Ultimate Encouter

October 2011 – The Ultimate Encounter

A fantasy by Patty for straight guys and gay girls

I haven’t always been a lesbian. My interest in women was aroused when I was around nineteen years old. In my youth I had sex with three guys. The first was youthful fumbling; it was a touch more enjoyably with the next two guys and they each had me more times than I care to remember. I’m thirty eight now going on thirty nine and have had a succession of lovers; all women, some of them very beautiful women. Sex was good, sometimes great but I always felt I wanted more. Something was missing. Someone was out there that I needed. There was a potential unique experience that I hadn’t tried before and I hoped that it was attainable. I lived in anticipation. My life was happy, relatively content but that particular void required fulfillment. It obviously had to be with a woman; the notion of intimacy with a guy was mildly repulsive.

I have always had an eye for a pretty woman (or girl) and have to admit that I have often unashamedly ogled a particularly ‘drop dead gorgeous’ one, oblivious to the fact that my lusting was plainly apparent. The problem is, the sexiest ‘die for’ women are always taken or have no particular interest in me. Fuck, it’s not that I’m unattractive: on the contrary, I’m considered quite fuckable, albeit usually by guys. Why the hell do they always say “it’s a waste” when they realise I’m a lesbian! Let me tell you, if I had a Euro for every offer I’ve had from guys I’d be living in a penthouse suite in Mayfair and wearing expensive designer underwear.

London is a nice place to live; expensive but great for me, and people like me. God, I had to move from my hometown in the Lake District years ago. Life was already unbearable with constant approaches from local guys: even worse from tourist who thought us northern girls were sluts and would drop our knickers for anyone. My hometown was the perfectly pretty and ruggedly picturesque, typical English countryside setting, attracting tourists from all around the world, and potentially a perfect place to live. However, for a local girl to have her true sexual identity discovered would have been devastating; not just for the girl but more particularly for her friends and relatives. It was an easy choice to move on.

So, my reader, you have a brief background and I hope your attention, because... I wish to share with you the void that was fulfilled just one month ago. It’s worth reading because, although the experience certainly satisfied that void, the negative aspect of the adventure (on my part) I believe provides interesting and sexually arousing reading for the male audience!


I’d seen her several times in a bar in Soho. She was always with girlfriends; six or seven of them. This idyllic siren was unbelievably gorgeous and I desperately wanted her – the perfect femme fatale. Just like her friends she chatted to guys but unlike her friends she never got off with anyone. It appeared from her actions and vocabulary that she was a touch common. But she absolutely intrigued me; I loved the way she smiled and her body was utterly adorable. She was early twenties, had shoulder length dark hair and big beautiful eyes. I was besotted and continually returned to the bar for a glimpse of this beautiful young creature. Every night I dreamt of her. She was a constant distraction at work; I couldn’t get her out of my head. Oh, to have her all to myself would be the ultimate experience. Many a night I masturbated and wished it was her doing it for me.

What if she isn’t gay?!!! Yes, she must be; she’s the only one who never gets off with a guy.

About three months ago I decided I had to make a move, so returning to the bar again I purposely bumped into her and made it look as if she had caused me to spill some of my drink. She apologised and I said it was OK. An icebreaker! We began to talk. We were both a bit intoxicated and the dialogue flowed. Eventually I told her she was beautiful, and she thanked me. However, when I finally got around to asking her out on a date she was stunned. She wasn’t gay; she had a boyfriend who she lived with. I made my excuses and we left on good terms; but I was devastated... it was so unfair.

Still I couldn’t get her out of my mind; but I knew it was hopeless to think there was any chance that I would ever have sex with her.

One month ago I was out with friends for drinks. Inevitably as ever, a thirty-something guy started to chat me up. He was with four younger guys and seemed to be the centre of attraction – a bit of a ‘Jack-the-lad’ and he told me that he did a bit of wheeling and dealing; pulled a roll of notes out his pocket and said he did alright for himself. He appeared quite popular, but told me people just hung around him because he had money and a nice car. I kept attempting to shrug him off but found it difficult. Then he gave my bum a slight squeeze. I was furious and told him to fuck off. “Hey, Ok. Sorry” he said. “I won’t do it again!” But still I couldn’t get shut of him. He suggested he could show me a good time, and it was then that I told him I was a lesbian. You know what? He had the audacity to say “I’ve never shagged a lesbian before!” I was furious and he could see it. But before I could fully retaliate, I was suddenly spun around, and pushed against the bar. “What the fuck are you doing!” she shouted and slapped me unbelievably hard, bursting my lip. It was my gorgeous creature and to say it shocked me is a great understatement. She continued, “That’s my fucking boyfriend you bitch!” He then stepped in and told her to be quiet. She was still infuriated and said I’d tried to get off with her and was now moving onto her boyfriend because she’d turned me down. I explained it wasn’t true and that I didn’t know it was her boyfriend, but she wasn’t having any of it and continued to rant and rage. He intervened again telling her that we were solely chatting and nothing more, but he gave me a piercing glance. I was getting worried now because he appeared to be a guy that you definitely shouldn’t mess with. I’d try to chat up his girlfriend and was worried what he’d do to me – a bit of a slapping at least! But it was his girlfriend he turned on. “You fucking shut up and do as you’re told. Now go home like a nice little girl and clean the fucking house and make sure my dinner’s ready when I get home. Got it?!!!” She began to protest but he got hold of her face. “Fucking got it?!” He released her and she became quiet and calm, gave a slight nod and turned to go, giving me a quick evil glance and mouthing silently “You are fucking dead”. I was absolutely mortified.

“Sorry about that” he said, “Is it true?”
“It’s true that I tried to chat her up but not that I knew you were her boyfriend.”
“So, you really are a carpet-muncher?”
I had to bite my tongue...

