started to catch her breath when she looked over at Paul, who had his stiff cock in his hand and was idly stroking it while looking at Rose. Rose reached into the drawer of her night table for her trusty lubricant.

Rose straddled Paul and rubbed some vaseline over his engorged weapon before gradually easing herself down on it. With Rose on top Paul's peneration was even deeper, and as his cock went deeper and deeper, she felt her insides being stretched beyond reason. Paul looked at Rose in wonder as her pussy took him in to the hilt. Rose felt like she was being split in two and she loved every second as she began lazily riding Paul's cock.

Rose felt like she could take this forever, and so made sure that when she felt that her lover was nearing climax she relaxed enough and slowed down until he calmed down. Paul was used to being the one in control and they both realized that, at least at this moment, Rose was in charge.

Paul didn't resent this change, quite to the contrary, he reveled in it. Cathy came around and straddled Paul's thighs, reaching around Rose and cupping her breasts, tweaking and pinching Rose's fat nipples. The sight of this was positively mind-boggling to Paul.

Rose felt Cathy's pendelous breasts rubbing into her back, her nipples inflamed as they raked across her skin. Rose brought her hands up and covered Cathy's, squeezing the girl's fingers tightly around her breasts as if to say that it was okay to be rougher. Cathy quickly got the message and began tormenting Rose's diminutive treasures, pulling and squeezing them roughly.

Rose felt this orgasm seem to start from her toes on up, her skin tingling. When Rose came she fell backward into Cathy, who kept kneading Rose's tits almost savagely as she supported Rose. Cathy enjoyed feeling Rose's orgasm while nippling and gnawing her neck all the time.

Rose pulled Paul's still outrageously engorged cock from her now tender pussy and stroked it, both hands clutching the cock in her fists.

"Cathy, why don't you ride this for a little bit" Rose said.

Cathy replaced Rose, who got up off the bed tentatively, feeling like she just ridden a horse. After a second Rose assumed the position behind Cathy, who was riding Paul's cock with slow sensuous motions. Rose pulled Cathy's curly red locks off of her creamy white shoulders and began nuzzling Cathy's neck, her tongue dancing around the multitude of freckles adorning her upper torso.

Cathy reached up and held her hair up so that Rose could get at her neck easier. As Rose rocked around astride Paul's thighs she began to get aroused yet again, even though her pussy was getting pretty sore by this point. Rose kissed Cathy's neck, sliding her hands around Cathy and seizing her enormous breasts, feeling their tremendous weight as she manipulated them.

Paul's hands came up and covered Rose's, and together they kneaded Cathy's huge tits, to Cathy's audible delight. Cathy's began rocking harder, and within seconds was having an orgasm, as Rose held her tightly, vicariously enjoying her orgasm.

Cathy slowed her motion until she ground to a halt, and then practically collapsed off Paul. Paul's cock was still standing upright, as hard as ever, and he motioned for Rose to hop back on.

"Paul, I can't. I want to but I'm so sore" Rose said pleadingly.

"It doesn't have to be your pussy Mrs. Blaine" Paul said. "Let me fuck you in the ass."

Rose reached down and grabbed Paul's cock, running her hand slowly up and down its length, the veins along the shaft still bulging. Rose tried to imagine what Paul's cock would feel like inside her ass. Rose was not a stranger to anal sex, Henry having done it to her several times in the past, but that was Henry. This was something else altogether, Rose thought as she stroked the huge dick.

"Well, while you're thinking about it Mrs. Blaine, why don't you come around here and lay like this" Paul said while directing and rearranging them on the bed.

Rose found herself laying across Paul sideways, as Paul raised her arm and slid his cock under before lowering her arm again. Paul began slowly thrusting his hips, his cock sliding through Rose's underarm before retreating back through.

Rose watched with fascination as Paul was... well actually fucking her armpit. Paul would retract his cock and then slide it through as Rose kept pressure on it by holding her arm down as tight as she could.

Paul sat up on his elbows and watched his cock emerging from Rose's hairy armpit, feeling the forest of hair gently glide over the sensitive crown, sending shivers down his entire body. Paul thought he could do this all night, as the sight was as wonderful to him as the feeling. It also kept him aroused for what he hoped would be the perfect end to the evening.

"Won't you let me fuck you in the ass Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked pleadingly. "I promise that I'll be as gentle as I can and I'll get you prepared in ways you could never imagine."

Rose looked down at the cock sliding through her underarm and said "First of all Paul, if you are going to fuck a woman in the ass, you can at least call her by her first name, don't you think?"

