The Dark Fantasy - Part Two

“Say it.” he demanded and the whole atmosphere in the room changed. Where before there was this illicit thrill, now I felt the element of danger. It wasn’t unpleasant so I let it continue. I watched the disbelief on my wife’s face. She didn’t know what to say or do. Something told me she had forgotten that we even had a safe word. I could tell by her rushed breathing that she was alternating between panic and arousal. Would she say it? Would she acknowledge that this man had absolute power over her gratification?
“No.” she whispered and when I saw the Master’s (because that was how I saw him) eyes narrow I knew my wife was in trouble. He reached for something behind him on the dresser without even looking. I sat back again, my hands drifting to my cock. Damn I should have removed my jeans first. My wife must have heard my skin over the fabric for her attention suddenly went to the shadows where I sat. I only grinned in the concealment waiting.
I didn’t wait long. The Master was in front of her quickly, drawing her awareness back to him by grabbing her chin and pulling her head towards him.
“You do not tell me no.” he rumbled so deeply I had to concentrate to hear the words. My wife cried out abruptly; I watched as the Master quickly fastened clamps onto her distended nipples. A long golden chain was connected to each creating a bizarre sort of necklace. Again I thought that my wife didn’t usually like me to play with her nipples and I could see she was uncomfortable with the clamps on. She was trying to breathe normally but not having much luck. She moaned when his hand came out to tug on the chain and pull her closer to him with it. Awkwardly she came forward on her knees until she was kneeling right before him, almost hanging off the bed. Satisfaction and a savage contentment was what I could see on the Master’s face.
“You will receive no pleasure or reward from me until you recognize my title my little darling. You may call me Master.” he repeated his voice even. I saw the stubborn set of my wife’s jaw and almost pleaded with her to give in. I again held my breath, my zipper under my fingers ready to be pulled down. My cock was already throbbing in time with my heartbeat, wanting to be released into my greedy hands.
“No.” and this time she said it with conviction while looking him right in the eye. Uh oh even I knew this wasn’t good. I almost groaned out loud. I actually saw my wife’s eyebrow cock up slightly as if in challenge. The Master’s hands clenched and his jaw tightened. To his credit he reined in his anger and slowly leaned forward to gently caress my wife’s cheek. She flinched, as if expecting a slap but he only ran his fingers down slowly and softly. Almost…lovingly.
“That was unwise.” he whispered. He straightened and his hands went to his pants. We watched him unbutton the leather and his huge member sprang forth. Truly it was huge. Thick and long and as my wife stared at it in amazement, a drop of pre-cum beaded on the tip. I was impressed and not jealous at all. I sort of wondered how my wife would take all that into her body. Happily I quietly eased down my pants as best I could and took my very hard cock in my palm.
“Suck my cock little slave.” he told her. My wife’s gaze went from his pulsing cock to his face. Oh no don’t say it I silently entreated her.
The Master held himself in check but barely. I could actually see it. Quicker than I could follow his hand threaded through my wife’s hair and he pulled her to him. Without giving her any choice he f***ed his cock into her mouth and I heard her muffled cry as he slowly pushed himself in.
“That is the last time you will tell me ‘no’.” His voice was ominous. But again in control. I watched as he fucked her mouth, moving her head and showing her what he liked as he gazed down at her with glittering eyes. Her cheeks were hollowing, her throat trying to work as he pushed his cock further and further into her mouth. At one point she must have used her teeth on him; I saw the muscles in his arm flinch, and then tighten in her hair in a dire warning. It must have been painful for my wife for she rolled her eyes up to his and moaned around the fullness of him. This time he raised his eyebrow at her and continued to shove his hips forward.
Now my wife loves to suck my cock. She’s very good at it I thought and enjoyed the experience. She had tricks with her tongue that never ceased to make my eyes roll back in my head. I saw the moment when she decided to try them on him to make him come. Now it was a contest. The Master was showing her who was in control by using her mouth slowly and not even close to coming. My wife wanted to make him lose control.
I knew when she put that wicked tongue of hers to use when the Master inhaled through his nose sharply. That was the only indication that what she had done affected him. A new thrusts later and I saw his hips falter just the slightest bit. His expression was pensive and I thought he was trying to decide what to do. The next time she used her tongue he went motionless but still deep in her mouth, almost in her throat. Then, when she stopped he started up again, slow and easy. Again she tried and again he stopped but for longer. It was the third time that her eyes met his and this time with uneasiness. He stared down at her impassively. When she gave a little sound and tried to pull away, his hand in her hair prevented it. I think she tried to use her teeth again and he just waited her out. I heard her muffled cry of distress and thought to myself she can’t use her safe word!
“Breathe through your nose.” the Master commanded, his voice gentle. “You can do it. Slowly in and out. There, that’s it.” he cajoled and when she got her panic under control he slowly backed out of her mouth. My wife took a deep inhale and worked her jaw a little. The Master knelt down in front of her, one hand cupping her cheek to make her look at him. He was so tall that I saw his head was level with hers even though she was on the bed. The other hand was going between her legs, testing her wetness. She gasped and he murmured in approval. His fingers came away very wet and I knew she was enjoying this on some level. My wife watched as he placed his fingers in his own mouth and licked off her pussy juices. Then he put them back down and slipped the digits inside her with one plunge. I could see his thumb pressing on her distended clit and my wife cried out in distress.
He was slow, methodic. He never went too fast or too deep. Just enough to get my wife really hot and bothered. It was when her hips started to fuck his fingers back that he finally spoke.
“What is my name?” he asked and this time my wife didn’t answer. Her eyes were drowning in his, I could see the pools of tears in them from across the room. His lips descended to hers, giving little nips and licks but she couldn’t look away, couldn’t pull from him. “Give me what I want.” he was crooning to her.
“M-master.” I couldn’t even believe I had heard her. The Master was still torturing her with his fingers but the other was wiping away her tears.
“Say it again.” he ordered.
“Master.” my wife moaned, louder this time.
“Who owns you?” he asked and her head lowered for a moment as if in defeat.
“You do.” I heard the faintest whisper. The Master made her look at him again and I saw the light of triumph in his eyes. But I also saw respect. He puzzled me. Before I could discern this stranger he was speaking again and I had to lean forward to hear him.
“And who am I?”
I heard my wife sigh. “My Master.”
“Good girl. You have earned a reward.” he told her and with one quick thrust of his hand he embedded his fingers deeply inside. My wife cried out, her back straightening. The muscles in his forearm rippled and I guessed that he was curling those fingers against the walls her womb. My wife started to tremble.
“When you come, I want you to keep your eyes in mine little one. Don’t you dare look away.” he cautioned her. The Master rotated his thumb with just the right pressure and my wife lost it. With a wail she came, her body bowing, her eyes closing briefly then opening again to stay on his. She rode his fingers until he had wrenched the last of her orgasm from them. And the whole time she kept her gaze on his face like she had been told.

Part 3 coming soon...
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Oh, my! I loved every moment. Oh! I do hope there's more!
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very good continuation
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Bring on part 3
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fabulous, can't wait for part 3
Thanks for sharing