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She walked up to him and whispered in his ear "How would you like to fuck my cunt? I love a big thick cock." He looked at her with her dress barely covering the huge tits and the pretty face with the sexy smile and the short dress just below the ass cheeks. He answered "As a matter of fact I always love a nice piece of ass. Especially a young nasty cunt that wants to fuck all night. Once I start fucking I can last for hours. I will spank that sexy ass and fill your cunt with loads of cum till I have you begging for a rest. Now let's walk around the corner and you get naked so I can see what you are giving away and then we shall go to my house and fuck till you can not walk." She grabbed his tie and pulled him to her and kissed him and then told him "What are we waiting for. Tonight you can fuck me like a street whore any way you want and as much as you want. I think it is a good night when I can not walk in the morning." He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the door. Out in the parking lot he found his car and told her before he let her in "Take off that dress right here. I want to see you naked and see how wild you can be by standing naked for all to see you. Soon as you are naked turn and show off that sexy body then I will open the door and let you inside." Candy striped naked and spun around so any one near could see her naked. Then she rubbed her tits and down to her pussy and ran a hand between her legs and smiled at the man and said "Is that wild enough? Do you like my naked body? Now take off your pants before you get in the car and I will suck your cock all the way to your house and finger fuck your ass till I make you scream in pleasure. It is going to be a wild night. Tonight I am your whore to fuck any way you want. Just fuck me hard and rough." He shoved her in the car and removed his pants as he got in the drivers side.

Candy wasted no time leaning over and massaging his cock. She was impressed with the long thick shaft. He was hung like a stallion. She massaged him till she had him rock hard. Then she bent over and began to suck him as she slid a hand under his ass and pushed two fingers in his asshole and finger fucked him as she took his cock down her throat and sucked and ran her tongue over his big hard cock. He then pushed the back of her head and held her with his cock down her throat and told her "Suck that cock hard. Show me what a good cock sucker you can be. You are going to get to suck cock a lot tonight." Then he pushed every inch of his monster down her throat and felt her suck. As she sucked he ran his hand over her ass and pushed two fingers into her asshole and fucked her hard as she sucked his cock and fingered his ass. He moaned "Oh yes. You are going to be a perfect whore tonight. I am going to take pleasure fucking you till you can not walk in the morning. I am going to work that cunt and ass hard and those huge tits. I love it rough and a slut like you will be my pleasure. I am going to pleasure and punish you hard."

When they got to his house he pulled her naked body out of the car and walked her to his porch. He then grabbed her and kissed her as his hands ran all over her body. "Spread your legs." As she spread her legs he kissed her mouth and ran his hand over her pussy then finger fucked her cunt with three fingers right there on the front porch. He knew his neighbor across the street was always watching and he loved to show off the sexy sluts he brought home. Then he opened the door and pulled her inside. He then removed the rest of his clothes and took her naked to his "sex" room. In there he had almost every thing for sex a guy would want. He told her "First I am going to pleasure you then punish you. You are going to be so turned on all night that you will be begging for my cock. And you are going to get lots of cock in every hole. I was serious when I said that I could fuck all night and I am going to do just that. Your holes and tits are going to be so sore and raw when I take that well fucked body home I will probably have to carry your naked body to your door." He then pulled her to him and kissed her shoving his tongue deep in her mouth.

He then walked her to a barrel that had a nine inch cock in a saddle. He picked her up and sat her on the cock and pushed her so every inch was deep in her cunt then placed the straps across her legs so she could not move. He pushed a button and the fake cock went up and down fucking her as he watched. He kissed her again and said "Now, does that feel good in that nasty cunt of yours? I will turn up the speed shortly and you will cum faster with no stopping as I fuck your mouth hard. It also grows in size as I turn it up faster. You will be surprised how big I can make that fake cock. But a whore like you will love it and beg for more. Then when I get it pumped up big as a stallion I will fuck your ass at the same time and listen to the screams come out of your mouth. Now get ready for the ride as I stand on this step and shove my cock in your mouth and fuck you as I pump the cock in that naughty cunt." He then grabbed her head as he stood on the step and shoved his cock deep in her mouth and as she sucked and he mouth fucked her he pumped the fake cock bigger and bigger. He pulled her mouth tight to him as he had every inch of his huge cock in her throat and then he grabbed twine and tied it around her head and himself so she could not back off his cock as she sucked him. He loved binding the women to his cock and making them suck non stop.

He then gave the fake cock another twist and it got bigger. He also turned up the speed and it was fucking her cunt harder each time he increased it. She had a tight suction on his cock and he was amazed how good she could suck cock. He gave the cock another twist and it grew more as the girl sucked cock harder. He was going to pump the cock till it was the size of a very hung stallion as it fucked her. The girl was now sucking him harder as she was cumming faster and faster as the big cock fucked her with no mercy. He then told her "You are perfect to ride my big fuck saddle. You like that cock deep in that cunt don't you. I bet you want it bigger and faster to really fuck that nasty hole hard. So suck my cock harder and I will give you more cock and faster fucking. Show me how much a whore like you can take of that big cock in that nasty cunt. I want to feel your tongue over my cock as your suck me. I love having your head tied to my cock so all you can do is suck."

As Candy sucked his big thick cock he kept increasing the speed and size of the cock fucking her. He was amazed how much she could take. Cum was running out her hole and down the saddle as the cock fucked her harder. He then reached down and grabbed her nipple and rubbed and twisted it. He pulled on it as she sucked hard on his cock. He was amazed at how good this girl with the sexy body could fuck and suck. It was going to be a great night for him. He never could get enough cunt and it was hard to find a slutty girl to take all his kinky sex toys. His balls were tight against her chin as she sucked and licked on his hard cock. He then pinched her nipples and felt her suck harder so he pinched her more and she sucked harder still. She liked the pain and that was going to make even more fun tonight.

