The Summer Storm

Tess always liked the few moments right before a summer storm. The air would swell, thick with heat and humidity and it would be so fierce it almost choked you with the moisture. The air was almost sticky and clung to your skin while the charge in the atmosphere made the hair on your arms stand on end. Then, just before you couldn’t take anymore of the clammy temperature, the heavens opened up and poured its sweetness over you. The ground would toss up one last wave of heat and then greedily drink of the wet bounty. Nothing felt, smelled or tasted like an August storm right before dusk in a small town. Usually Tess hurried out to catch the first raindrops before getting completely soaked to the skin.
Tonight was no exception. At the first few taps of rain on the porch roof she bolted out of her chair, the steamy romance novel she had been reading thrown aside and forgotten. She stood there on the grass of her back lawn with her arms out to her sides, face raised to the sky. The water felt so silky and cool on her sweaty body. It was during a storm like this that she really felt alive. The impromptu shower ran over her hair, neck and arms refreshing her body and soul. She stood there for several minutes completely still, just absorbing the rain. Smiling and happy, her thoughts were on absolutely nothing. Then without warning, a crack of thunder and lightning sounded almost overhead startling her from the trance. It was time to go in. With a bark of laughter at her fright, she turned and bounded up the steps and through the open door of the screened in porch…to suddenly collide with a solid wall of warm flesh.
Crying out in surprise, she stumbled falling back down the stairs. A hand shot out and gripped her upper arm and pulled her in to safety. Tess felt the slap of his hand on her skin as he tried to hold her. Automatically Tess’s hands went up to find something to hold on to and they met with warm, moist flesh. She looked up and into the dark glittering eyes of Sean, her boarder and handyman. A little gasp of surprise escaped her and she tried to back up, out of his arms, but he held her firmly. The moment grew longer as he continued to stare at her, his gaze taking in her wet hair, damp skin and tee shirt. Tess realized how skimpily she was dressed and how Sean was to be reacting to it. She had thrown on an oversized tee and a pair of cotton shorts. Both were white and showed everything when wet. She thought she was alone or she would never have gone outside at all. Obviously, she had been wrong.
Tess licked lips that were suddenly dry and noticed Sean tense, his hands tightening briefly and his eyes following the movement her tongue made. She had to do it to make her mouth work since it had gone suspiciously dry at the sight of him.
“I – it’s raining. I’m soaked.” She told him in a husky voice. She hadn’t meant it to come out that way, but her voice betrayed her.
“So I see. So I can feel.” He replied with a sardonic twist of his lips. He drew her against his body and her wet clothes started to soak his.
“Oh…I’m sorry.” Instantly contrite, she tried to pull away from him. His reaction was to hold her tighter until her breath came out in a startled puff.
“Don’t be. I like it.” His hand snaked up, pushing a strand of wet hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. His rough, calloused hand cupped her cheek, holding her face close to his. The rain battered the roof outside making the porch intimate and cozy. The warm setting and the hypnotically sexy man holding her made Tess shudder.
“Cold?” he asked. Tess had to wet her lips again to make them work. Again, his stare followed and she could almost feel the heat flare from his body to hers.
“No…not really. Just wet.” She told him in a hoarse whisper. She couldn’t make her voice work right. Then she realized what she had said to him and she felt her cheeks go red in embarrassment. What was he doing to her?
“Are you now? Perhaps I should see how wet you really are.” he told her softly. His smile went straight to her middle and made her belly tighten. His knuckle rose and skimmed over her nipple as he spoke.
“I want to touch you…taste you.” All pretenses gone, his face showed his desire. Tess tried to back away but she was pushed against the wall before she could even think. His hand bracketed her wrist drawing it behind her back; a simple restraint. The position made her arch her back pushing her breasts into his chest. They both moaned softly at the contact. Sean’s knuckle continued down, over her stomach, the V between her legs. She was frozen with shock and a sudden staggering desire. One voice in her head told her to run, to escape the hot longing his brief touch had ignited in her body. The other voice, the wicked one, wanted to take that finger between her teeth and suck on it with her lips and tongue. Tess honestly couldn’t think or make a decision beyond what was happening. Sean sensed her need and made the decision for her.
