Wild d***k woman

I left a bar with a girl one night. She had been drinking whiskeyall day long. We went to her place and started drinking. She could drink some whiskey. Anyhow we started to have sex. I ate her pussy and we did a 69 and everything was fine. Then I started fucking her when she reached up and slapped me and ripped my shirt. I slammed her head in the floor 3 or 4 times and left. I didn't know if I had hurt her so I went back. She said she liked it rough, but not that rough. So we started going at it I was fucking her and she said what if I busted you upside the head? I said don't do it and we finished and I haven't seen her since. But that's how a lot of timnes women get messed up. They want it rough and they bust a guy in the mouth and the guy unleashes on her and she gets hurt.
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