He seemed mildly amused and said he wanted to buy me a drink. I was reluctant, but too afraid to refuse. One on his friends made people move from a nearby table, then proceeded to clean the table with his sleeve before gesturing for me to sit down. I obediently obliged. The guy (Mick was his name I’d discovered) brought over the drinks; actually a bottle of champers and two glasses. His friends came to the table and he looked at them quizzically. “What? I’m with female company for fucks sake. Have some respect and piss off before I twat you all!” They quickly dispersed and he gazed at them with malevolence until they were out of his sight; then calmly poured two glasses of bubbles. He’d suddenly transformed himself into the perfect gentleman, offering me the glass and clinking glasses, saying “To you!” We chatted about trivia really, and after a while... towards the end of the bottle I started to relax and felt easier; more confident. He got up to get another bottle and I protested but he was calm and said “Hey, come on, enjoy yourself. I don’t bite!” Half an hour later I was feeling quite woozy, but I was having a good time with him – he could hold a decent conversation and was very funny. In due course he got around to asking me about the incident of chatting up his girlfriend. He was genuinely interested; serious, not laughing. I told him how I felt about her and that she was beautiful; that I had thought about her for weeks, every day and night. After describing all of her traits I eventually revealed my sexual appetite for her and that it would be the most incredible feeling in the world to have her; to have rampant sex with her. My tongue had been loosened by the drink and I ranted on and on about her. “What would you do to her?” he asked. I laughed and whispered wickedly, “It’s not just what I’d do to her; it’s also what I’d have her do for me!” He was still calm and serious. “Tell me. Tell me how you’d both fuck each other!” he requested. I looked around and saw that people were in earshot; I had been oblivious to it and was now aware that people may have heard our conversation. “I’ll have to whisper.” I said; and he looked at me in eager anticipation. I began a long and sordid narration; illustrated in intimate and filthy, fine detail. Oh, I must have gone on for another half hour. He sat silently absorbing every word, and he loved it; it was easy to tell – I could see his huge erection under his jeans!

But soon I came round to the fact that she was unavailable and all that I was doing was daydreaming, and I told him so. It had just been titillation for him; nothing more. The reality set in that I would never fulfill my ultimate fantasy. Thanking him for the drinks I started to leave. He didn’t respond...
Suddenly he shouted, “Wait, come back a minute!”
What did he want now?
“Would you like to fuck her?”
What was he playing at?
“Of course, you know I would!”
“Would you like me to arrange it?”
“What? There’s no way she’d have sex with me; she isn’t gay, and besides, you saw her reaction to me earlier!”
I continued to explain, but he stopped me in my tracks. “She’ll do whatever I tell her, believe me. “Anything!”
I protested but he interrupted and reiterated... “Anything!”
“Is this a joke?” I asked.
“No, but there’s a price!”
“So what’s the price? Do you mean you get to watch?”
“Watch? Oh yes, I get to watch. But I also get to fuck you!”

I was speechless. No way was a guy ever going to have sex with me. It was completely out of the question.

My protests were continually challenged and dialogue continued whilst he remained unbelievably calm and composed... far from the cocky, angry person I’d listened to earlier. Oh, it became a dilemma; I wanted her so much but there was the nauseating concept of having to have sex with him. He recognised that I’d started to mull over the idea and he encouraged me. It went on for a while longer until he remarked, “What’s an unpleasant afternoon sex session with me compared to what you get in return?” It was true, but still considerably daunting. But he could see I was cracking. I was excited about the prospect of having her, and my cunt was wet, warm and swollen. A few strokes and I would have easily cum. What a predicament I was in! Finally he spoke again. “Well, make a decision. You only get this chance once. It won’t be on offer again!”
I thought about it carefully before replying, “What would you want from me?”
He smiled. “I’ll have my way with you for part of the afternoon; not long. You just need to close your eyes and think of England!”
I closed my eyes and knew I was almost on the brink of accepting, but he could see that I was still a little hesitant. He continued, attempting to give me a little push. “Let me give you the scenario. First you get a good long session with her and you can do whatever you like. She’ll do whatever you tell her to. Next, I have my session with you. Now that might be a bit off-putting for you. However, when I’m finished you get to have her again and you can be as filthy as you like with her. She slapped your face hard, right? Just think about that and how you might get your revenge. Treat her like your slave. Do whatever the fuck you like with her. Anything; there are no limits!”
There was almost a smile on my face!
“Well, do we have a deal?” he asked holding out his hand. I slowly accepted it and he reached forward and kissed me on the cheek, handing me a card with his address and said, “Tomorrow, twelve noon!” He smiled and turned to go.
I shouted after him. “Will it be unconditional abandonment on her part?”
“What’s her name?” I asked.
“Nicole. And yours?”


So, my readers... the day arrived; and not without trepidation, yet uncontrollable excitement. The action was about to commence...

I’m almost there and trembling, so I pop into a bar and drink two large glasses of wine to calm my nerves. I take a few deep breaths and my fear subsides a little. I walk quickly and soon arrive at his apartment. He opens the door just as I’m about to ring the doorbell; invites me in with a smile. The apartment is beautiful. There’s a bottle of bubbly on the table, chilling in a bucket. She’s there. My legs turn to jelly. She doesn’t look at me but stares distantly. He pours three glasses. She looks stunning in her beautiful tight, ultra short dress and killer heels. Her hair has been arranged in loose shiny ringlets. Her makeup looks professionally applied and she wears a beautiful necklace. He tells me he has ‘got her ready’ for me. He wanted her to look her best for me. I’m classily dressed in knee length pencil skirt, silk blouse and nice stilettos - I wanted to look good too. We sip the champers and he produces a short silky yellow dress. Tells me it was expensive and he’s bought it for me: Instructs me to put it on. I protest but he says he wants me to look good for her. With a sigh of resignation I go into the other room and oblige. The dress looks ridiculously short for me; I have long legs. I’m about six inches taller than her. I re-enter the room and he looks me up and down. “Nice!” he says, then produces an expensive looking necklace and fastens it around my neck. He pours the three of us another drink. We sip and I can’t take my eyes off her; but she refuses to look at me. She’s very passive; looks as though she’s been crying. We finish the bottle.

