The lesson

I was raised by my slut mom. She was single and a whore and many men came and went at night at our house. I was f******n almost fifteen. I even peeked and watched the men fuck my mom. I loved seeing them naked and licking each other between the legs. She even had sex with two men at a time and a man and a woman. I liked to watch when she had a woman in her room with her. It was fascinating to see the two women lick pussy and suck tits. My mom had DDD tits and every one seemed to love sucking them. I still sucked them sometimes too. I loved her tits. One night as she and I were laying in her bed naked after she had just had sex with a man and a woman and I had watched her. It was amazing to see them sucking mom's tits and eating her pussy. As I layed there sucking one tit and my hand rubbing the other my mom then rubbed my now C tits. She told me "You are growing nice tits for a young girl. I am sure you will have big tits like me and the men will love them like they do mine. I will teach you to use those tits to get what you want. She then pushed me on my back and began to lick my tits. It felt so good and I got a tingle between my legs.

Her hand then went down to my pussy and rubbed me there. She played with my clit and rubbed my fuck hole. It was then I came for the first time. Mom then pushed a finger in my hole and began to fuck me. She said to me "Yes, baby. It is time mom lets you have sex. I will be there when a man fucks you the very first time. Tomorrow I will call Jo to come over and he will break you in. Men will love your young body and we will make a good mom and daughter 3some." Mom then played with my pussy and sucked my tits. She took my hand and put it between her legs and rubbed my hand over her wet pussy. I did what whe did and put a finger in her hole and fucked her. I knew she liked that and wanted me too as I sucked her huge tits. Then she pushed me back and slid down to my pussy. She spread my legs and began to lick me. He tongue slid over my clit and to my cunt. Mom said "I want to taste your sweet pussy. I will show you how to eat pussy then you can eat mommy's." As she licked then tongued me, I came over her face. She licked my hole every time I came. I loved her tongue in me. Then she told me "Roll over on your tummy. I want to see your ass. Men love to fuck and lick the ass too."

I rolled over and mom rubbed my ass cheeks and kissed them. I felt her lick them as she spread the apart. Her tongue licked down my crack and found my bud. She licked it and kissed it. I felt her spit on my bud and she said "I want you to relax. Enjoy this." She then rubbed a finger in the spit and inserted it just a small ways in my ass. She then pulled my hips up so my ass was in the air and she spread my legs very wide. "Yes, baby. Mommy is going to finger fuck your ass and pussy. You are going to make a great whore for me." Then she pushed her finger in my pussy and then in my ass. Mom began to fuck me hard as I started to cum. After I came several times she then pulled the fingers out and pushed me on my back. She kissed my mouth and stuck her tongue in it. Then pushed my head to her tit. I fell asl**p sucking her big nipple.

The next day mom made arrangements for Jo to come over to our house. First mom took me and shaved my pussy. I was told to keep it bald and smooth. She flushed my pussy and my ass with a clear liquid. I was told to douche both holes daily. Then she squirted a flavored jell into my pussy. She also rubbed my pussy with the jell. She put a jell in my ass to lube it. She rubbed a shiny gloss over my nipples to make them shine and look sexy and wild. "Now baby, this is how I will fix you every time a man is coming. Unless he asks for you to wear something special you will wear this sheer robe. Most men want you naked fast. They want to see pussy and tits. And you have the best to show them."

I sat and waited for Jo to get here and when he did mom told him it was time her daughter was taught to be a slut and he needed to teach her what the men will want from her. Mom stripped Jo and played with his cock till it was hard. She then went to me and Jo came and grabbed me by the hair and kissed me forcing his tongue down my throat. I was told to suck his tongue and as I did it was a good feeling. As he kissed me he began to play with my tits. Rubbing them and pulling on the nipples. Then his mouth went to each tit and as he sucked the nipples his hand went to my pussy. Mom told me to spread my legs and I did and he fingered and rubbed every inch of my pussy.

By now his cock was twitching and he grabbed my hair again and told me to open and suck him. Mom gave me directions as I had not sucked a cock. I was told to lick each side and the tip then take him in my mouth. As I took the cock it went deeper and deeper. I began to gag and mom said to breathe out of my mouth and relax my throat. Tip my head back. With some practice I could take the whole cock. Jo then grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. His cock went in and out and he made sure it went all the way in. He fucked my mouth for a half hour and then filled it with cum. I was told to swallow every drop which I did.

He then laid me on my back and spread my legs. He looked at my pussy and spread apart my pussy lips. He put his tongue between the lips and ran it down the slit. Then he licked my clit and took it between his teeth. He sucked and pulled my clit before his tongue went to my cunt. He licked around the hole then put a finger in. He looked at me and said "Little girl you have a nice wet tight cunt. Fucking you is going to be a pleasure." He fingered me a little more then put his tongue in and licked the inside of my cunt. I lost control and came on his tongue. He said "Mmmmmm..Very good. Are you ready for some cock? My cock wants in that nice tight cunt. I want to fuck you and fill you will lots of cum."

He then got over me and put his cock to my opening. Slowly he shoved his hard rod in my tight hole. The pain was horrible and I felt he was too big for me but mom held me and let him push in. Mom told me "After he gets in it will get better and the pain will go away. You will stretch for him. You need to fuck cocks to be my baby whore. Men will pay to fuck us." Jo got his cock in and fucked me for over an hour. It got better and I even began to like it and cum for him. His warm juice filled my cunt to overflowing.

Jo came over for a week to fuck me and teach me more cock sucking and getting my ass fucked. In two weeks mom and I were going to do our first 3some. We had done several with Jo to practice and it was fun. He fucked us and we licked the cum put of our pussies and we sucked our tits. We were good always busy eating pussy or sucking cock if we were not being fucked.

Mom and I were a team for two years. The men loved fucking me at the age of f******n and paid a lot of money for the 3somes. By the time I was sixteen I had size DD tits. I learned to lap dance the men and fuck in every hole. I even fucked some of the men in their ass when they wanted it. Bill liked his ass spanked then fucked with my largest strap on. Mike brought his wife and tied her up naked and made her watch as he fucked me in every hole and I sucked his cock. Then he made her lick my pussy as he fucked her. One dad brought his eighteen year old twins and after he fucked me the twins got to suck my tits then fuck their first cunt. Many men still wanted mom and I both. We were a hot team. One man and woman liked mom and I to put on a show for them. They liked she was my mom and having sex with me. We made lots of money and moved to a penthouse with several bedrooms. Men paid by the hour. After each client we had an hour to shower, douche and get ready for the next guy or couple. We worked ar least twelve hours a day and it was all pleasure.

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2 years ago
Loved it. Hot and horny.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Why did it only last 2 years?
Fabulous descriptions and prose.
2 years ago
excellent story
2 years ago
2 years ago
AWESOME I loved your story
2 years ago
2 years ago
Damn that is so hot and nasty. being fucked by all those strange cocks day in and day out: can you say heaven?