My wife pt1

My wife Lynn and I have been married several years. Lynn is 5'7," 120 lbs. near 40 years old, a slim dishwater blond with nice tits and a very firm ass, works out daily, dresses conservatively, but loves to put on sexy under things, lingerie is very much a turn on for her. She is a sweet and very pretty lady, rather quiet and passive most of the time, even submissive in bed, but she loves sex and gets into it when we make love. If I had a complaint it is that she does not offer much about what she likes, even when I try to get her to open up. She is incredibly responsive, and can get lost in the sexual moment with no problem. Lynn's ex-husband was rather abusive, so I have always tried to treat her tenderly. On those few occasions that I became aggressive during sex, she did not complain, but each time I felt a wave of guilt wash over me for being an insensitive guy, it took all most of the pleasure of it away, so little of our lovemaking involved hard fucking.

I am not the jealous type. In fact I enjoy it when she gets aroused, the joke of the house is she has the "hots" for Tom Cruise, so I drag her off to all the new Cruise movies that come out, and of course benefit from the excitement.

There has been a man at work that has been coming on to her for quite a while, so when she finally told me about it, I assumed it was not completely unwelcome. I informed her that if she was interested, go for it. She is very straight laced and I did not think she would be interested, but I was not concerned, she has shown her love for me and I was very secure with our relationship. Over the next few weeks she explored the idea during our lovemaking. She became very animated and aggressive during sex with me while thinking about another man, and she was very interested in my reaction to all this, sometimes just watching my cock while she talked to me about what might happen. Lynn was not disappointed in my reactions, my cock responding to her words and enthusiasm as expected.

After she was sure that I truly was not upset, she gave Jerry the green light. They made plans and one night she told me that she had a date. I was of course nervous but excited, and was looking forward to being able to watch and share with her. Unfortunately, she told me that this would be without me, that she had not told Jerry that their meeting was with my knowledge, and she would feel more comfortable with just the two of them to break the ice. I was disappointed, but I trust her completely, so I agreed. That night, after what seemed like forever, she came back home from being with him and we immediately went to bed and I made love to her. She was extremely horny and had orgasm after orgasm during intercourse, while I enjoyed the warmth and wetness that had been caused by being with Jerry before me.

While we did not talk much about what transpired, Lynn assured me that she still loved me, and the sex had been fantastic. I was very supportive and told her that if she wanted, she could repeat. I made my case about how I was interested in watching her get off, which is my true desire, seeing her having one great orgasm after another while I watched her. She was very affectionate and made me feel so loved and appreciated.

The second date was much as the first for me, I was not allowed to attend, and when Lynn got home we both ended up in the bedroom. She was not very talkative but I could tell she was excited and we made love passionately. This was our pattern for a few weeks with Lynn looking for every opportunity to run off and jump in the sack with Jerry.

I was getting a bit impatient about not being able to be with her and finally I protested, and told her "I am sharing my wife, I would appreciate Jerry sharing some too." Lynn was nervous about telling Jerry the truth, but she could tell I was very serious about it and promised to discuss it with him.

The following night she had a date with him and dressed to thrill. When she returned, even later than usual, she was much more directing than usual. She had me strip and lie on the bed, while wearing her nastiest lingerie, she sat cross-legged between my legs, playing with my cock, using some luxurious cream lube and stroking it sensuously, she told me about the night with Jerry. He was much more f***eful with her this time and when they got to his place, he basically tore her clothes off and fucked her. She loved it, he has a nice cock, a bit more than mine, and very thick, and she really enjoyed him making her take it hard. I was getting very excited, after the long wait and now the stroking, and was very close, but Lynn suddenly stopped all activity.

"I am not ready for you to cum right now, so wait," she said as if that explained everything. I was in much anguish, and she merely smiled at me. She then started that slow sexy stroking again and got me very close again, and then stopped once more. I was incredibly close to squirting, just waiting with short breaths for her to continue. "I want you to tell me that you enjoy the idea of me with another man, and that you want me to do it some more," she said coyly, just softly brushing my rock hard cock with her hand for emphasis.

I was not about to argue with her right then, so I told her what she wanted to hear, "I am excited about you and another man fucking" I said softly, "Please keep stroking me." She continued to tease me until she made me tell her several times in different ways that it was ok for her to do what she was doing, to be out fucking another guy while married to me. I mumbled some of the responses, but she would not continue until I had told her in no uncertain terms that I would be happy to hear about each event and would get off while she told me all the juicy details. Apparently she was finally satisfied with my promises, stroked my cock and told me, "Beg to cum, baby."