“She’s all yours now!” he proposes.”I’ll just settle myself on the sofa in the corner while you two girls enjoy yourselves!” My heart begins to pound. She looks at me... and silently begs, ”Please. No!” I feel a little sorry for her but I have to have her. I remind myself of how hard she slapped me. This is it. This is the moment! I’m so excited! How should I begin? What should I do first? I look her up and down – she’s gorgeous! Eventually... “Kiss me Nicole!” She looks to him: he lets out a string of blasphemies. There’s a tear in her eye. I put my hands on her waist and press my lips against hers. Oh, this feels so fucking good. I pull away a little and mildly order her, “With tongues!” We snog for a while and I caress her wonderful tight bum and she gasps. Fuck, what a great bum she has. After a while I pull away. “Feel my tits!” Oh, her touch is exquisite; I’m in heaven. I tell her to keep going. She’s doing a great job of fondling my tits. I lift her dress and feel between her legs; just on her knickers for now – I’m going to take my time and savour every moment. My other hand softly caresses a breast until her nipple responds by becoming erect. She looks so young. “How old are you?” She’s trembling. “Twenty-two!” Sweet; so fucking sweet! “Put your hand down my knickers!” She obeys.”Finger me! Finger me until I cum. Make me cum.” She rubs a finger on my clit and I gasp with delight; but I instruct her to use two fingers. This is so much better; in fact it’s absolute ecstasy. Taking her hand, I guide her fingers into my vagina. “Deeper!” I tell her. “I can take much more!” Oh, this is incredible. I’m dripping wet. My knickers are soaking. My hand slides down her knickers and I toy with her clit; eventually sliding a finger inside her. But she’s dry: I’ll deal with that later. Withdrawing, I lift her dress at the back; pull her knickers into the crack of her arse and hold her bum tight. She’s really getting me going now – exciting me. I’m going to cum soon. Oh, I’m so swollen and warm – she’s doing a great job; making me writhe. It’s here; it’s coming. “Go on; keep it up. Faster, faster... keep it going; keep it going. Fuck me; finger-fuck me hard. Keep going; squeeze my tit too. Oh, oh, oh, it’s here – its coming. You dirty bitch; you dirty fucking young whore. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I’m coming, I’m coming, coming, coming, coming!!!” I dig my nails in her bum. “ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ... yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... ahhhhhhhhh, yes, yes... fucking yes, fucking yes, fucking, fucking, fucking, fuck, yes, yes, yes...Yesssssssss... FUUUUUUCK!!!” In complete ecstasy I scream uncontrollably then push her away and collapse in the armchair, gasping and gasping. Oh, that was so good; so fucking good. I’m in absolute heaven! Oh, that feels so good: never felt this good, ever! God, I wish I could keep her. It doesn’t get any better than this!

He smiles and speaks.”I take it you’ve cum then?!!!” I’d forgotten about him. He stands over me and looks me up and down. My knickers are showing, so I cover them with my hand, get my breath and then... “Piss off. I haven’t finished with her yet!” He bursts into laughter, then eventually turns and goes back to the sofa.

She’s still standing there, sexy as hell, but doesn’t look happy. I get up out of the chair and fix my clothes; run my fingers through my hair. She looks at him again but quickly looks away. I beckon her. “Come here!” Apprehensively she approaches. She is so fucking sexy... and she’s mine. Well, for today anyway. I’m going to have such fun with this sweet, sexy, gorgeous bitch! What should I do with her? I feast my eyes on her; ogle her tits and legs. “Lift your dress up and show me your knickers!” I’m getting really aroused again. She is so fucking adorable. “Take your clothes off!” She’s trembling and trying hard not to cry, but starts to unfasten the necklace. “Leave it on!” She bends to unfasten her shoes. “Leave the shoes on. Start with the dress!” Her hands reach behind her back and she unzips; the shoulder straps are pulled aside one at a time. My heart is racing. Oh, I’m getting so hot. The dress falls to the floor and she steps out of it. The sight of her in just bra and knickers is making me so moist; my knickers are soaking wet. I tell her to turn around and her bum is delightful; I give it a squeeze, tell her to turn again to face me. I’m giving her tits a good fondling now – this is paradise. “Take the bra off Nicole!” It comes off and reveals her juicy rounded tits – her nipples are pink and perfect. The temptation is too much to resist: I caress the soft white flesh of each breast then suck on one, teasing the nipple with my tongue until it responds. She’s really turning me on. “Tongues!” I tell her, then proceed to snog her face off. Eventually I push her away. She’s hating every moment of this. “Knickers off Nicole!” She’s so obedient, but she throws the knickers towards Mick in disgust and lets out a frustrated cry. “Shut the fuck up and behave yourself. This is your last warning!” Mick threatens. Nicole is standing naked, so naked and shaved revealing the full glory of her vagina. I have a feel, I insert a finger but she’s still dry. I’m going to have some real fun now. Retreating to the sofa I settle myself comfortably. “Come here and let me see you close up. Stand with your legs astride!” Oh God, this is wonderful. “Put two fingers in and pull your cunt lips apart!” Wow, I’m looking right up her cunt and it’s stunning. “You’re dry. Play with yourself until you cum. I need you wet!” She’s reluctant. “Fucking make yourself cum, and tell me when you’re coming. Don’t fake it because I’ll know. I want you wet and swollen!” She slowly begins. “Do it faster and look like you’re enjoying yourself. Look at me while you’re doing it!” I hitch my dress to show my knickers and start to slowly caress myself. “Oh, Nicole; look at me; you want this so much don’t you? You’re getting turned on watching me aren’t you? We are going to have so much fun. Go on, fuck yourself. Tell me you want to fuck me!”
“I want to fuck you!
“More. Keep saying it and say it like you mean it!”
“I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you...”
She continues, while she rubs her clit franticly. Suddenly she’s silent. She’s coming. She’s right on the brink of it. “Say it!” She closes her eyes and puts her legs together. “I’m coming!” She gives a little moan. She’s cum!
“Tell me how dirty you are!”
“I’m dirty!”
“Tell me you’re a dirty bitch!”
“I’m a dirty bitch!”
“A dirty filthy whore!”
“I’m a dirty filthy whore!”
“Come here!” I feel between her legs. She’s wet. I insert two fingers. She hasn’t faked it. “You really are a dirty bitch. A dirty filthy little fucking brazen whore. I turned you on didn’t I? Say it!” Her hands cover her face and she begins to sob uncontrollably. I put my arms round her and attempt to comfort her; tell her I’m sorry. Suddenly she turns on me; grabs my hair and pulls me around with enormous fury, then throws me to the floor. Fuck! That really hurts! I eventually compose myself and immediately perceive Mick rushing to the scene. It’s frightening me. But he aims straight for Nicole and grabs her by the hair: pulls her across the room for several yards then gives her an incredibly violent slap on her face. And again! He then turns to me. “Don’t be fucking nice to her. It doesn’t work. Do what you set out to do and let’s get on with it. Stop having feelings for her for fuck’s sake. Treat her as your slave. She’s just a cheap little slapper; nothing else!” He doesn’t need to tell me because I’m absolutely furious with her now and she’s going to get what’s coming to her! “Get on the floor bitch and spread your legs!” Reluctantly she obliges, but she can’t control her sobbing. “Wider! Get your fucking legs spread really wide!” Oh, what a glorious site to see that young fresh little vagina totally exposed to me. She must feel so humiliated. Gosh, I’m dripping wet again. My knickers are soaking! “Feel my tits; go on, give them a good fondling!” Oh, she’s so good with her hands – this is so good. What do I do with her? Anything I like! That cunt needs a good fingering. Well, here goes...

