Nadia's First Time

Nadia woke slowly to gentle hands caressing her face. She gave a little hum of pleasure as she felt soft lips lightly teasing hers, hands threading through her hair. She started to kiss back, sl**pily thinking that the kiss was different somehow but not awake enough yet to be aware of why. Moaning softly, she sunk into the kiss, the feeling of hands cupping her breasts getting stronger and she responded by roaming her hands up silky, slender hips and finally caressing two supple mounds much like her own.
With a startled gasp, Nadia woke sitting up abruptly. There, kneeling in front of her was a woman she had never seen before. She was dressed in a fancy cocktail dress, her long black hair halfway down her back and an amused smile on her face. This woman had been kissing her! She had been touching her in her sl**p and Nadia was responding, touching her back!
“What? Who?” she managed to get out and then she saw Max sitting in a lounge chair across from them partially in shadow. He was watching them with his gleaming dark eyes. He was dressed in his black tuxedo, although the tie was undone and his shirt was halfway unbuttoned almost…carelessly. He had a glass of champagne in his hand and his expression was very much like the strange woman’s. Amused yet, feral. Nadia felt underdressed lying on the couch with just a tank top and panties. Vulnerable, exposed and very confused.
“I brought you home a present Nadia. Do you like her?” Max asked. Nadia’s head was still fuzzy from the amount of champagne she herself had consumed earlier - alcohol and deep sl**p had muddled her brain and responses. She had d***k too much in an attempt to forget the argument they had earlier. It had been mean and unfinished when he had stormed out. Now he had returned and with him he had brought this woman.
“Max, I don’t understand…” she had meant to sound strong but her voice came out as a whisper.
“She’s for you. She’ll do anything you want. In fact, she’s going to be doing allot of things to you tonight Nadia.”
“Hush now Nadia, no protests. We’re going to tell you what to do and you’re going to do it. And trust me, you’re going to like it.” He raised his champagne glass in a mock toast. “And I’m going to make sure you do. Margo is going to give you several orgasms Nadia. I’m going to watch her make you come in her mouth and fingers.” he told her in a voice that Nadia recognized as one he used when he was not going to allow an argument. What he had also left unsaid was that he was still very angry and this was going to be her punishment for defying him.
The woman, now called Margo, slid forward, her hands on either side of Nadia’s legs for balance. She leaned up slowly, her lips inches from Nadia’s.
“I -” she started.
“Shhhh. I promise you’re going to feel very good very soon.” Margo whispered back in a softly accented voice. Her lips found Nadia’s then, nibbling softly, coaxing her to respond. Nadia automatically kissed her back the same way, light and slow with barely any tongue. It was a little odd at first, but she tried to forget her shyness. The sensations quickly turned her on and make her body start to heat. She felt Margo’s soft hands slide up her arms and under her breasts, cupping them through the thin material of her top. She whimpered softly and Margo’s thumbs found her nipples and rubbed them around and around until they hardened into little points. One hand continued on her nipple, the other slid down her stomach until it reached her core. Nadia jumped a little at the unfamiliar contact. Well, not unfamiliar…just different. Margo soothed her by stroking lightly up and down, up and down until she was used to the movement. Nadia, still a little d***k didn’t even protest, understanding that even if she wanted to Max probably wouldn’t let her.
The dark-haired sultry woman started to tug up the material of Nadia’s top until it was under her arms and her breasts were exposed. Slowly, her eyes staring deep into Nadia’s, she took a berry-topped nipple into her mouth, her hot tongue running over the peak and laving it with attention. Nadia moaned deep in her throat, the only sound in the room. The hot tongue on her responsive nipple was sweet. Being a woman, Margo knew how to please another. There was a slight rustling sound, like someone shifting position. Nadia had almost forgotten about Max. She looked up; saw him watching them in the twilight, the only feature she could really make out were his eyes because they glittered darkly. Even from across the room she could feel their heat and dark yearning. Nadia still wasn’t sure she liked this for it was so…different from the sensations she was used to with Max. He was hard and dark and rough and this woman was soft and fragrant and sensual. She knew that her total surrender to his desires was the foundation of their relationship. She also knew that her hesitancy and almost unwillingness to those requests were what turned him on. Nadia was a little scared by this new intimacy he was forcing upon her. But it was also exciting and exhilarating having the choices taken from her. Max angry was a dangerous and yet exciting tempest that had to be appeased in his way or the consequences could be …painful.