After she sucked on his cock for a long time he then filled her throat with a huge load of cum. Then he untied her head and pulled his cock out. He unstrapped her from the saddle and pulled her up and off the cock. He looked how big the cock had got and was amazed how she took all of it at the fast speed it was fucking. She was a great slut. He then sat and pulled her across his lap and grabbed the wooden paddle and began to spank her ass hard. He spread her legs so he could watch her cunt as he spanked that white ass hard and left big red welts. He noticed the cum running out of her as he spanked her. She liked the pain of the paddle. He grabbed a plug and shoved it in her ass as he spanked her red ass more and watched the cum flow from her wet cunt. He had given her ass about forty whacks when he shoved her into her back on the bed. He left the plug in her ass for now and spread her legs and began to suck and bit her huge tits. He loved her big jugs with the huge nipples. He sucked hard and left several teeth marks around the edges of each tit. Then he licked down to the pussy and began to lick it and suck the clit. This made her cum more and he was amazed she could cum so much. Then he took his tongue and began to lap the cum form her sweet hole as he tongue fucked her making her scream with pleasure. He ate her pussy for an hour keeping her cumming faster and faster and his face covered in her cum.

Sometimes he would move up and suck a nipple or tongue kiss her but he mainly ate pussy keeping the cum running out her hole. He then pulled the plug out of her ass and shoved it in her mouth and then began to lick her ass. He licked it then shoved a finger in it and fucked it and then worked up to three fingers watching his fingers work her ass over good and hard. He pulled out his fingers and shoved his tongue in her ass and tongue fucked her hard. He loved the feel and taste of her ass as he pushed his tongue in deeper. He kept tonging her ass as she kept cumming for him. He would stop and lick the cum from her cunt and then go back to tonguing the ass again. He had her moaning and screaming as he worked her cunt and ass. As she screamed he grabbed her clit between two fingers and rubbed it and now Candy was really going wild. He loved this wild slut. She was ready for anything he did to her and he loved the taste of her cunt and ass. He loved to eat the ass and cunt of a girl and she was wild for his tongue. He had never been with such and nasty fuck crazy woman. After a long time of ass fucking her with his tongue he then cleaned her cunt and sucked all the cum from it. Then he took the butt plug out of her mouth and shoved it back in her ass.

He then got on top of her and mounted her and shoved every inch of his monster cock in her cunt and began to fuck her wild and hard. His cock needed a good piece of cunt and he was fucking her deep and hard and she was taking every inch of his meat. He told her "Baby, you are the best fuck I have had in a long time. You are better than any street whore. You fuck better that a high class slut. You love to fuck and be rode. Right now I am going to fuck you hard and deep for a long time. I have great stamina especially when I have already cum a couple times. I am going to ride your cunt deep and hard till you beg me to stop but I will not stop till I have got enough of that sweet wet cunt. Now lift your hips and wrap those legs around me and let me fill that cunt with my big monster cock. You are going to feel my hard balls slap against you as I fuck you hard. I am going to fill you with cum then let you lick my cock clean as I suck all that good thick cum out of that nice delicious cunt of yours. Now fuck me baby. Fuck me hard. Give me that wet cunt." He rammed every inch of his long cock deep in her cunt as she wrapped her legs and lifted her hips to let him fuck her hard and deep. She loved his big thick cock. He was hung bigger than a black guy and she loved big thick black cock a lot. For a man his age he had more stamina than a young guy. She wondered if he took some d**g to keep his cock hard and able to cum so many times. He was a great pussy eater too. She loved his tongue in her cunt and ass.

He fucked Candy hard for longer than either one had ever fucked before. Her cunt was already raw and sore and her ass was still beet red from the spanking earlier. She loved rough sex. She loved to be spanked and fucked. She even liked the biting he did to her tits and nipples. It really turned her on more. She loved to see the bites and bruises after a hard night of fucking. She loved this guys huge horse sized cock and balls. She could almost not get one of those huge balls in her mouth to suck. He was certainly hung and knew how to use his equipment. As he cunt fucked her he pressed on the plug in her ass and shoved it in hard. Then he tongue kissed her licking the inside of her mouth and sometimes sucking on a big nipple. He was a great lover and left no part of her body untouched by his mouth, hand, fingers and cock. He ate pussy like he was starving and shoved his tongue deep in her cunt fucking her like a cock.

He fucked Candy for a long time and sucked on her nipples then he said to her "Do you want to stay longer? I want to keep you and fuck you more and more. I have so many sex toys and I do need you. We can go to your place and pick up clothes and toiletries and you can stay here with me. The sex will be great and you will want for nothing. I will take good care of you. You are so beautiful and sexy and have the best tits cunt and ass. You fuck better than any whore and I need a woman that can take my strong sexual needs. I want to take you to my home on the nude beach and fuck you as the waves come over us. I will show off your sexy body to every one there even let them see me fuck you and eat your pussy. You are a perfect woman for me and I am going to fall in love with you and fuck you many times every day. I know you like my huge cock. You can have it any time and all you want. I just want my cock or tongue in one of your holes all day and night. I want to suck your cum out of that sexy cunt as I tongue or finger fuck you before I give you my cock. Say you will stay with me and be my fucking cunt." He then kissed her and she smiled and said "Yes". Then he turned her over and fucked her ass for over an hour before they got dressed and went and got her things from her apartment. Of course he fucked her twice at her place and she rode naked all the way back to his place as he fingered her as she sucked his rock hard cock.

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