I’m fingering her with just one finger for now. I think I’ll put two in there. Yes that’s better. Wow, this is a beautiful tight young cunt; might be a bit wider when I’ve finished. Time to try three fingers. “Don’t fucking complain. Moan if you like, but don’t try my patience or you’ll really regret it!” Four fingers going in and she’s screaming. “That’s it scream. Keep screaming – that’s really getting me going. You turn me on so much you know. I want you so much you wouldn’t believe!” Can’t get my thumb in; she’s too tight – can’t take it. “OK, get up Nicole. Dance for me. Put some music on Mick!” I can’t believe where I’m getting this confidence from. Must be the drink. No, I think it’s the fact that I’m having the time of my life with ‘no holds barred’! Hey, that’s good rocking music. She’s dancing. “Not like that! Dance like you’re on a stage in front of a hundred leering guys. Come on, you can do better. Get your legs apart and writhe about; rotate your hips. Make it look like you’re enjoying it. Do it for me. Come on, faster, faster!” She is so sexy; the ultimate ‘die for’ petite little babe! Time for more fun. “Get on all fours and spread your legs!” What a delightful view. I think I’ll just pull apart her cunt lips. Beautiful! I’m just going to use two fingers. In they go. Fingers in and out and in and out. I’m fingering her deep and hard. My other hand is squeezing a tit. Nice. Fingering, fingering, fingering, fingering, fingering, fingering... Still fingering her hard and fast... “You hurt me you know, you fucking bitch. You have to pay for that. Get your face down to the floor and your arse up in the air!” Wow, fucking beautiful! “I have to punish you for being a bitch with me. I’m going to slap your arse... hard!” This is going to be good. I’ll put my hand down my knickers to get the full delight of this. Smack! No reaction. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack... oh, she’s holding out... SMACK!!!!!!! A loud scream! She’s sobbing uncontrollably again. SMACK! Really, really hard this time... SMACK!!! and again and again and again! Oh, I love her screaming, begging for me to stop; turning me on so much. But it’s time for something else. “Get up slave!” I’m helping her to get up by grabbing a handful of hair. “OK, now for a real treat and it had better be good or you’ll get worse than a slapped arse! Got it?!!!” She’s nodding. I’m in the armchair again, hitching my dress to show her my wet knickers; my legs spread wide. “Do you like it Nicole? Do you like to see my legs spread wide for you?” She’s nodding again. She looks worried but she’s obedient now. Oh, the sight of her naked on all fours is almost too much to bear. “Caress my legs; start with my ankles. Work your way up to my thighs. That’s right; you have nice hands. You really know how to do it. Go up higher. That’s it; that feels nice. Higher; feel my thighs. Mmmmmmmmmm... nice; really fucking nice. Come on; right up to the top. Mmmmmmmmm... glorious. Feel my knickers; my wet knickers. They’re soaking aren’t they? You did that. You made me so wet. Pull my knickers to one side. Oh yes. There you go – it’s all yours. You know you want it. Stick two fingers in. Go on, deeper. Fast. Faster. Keep it going. You love my cunt, don’t you? Yes, you must do because this is the best fingering I’ve ever had. You’re so good at it. Take your fingers out and get your tongue in... Did you hear what I said? No, don’t look at him; look at me! That’s better. Now look at my cunt and start to give it a good tonguing! What are you waiting for, another arse smacking? Now... Do it! Yes... oh yes; that’s it! Deeper. Get your tongue working. Keep it going. Don’t stop. Oh yes, oh yes, that’s fucking superb, keep going. Lick my clit. Lick it hard; make me cum. Lick, lick, lick... keep going, keep going, keep going... mmmmmm... yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... fucking dirty bitch! Keep going, Keep it going...!” God, this is so good. I’ll cum soon; it’s building up! Oh, I need to get my legs wrapped around her. Yes, this is it. My thighs are round her head now. She can’t escape. I’ve got her right where I want her. This so good; so, so good. Oooooooo.... it’s coming, it’s coming. Oh, oh, oh, oh... yes, yes, yes, yessssssssssssss... Oh, I’m coming. Oh, here it comes. She’s making me cum “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh... Dirty bitch, dirty fucking bitch. Stay there. Keep there and keep tonguing, deep, deep, deep; oh yes. So good; so fucking good!!!” I’m finally finished. I’ll release her now. “Fuck off now Nicole. I’ve done with you for the moment. Can you see what you’ve done to me? You really are a cheap little bit of trash aren’t you? Go on; you can play with yourself now!”