Margo returned Nadia’s attention to the task at hand by lightly biting the tip of her nipple that was already deep in the heat of her mouth. Nadia gasped, then her eyes fluttered closed as she enjoyed the illicit thrill. She felt the woman’s lips on hers again, but this time her body was flush against hers, and she was crawling into Nadia’s lap. She sat with her legs on either side of Nadia’s. Nadia felt her hike up the skirt of her sexy black dress to get more comfortable. Margo was still kissing her with long, wet strokes of her tongue. Nadia felt her hand being lifted, being brought to Margo’s inner thigh and up higher until she met with pure wet heat. Nadia again gasped and tried to pull her hand back, but Margo held her firm, her legs and body trapping Nadia. She couldn’t even pull her mouth back from the d**gging kisses of the woman on top of her. Again she was made to feel the sultry nether lips that beckoned her. The woman was soaked, deliciously so, and shaved completely clean. The skin was smooth and scalding to the touch and so diverse from her own neatly trimmed pussy. She felt Margo turn her hand until the fingers were facing up and then she guided them to her center. The feeling was again familiar, yet not. Margo made Nadia’s fingers enter her slowly and she rubbed herself against them. Nadia could feel the silky folds of her pussy part and when Margo shifted her hips downward, Nadia’s fingers were f***ed against her throbbing clit. She was very wet and very hot.
“There, ahhh…” Margo sighed sweetly and moved her lips to whisper in Nadia’s ear. She took Nadia’s other hand in hers and moved it to her generous breasts. Their entwined fingers moved the bodice down until they were free, the dusky nipples just inches from Nadia’s mouth.
“Take my nipple in your mouth and suck on it hard.” she told her, just loud enough for Max to hear. Nadia couldn’t see him, or hear him, but she felt him. She could feel his lust rising and building like a lightning storm. This was too much awareness and she felt like she was drowning in it. But Margo’s nipple hung in front of her like a forbidden fruit and she wanted it in her mouth so Nadia drew it in sucking first softly, then hard like she was told. Margo’s head fell back and Nadia heard a breathy moan. It vibrated through her body and transmitted to Nadia’s lips. Her fingers were gently held forward until they pushed through folds of dewy skin and they were sheathed deeply inside Margo. It was a forbidden delight to touch the sleek wetness of another woman. Again she moaned at the contact and Nadia, emboldened, worked lightly at Margo’s nipple with her teeth.
“Nadia, pull up Margo’s dress until it is around her waist. I want to see your fingers inside her.” She dimly heard Max’s command through Margo’s moans. She took the hand bracing the beautiful round globe for her mouth and reached around Margo’s waist to pull up at the hem of the dress until it was bunched up around her torso. Now her rounded bottom was exposed to Max and he could see what Nadia was doing. “Margo, slide off Nadia’s panties so I can see her too,” came another command. Instantly Margo complied, the muscles of her tight thighs bunching as she rose a little off Nadia. Nadia’s hips rose from the couch slightly to allow her panties to come off. Margo moved forward, her hips aligning with Nadia’s without the barrier of any clothing. She tilted her pelvis up and rubbed her sweet wetness over Nadia’s own moist pussy and the shock of contact had Nadia’s eyes widening. With a soft little “mmmm”, Margo repeated the motion, her hidden clit finding Nadia’s, catching it on the up slide, then down again.
“Oh!” Nadia exclaimed at the sensation and looked up at Margo’s face. She smiled down at her, her eyes half closed in passion. She leaned over to again whisper in Nadia’s ear.
“Does that feel good? I’m very good at pussy rubbing…and sucking. Max told me that you are being punished and that you have to do what I tell you. I’m going to suck on your clit and make you come and then you are going to suck on mine. And I don’t care if you haven’t done it before. You’ll like it. You are going to stick your tongue inside me and lick my juices like a good little girl aren’t you?” Margo drew back a little, putting her legs on the floor one by one her eyes on Nadia’s the whole time so that Nadia understood her intention. She pushed Nadia’s legs open wide then her head ducked down and lightly licked her core. Nadia nearly bolted off the couch at the ecstasy of another woman‘s tongue on her. Her lips and teeth nipped at her button with a fierce tempo. Nadia wanted to grind her hips, arch upwards onto that lovely red mouth but Margo’s hands held her down. She heard her own voice whisper over and over “oh…oh…oh”.