"Yes Rose" Paul said happily. "I want to fuck you in the ass Rose. I want to stick my cock in your asshole and fuck you like you've never been fucked before, would that be okay Rose?"

Rose smiled nervously as she tentatively nodded in affirmation. "I want to watch this too Paul" Rose said. You have to do it with me on my back."

Rose got up off Paul and started rearranging the pillows so that her bottom would be elevated, then laid down on the bed as Paul got down between her legs. Cathy came up next to Rose and brushed Rose's hair back up off her face.

"Oh man Rose, I can't believe you're going to do this" Cathy's said in a throaty whisper. "Have you ever done this before?"

"Yeah, but not with anything like that!" Rose said while nodding toward Paul, whose cock was bobbing excitedly in front of him as he covered his arching erection with vaseline.

Could the thing have actually gotten even bigger than ever, Rose wondered. The head of Paul's cock now looked as big as an apple, glistening with lubricant, and for a moment Rose had some misgivings about what was going to be happening momentarily.

Paul looked down at Rose as he inserted a finger into her anus, relishing the pleased expression on her face. Rose felt Paul's finger slide in with little problem, as she relaxed her muscles to better accommodate him. After some probing, Paul retracted his finger and after scooping out more jelly, went back in with two fingers.

Rose gasped as she felt the two digits slowly corkscrewing their way into her, probing and twisting as they penetrated deeply. Rose felt herself gently rolling her hips toward Paul. Looking down she saw Paul hands working away, his cock still throbbing and oozing precum.

Paul pulled his fingers out and ducked down between Rose's legs, his hands cupping her ass cheeks. Rose squealed with surprise as she felt Paul's tongue dart into her asshole. All Rose could see was the top of Paul's head as he buried his tongue into her as far as he could.

This feeling was quite simply beyond Rose's comprehension, as she never had thought such a thing possible, and was sorry when Paul finally stopped and emerged from down there a minute later.

"Ready Rose?" Paul asked as he slid up between Rose's thighs.

Rose nodded as she asked Cathy for another pillow and stuffed it behind her head. Although she couldn't see everything, she would probably be able to see enough.

Rose felt the tip of Paul's cock rubbing around her puckered anus, pushing a little bit of the head in, which made Rose wince. Paul reached down for more lubrication and slid some around her asshole. Paul then put his cock at the entrance and pushed.

Rose forgot about watching and screamed as he rammed his cock into her, almost blacking out from the pain. Cathy was holding her shoulder and Rose looked at her for help.

"Too big....too big...please take it out... make him stop... stop" Rose begged.

"It's okay Mrs... Rose I mean" Cathy said softly. "He's only got the head of it in."

Rose looked down through her tears and saw that Cathy was right, and Paul had only inserted the tip in. As the pain subsided Rose began to catch her breath.

"Sorry...sorry..." Rose panted as she attempted to regain her wits about her. "Whew! It felt like you must have put the whole thing in. Just let me get used to this for a minute."

"Sure Rose, will do" Paul said as he remained motionless. "Just let me know when you're ready. This feels so good I can't believe it, so damn tight. You know I've never done this before."

Rose wasn't surprised by that. You would have to be crazy to let him stick his salami into your ass she thought, as she prepared to allow Paul to do just that. Allow? That was a stupid way to put it Rose thought. Allow no, she wanted it!

Paul held Rose by her calves, spreading her legs wide and pushing them back up toward Rose. Rose arched her hips upward, feeling the raised ridge of the crown of Paul's cock clear the rim of her anus. Cathy went down and looked over Paul's shoulder as he ever so gently slid a little more in as Rose began taking deep breaths, much like her s****r had done when Rose had watched her giving birth last year.

Cathy had taken some more vaseline and rubbed it around the shaft of Paul's cock. Cathy was enthralled at the sight of Paul's cock in Rose's little asshole, and knew from experience how tough this was. Paul had tried to do this with her and Cathy could not stand even taking the head of it in.

Paul gradually slid a little bit more in Rose's ass as his body began as slow rhythmic motion. Rose made crazed noises as he inched in a little further each time, making weird sounds as her head thrashed back and forth, her hands clawing at the sheets. The only sound she did not make was the word no. She was bound and determined to go through with this.