Mick comes over and starts to pull me up from the chair.” No Mick, I haven’t finished with her yet!”
“Yes you have; it’s my turn now!”
Oh no. I’d put this to the back of my mind!
I try to stall for time. “No Mick. Not yet; I haven’t finished!”
He glares at me. “Watch my lips. It’s my fucking turn now. You’ve had your fun. It’s time for my fun!”
I turn to look at Nicole; she’s sobbing again. Probably feels humiliated.
It’s as though Mick has read my mind. “You did a nice job on her didn’t you? She’s never been humiliated before... well, not to that extent. Now – me and you... to the bedroom. You can have her again later!”

He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom; he has to pull me. I don’t want to go. I plead with him but he tells me I’ve had my part of the bargain and there is no way he is going to relinquish his. He sits on the edge of the bed and looks me up and down. I still feel ridiculous in this short trashy dress. He leers and smiles. “Leave the necklace on; leave the shoes on. Let’s have the dress off!” This is fucking awful. Why on earth did I agree to this? I unzip and let the dress fall to the floor; then step out of it. “Wow, fucking nice. Let’s have a look at your tits then!” I undo my bra but hold it against my breasts for a moment. He gestures for me to remove it. Angrily I throw it towards him and he laughs. “Nice tits. Very nice indeed! Do a little sexy dance for me and make them bounce!” I do the best I can but this is so embarrassing. By the look on his face he loves it. “OK you can stop now. Knickers off!” I hesitate. “Fucking knickers off now!!!” Off they come but with great reluctance. I kick them in his direction and he laughs again. This is going to be unbearably uncomfortable. “Nice cunt. I’m going to enjoy that hole later. Turn around; show me your arse. Wow, now that is one hell of a fucking nice arse. Wiggle it for me. Keep doing it. Ok, you can stop. Turn around and spread your legs; let’s have a better look. Come nearer to me. Now spread your legs again!” He feels my vagina; then pulls my cunt lips apart – inserts a finger. Then two fingers. He’s doing it a bit roughly, like he hasn’t had a woman for ages. Closing my eyes, I try to detach myself from what’s happening to me. Nicole comes into my head and I try to focus on her... but to no avail; he’s relentless in his fondling and groping. Now he’s turning his attention to my breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. One hand remains on a breast and the other goes down to his jeans. The zip is released and he grunts as he struggles to liberate his dick. Oh God; it’s big; no, please! “Play with it! Get me going!” This is going to be so disgusting. My eyes are closed: I take it in my hand and wank him fast hoping he’ll come soon. “I said play with it; not try to make me cum. Now do it slowly... that’s right! Rub your thumb on the end. Hold my balls with your other hand. Oh yes, that’s it; that’s good. Slow and soft... OK, now get down on your knees!” This is the bit I’m dreading. He tells me to take it in my mouth, but I protest and suggest it isn’t part of the deal. He reminds me that the agreement was that he has a ‘session’ with me and the finer details were never discussed. His disposition is becoming horribly aggressive and I’m compelled to oblige. Urrrgh, this is awful. It’s in my mouth and he tries to stuff the full shaft into me. My hand holds the base of his dick to stop it from choking me. He’s hurting me – he’s grasping my hair and forcing my mouth down on his rigid cock. Oh, I hope he isn’t going to cum in my mouth. Please let him take it out when he comes. He’s doing it faster. No; please! “Fucking do it bitch!” I can feel his cock becoming absolutely rock hard. It’s starting to throb. The sperm’s on its way. Please withdraw! “Ohhhhhh, I’m coming! Take it all; don’t pull away. Arrrrrgh....” It fills my mouth with so much cum that it starts to ooze out of my mouth and drip onto my breasts. He still tries to shove the whole length down my throat... eventually he withdraws. “Fucking wonderful!”he declares. I cough and spit desperate to discharge the filthy sticky sperm.Fucking hell: how long has he been saving that up for?!!! The taste in my mouth is revolting. He throws me a box of tissues. “Clean yourself up and clean the spunk you’ve spit out onto the floor!” Mick pours me a glass of wine. I’ve had enough already but I accept it because I need to wash the taste from my mouth. I’m ordered to get on the bed, but the drinks are working their effect and I desperately need to pee. “Where’s the bathroom?” I’m desperately trying to cover my breasts and vagina with my hands. “Wait there!” He leaves the room and after a couple of minutes returns with a bucket. “Piss in that!” He’s sounding angry. I protest but he gets angrier. “You’re not going to the fucking bathroom. You can piss in that bucket while I watch!” This is so humiliating, but I can’t wait any longer. Crouching I start to pee but hide my vagina with my hands. He gets really angry now. “Move your fucking hands and let me see! That’s better. Fucking hell, you did need a piss didn’t you – you can’t stop pissing!” Eventually I stop and he laughs. “I never thought I’d see the day when a woman takes a piss in front of me, and in all her naked glory! Fucking great; can’t wait to tell my mates. Now, on the bed; face up and spread ‘em!” Oh, I hope this is going to be over soon. No! What’s he doing now? “You’re not putting handcuffs on me!” There’s no way he’s restraining me. “Now listen. It’s just a bit of fun. It gets me going and the sooner I get hard again the sooner it’s over for you. Anyway, I’m going to handcuff you whether or not. You can let me do it quietly or you can have it rough. It’s up to you!” I’m frightened of him hurting me so I reluctantly let him put the cuffs on – my wrists are secured to each bed post. Now he’s getting a rope. No, please. What’s he going to do with the rope? “Give me your ankle. Now come on. Don’t pull away. Stop struggling. OK you can have it rough!” He slaps me hard on the face then twists my nipples until I scream. One end of the rope secures my right ankle. Then he throws the rope under the bed and pulls it out the other side. My left ankle is now bound and he’s got my legs and arms spread-eagle on the bed. A pillow is shoved under my bum so that I’m slightly arched. “All the better to fuck you deep!” Off come his clothes and he’s getting hard again. Get it over quickly; please! But now he’s rummaging about in the draw. What’s he got? No! It’s a ball gag! I struggle and scream but to no avail. I’m now gagged and it isn’t pleasant. Attempting to shout and scream only appears to amuse him and turns him on – his dick is long and rigid now. “Now you’re at my complete mercy. What should I do first? Oh, I can see you don’t like it. You find it disgusting don’t you? Well guess what? I’m going to have the time of my life with you. Fucking hell, these tits are nice; do you like me playing with them?” I can’t pissing move and I can’t fucking talk. This is excruciating! I’m totally helpless and I just want to be home away from all this! “Fucking nice thighs. Nice and soft and juicy. Do you like me caressing them? Just a little further each time; a little further up. Now then, do you like that? You love having your cunt felt don’t you? Maybe you’d like me to finger you. Yes, a good fingering. Two fingers that’s better isn’t it? Faster? Let’s get going faster and deeper. Yes. You love it don’t you? Just getting you ready for when I fuck you. I need your hole a bit wider so I get in easily. Are all lesbian cunts tight; I’ll have to try some more lezzers after you?” He pulls my cunt lips wide; gets 2 fingers down one side and another two down the other side, pulling to make the hole wide. “I think you might be ready for me now. I’m fucking certainly ready! Just one minute while I get this condom on. Right, here we go. Ready? What are you saying? No, I can’t make it out. You’re gagging for it? Is that what you’re saying?” The bastard; the complete bastard! He’s kneeled between my legs having a good look right up my cunt. Now he’s opening my cunt again with his fingers. Can’t stand his hands on me. What’s he waiting for? Just get it over with! Here it comes; here comes his dick. I can’t stand the joy on his face. Ouch! That’s deep and his cock is thick. I don’t like this; it’s hurting! He’s thrusting and it hurts. Please don’t go any deeper. No, I can’t stand it. This isn’t right! He’s going faster and faster. How long is he going to keep this up? He just keeps going and all the time leering at my tits. He can’t take his eyes off them. He must be ready to cum! No, no, don’t! He’s pulled out! “I nearly came but I want it to last. I’ll have a drink and then we’ll get going again!” The bastard! He sits on the edge of the bed sipping his drink and staring at my vagina; gives it a little feel then shoves two fingers right in. He starts to finger me again, slow and deep. Now he’s doing it faster. Stop it – I can’t bear it! He’s finished his drink and his other hand plays with a tit. Now he starts to suck a nipple... and now the other. He’s entering me again now. “This is what you lesbians need; a good fucking! How do you feel being so helpless while I shag you and do whatever else I please to you? Go on, have it deep and hard. I’m going to fuck your brains out! You love it don’t you? You fucking love it you dirty bitch. You fucking love having your twat fucked!” Finally he’s coming; thrusting harder and faster. It’s hurting. His face changes: a really evil grin as he reaches climax with an almighty cry before finally collapsing on top of me. “That was the fucking dog’s bollocks Patty! My dick loves being up your cunt!” Suddenly he rises and takes off the condom which is absolutely full with sperm. Then he proceeds to empty it onto my right breast, before disappearing out of the room. He reappears with a camera and starts to take photos of me despite my muffled protests. “Just for my private collection so that I can wank off to you whenever I like! What’s that you’re saying. I can’t hear you with that ball gag in your mouth!” He takes it off. “You fucking bastard! Untie me; you’ve had your session!” But he just laughs and puts the gag on again. “I’ll tell you when I’ve finished, but it’s not for a while yet!” He unties me and orders me to put the dress on again: then he ties me to the bed again. Out he goes and I lie here alone and in uneasy suspense for another half hour.

