The Dark Fantasy - Part One

My wife and I were having a frank talk about sex one day. We are very open about what we want in our fantasies. We have been together for a years so we try to spice it up with role-playing, dressing up, whatever strikes our fancy. My wife is very pretty with long black hair, dark chocolate eyes, 36 D breasts and athletically slim. Perfectly cute and very fuckable. I’m the opposite of her with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’ve been told that we look like the opposite sides of wicked - she’s the dark sinner and I’m the angel. We make a good match.
So I told my wife that I would love to see her have sex with another man. She looked at me warily.
“As in both of you at the same time?” she asked.
“No, as in another man inside you while I watch.” I corrected her.
She stared at me for a moment, knowing I was serious.
“Let me think about it.” she told me and that was it for a while. Well at least it wasn’t a “no“. Not too long after I brought it up again. She seemed nervous about it so I let it go. The third time I asked if it was something she’d do for me and she didn’t answer right away. Then she told me what she thought.
“I’m not sure I could do it.” she told me. “I’m afraid that I would chicken out.”
“The thought of another man fucking you scares you?” I asked frankly. She nodded.
“A little.” she admitted. “It’s too much thinking to do you know? I’m already sort of freaking about who I would have to pick, what he’s allowed to do to me.” she shook her head. “If it were to happen it would have to be arranged ahead of time so we wouldn’t have to talk about it. Like if I just came home and there he was and he takes complete control of the situation and I wouldn’t have to dwell on the particulars too much.”
As she spoke I got the idea of what I wanted and how I could arrange it. She was still talking and I concentrated on what she was saying.
“It might feel easier with the decision taken out of my hands. Let me think about it a little longer.” she told me and I agreed. But that night I thought about what she had said and how I could make both our fantasies come true.

Later that week I met with someone I knew through mutual friends. He’s a personal trainer and he obviously took care of his body. I had heard that for a price he could arrange…extra services for friends. I approached him and he agreed that he knew someone that would be accommodating. He said that I just had to outline what I wanted and he could make it happen.
Phone number in hand I immediately called and set up a meeting. I had the time so we met right away at a local bar I knew about. When I got there I had no trouble picking him out. He was very well built, and obviously either worked out or worked outside from his deep tan. He had dark hair and eyes, just what my wife liked. He also looked a little sinister and I decided I liked that. I’m not gay but I can appreciate a good looking man and not feel threatened by him.
So I sat and asked right away if he would service my wife. His eyes widened a bit at my abruptness but then he tipped back his beer and asked if I had a picture of her. I opened my wallet and took out a pic I had slipped in a week ago just for this purpose.
He took it from me and stared at it for a long time. I watched his eyes move over her face and body several times. Without looking at me he spoke.
“Is this recent?”
“Yes, it’s from earlier this year.” I answered. He drank again and I waited. He was intrigued I could tell.
“Were you told that I’m a Dominant?” he asked, his tone uncaring. I had studied up on the whole BDSM scene and understand what he was asking. I didn’t want to look like an amateur but my quick research on the internet hadn’t given me everything I needed for this conversation.
“Yes. It’s what I asked for.”
“So you know what I’ll be asking of your wife if I agree?”
“I know some. I’m not an expert.” I admitted.
“What do you want?” he finally asked and I almost smiled knowing he wanted to do it. I could see it in his eyes as they dilated while focusing on her picture.
“I want you to fuck my wife while I watch.”
“Are you participating?” he asked me, his eyes finally looking me over. “I don’t do men.” I shook my head no.
“Neither do I. And for her not this time. I just want to watch and…see what happens.”
“What do you want to happen?” he asked. I had to make myself look placid and not smile.
“You can fuck her anyway you want for as long as you want. Pussy, ass, mouth. However no coming inside her without a condom. No pain.” at the last part he smiled at me. It wasn’t exactly a nice smile either.
“Well there’s bad pain and good pain. You asked for a Dom, that doesn’t come without getting a little…uncomfortable.” I mulled that over and tried to decide what I wanted.
“Spanking is allowed, light bondage. Nothing that leaves permanent marks. You can be rough, just not cruel. I don’t want her humiliated. I want her to have something completely new that takes her outside her comfort zone. How’s that?” I asked. He nodded, drank his beer. I drank too and we sat in a surprising companionable silence. I just asked this man to tie-up and fuck my wife and we were drinking beers over it. How bizarre was that? When he finally spoke his voice was deep and low and the thought of my wife hearing it in the dark and shivering made me excited.
“Is she submissive?”
“Not usually.” I answered truthfully. “We have an equal relationship in and out of bed. That’s why I wanted a Dom.” I tried out his word and liked it. “I want to see if she’ll respond to being dominated.”
“Is this for you or for her?” he asked. I shrugged.
“Mostly for me. She said she needs the decision taken out of her hands. She needs to be surprised and f***ed into it. Otherwise she’d back out. I know she‘ll like it once she can get into it. That leads me to believe that she wants to be submissive.”
We sat in silence for awhile and this time when he spoke it a barely murmured “Alright.”