Paul kept penerating a tiny bit with every slow thrust he made into Rose. He felt like his cock was in a vice and Rose's ass was so warm and tight he fought the urge to cum, wanting this to last. Looking down, he saw that he had managed to get almost half of his prick in her and Rose was still there, eagerly accepting him and seemingly willing to take more. Paul was more than happy to oblidge.

"Ooohhhhh g...g...god..." Rose moaned and looked down trying to see through the veil of pain and pleasure.

Cathy reached over and ran her fingers through Rose's thick bush, sliding her index finger along the opening, which was dripping wet. Cathy leaned over and put her head down into the thicket, her tongue instantly finding Rose's clitoris. As Cathy's mouth found its target, Paul began penetrating deeper than ever, Cathy's looking over in awe as Paul was almost in Rose's ass down to his nuts.

Rose was now wailing and howling without any semblance of control as the combination of Cathy's tongue in her pussy and Paul's cock pounding into her ass was overwhelming. When Rose first came, she felt like she had somehow exploded all over Cathy's face. Cathy was startled when Rose suddenly gushed all over her without warning, but quickly dove back in when she realized what was happenning.

Paul's balls were violently slapping Rose's ass, his complete penentration now virtually accomplished. The feeling was so far beyond belief he knew he could not last long, and in a moment when he came Rose came yet again.

The sensation of Paul's cum blasting into her ass again and again in a seemingly endless stacatto sent Rose over the edge once more, her legs shaking uncontrollably as she lay helpless beneath the ministrations of Paul and Cathy.

Rose looked up at Paul, his cock still buried in her but now growing limp. Paul looked like a drowned rat and Rose knew she probably did too. Rose looked over at Cathy who was looking at her with a facial expression that looked like awe.

Finally Paul withdrew his now flaccid cock, and this action felt great to Rose too. When the head finally emerged there was a soft popping sound which made them all giggle. Cathy and Paul cleaned up Rose, who was so utterly drained of energy she could only lay there helplessly, her leg muscles still twitching involuntarily.

Rose had fallen asl**p when Paul and Cathy left. They pulled the sheet over Rose and both kissed her on the forehead before heading out into the night.

The next morning Rose awoke feeling like she had spent the night riding a horse. It was all she could do to walk to the the bathroom, the dull ache between her legs a reminder of a night she would never forget.

The light of day also brought with it a sense of guilt. What she had done was wrong, very wrong, that much she knew. What had posssessed her to do such a thing? Was it revenge, boredom, the almost forgotten feeling of being wanted, or a combination of all those things. Whatever it was, Rose knew that it was a once in a lifetime thing, and a thing that would never happen again.

Besides, the way her head throbbed and the way her body ached, especially the intimate parts, sex was the furthest thing from her mind. All of that made what happened later in the morning all the more strange.

Around noon when there was a tapping at her back door, Rose went back and saw Paul standing there with a little bouquet of flowers, grinning that charmingly sheepish grin of his.

"Thought I'd check on you to see if you were up yet or not" Paul said while handing Rose the flowers.

An hour later Paul went back to work after making love with Rose for almost the entire sixty minutes. Rose again told herself that this was the last time.

Rose told herself the same thing the following morning after Paul left. He had spent the night, just Paul alone this time, and they had made love most of the night and early morning. Paul was just as insatiable as he had promised, and Rose had discovered she was too. His unbridled and unabashed lust for her made her feel alive, made her feel so much like a woman that she felt reborn.

The problem was, Rose knew, was that she was a married woman. She had her fun, and whether it was revenge for Henry's earlier adulterous affair or not, there was no future in a relationship with Paul. No matter how incredible the sex was and how glorious it felt to be so desired by such a virile young stud, Rose knew she had to end it. Rose's only fear, and it was not a trifling one, was that Paul would somehow make it difficult for her because after all, he did have her over a barrel.

When Rose noticed the store was quiet later that, Rose went over and talked to Paul, explaining that she had to end this before it got out of control. Rose told Paul how much she cared about him, how wonderful he had made her feel, and how she would remember these past few days all her life. Even as Rose spoke, she realized that she sounded like the immature teeenager that she though Paul had been all along.

When Rose had finally finished, Paul told Rose he understood, thanked her and kissed her on the forehead.

Done. Over. Rose turned to leave the store, turning back to say "Goodbye Paul, and thank you for everything."

"Bye Rose, love ya" Paul responded as the door closed behind Rose.

Rose was waiting for Henry when he arrived home a couple of days later. She attacked him with a intensity that shocked Rose as much as it did Henry. Rose dragged Henry to the bedroom and they made love with a savageness they had not experience for many many years. It was very, very good, and just as good the second time moments later.