He’s back and has brought two friends with him. One is around twenty-five, the other looks very young. Their eyes light up when they view me in a ridiculously short flimsy dress and tied down spread-eagled. Oh, I’m hating this now and I’m struggling to get free. He tells the young guy to feel my tits. This is horrible. “Lift her dress up and have a look at her cunt. Go on feel it; give her a good fingering!” He responds and is shoving his fingers right up inside me and laughing. The other guy starts to play with my tits, then gets his dick out and starts wanking. Mick takes my ball gag out and I scream at him. He shoves it back in my mouth and slaps me. “Now you fucking do what I tell you if you know what’s good for you!” He undoes the straps of my dress and pulls it down to expose my tits: then releases my right wrist from the cuffs. “Wank him off!” I have to wank this guy while the younger one keeps fingering me. It doesn’t take him long and he explodes all over my breasts. Mick takes off my ball gag again, but I keep quiet this time. “Tell me you love this and you need a good fucking!” I’m reluctant but he gets angry again, so I say it a few times and then he gags me again. “Now then, this young guy – it’s his birthday and he’s a virgin, so I’m giving him an experience to remember! OK mate, get a condom on and she‘s all yours. Just use her to practice on. Give her a good seeing to!” He shoves his dick inside me and starts to fuck me. It only takes him a minute and can’t stop himself – he cums. Mick Laughs. “Fucking Hell; you should have had a wank first! Never mind; get your breath and fuck her again!” The other guy wipes the cum of me and then starts to tweak my nipples, eventually turning his attention to my vagina and he fingers me, laughing. Out comes his phone and he starts taking photos. “Can’t wait to show my mates in the pub tonight!” I feel humiliated and sick! The younger guy is ready again and enters me for a second time. He’s relentless; obviously going to take him longer this time... Mick and the other one play about with my tits and keep making me hold their dicks. It’s been over ten minutes now and he’s still going at it. Now he’s going faster – on the brink. He shuts his eyes, cums and collapses on top of me.

Eventually the young one withdraws his dick from me. This must be the end now... oh, I hope so. But they stand around me ogling and coming out with lewd remarks. They take more photos, laughing throughout. The young one asks Mick if he can fuck me again, but Mick turns his attention to the other guy.
”Have you ever fucked a MILF before?”
He shakes his head.
“Well now’s your chance. Give her a good shagging. See how far you can get your dick inside her cunt!”
I’m struggling to get out of my restraints and trying in vain to scream with this ball gag on. This is just unbearable – I never contemplated that it would be like this. It should have been a quick fuck by Mick and that’s all.