Eyes locked on hers, his hand came up slowly, slid under her wet shirt and palmed her swollen breast. Tess stopped breathing altogether as she felt his thumb and forefinger gently encircle her nipple and squeeze. Instantly she felt wetness between her legs. That brief contact had her pussy throbbing in expectation. Her skin heated, and the scent of her arousal rose between them. The gathering dark made it almost impossible to see his expression clearly but Tess could feel his desire was barely contained. Strong fingers plucked at her nipple, pulling on it gently, rolling it until Tess’s breathing grew faster and louder, her chest rising and falling like the rain outside. He was watching her reactions, his nostrils flaring as he caught her aroused scent and she could feel her body heating and tensing. Slowly, he raised her breast in his hand and with his eyes still deep in hers bent his head a little and caught her engorged nipple between his teeth over the shirt. All thought fled from Tess’s brain as she felt his warm lips and tongue do wonderful things to her sensitized nub. Instant fire ran from her nipple straight to her clit. God how it throbbed. Her eyes closed and her head fell back against the wall as she tried to absorb the pleasure Sean was bringing to her body. No one had ever paid so much attention to her nipples before. Then, suddenly, Sean grunted with impatience and his hand tore at the cotton imprisoning her body. Tess felt it give way to his strength. In amazement she waited to feel him upon her but instead he ran his hands through her hair, holding her head still.
“Open your eyes.” He whispered in her ear and followed it with a little kiss. His lips roamed over her eyes, her cheeks and lips. Fleeting caresses that she wanted to intensify but he seemed content to just nibble. So Tess opened her eyes and found him looking at her with dark concentration. His hand again found her exposed nipples and continued to torment first one, then the other. When Tess was left with her breath hitching and little moans were coming from her throat, his hand slid down her body until he was pulling off her shorts. They pooled around her feet leaving her clad in only her gossamer panties. He found the edge and slipped under. Tess held her breath, the muscles tightening in her stomach as his fingers slowly made their way down her silky skin. Her gaze was still locked in his and she could see the craving in his leap wildly when he encountered hot, wet folds and nothing else. Fierce delight in the discovery that she was clean-shaven was written all over his face. His apparent pleasure in how soaked and throbbing she was from his caresses made her breath stop. Lightly, teasingly, his fingers danced over her skin, slipping gently all around to get her used to his touch. Tess, completely immersed in sensation again let her eyes close but they flew open again when she felt his hand grip the folds of her cunt and squeeze lightly.
“I want your eyes open when I make you come.” He told her. Tess couldn’t respond, she could only feel as his fingers gently parted her nether lips and tested her wetness. Sean rumbled his satisfaction at her readiness and rewarded her by slipping two fingers inside her. Tess gave a little “oh!” of surprise then moaned as he started to work magic. His thumb found her clit hidden deep within her folds and he suddenly pressed on it hard while he pushed his fingers in her as deep as they could go. Tess cried out, the sensation so new and strange she gripped his arm and the other hand landed on his chest, trying to find leverage. She even tried to wiggle free from the powerful invasion but the position she was in prevented it as well as his hard muscled body.
“Sean, oh my god!” She was trapped and on fire and couldn’t finish a sentence to save her life. All thought, all feeling centered on the astonishing vibrations inside her.
“Ride my fingers Tess.” His voice filtered through her sensual haze. “Make yourself come by rubbing your cunt on my fingers and your clit on my thumb.” He instructed her.
“I-I can’t!” She managed to whisper, but he again showed her she was wrong. His fingers moved, and she couldn’t contain her shout as his hand settled, impossibly deeper this time.