Rose and Henry went on vacation up in the Adirondack Mountains that weekend, spending an entire week camping and hiking. It was the best vacation they ever had, and they made love each night. Sometimes under the stars, sometimes in the tent, once on top of a mountain. Henry gave Rose a few odd looks from time to time, but was enjoying things too much to say a word, and they were both sad when it was time for them to return home.

After they had gotten back, Henry was soon off on another long haul. Rose decided to go over to see Paul, just to talk. Just for the heck of it, Rose decided to wear a pink tank top with nothing underneath. Rose hoped he wouldn't get the wrong idea, but knew he would like the view.

Rose went to the back of the deserted store and got her trusty six pack of Rolling Rock and took it to the checkout counter. There was a tiny office behind the register and the door was open and Paul was rummaging around back there.

"Hey, what's a girl got to do to get waited on around here?" Rose chirped merrily.

To Rose's shock, it wasn't Paul who emerged from the office. Dressed in the company's traditional light blue shirt was a short, black haired woman. Rose was mortified when the woman came to the register.

The woman looked a little familiar to Rose but she couldn't place her.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry... so sorry. I... I.. thought that Paul was.... that you were Paul" Rose stuttered nervously.

The woman smiled as she looked at Rose, not bothering to mask her interest in Rose's attire. Rose then realized how revealing she had dressed, and wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

"No, I'm not Paul dear" the woman said while laughing huskily.

Rose looked at the name patch that adorned the woman's very prominent left breast. Andrea.

"I'm sorry... er... Andrea" Rose said as the woman continued to look her over while resting her hand on Rose's six pack. "Paul uh... does he have the day off?"

"He's got them all off now" Andrea quipped. "The district manager caught him screwing some girl in the stock room last week and canned him. I guess he had just gotten his draft notice so he didn't much care what happened to him, poor k**."

"Oh, that's too bad. He was a nice k**" Rose offered meekly.

"Horny critter too I guess, from what I could tell" Andrea suggested. "This whole week I've had all of his girlfriends coming in crying on my shoulder. You... well you wouldn't be one of those too would you?" Andrea asked while arching an eyebrow.

"Me, oh no, gee not me" Rose said somewhat defensively. "Uh, you look familiar to me somehow" Rose said while hoping to change the subject.

"I was just going to say the same thing to you" Andrea countered. "I used to deliver bread up until last week when I heard there was a opening."

"Oh yes" Rose answered quickly. "That's where I've seen you! I live next door. My name's Rose" she said while offering her hand.

Andrea's hand fully enveloped Rose's while smiling broadly, still looking Rose over with an interest that both startled and excited Rose.

"Okay, now I remember" Andrea exclaimed. "You're the woman who sat on the porch sometimes when I was delivering. My name is, uh, well I see you noticed my name already" Andrea said, duly noting the attentiveness Rose had been apparently paying to her name resting on her generous bosom.

Rose blushed, but only slightly, while Andrea rang out her order and took her money.

"Hey Andrea, sometime if you want why don't you come over for a cup of coffee on your break. That is, if you get a chance" Rose suggested.

"Sounds great!" Andrea said. "One of those might be good at the end of the day sometime too" Andrea said while handing Rose the beer.

"That would be good too" Rose said and headed for the door. "Any night you're free this week just stop by, because my husband is away for a couple of weeks."

"Oh really? How about tonight then?" Andrea asked with what seemed to Rose like hope in her voice. "I get out at nine."

"It's a deal!" Rose said as she left the store with a smile on her face from ear to ear.

Rose thought the pain was indescribable. She had never experienced such pain in her life. How big was he? He seemed enormous, so much so she felt like she was being split in two. Through all the pain Rose looked up and saw what she was looking for.

Standing over the doctor's shoulder, looking goofy wearing the blue hospital scrubs. Henry. Smiling nervously, urging Rose to push as the nurse instructed, just like they had learned in the classes.

And when it was over, and the doctor held up a pink and howling seven pound three ounce Henry Paul Blaine for Rose to see, it was worth all the pain. Worth all the waiting.

"He looks just like Dad!" the doctor said joyfully as Henry Jr. was set next to Rose. And as Henry came over and looked down at them, both of them crying and laughing at the same time, Rose could not and would not disagree.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.
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great written
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What a wonderful story. So well written and, of course, very horny.
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very good story. thanks for sharing.
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Fantastic, just awesome! Thanks.