"Please... please may I cum?" I whimpered.

Lynn firmed up her stroke, getting my attention, no tease at all and I was so near climax it was getting rather painful, and said "That's a good baby, you want to do what I tell you don't you, baby?"

"Yes, Please may I cum?" I begged.

"Okay baby, cum for me, make me happy." Lynn purred, with me spurting my spunk all over my stomach, the bed and her hand. It was very moving for me; she had always been the passive one in bed so this was certainly a change. We cleaned up and cuddled to sl**p.

The next date, even though I protested, she went off alone with Jerry and came back looking well fucked and satisfied. She told me to get on the bed, pulled out some soft nylon ties with buckles and tied my wrists spread to the headboard, legs spread to the footboard, face up spread eagle. She had obviously planned this, considering the straps, which I had never seen before. We had played with bondage in the past but it was always my initiating, we had both found it fun and exciting, so I did not resist. I was very helpless and my cock was rock hard with anticipation and she was very coy, teasing and playing the game, telling me that she wanted to let me cum but I would have to earn it first. She was wearing some more nasty looking lingerie and seemed excited. She told me," You must earn the right to cum, do you understand?"

I said nothing and she took some cream and dripped it over my dick, hard and wanting attention. "You have to convince me," she purred, "regardless of what I ask you to do, that you really want to please me and will do what I tell you to do." She started stroking me. I was already aching for release, so I said, "Honey, I love you, of course I will do what you want," thinking I had fulfilled my end of the bargain she would let me get off. She smiled at me and stroked my rod and watched me get closer and closer. Suddenly she reversed directions on the bed and positioned her pussy over my face while still holding onto my cock. She had slipped out of her panties, there was cum seeping out of her pussy, she was still toying with my cock, telling me that she really wanted to give me release, but I had to do the right thing first. "Are you sure you want to do what I want?" she whispered, obviously very aroused. "Eat me." I was not so excited now, and it was apparent that I was having some doubts, but she grabbed one of my nuts and said, "Either you ask to eat me, or I squeeze." Well, one thing and another, my excitement and her persuasion, I said "Okay."

In the hoarse whisper she gets when she is really horny, she ordered. "No, beg to eat me, just like I want. Beg real good!" She squeezed again, and I begged plenty. She dropped her pussy on my face and for the next several minutes, I experienced her getting off time and again on my mouth, all the previous cum draining in my face. She seemed to forget about me and my situation, and just rode my face like a cowgirl in the barrel races.

After she had cum at least a half dozen times, she rose from my face and repositioned herself between my legs, with my cock very hard and very close to cumming. She took more cream and smeared it on my cock, and the feeling was divine. She was stroking it slowly and I was so close I was aching, my hips lifting off the bed trying to follow her hands as they traveled over my stiff dick. She was apparently enjoying the feeling of power, because she was made me promise to allow her to do this whenever she wanted, anytime, and I was inclined to agree at that moment. She then surprised me and while she was stroking my shaft with one had, she took a finger from the other hand and slowly started to play with my ass and anus. She had never tried this before, and helpless and excited as I was it was feeling very sexy. She then looked straight into my eyes, smiled at me, and slowly but continuously, using the lube from my shaft, slid a finger into my ass, curving it forward and starting to massage my prostate. I had some knowledge of the action, had read on prostate stimulation, but had never experienced it, and it was like a bypass on my usual sexual function, and I was shaking with pent up excitement. She was very much in control and just when I was about to climax, she stopped all motion and I slowly sunk back to the bed, but still could feel the violation of her finger in my ass.

"Do you like this feeling?" she asked. She smiled and moved her finger slowly against my prostate.

"I feel very much out of control, but it is very exciting," I replied.

"From now on, I want to be able to do this anytime I desire," she informed me, "do you understand?" She smiled and wiggled her finger in my ass to remind me of her power over my body just then. By this time precum was oozing out of my cock. She was masterful in her teasing. Lynn made me beg to have her do this to me whenever she wanted, and when I had promised several times, asking "You mean it?" a few times more, she started stroking in earnest.

"You still have to beg to get off, baby, You know you always have to beg me, baby." she told me softly.