“Yes you can. Ride my hand until you come. I promise it will be quick and hard.” He whispered back. Helplessly ensnared, Tess tried to do as he commanded. Her hips instinctively started to move forward, and then back and she could feel the extreme pressure his hand was putting on her mound. She didn’t have to move much, just rotate her hips really and she found the pleasure it delivered was so swift and powerful that her knees buckled. Sean wedged his knee between her legs firmly anchoring her and that was all she needed. Breathless, moaning, she rocked on his fingers, her eyes on his as she moved. The heat built in her body as she felt her orgasm hovering on the edge of bliss. After a few motions of her hips, her dazed whimper and the sudden clenching of her inner muscles was the indication that she was going to come any moment. That was all that Sean could take. His lips fastened onto hers, drinking in the rapid cries issued from her throat as she came hard on his hand and shouted her pleasure into his mouth. He could feel her nails digging into his arms as she rode out the wave of her orgasm. Sean tore his lips from hers, quickly removed his fingers from inside her and before she could recover, was dragging her to the darkest corner of the porch.
“You are so beautiful when you come.” Came his throaty whisper from the dark. “I need to see it again.” He was tumbling backward onto a chaise lounge; Tess was roughly drawn up in his arms, positioned over him and suddenly brought down onto his waiting cock. How he had gotten undressed so quickly she never knew, but he was all muscle and taut skin. He gave her no time to protest or admire his lean body, he just made her feel. Tess cried out as the head of his cock slid into her. The rest of her first climax played out and built again as she slid down and sheathed him eagerly. Sean’s hands were on her hips, guiding her, lifting her as he thrust into her dripping pussy. The heat was building again, hotter and faster this time and with no warning an orgasm was again upon her, washing over her, bringing her up sharply into the fire. Her inner muscles milked Sean’s throbbing cock, her climax urging on his own. With a ragged cry, he joined her, the cords in his arms standing out with the strain.
Still inside her, he sat up and held her close to his body, the heat from their frenzied lovemaking slowly being cooled by the wind and rain outside. Their breathing slowly returned to normal, their heartbeats slowed. Sean raised his head, softly smoothing back her black hair from her face. Hesitantly, she returned his gaze and saw what he did. Lips swollen from his feral kisses, eyes bright with satisfaction and longing. His breath caught at her uninhibited beauty, and her shy half-smile. Sean made up his mind to never let her go.
“More.” Was all he said and he stood abruptly, bringing Tess with him. He swept her into his arms, ignoring her protests and strode down the porch steps and into the rain. Tess didn’t know where he was taking her until his cabin came into view. He was up the steps and through the door before she even knew it. He walked confidently to the couch and lowered her gently until her feet touched the floor. Softly, sweetly, his lips covered hers, coaxing her tongue to play with his. Moaning, Tess’s arms wrapped around his neck, drawing him closer, deeper. Before she could run her hands down his muscled body, he pulled back and turned her roughly around so she was facing the couch. He pushed on her shoulders until her knees were on the cushions and her arms along the back of the couch. Then she felt him start to invade her pussy again, this time from behind. She was so swollen from her arousal the fit was very tight. She moaned and heard Sean echo her.
“I’m sorry, next time we’ll go nice and slow but right now I need you too much to be gentle.” Came his voice in her ear. He inched inside her engorged chamber until the head of his cock was so deep she saw lights dancing behind her eyes. A groan of fulfillment from Sean and then he began his pace. Tess could only hold on as he pushed in and out of her and when he grabbed a fistful of her hair to pull her face to his she felt the hot electrical power run over her, soaking his cock with her juices. His other hand reached around her upper body until it was nestled again against her wet clit. With unmerciful precision he rubbed and pressed with each thrust until Tess was panting, crying out with each stroke.
“I can feel it inside…you’re going to come…” came the harsh cry from Sean as he felt her inner muscles clench on his hardness, again and again, drawing him back inside her warmth.
“Yes…yes, please…!” she whispered back just as she felt her lower body contracting with release. Sean gave one last thrust so hard and deep Tess found her orgasm rebuilding with the pressure, only to crest and start all over again as Sean finished behind her and collapsed against her back. Hardly able to move, Tess smiled in contentment when she felt Sean’s lips and teeth graze gently but firmly over her shoulder blades, the nape of her neck. He was branding her as his own and suddenly, it didn’t seem as horrible as Tess had earlier imagined. She loved the feel of his teeth and lips and hands and never wanted him to stop.