He gets on top of me and lifts my dress right up: fingers me then gives my tits a squeeze. “You’re a bit old but I’ve never shagged a MILF before so I’m fucking excited. You’re going to get your cunt fucked deep and hard!”
This is insufferable. He shoves it in and it hurts. His movements are slow and deliberate making me feel every inch of the shaft invading my vagina until it hits the spot where it is very uncomfortable. But now he starts to go a little faster: He’s progressively increasing speed and fucking me hard... and it’s intolerable.
“You fucking dirty little old MILF. Bet you’ve never had it this hard and deep before have you? Fucking feel it bitch. Do you like having your cunt used? I can do whatever I fucking want with it. Do you like that – do you like it deep and hard? Do you like me fucking you while I feel your tits? I fucking love this – shafting you as long and hard as I like and you can’t do a thing about it can you?!!!”
The dialogue continues and I feel that this is the worst violation of me possible. The other two continue to encourage him. He pumps harder, deeper and faster. I feel helpless, frustrated, livid, exploited and severely abused. But he continues pumping with relentless vigour. All the time he looks into my eyes as if to humiliate me further. I have to turn my eyes from him. The last few thrusts before he cums are totally unbearable. He finally explodes, grunting and panting... then as he withdraws he laughs, fingers me and pulls my nipples hard to add to the degradation.

Mick unties my arms and legs and tells me to stand up. Now he orders me to remove my dress. I have to oblige. They all laugh and continue to look me up and down. Mick walks around me and comments on my bum before giving it a brutal slap. They laugh again. I struggle to scream through the ball gag and Mick removes it allowing me to shriek a long inventory of blasphemies. He just laughs, then grabs my arms and handcuffs my wrists behind my back. Soon he has two fingers inside my vagina as if to hurt me. “Listen bitch. I didn’t take your gag off so that you could complain. I took it off so that you could give us all a good suck. Oh, and if you hurt us in the slightest it won’t be half as bad as what how I’ll hurt you – Got it? Now make sure we get a moist suck!” He pushes me to my knees then gets two ties out of his pocket and puts my hair in two pigtails. He laughs again: they all laugh. Then he pushes me down. “Get on your knees slut and open your mouth! Now then lads; this is the way to do it. You grab the pigtails and shove your dick in her mouth like this. Then you can guide her head backwards and forwards as fast or a slow as you like. Mmmm; she’s pretty good at this. Try not to gag though Patty. The only thing lads, withdraw before you cum because there’s more!” What does he mean – there’s more?! Please; how much longer do I have to endure this intolerable agony? Mick is quite violent in his violation of my mouth. The young one next is just excited and more enthralled with fondling my tits. The other one makes the most of it – attempting to get it deep in my throat without making me throw up. He pulls out (as the others have) before he cums, then lifts me by the hair so that I’m standing. He fingers me then gives both breasts a big squeeze before turning away laughing. Mick tells me to get three beers from the fridge. If only I had my clothes on I could make my escape while I’m out of the room. Reluctantly I go to the kitchen and return with the beers. The three of them are sitting on the bed and drink as they stare at me. I consider covering myself but decide against it worried that Mick will get angry. It’s uncomfortable having three sets of eyes ogling my breasts and vagina. Mick looks at me menacingly. “Stand with your legs apart and let’s have a better view of your twat. That’s better; now finger yourself - go on, do it faster. Get your fingers right in there... Do you need a piss?” I could do with a pee but I shake my head. I’m not going to humiliate myself even further. They continue ogling while I frig myself. The young one whispers in Mike’s ear then approaches me. He pours some beer on a breast and begins to lick it off, then does the same with the other breast. They all laugh and Mick gets up and tells me to open my mouth. He takes a swig of beer and presses his mouth against mine, transferring the beer into my mouth and ordering me to swallow it. He has his arms around me, his hands firmly gripping my bum. He swings me around to show the other two my bum, pulling the cheeks apart so that they can see my bum hole. “What about this lads – nice arse or what?” He shoves a finger in. “I don’t think she’s had it up the arse before. Who wants to go first?” There is no way on earth they are going to do that to me. I struggle, scream, shout, scratch and punch. But it’s to no avail – they wrestle me onto the bed, gag me and tie me down spread-eagled on my front. The young one goes first but struggles to get it in. Mick brings some oil and pours a little on my bum and instructs the young one to smear his dick with it. He fucks me and it hurts. Thankfully Mick doesn’t allow him to cum inside me. The other one gets on top of me and he has his turn to fuck me up the arse and it hurts even more. My screams are stifled by the gag and I’m thankful when he pulls out. More laughter and I now feel utterly debased.

I’m untied then turned around and tied spread-eagled again to the bed, but this time my legs are spread uncomfortably wide and two pillows are shoved under my bum putting my cunt on full display. Mick goes out of the room for a couple of minutes. He returns with what looks like a turkey baster. Oh no, please what is he going to do to me? Please – I can’t stand any more. Please let it end!
“I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, it’s almost over. I’m just going to inject spermicide into you so that I can fuck you without a condom. I want to fill you with my spunk and then we can all watch it dripping out of your cunt. Here it goes!”
He shoves nozzle in, presses the plunger and I feel it deep inside me. They keep on laughing. Mick gets his cock out and it’s rigid. He puts it in and now starts to fuck me hard, telling me I’m a dirty slut and that I love every minute of it. I’m absolutely disgusted beyond belief. He removes the gag and I scream at him; but it appears he is getting a greater thrill out of hearing my cries. He pumps harder and soon starts to cum – he climaxes for a good part of a minute and it seems he’s filling me up with his sperm. After withdrawing he stands with the others at the foot of the bed; the three of them gazing between my legs.
“Wait for it lads. The spunk will ooze out anytime now. Here it comes. Wow, look at that; I certainly gave her a good cunt full of spunk!”
They all laugh again. I ask Mick to untie me.
“Not just yet slut. Almost finished, but not quite. OK you two; she’s all yours – wank yourselves off and shoot it onto her cunt. Let’s see her twat covered in cum!”
I desperately and furiously object, but it just brings more laughter. It comes into my mind that Nicole has heard the whole of my ordeal and is probably enjoying witnessing my suffering and humiliation. The young one kneels between my legs and starts to wank, occasionally groping a breast. Soon I feel the warm filthy sperm hit my cunt and the inside of my thighs. The other one follows and he squirts on my cunt, pubic hair and belly. He then rubs his dick on my tits and all over my face. Mick intervenes. “OK you two; fuck off now. You’ve had your fun!” They leave but not before leering at me one last time and having one last feel of my tits. Mick unties me tells me he’s done with me now.

