S I T (Sub In Training)
S I T (Sub In Training)

He was in a totally darkened room no larger than a crawl space. She had him right where she wanted him and she knew he would be where she left him previously. Her name is Mistress Camille and she is a ruthless Dominatrix. Mistress Camille is an expert in handling her sub and her antics are quite brutal. But every Dom has to train her sub and Mistress Camille knows her sub like the back of her hand which she used quite frequently across his face. Sub, bore her markings and he was very proud to bare any and everything his Mistress inflicted upon him. After all, she was his Goddess and he worshipped the very essence of her presence, be it oh so very painful.

Sub heard the footsteps of his Mistress as she approached and his excitement was felt far beyond the dark and dreary crawl space of his refuge. In his darkened haven of loneliness, Mistress Camille's presence filled his hell with glorious light and admiration. As she unlocked the door and opened it, the light from the outside caused his night vision to become blurred. He immediately assumed the usual position to greet his Mistress. With his head to the ground and eyes shut tightly, he awaited her command to kiss her feet and look upon her greatness.

Mistress spoke firmly as she rubbed his head and loosened the chain which was tied snug to a stump she had put there for the purpose of securing an a****l. "You may look upon my beauty and know not what another man knows of my body." She would torment Sub with those words.

Sub held up his hands as though he had been praying and had received an answer to his prayers. "Yes, my Mistress, it is an honor to look upon such extreme beauty, thank you so very much." Her torturous and inhumane treatment of him was glorified and accepted completely.

Mistress was in her black corset and spike heels with razor sharp points which she used to kick Sub to a bl**dy pulp, then make him lick the bl**d from the wounds of his malnourished flesh. Sub would tell Mistress how he appreciated her and wasn't good enough to be punished by her hands so she would kick him good.........until he passed out when it suited her.

This particular day, Mistress had another idea. In her hand, was a very expensive brief case from Paris where Mistress kept all her gadgets which she used on such an occasion as this. Sub already knew what to expect as Mistress noticed his usual submissive crawl towards her. Mistress tightened the collar so that Sub would have a difficult time squirming and cowering away from what was about to take place.

Mistress removed the twelve inch vibrator from the brief case. She put it in Sub's face so he could get a good look at it before she started slapping him with it. Mistress, then snapped her finger and beckoned him to follow her and she led him out of his area and into a room to a bed made of old clothes and rags which were shared by the rats who occupied his crawl space. Once upon the bed, Mistress firmly secured Sub's leash to an iron rack. Then it began..........................

Mistress swatted Sub's ass with a leather strap which was the usual command for Sub to lift his naked ass high in the Mistress the leverage she needed to insert the non lubricated vibrator. She rammed it hard as she could to get the head of it inside his ass. Sub didn't resist much as he knew her wrath would be greater than the effort spent at getting the vibrator inside him. As Mistress hand pushed in the tip of the vibrator she turned it on which she felt would accommodate the rest of it. It was still a struggle and a lot more of an effort to get deeper.

Mistress swatted Sub's ass and he knew that she wanted him to assist her in getting it in. Sub knew just what to do and of course, about three more inches successfully slid inside. Mistress started to manipulate the vibrator with her hands and f***efully rammed it in as far as she could. Sub was now grunting and very uncomfortable but he remained cooperative and adjusted to the now nine inches of vibrating brute f***e inside him.

Mistress smacked Sub's ass in command for him to move his ass in fulfilling joy of her efforts. Sub complied but his eyes were now filling up with tears yet there was that same look of complete submissive love that only a loyal slave could have. It was pure and perfect and as unconditional as a mother's love for her c***d.

Moments later, it became very easy to push the other three inches inside him and Mistress could see his hips start to gyrate. Sub took it all in and his huge manliness was becoming firm and fat. Mistress decided that she wanted to leave the vibrator where it was and pleasure herself with a smaller dildo. Mistress grabbed one from the brief case then she turned off the vibrator and just left all twelve inches of that thick plastic stuck inside Sub's ass. Mistress couldn't help but notice how much cock Sub had and it caused her cunt to tingle from arousal. Mistress flipped sub onto his back and mounted him with the dildo in her hand. "I don't need your cock, slave do I?" She ask.

"No Mistress." Sub responded. Mistress inserted the dildo while she was on top of Sub and rode it slowly at first, then within a few rapid and thunderous hip gyrational seconds later, a wondrous orgasm. Mistress got up and noticed the submissive fear in sub's eyes. Sub had no idea what he would be required to do next, although very willing to comply. Mistress commanded Sub to get up and as a fearful puppy, he started urinating.

With disgust, Mistress started kicking

Sub and yelling at him to clean up the mess. Sub was bleeding from the razor sharp point of Mistress Camille's shoe. Mistress then pushed Sub onto the tattered bed and the dildo went further up his ass and would now require some work to be removed. Sub bolted and landed on the floor and Mistress knew he was in agony. "My job here is finished." She said.

Mistress grabbed the brief case then she removed a dry peanut butter sandwich and a bottle of water and left it on the floor next to Sub. Mistress told sub to eat it before the rats got it.

"I will eat it later, if its okay with you, my Mistress, but what about the vibrator?" Sub asked her.

"It will be okay where it is until I return." Was Mistress reply. Sub would be waiting as he usually does, for Mistress to return and spend another hour or so mistreating and humiliating him. Sub has so much to live for.

Sub watched Mistress walk out the door and she was sure he noticed that she didn't lock the door behind her...... Mistress knew full well that Sub would never leave the room, without her permission.

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