I had already been told what to pay and handed it over in a black envelope. He pocketed it without counting it or even looking at it. I told him our address was in the envelope as well as a date and time. I started to leave but his question stopped me.
“What if she says no?” he asked, his eyes on his beer bottle. I looked at him for a moment trying to figure out what exactly he was asking.
“Does it matter?” I asked back. His gaze finally met mine.
“Might. Might not.” was all he gave me.
“My wife and I already have a safe word. We’re not experienced in BDSM but we have one for when we try out with new things. She’ll resist you in the beginning I can tell you that. She’ll be scared and unsure of what she really wants. So I’ll give you carte blanch to do what you want within the boundaries until she says it.” I told him. Again he just stared at me and I stood.
“Do you want her to come or is this just about the surrender?” this question was quiet, almost…hesitant.
“Yes. As many times as possible. In fact I insist that she does.” I answered honestly. It was interesting to see the tension ease in him at that. I was puzzled by the reaction but didn’t say anything. It looked as if her participation and pleasure was preferred by him.
“What’s her safe word?” he finally asked. This time I couldn’t stop my grin.
“Vodka.” I said. “See you in a few days.” and I left without looking back. It was when I got to my car that I realized he hadn’t given me back the picture of my wife.

The day I picked for this stranger to come and fuck my wife was one where she thought I would be on an overnight business trip. I knew she would take extra time at her exercise class and not rush home to me. The stranger came at the right time and without words we waited in the darkened bedroom for her to come home. I would let my wife know I was there, but that I wouldn’t help her. I wouldn’t remind her of our safe word either; it was understood in advance that it was there if needed. We didn’t want to spoil the mood when we were role-playing. I also wanted to watch her fight him for as long as possible before she gave into the experience and pleasure.
I sat in a comfortable chair in the corner and was going to turn on a light when the stranger put up his hand to stop me. I knew it was a very dim light but waited like he silently asked. Instead I was surprised to see him take out several candles and put them about the room. They lent an ethereal glow to the room. He lit them and I saw that while I could see the bed, anyone on the bed wouldn’t see me. Good, I didn’t want to miss anything.
I watched as the stranger walked around the room, as if he was committing it to memory. He touched the bed, the bedpost, her pillow. How he knew it was hers I would never know. Maybe he could smell her perfume. He took out several items from the bag he had brought with him. He didn’t speak, didn’t even look at me as he arranged the items on the dresser. Since I was on the far side of the room I couldn’t see anything. I figured I would get to see what he had brought soon. He attached some things to the top and bottom bedposts and I was pretty sure they were leather cuffs.
I heard my wife come home and my pulse rocketed. I was already hard thinking about this. She moved around the house, thinking she was alone. Then I heard her approach the bedroom. She came inside and feeling secure she puttered about in the dark. I knew she couldn’t see me, I was in a corner, but the stranger had…disappeared. He melted into the shadows and even I couldn’t find him.
My wife pulled at her top and bottoms until she was just in her sports bra and panties. I could see her pale skin shining with sweat in the moonlight. I held my breath, waiting, trying to not make any noise. Then I saw her body moving and realized she was listening to her music - she wouldn’t hear anything anyway.
Just when I thought my heart would leap out of my chest in anticipation, the stranger emerged from the darkness and pounced. His hands banded around her body, bringing her right up against his chest. She gasped and she was going to scream, I could see it. His hand clamped over her mouth shutting it off before it even began. She was so startled she didn’t even fight at first. He started to bring her hands behind her back and that was when my wife unfroze. She pulled, struggled and even tried to kick but the stranger was a big man and after he subdued her easily I guessed he was very strong as well. He wasn’t even winded.
The stranger put his mouth right next to her ear so she could hear him even through the music.
“Don’t scream.” he warned in a whisper and took his hand from her mouth to remove the earbuds. I saw her draw a breath to scream anyway and was going to warn the stranger but he must have felt her lungs inflate because his hand came back, this time to wrap around her throat. My wife whimpered and the sound went straight to my cock. I was literally holding my breath waiting to see what would happen next.
He quickly pushed my wife’s head down towards the floor and was doing something to her hands behind her back. Then he pulled her hair until she was up again and his other hand was sliding across her belly. He must have bound her hands with something to keep them still. I was in awe by how fast he moved.
He was maneuvering her toward the bed, making her kneel on it and face me in the darkness. I could see her trembling and she was making little scared noises in her throat. The stranger settled behind her and leaned her back against his chest.
“Shhhh.” he soothed, his voice not more than a whisper in her ear. “Relax. I’m not hurting you.” my wife tried to pull away but he was quicker and had her right back where she started. “No, no don’t do that. I’ll just have to punish you and I’d rather not do that yet.”
“My-my husband -” she started to say but the stranger cut her off.
“Your husband is sitting in the corner already watching me touch you.”
“W-what?” came her outraged whisper. The stranger’s hand was still on her throat and the other was stroking down her arm, down her belly, over her thighs. He was distracting her with his touch and his voice.