The downpour outside continued on unabated as Sean shakily stood and pulled Tess with him. Silently he herded her into his bedroom, into his bed. He lay her down reverently and held himself over her, watching her face for any hesitation, any doubt. Boldly, she returned his gaze and leisurely smiled the smile of a sated woman who had just been made love to passionately, and then she yawned equally as large wrecking the image. Sean smiled back with laughter, happy in the knowledge that she was his woman and that he put the pleased look on her face. Gathering her close he tucked her head into his shoulder. No words were needed as they fell asl**p in each other’s arms.
Hours passed, the rain poured down and Tess was awakening with a fierce need burning inside her. Gradually she realized that Sean’s fingers were playing with her nipples. She came fully awake when she realized that he was down between her legs, his breath heating her wet and aching cunt.
“Again…” she heard him murmur before his lips and tongue sweetly devoured her pussy. He was licking slowly, teasing her by dipping inside lightly, and then sliding up to deftly find her clit. His teeth lightly bit her hidden core and Tess instantly came apart under his expert hands. His mouth trailed back up her smooth stomach to latch onto an erect nipple. His hard cock slid in effortlessly, and her legs rose to encircle his hips. He pushed in all the way so that his skin stroked against her sensitive nub. Then he slowly pulled out until the pulsing head of his member rubbed her sensitive button before sinking back into her wetness. Again and again he repeated this slow torture until Tess was crying from the sensations. She tried to speed him up with her hips, but his body was already mastering hers and he wouldn’t let her. She tried to use her hands to pull him down to her, but his strong hands encircled her wrists pinning them to the mattress. She was his prisoner; his to command and he did so with magnificent skill.
Tess thought she would go out of her mind and drown in the awareness of primal sex they were sharing. She was crying, moaning, begging, “Please…Sean…please”. His forehead touched hers, his body bowed as he suddenly gave her what she wanted, driving into her deeply and hard bringing her to a powerful climax and his own. Seconds before he let himself go, he heard her ragged shouts, felt her body writhe beneath his hands and fell over the edge of madness for her.
“Yes…I love you too Tess.” He told her as he felt her clench around his spent cock. Tess was in a haze of sensual pleasure and didn’t realize at first that his words he spoke were in response to her sighing that she loved him over and over as the tightening of her inner muscles drove them both wild. Sean let them recover their senses before he gingerly moved from the bed and padded quietly into the adjoining bathroom. Tess heard the shower start in the dark and wondered if she could sneak out silently before he returned.
What the hell had she been thinking telling him that she loved him? In the middle of a mind blowing orgasm no less! She had fallen in love with him a long time ago if she wanted to be truthful to herself, but actually telling him so might have been a mistake. She didn’t even remember when her heart and head had caught up to each other. Ah, who the hell was she k**ding? She didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to return to the reality of their separate lives. She wanted to love him forever with her body and soul.
As if sensing her impending flight and confused thoughts, Sean quickly returned, and silently picked her up and taking her into the shower with him. The hot soothing water, and two more climaxes courtesy of Sean’s greedy hands and deluxe massaging showerhead, proved too much for Tess once they finally dried off and lay tucked under the covers of his huge bed. She was instantly asl**p, leaving Sean to lie awake and wonder at this passionate, stunning woman he had finally lured into his arms.
When he watched her frolic in the rain earlier, he thought her the most beautiful, bewitching woman he had ever seen. He had known right there that he was falling in love with her and that he would do anything to make love to her. If she hadn’t responded the way she had on the porch, he knew he wouldn’t have been able to stop from imbedding himself deep inside her, willing or not. It was only a matter of time before he tempted her into his bed. Now he had to find a way to keep her there. Smiling wickedly, he reached into his nightstand and drew out a pair of silver handcuffs.
Placing the cuffs well within reach just in case, Sean finally succumbed to the drowsy heat of Tess’s slumbering body and dreamed.
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