I’m absolutely fuming and immediately storm into the living room where Nicole is waiting on the sofa. She sees me naked with spunk dripping down my thighs and starts to giggle. I also realise I still have the stupid pigtails in. The fucking little bitch! Furiously I drag her to her feet by the hair and slap her hard. “Get your fucking dress off and do it quickly!” She obliges but with trepidation. “Now get on the floor on your back!” I kneel over her, my legs pinning her arms down and I shove my twat in her face covering it with spunk. “Now then you little fucking bitch; get licking and don’t stop until you’ve cleaned my cunt out and swallowed every last drop!” She struggles to get free but Mick appears and instructs her to obey. Her tongue starts licking obediently, all around my vagina, pubes and inner thighs; occasionally pausing while she swallows. Oh, this is so good; so fucking good – the feel of her tongue around my intimate parts, continually licking. Soon she has cleaned it all up, so I order her to get her tongue deep into my twat – there’s still a cunt-full in there! Her tongue feels delightful in my cunt and I instruct her to push it in as far as is physically possible. Ecstasy!
I get onto the chair again and spread my legs wide, instructing Nicole to play with my cunt. I play with her cunt too. The excitement is too much to bear and I quickly cum. But I need her again so I order her to lie on her back while I get on top of her. We snog with tongues as I press my cunt against her pubic bone. We play around for a long time (actually, it’s me playing with her – groping her tits, caressing her firm bum, feeling every inch of her nakedness...). I’m so horny now I need her to make me cum again so I get into the chair again and spread my legs.
“Nicole! Come here and make me cum with your tongue!”
Nicole slowly moves towards me and I give her an evil smile. “Fucking do it slave – and do it good. Do it as though you mean it!”
She begins and I’m fucking loving it. I tell her how filthy she is; that I can do anything I want with her.
“How does it feel to be humiliated Nicole? Do you like licking another woman’s cunt? Probably not, but there isn’t a thing that you can do about it. You know when you slapped me in that bar – well, it hurt and it embarrassed me. So whenever I see you in public I’m going to tell people including your friends how filthy you are and what we did together!” I turn to Mick who is watching everything. “Mick, get my phone out of my bag and take some photos. It’s only fair; you took pics of me!” He obliges. “Now then Nicole, I can show your friends the proof!”
I’m so horny that Nicole’s face is wet with my cunt juice. I can feel the thrill building and I wrap my thighs tight around her head. She struggles but I squeeze harder.” Get tonguing bitch. Get that tongue going faster and make me cum!” I writhe against her mouth. Any second now: It’s here; I’m about to cum... I’m cumming, cumming, fucking cumming! This is the ultimate sex and I’m in absolute heaven...

Eventually I release her. She starts to walk away but I beckon her back.
“Stay there and keep looking at my cunt and see what you’ve done to me!”
My eyes are closed as I think about that wonderful session with her. It doesn’t get any better than this.
“Kiss me Nicole!” She snogs me and I can taste my own juice.
Nicole is trembling as I play around in her mouth with my tongue and grope her tits. Now I turn my attention to her cunt and give her a good frigging. In due course I hold her tenderly and kiss her neck. She begins to relax and I indicate that it’s now over for her; she doesn’t need to suffer any more humiliation. But it’s a false sense of security for her as she is about to find out.
“Mick, I need a pee. Where’s the bathroom?”
He says he’ll get a bucket. I get angry.
“I don’t want a bucket – where’s the fucking bathroom for fuck’s sake!!!”
He shows the way and Nicole is shocked as I suddenly pull her along by her hair. We reach the bathroom and I order her to get into the bath. She stands there in the bath - naked, trembling, sobbing and beautiful.
“Now lie down you dirty, filthy slut!”

She knows what is about to happen and is sobbing uncontrollably. I’ve been holding my bladder for ages and I’m about to let an almighty river to gush forth. As I crouch above her face she closes her eyes and turns her head, but I instruct her to look at me and open her mouth. She looks to Mick again, but immediately obeys. The river begins to flow – warm piss splashing over her face. I aim it into her mouth to make her taste it before changing position and soaking her tits. The last few drops I allow to drip on her face again. “Now then Nicole; it’s your turn!” She looks at me quizzically. “Stay where you are and spread your legs... Wider! That’s it. Now piss for me while I watch!” She begins and I watch the yellow stream pour out of that beautiful young cunt; this is the ultimate humiliation for her and I love it. As she finishes I hold her legs apart for a while to savour the view. Eventually I make her shower with me...

We dress and tidy ourselves. Mick looks so pleased. He has probably had the best session ever and witnessed two fantastic sessions between me and Nicole. As I prepare to leave, Mick is rambling on but I don’t hear him; I have Nicole fixed on my mind. Just before I leave, I beckon to Nicole, caress her face and tell her I’m sorry... and then give her an almighty slap which knocks her to the floor. “You were delicious slave. It was nice fucking a dirty whore!”

God, I loved that. I loved every intimate moment with her. The bit with Mick and his friends – well, it makes me feel sick and I have to try to erase it from my memory. Before I left, Mick had suggested that I may care to participate once again in the near future. I didn’t answer him and didn’t look at him. Nicole will be a memory that I will forever hold dear. I’ll masturbate many times with that vision of her... and the next time I have sex, I may just think about Nicole as I cum, to make the thrill more intense. I don’t think it will ever be as good as it was with Nicole. However, I saw someone in the supermarket a few days ago... and she looks promising!

© Patty Gallagher 2011

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1 year ago
wow...astonishing and very very erotic....loved it
1 year ago
you're a great writer, Patty...
1 year ago
So glad you you liked it xxxxxx
1 year ago
now that is a story!!! very well written ..hooked me in and held me there all the way ..so erotic!!
1 year ago
Glad you like it!!! xxxx
1 year ago
Fantastic Pat such great decriptive powers you have so easy for me to imagine every wonderful detail x
1 year ago
Mmmmmm very nice made me cum so much xx