“You won’t see him but he wants to see you fucked by another man. He wants to see you come by my mouth and cock. So I’m here to fuck you and taste your sweetness on my tongue. If you’re a good girl, I’ll make you come over and over again. If you’re a bad girl…well then I’ll have to punish you.” his hand drew back and swiftly smacked the side of her buttock. She squealed and jerked up and away but his hand on her throat prevented her from going anywhere. His mouth was again by her ear as he held her still.
“Please my pet…be a bad girl.” I heard him say so softly I wasn’t even sure he said it.
“No!” she whispered in the dark but she didn’t move in his grip. She couldn’t really the way he was holding her.
“Oh yes.” he whispered back and I heard her gasp as his hands moved to the front of her body. They encircled her breasts and caressed them through the sports bra. I thought he was going to pull it up under her chin but I was very surprised to see the flash of a knife in the dark. I tensed and moved forward, ready to intervene but his eyes found mine in the shadows somehow and they warned me to back off. Now I’m strong, very fit and not afraid of much but the cautionary glare he gave me gave me pause. Then I saw him control himself and in his eyes I saw his desire for me to trust him. Trust him with my wife and her pleasure. To trust him to not truly hurt her.
I sat back again slowly and waited. I saw a tiny grin split his lips before he returned his attention to my wife bound and helpless in front of him. She couldn’t see the knife but I knew when she felt it touch her skin and slice through the material of her bra. She gave a little squeak as he quickly took it off and toss the ruined garment aside. I watched her start to shiver, to tremble as he put the knife beside him on the bed. As if in warning.
Now without any fabric to hinder him the stranger took her nipples in his hands and rolled the tips between his fingers. My wife again made a high sound and tried to move away. I knew she didn’t like a lot of nipple play so what he was doing had to be uncomfortable for her.
“No. No p-please don’t.” I heard her whimper.
“Don’t what?” he asked.
“Don’t play with my nipples. Don’t touch me. I want you to let me go!” she had worked herself up to shout the last words. I was impressed. My wife was not shy in telling me what she wanted in bed. It would be interesting to see how the stranger would react.
“First my pet,” his voice was hard as he spoke, “Don’t ever tell me no.” he took her chin in his hand and pulled her head to face him roughly. His head lowered until he was right in her face. Even in the dim candlelight of the room I could see his eyes flash fire. “Second, I get to do whatever I want for as long as I want. So that means that this is mine,” My wife let out a gasping cry and I saw that he had pushed his other hand into her panties. When his hand came out it was glistening faintly with her juices. Aha I knew she was getting really turned on when I saw that.
“This is mine,” he shoved his fingers into her mouth, forcing her to take them and her wetness inside, “and this is also mine.” his voice was dark and silky as he took his fingers from her mouth, very wet this time and slipped his hand down the back of her panties. My wife suddenly stiffened and cried out sharply, almost screaming. From her posture I figured out he had put his fingers on her puckered anus; was probably pushing the thick digits into her backside as I watched. She grunted, tried to pull herself upward and off his impalement but he held her firmly.
“Mine.” he fairly growled as they continued to stare at each other. “Mine to tease, mine to fuck and mine to punish however I see fit.” yes, he was fucking her ass with his fingers I could tell. Each time he pushed them in her stomach muscles would tighten, her body would rise slightly and her breath sharpened. Each time he retreated her body relaxed, expecting him to stop but he kept on shoving them in her f***efully.
I heard a slap and my wife squealed again. I had been so intent on watching my wife’s reaction to the stranger’s dominance I missed what had happened. I shook myself and focused in time to see his other hand rip off my wife’s panties and slap her pussy again. She whined, shrieked all while trying to evade him but it was no use. He had her impaled and immobile.
His palm went to her pelvic bone and the fingers separated her pussy lips until I could see her clit. Then his fingers drummed on that exposed clit, spanking it until my wife was fairly wailing.
“Look at me.” he demanded and my wife did this time without hesitation. He kept thrusting into her ass, punishing her little clit and she looked at him with fear and longing on her face. She was going to come soon I could tell by the flush running up her chest to her cheeks. This intrigued me because my wife was a woman that needed a lot of foreplay. She didn’t like her pleasure (or the tiny bit of pain we had tried in the past) straight out of the box.
He must have known she was close to coming too because he suddenly stopped. His hand went to her hips to still them from moving. Gently he removed his fingers from her ass and she winced but still did not turn her gaze from him. She was breathing hard, her nipples were pointed and pink. She had this look of…wonderment on her face. Confusion and arousal flared also.
When the stranger stood, my wife waited for his command. By nature she was not submissive but seemed to understand what this man wanted. They continued to stare at each other and what the stranger saw in my wife’s expression must have pleased him because I saw him nod once in a sort of confirmation.
“You may call me Master.” he told her. My wife trembled but I knew it wasn't in fear, it was in anticipation. The real fun was about to begin.

Part 2 coming soon…
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2 years ago
Fantastic beginning! Can I have some more, please?
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Fantastic! 5 X's i loved it and was almost there! can't wait for part 2, thankyou for sharing