"Please may I get off? Please?" I pleaded. She tightened her grip on my shaft, rubbing sensuously, really dug her finger into my prostate gland, and I shot my wad. This was no ordinary orgasm; way different from any other I had ever experienced, much more intense. It was as if I had my nuts pulled out the end of my cock, I came so hard I was grunting and sounded like a moose in heat. The reaction was not lost on Lynn, and she was obviously pleased with herself for the results. Before she released me from the bonds, she laid down next to me and snuggled, stroking my body and face, reminding me that I had promised to let her do this when she wanted. It was touching to be this close with her, she was very affectionate. When she finally untied me, we hugged and fell asl**p holding each other.

Her sex drive had gone from twice a week to wanting to have sex daily and play with me any chance she got. During the day, she was the same loving wife I adored, constantly showing me she loved me and thanked me for her sojourns away from home, with only small flashes of her increased libido, but in the evening she would become very horny, anticipating the activities ahead.

Lynn's dates with Jerry continued in the same manner, but increased in frequency. She would dress in a skimpy dress or skirt and sheer blouse, and I worried about her being seen by our friends, but it did not seem that they went out on the town much if at all, it was more a physical relationship.

One evening some weeks into the affair, after she had returned from Jerry's house, we assumed the usual roles of me asking how it went and her slowly leading me to the bedroom to play with my cock, which had been hard for hours waiting for her to come home. She directed me onto the bed and tied me up as often before. She was even more assertive than before. She informed me she was still horny, but sore from all the fucking she and Jerry had done. She did not want to fool around; she just wanted me to beg to eat her pussy. She loved how good my tongue felt on her clit and it would be soothing and so loving to feel my mouth on her pussy after all she had just experienced. I studied her beautiful face for some clue as to her true feelings, but when she started reaching for my balls I said, "Please sit on my face, I love to get you off, and I want so much for you to be happy."

She smiled, slid her panties down and she informed me "Jerry came at least three times in my pussy tonight and I have been very careful to not let much seep out, so I can share that with you." Lynn crawled up facing the headboard and looking down at my face, put her knees on each side of my head, grabbing my head, using my hair as handles with both hands. She maneuvered her dripping gash onto my face and started grinding away. She seemed to try and place her pussy over my mouth by sliding it up and down my face wet with cum and when finally positioned, she obviously was working her abdominal muscles to deposit as much semen in my mouth as possible. During this whole event her eyes were closed, all the while telling me what a slut she was and how she loved to be nasty for Jerry and how much she appreciated coming home to be cleaned up and loved by me. I was having difficulty hearing her because her thighs against my ears, locking my head into her crotch. I could barely breath because of her lack of concern for my comfort while she was rocking away on my face, with constant ooze of cum from her pussy trickling into my mouth. I felt ripple after ripple of orgasm pass over her as I struggled to get her off while tied helplessly on our bed.

She was very pleased with my performance and told me how happy she was. She made no effort to untie me, however, she did reposition herself between my secured legs, then started pinching and snapping lightly at my cock, taunting it to life, and I got very hard again. She was telling me what a stud Jerry was and how much she dreams of his cock, all the time rubbing the head of my dick, sometimes circling the tip with her palm, and only occasionally grabbing the shaft and pumping it gently. There was nothing I could do, completely helpless and very aroused. She started stroking my shaft ever so softy. I was completely paralyzed with her touch. She knew the effect she was having and was aroused, but determined to make me work for it.

"You want to me to tell Jerry everything, don't you?" she said accusingly, mocking me in her manner. "You want him to know that you are sharing me, don't you? Don't you?" she teased as her hands traveled up and down my hard cock.

"Don't you? she asked suddenly agitated. She was obviously looking for me to agree with her. She caressed my balls to remind me of her power, and then asked again, more f***efully, "You want him to know about us don't you?" She gave my balls a firm squeeze and I told her what she wanted.

"I want Jerry to know the truth," I said.

"Then you will be happy to know I finally told Jerry everything," she said softly. "You are happy about that, aren't you, baby? Aren't you happy with that, my little husband?," she asked, as she stoking my shaft with her warm, smooth hands. Lynn prolonged the agony even longer, making me admit that I needed her to tell Jerry everything about the relationship.

