My wife pt2

He really got Lynn going on the bed, directing her to her pinch her own nipples and spank herself while fucking the vibrator, time and again she would yell out his name or "Daddy" each time as she came. He would let her rest a bit and then start all over again. It was very humiliating, and even through my excitement I was left with questions about my wife, she obviously was enjoying the role way more than I had anticipated.

She finally came back to me on the chair and asked again if I was ready to let Jerry fuck her in our bed, and with all that I had been through and her hands on my dick, I was a broken man, I merely nodded. She asked if I would beg for it? And I nodded again, and then she took the scarf off and stroked my dick, reveling in her control. Knowing I was very close, humping her hand and twitching in the seat, she asked very plainly if she could take Jerry in our bed and I said, "Yes, you may."

She stopped stroking and I said "Yes, you may take Jerry in our bed," she was still disapproving, and I said, "Please will you fuck Jerry in our bed." She started her stroking again and prompted me further. I said, "Please fuck him here and may I please watch you take his cock."

"More, I want to hear more" she whispered.

"Please fuck Jerry, be his slut anytime he wants, let him take you in our bed, and I will watch and lick you afterwards, just the way you like it."

She said, "Louder, so Jerry can hear it," and I realized that the speakerphone was still on. I was completely mortified. She merely smiled, whispered "that's a good boy," and then started stroking me again. She made me repeat it all very loudly. She finally smiled and said over her shoulder to the phone, "Did you get that, Daddy?"

He laughed and said, "Yes, I got it all on tape. What a wimp, no wonder you need a real man."

Lynn asked him if she could let me get off now. After initially saying he didn't think so, she pleaded with him for pity on me by promising to be extra nasty for him the next time they fucked, in our bed. This went on all the while she was teasing me. With those promises he finally relented, she went out of her way to make it nasty. The entire time she was slowly bringing me to the edge of orgasm, she was whispering in my ear how helpless I was, how she was doing this all for me. Then she whispered that Jerry was going to play a big role in my training. She told me that the whole time she was married to me, she appreciated my gentleness, but she craved hard fucking, it was something that she felt compelled to have. She did appreciate how nice I was to her, but being treated like a whore in bed was a true need for her and having both Jerry and me too made it that much more special. She told me that she was glad she had married me, because her last husband was not so understanding, not every guy would be excited to watch his wife take cock from another guy. Jerry says he will share your wife, as you asked, but with his buddies, and if you are good, you will get to watch that.

"Now beg to cum for me. Come on, baby, tell me you need it," as she ran her finger up and down the underside of my stiff shaft.

I saw no reason not to at least finish this agony, and did as she told me.

"Please may I cum? Please, I need to cum so bad." I begged over and over for her to let me cum. I was brought to a completely devastating orgasm at the hands of my wife, as she coaxed me on. . She released me and we went to bed. I was exhausted and fell right to sl**p.

The following night, Lynn told me things would be different. I would have a special treat, maybe even get to watch. She led me to the bedroom and convinced me to sit on the chair and cuffed my hands behind me. This time, I was sitting on two pillows side by side on the chair seat that elevated me several inches over the seat cushion. She tied my feet back to open my legs and then took the collar and this time attached it to the back of the chair. She took out a set of panties, and showing me that they were in fact a clean pair, suggested I open my mouth nicely to accept the gag. I spread my lips to receive the material, and she flicked a small pill into the back of my throat and stuffed the panties in laughing, and then wound the scarf around my head. The pill tasted dry and bitter, and I was looking at her, what did you give me? She merely smiled and left the room. I felt the pill slowly dissolve, but felt no affect, and I did have a strong faith that Lynn would never do anything to endanger my life.

When she returned, 30 minutes later, she looked excited and animated, wearing a leather corset that was incredibly sexy on her tan skin and some drop dead nasty slit up the middle black panties.

Lynn kneeled down in front of me and just that act caused my prick to start to stir. She wrapped a soft nylon tie around the base of my cock behind my balls, and cinched it down rather snuggly. It caused my cock to remain swollen without any effort from Lynn to excite it. She obviously liked the affect and she played with it, getting rougher and rougher with it to see if the hard on would remain. Even when she pinched and pulled painfully, my cock remained erect. She then told me that the pill was a Viagra, and that she expected me to hard for some time to come.

