The Interview

Sue now owned her own porn studio. She had come a long way since she was a street whore and then a well known porn star. Her employees were the best looking and the sexiest with great fucking skills. She chose the best. She did movies and live shows. Her shows were very popular with men's clubs. She also did a little e****t service where women paid by the inch for her boys and men paid by the bust size. It was pricey but well worth it as they were getting porn stars. Elderly rich women loved her hung young boys and the men loved her big titted young girls. They paid more for a same sex e****t. Sue did not do any porn movies any more but she always filmed herself with every one she hired. She would watch the movies and see just how well they were able to perform and if they could follow directions.

Today she had two young teens coming in. They had sent her nude pictures and short videos and she liked what she saw. She was going to have them perform right in her office. She wore a low cut tight knit top and very short skirt. She never wore panties. She had been in the business too long to see a need to cover tits or pussy with useless clothes. Even at forty she still had firm huge tits. She always dressed as close to naked as she dared. She had a male assistant that she fucked any time she had the need. She has fucked him many times in the limo as they were on their way some where. If they traveled he shared her bed. He was paid well for being ready to please her. Yesterday they were in the limo on the way to LA for lunch and soon as they got in the car she told him to strip naked. She then unzipped her dress and removed it. She grabbed his cock and stroked it as she put his hand between her legs and he knew to finger her. She licked his nipples then pulled his mouth to her tit and he sucked as he finger fucked her. She pushed his face to her pussy and he ate her fast and tongued her hole. Then she laid back and spread her legs as he began to fuck her.

He knew just how she liked her cunt fucked and he was great at pleasing Sue. The limo drover was used to the wild sex in back and many times watched in the mirror. When Sue had her cunt full of cum she let him suck it out of her and clean her for the luncheon. They stayed naked most of the way as Sue liked to look at his thick cock and stroke it. The driver always let them know when they were close so they could get dressed. While they were at lunch Sue sent a young call girl out for her driver and they used the back area. Sue always had a sexy cunt for him to fuck while he waited. He had fucked Sue a few times back there too. Sue loved cock.

As the young boy entered her office she told him to strip, slow and sexy. He was young and very hung. She liked that. He had to prove his stamina that he would need to film a porn flick. She then walked to him and removed her dress. She told him to suck on her tits, then eat her pussy and then he would fuck her. He needed to be able to fuck a long time to make a film. She hoped he would be able as she wanted his huge cock for her next film. He would be with two girls and he had to have a lot of stamina. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth then sucked it as he fingered her cunt. He worked her tits over and then kissed down to her bald pussy and first licked her then tongued her. He took a lot of time and she came several times for him. Then he pushed her onto the casting couch and shoved his big cock in her and began to fuck her. She loved the size of him and he was good at shoving that cock in deep and hard. He did fuck her for close to an hour before he gave her a huge dose of cum. He also stayed hard and kept fucking her a lot longer till he gave her another huge dose of his thick cum. He then said I can fuck one more time if you want me to. Sue laughed and said "I thing you have proved you have a lot of stamina. But I am going to take you home with me after work and see how often you can fuck. I love a big cock that can fuck all night. Where did you learn your fucking skills?" He kissed her and said "I had three s****rs. They were horny as hell. I had to fuck each one every night. I learned fast to perform and keep my cock hard." This reminded Sue of the nights her father and b*****rs used her all night long.

Sue told him "Your first picture will be with two girls. You will be doing a lot of fucking and getting your cock sucked with them. I like that you cum gallons and that will make a great picture. It is a two hour flick and you will be hard most of the time. Now sit there naked with your hard cock as I bring in the first girl." The girl walked in and Sue told her to strip slow and turn around so she could see all her body up close. As she got naked and turned Sue went to her and began to rub her tits and ass. "I don't allow fake tits is why I need to rub yours. Your role in this movie is to make love to my guy here and also to the other young gal. You and he will have a lot of steamy sex as with you and the other girl. Now get on your knees and lick my pussy and show me how good you can be. Then you are going to suck his cock and I want to see you take as much as that big monster as you can. I need to see it down your throat. You may practice sucking that rod as much as you want as I want it deep and he is long and thick."