"Please may I cum," I offered before her prompting. She was very happy with me for that and slowly slid her finger into my ass and started to piston in and out against my prostate. She continued to massage my gland and after just a few moments, stroking my hard cock, I was swept into an orgasm that I could not control.

Since that time she has gotten even more controlling, which is even more embarrassing for me, and I am afraid it is Jerry's influence on her that is doing this. Lynn tells me that he is very rough with her and will basically throw her onto the bed and fuck her mouth, her pussy and even her ass (which she has always declined with me when I attempted it) whenever he wants. She confided that she gets off so hard that it is embarrassing to her, likening it to how hard I get off when she strokes me with prostate massage. She feels used, but she cannot stay away. She did tell me that Jerry had directed her to be in charge of her marriage. He felt that if her husbands' willing to let another man fuck my wife, he would also enjoy letting her be in control. She was skeptical at first, but Jerry had threatened severing the relationship with her if she did not do as she was told. She had promised him she would try. When each time I responded to her aggressiveness, she was emboldened and took it a little further each time. She had been surprised that I had allowed all this to transpire, but Jerry had obviously been right. I am sure he has been feeding her information on how to control me, and I do not know what to do. I want her to be happy and get some great sex, but I had not anticipated on being submissive. I was anticipating a sexy hotwife, not this situation and I only see her becoming more demanding and controlling. Lynn has been coercing me to do all sorts of things now and she is very effective in her teasing and reward system. I have even found myself responding to this treatment, to the point where it is becoming more difficult to orgasm without her being in charge during prostate stimulation. The few times since she has allowed me to have intercourse with her, it is very difficult to get close and I could not get off. She is a bit short with me, saying "Jerry had no trouble cumming in my pussy as you can attest to." She will then tie me back on the bed and begin her routine of making me say and promise things for her to do with Jerry if I am to get off, then grinding her pussy on my face.

Each day I ask myself how I can allow myself to be put in these different predicaments. I steel myself to stand up to her, but each time I see her beautiful face, a big smile on it, and her careful attentions to my cock, I lose my resolve and end up not arguing and going along, usually d**g to the bedroom to be embarrassed. Am I secretly seeking a relationship where I am embarrassed and violated? I do not know.

Lately, a few times a week, she has taken to handcuffing me naked in a straight back chair in the bedroom, facing the bed, my hands behind me and my ankles tied to the rear chair legs, spreading my legs and exposing me. She will tease me and then lie on the bed and use a vibrator to get off. Often she will on the phone with Jerry, telling him how much she worships him and how embarrassed I am listening to his wife talk about taking cock. One day in particular, she would occasionally come over and rub her ass on my face and tell me to lick her as she slowly stroked my cock till I was squirming with excitement, all the while giving Jerry a running account over the cordless phone in her hand. This time she pulled out a dog collar and attached it to my neck with a loop that ran down the back of the chair and a long end in front that she could pull on causing me to sit bolt upright and have no measure of movement. She pulled on it till it was tight and took the end and wound it time and again over my cock and balls, so that if I moved at all I was pulling against my balls. She got the cream, and using that maddening stroke of hers, got me so close. She took wadded up thong underpants that obviously she had worn after being with Jerry, full of cum, and tried to push them into my mouth. I resisted and she grabbed my balls and squeezed till I started to protest and then pushed the soggy thongs in, silencing me, then used a scarf to secure it there, all the time laughing, walked over to the phone and put the speakerphone on. She came back and knelt in front of me and began to stroke my dick, asking me if I wanted to have Jerry fuck her in front of me? She was ready to let me watch her take his big cock. "Would you like that?" she asked, really going to town on my cock. I could not move much at all, and with the panties I could only mumble my words. She was teasing me relentlessly and then she said, "Well, I guess you don't want to watch me with my lover, you aren't saying a thing I can understand." I was so close to cumming that I ached, I was trying to tell her ok, that it was okay and that I wanted to watch, and just as I was about to get off, she stopped touching me again and laid back on the bed with the speaker phone still on, with Jerry telling her what a slut she was. This was the first time I had ever heard his voice, he asked Lynn if I could hear what he was saying, she told him I could. When she answered him, she would call him Sir. I had no idea what that all meant, but it did not allay any of my concerns.

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7 months ago
thatl teach you, beware what you wish for sometimes you get what you do want and its not always as good as the fantasy
3 years ago
it sounds like your happy so stick with it 6/10