I was feeling pretty agitated with the now obvious reaction from the medication and the tie, and my dick was so hard it hurt to look at it, and reminded me of a line from a movie, "blue steel a cat couldn't scratch."

She then informed me that my surprise would be unveiled immediately. She had been using lube to lightly stroke my dick, but the pressure was not nearly enough to give me what I desperately needed, an orgasm, so I was left sitting contemplating my fate. Lynn looked so attractive and sexy, it was easy to take a deep breath and not worry too much about my present situation. She found what she was looking for and turned around, holding a large black object that obviously was a butt plug. It looked about 5 inches long and about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. I was certainly fearful, but Lynn assured me that she would go slowly and I would end up enjoying it as much as she would love to introduce it to me.

She kneeled again in front of me, and using a free hand slid her fingers between the pillows and down the crack of my ass behind my balls, gently stroking me to lessen my anxiety. She was telling me how much she loved me and how I would be surprised at the feel. She dripped quite a bit of lube over the narrow tip, letting me see the whole operation, and then she slowly slid the plug back between my cheeks as I unweighted on the seat cushion to keep from being penetrated. Once in place, the wide base kept it from moving and she straighten up and moved about the room, telling me how excited she was. I was pretty successful in not lowering my self on to the implement of her excitement. Lynn came back and asked me to give it a chance. She played with me some, coaxing me to relax. I resisted, and she whispered that she would have to take other measures then. She took another longer tie and wrapping the whole seat cushion and my legs into the loop, buckled the strap and cinched across my thighs, tightening it to the point where I was having to fight to remain off the plug. She smiled at my attempts and merely teased my cock and whispered how much I would thank her later.

She stood up and facing me, straddled my lap and started rubbing her wet pussy against my cock, which had turned a dark and angry color. She was rocking slowly, letting the head of my cock slide up and back against her clit and vaginal opening. She finally let the head slip in an inch of so and the feeling was divine, not having made love to her for several weeks, only getting milked as she saw fit for release. She sighed, kissing my face, and whispering how much she loved cock, she sunk slowly down onto my throbbing member, and bottomed out, rubbing her clit against the nylon tie around my cock. She was getting off about every minute and I was coming closer and closer to orgasm, and just when I started the final moments of my need, when thrusting was an u*********s thing, Lynn reached down with both hands. As I started an upthrust she quickly removed both pillows that had kept the majority of weight inches from the seat cushion, and I was propelled down onto the plug by the weight of her body on my lap. It was impossible to escape, and I was impaled about 3/4 of the way onto the object, just at the widest portion of the bevel, and it was very painful. I was struggling to get up and while still sitting on my lap Lynn calmly cinched the large strap tight, removing any hope of rising.

Lynn was stroking my brow and kissing my face, and wiggling her ass to cause me to feel each movement. She was smiling at me, and telling me that she knew I would like it once I stopped resisting, and continued to rock her pelvis against my lap. My dick was no help at all, it became even more rigid, and the need for release was something I could almost taste. Lynn was in no hurry, she knew I was helpless and this was quite entertaining for her. I was getting fatigued from having to remain tense to keep from lowering myself, her weight was the deciding factor, and she kept cinching on the strap to take any slack that might have occurred. She was teasing me with her pussy, telling me that all I had to do was everything she wanted, and I would get to get off; don't you want to cum for me? She cooed.

She started pinching my nipples and biting my neck, and the pain seemed to lessen the feeling I was experiencing in my ass. This lasted for several minutes until she slowly she rose slightly off my lap without fully withdrawing my cock, and dropped onto my lap with all her weight and "plop," in went the plug all the way. I felt a mixture of relief for the narrowing at the sphincter but violation because the depth of the instrument. The base kept it from going all the way in, obviously, and it was tightly nestled in my ass.

"There you go. See, what did I tell you, it was not that bad, and pretty soon you will be begging me for it, won't you, baby?" she whispered. Immediately she cinched the strap and my helplessness was complete. She continued to fuck my cock, all the time watching me for signs to keep me from cumming.

I was as close to cumming as I had ever been, and Lynn stood up and walked away. There I sat with a raging hard on, and no chance to relieve myself.

Lynn assures me that she loves me, that I fulfill many things she needs in a relationship, it is the hard fucking that she missed, and now that she has that she is want for nothing. I told her that I could get rough with her, if that was what she wanted, and she just smiled, and said, "No thanks, I like things how they are for a while."

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keep the story going its pritty good