The girl got on her knees and began to lick Sue's cunt. She sucked on her clit and licked it then she licked her hole and tongue fucked her making Sue cum hard. She was good and she tongue fucked Sue till she was told to go to the guy. She then licked his cock and sucked the head before she grabbed his balls and took his cock in her mouth. She looked like she knew her way around a cock as she sucked and took him deep. She gagged a couple times but went right back to sucking and running her tongue over his big cock. It took a while but he did fill her with cum and she swallowed every drop then licked him clean. Sue told her to suck more and deep throat more cock. The girl was willing and she almost got the whole cock down her throat. She sucked his cock for an hour before he shot more cum down her throat. Sue was impressed. She asked her how she got so good sucking cock and the girl said "I have been sucking my b*****r's friends and getting my cunt licked since I was ten years old. I found that I quite liked it." Then she laughed. "I am a cum slut." Sue was liking this young gal a lot.

Then she brought the second girl in and had her strip. Sue turned her looking at her body and then she shoved two fingers in her cunt to see how tight she was. She was very tight and Sue liked that. A tight cunt makes fucking on film real sexy and hot. She then told the girl This film is a three way between all of you. He will have tits and pussy to suck and you both will suck on his huge cock. You also will suck each other a lot. You all will always have a tit or cock in your mouth or a cock in your ass or cunt. He has great stamina and he will be fucking you girls hard and a lot. When he fills one cunt with cum he will fuck the other cunt as one of you sucks cum out of her fucked hole. It is two hours of non stop fucking and sucking. It has to make our customers feel like they are the ones in the movie. The hotter it is the more movies it sells. I want a lot of cum. Now girls get on your hands and knees. I want to see if you can take that huge cock in your ass. He will be ass fucking you for the movie. He is big and thick and it will make a great porn flick."

The girls got on their hands and knees and he got behind the first one and began to push his hard wood in her tight ass. It was hard and Sue then pulled him back and sprayed his cock and both their asses with an oil. "There now ram that ass. You have got to be able to fuck their assholes. They are just going to have to get used to it." He then again began to shove in the first ass and as the girl looked pained he kept going till he was in her. Sue said "Just fuck he a few times then go out and back in. Get her used to your size. Do this about three more times then move to the other girl. They have to get used to a monster cock." He pushed his cock in and out several times then went to the second girl. It took him just as long to push in her but he did. he ass fucked her a few times then Sue told them "That is enough for today. Go home take a warm bath and read the script and be back her tomorrow for the filming. This is going to be so hot and sexy. You guys are build for porn. Porn loves big tits and a big thick cock. I am proud of you."

As they left Sue stayed naked and called for her assistant. "Come in and get naked. I need you to service me." He came in stripped and said "Have you been a nasty cunt today? Do I need to spank that ass and fuck you like a dirty whore?" He then grabbed her and pulled her over his knee and began to spank her ass till it was red then he fingered her cunt till she was begging for cock. "Does my dirty whore want that cock in that nasty cunt? First you have to earn it. Show me what a good cock sucker you can be. If you are good I will fuck that dirty cunt hole." He then pulled her face to his cock and pushed it in her mouth "Suck me you whore. Suck that cock like a good girl. Earn your cunt fuck. That's it. Suck it down to the balls. You are suck a good cock sucker. Suck harder you nasty whore. Take every inch. Then I will fuck you and fill that cunt with my sweet cream." As Sue played the nasty whore she sucked his cock hard and deep. She loved the rough dirty talk with her assistant. Then he grabbed her and shoved her on the couch and rammed his cock deep in her cunt and began fucking her with no mercy. He had all ten inches deep in her cunt pounding her hole. She loved it and begged for more and harder. He fucked her a long time slapping her tits as he fucked her and called her names. Then he filled her with cum. He then grabbed her and kissed her and she kissed him back. She told him "You are the best rough fuck. It is from fucking all those bikers isn't it?" He laughed and said "Yes, you haven't been fucked till a biker fucks your ass. I love those macho cocks. I spent last week end with Biff and he rammed me with his eleven inch cock and made me suck him all week end. I loved it. Black cock is delicious. I could set you up." Sue smiled and told him "I have had plenty of big black cock. I have the movies that prove it. I did one with a big black buck that made eleven look tiny. My next film with the two young girls I hired today is going to be with a hung black cock. After we shoot the film tomorrow and the new guy fucks them for ten hours with his big cock they will be ready for a black cock. Maybe Biff wants to make a movie for me."

Her assistant laughed and said "Only if it is with guys. He is a cock lover not pussy. But he has the stamina you need for films. He was ready all week end. He had his cock in my ass or mouth non stop. He could cum like a hose. He has his cock and nipples pierced too. Great sucking." Sue looked at him and said "Maybe I should do a film with you and Biff. But I can't lose you as my assistant. You talk dirty too damn good and fuck like my hero. Now get over here and suck your cum out of my cunt."
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