Valentine's Dinner with Sir

Valentine’s Day happened to pop up shortly after Sir and I began corresponding, and He suggested we take a break from our “First Night” adventures and instead focus on the holiday. He asked me to begin by describing a perfect Valentine’s dinner, and we took it from there. Needless to say, it got very hot very quickly.

A busy high-end restaurant where we have a booth, one of the round ones so we can sit next to each other. i'm dressed as You like; after some long and hard sex You have selected my clothing (of course this doesn't include a bra because my tits are wrapped with silk rope, not as hard as usual but they'll have to stay like that for many hours). You tell me at the start of the evening that there will be little surprises throughout.

Soon after the champagne arrives you tell me to remove my g-string, which i barely manage to do in the booth without causing a stir. We enjoy appetizers while you kiss and fondle me in such a way that i feel like everyone in the place is watching.

You hand me a set of elastic bands, and instruct me to go to the washroom and wrap my nipples, to not play around because You will be checking them when i get back. i do so, despite the extreme tension already in my tits - this is crazy intense and i have no idea how i'll get thru the remainder of the meal. When i return You are true to Your word; as You lean in with a big kiss, You reach into my dress to inspect my nipples. Finding them to Your satisfaction, you give each an appreciative pinch and the meal goes on.

More champagne and more food, and with a truly wicked grin You suddenly hand me a small bag, telling me to take it into the bathroom and follow instructions. Turns out it is a a fairly sizeable dildo and a slightly smaller butt plug. There is no lube, but it's not like i would have needed any...i am dripping! i start with the plug; a quick dip into my snatch for lubrication, and then up my willing ass as fast as i can stand. The dildo follows quickly. It's only as i'm washing my hands and heading out the door to the table that i realize all is NOT well...there is some kind of hot sauce on both toys. You catch my eye from the table, and your grin says the night is just beginning...

I watch you squirm through your food with your eyes glazed with lust. I can't help it, it's turning me on so much I have to give you the occasional hard kiss as your mouth tries to swallow mine like I know your hot dripping snatch wants to swallow my cock. When the food is done I can tell every nerve in your body is on full sensitivity and craving my masculine love and abuse. I congratulate myself, only pay enough heed to subtly pull the back of your hair and kiss your neck and rub your nipples through your shirt before the waiter comes and I calmly order dessert.

Just before it comes, I pull out a remote control and lay it on the table. I watch your face as it searches for meaning before I see your eyes dart mine with a look of begging. I can read your thought: "Please Sir, no!" I smile, reach in like I'm going to say something, but simply nibble your earlobe while I push a button and what you thought was a simple dildo starts vibrating in your pussy.

Dessert arrives and you smile and thank him, though barely. I wait until you take your first bite before turning the vibrator up more. Your eyes close and I take the rest of the dessert. It takes all of your restraint to keep your whole body from convulsing as you're grabbing the table cloth. I calmly eat and watch and wait. It only takes one minute before your eyes slowly open and you barely whisper, "please Sir, may i cum?" "Tell me what you got me for Valentine's Day." "i brought you all three of my worthless holes and my beautiful tits and my entire being to do with as you please. Please use and hurt me. Please give me your cock. Please let me cum!" "You may cum." I watch your eyes roll back and I know then that my now rock hard cock is not going to be able to wait to leave the restaurant...

i can tell that something is going through Your head, and before i know what's coming you slide out the table ever so slightly. With a glance to ensure the waiter isn't right on top of us, you roughly push me to the floor beneath the table.

i barely have time to be thankful for the long tablecloth before you free your wonderful rod, grab my ears and push it all the way down my throat. i cannot help but jerk and buck a little, both from the surprise and from the lack of air, but you put an end to that with a harsh pinch to a nipple. i quiet immediately, and you begin sliding my head back and forth along your big shaft. my gag reflex is massaging your cock, and it doesn't take long before you blow down my throat.

i swallow it all, and trust that you will pull me up when it's safe; of course this was misguided as i come up from under the table to the knowing eyes of the waiter. i have never been so embarrassed - or so turned on - in my life!

100% (9/0)
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13 days ago
Very hot scenario and written with enough detail to paint a sexy mental image of you. :)
3 months ago
Hot and spicy topping for the toys is a great touch for a Dom, i loved it!
3 months ago
Aww, Well aren't you just the sweetest, most helpless, suffering Valentine ever, Passiva. I most enjoyed your description of the gifts you gave your Sir.
6 months ago
Sizzling hot story
8 months ago
That is a very stimulating story, particularly because of your eager submission.
9 months ago
it's nice for you two to enjoy each other in public. the idea of using the vibrating dildo in public restaurant is awesome :)
10 months ago
What a very naughty night out Passiva but it sounds like you certainly enjoyed the whole experience
10 months ago
Nice way to use your prohibitive gag reflex to your advantage and His pleasure