“Nadia…look at me.” She heard the order from Max but couldn’t obey it. Nadia was in a maelstrom of emotion and pleasure, almost beyond comprehension. “Nadia, look at me or I won’t let Margo finish.” this time he was sterner and as to punctuate his words, Margo stopped her delicious assault on Nadia’s clit and instead concentrated her efforts at Nadia’s soaked opening. She only gave her light little licks, waiting for her to comply with Max’s demand.
“No!” she tried to cry out but it came out a strangled whisper. So she opened her eyes to stare at Max. She could feel his smile in the dark. “I want your gaze in mine when Margo makes you come. You are beautiful when you come did you know that Nadia? Your sensuality is…. breathtaking. You are going to come in Margo’s mouth and then lick your juices off her lips. Do you understand?” He asked.
“Yes.” she answered knowing what he wanted to hear. “I’m going to come in her mouth and lick it off her lips.” She was rewarded with Margo’s tongue again finding her secret button and razing it hard. Nadia moaned deeply but kept her eyes on Max’s. Her fists clenched in the blanket on the couch, her breathing raced. She felt like her body was on fire and just hovering at the edge of a cataclysmic orgasm. Just when she thought she was going to be left there forever, she was sent over by a quick nip of Margo’s teeth. Nadia cried out with triumph, her inner muscles clenching, her body tightening. Her eyes never left Max’s until Margo’s head was suddenly blocking her view. With a sudden fervor, Nadia wrapped her arms around Margo’s neck and attacked her mouth. She licked and sucked at her lips, tasting her own fragrant juices and loving the flavor on another woman’s mouth. Margo let her suckle for a few moments then grabbed Nadia’s hair in her fist like a handle and directed her in the position she wanted.
Nadia was made to lie down on the couch with Margo practically sitting on top of her while she kissed her. Nadia felt strong, rough hands pull her legs apart and she knew they were Max’s. She was distracted by both people touching her oversensitive skin. She didn’t know where one began and the other ended. Above her came the vision of Margo’s pussy as she positioned herself to receive pleasure from Nadia’s mouth. Suddenly, she didn’t want to do it. It wasn’t that licking the other woman didn’t appeal to her; it was more that she wanted to be f***ed into it. The more she was told she had to do something, the more Nadia enjoyed it. She turned her face away, but Max was quicker. His hands locked onto the sides of her face, holding her still.
“Lick her Nadia. You have to make her come with your mouth.” Margo positioned herself just right, her pussy right before Nadia’s face. Confronted with the shocking sight of a naked slit right before her eyes, Nadia paused to inspect it. There wasn’t any hair, just smooth skin that gave off a heady scent of desire.
“Suck her and lick her like she did to you Nadia. You’ll like the taste of her come in your mouth.” Nadia accepted that she had to do this or she wouldn’t get any more satisfaction tonight, and Max denied could be a risky thing.
“Spread the lips open with your fingers.” Came Margo’s voice seductively. “Do to my clit and pussy what you like done to yours.” Nadia reached up somewhat tentatively to obey. She again felt slick wetness against her fingers and gently spread the nether lips wide. There, nestled within the folds was a little knot that pulsed in anticipation. Slowly, Nadia licked her lips and lifted her head and received her first taste of another woman’s essence. The flavor wasn’t unlike her own. It was just unusual for Nadia. It felt foreign for her to be doing this. She again ran her tongue up from Margo’s open slit to the top where her clit was nestled. She was rewarded with Margo’s body shivering, moving on her lips to best position her mouth where it was wanted. Soft moans were coming from Margo, her hands on the armrest behind Nadia’s head, her supple belly touching her face. Nadia licked and sucked with a rising fervor, doing to this woman what she liked best from Max. She spread the nether lips wide, her fingers teasing and sliding in accordance with her tongue. Margo’s cries were growing louder and more frequent, her hips riding on Nadia’s nose and mouth. Then, suddenly and almost without warning, Margo’s orgasm hit her hard and Nadia was treated to a rush of sweet wetness flooding her taste buds. She lapped up the juices and wrapped her arms around her hips to hold her, ruthlessly teasing Margo with her teeth until she felt the tremors start again deep within her pussy. Margo pulled herself away then, dreamily licking Nadia’s face, lips and tongue until she had gotten all of her own essence from her.
Then, swiftly and without preliminaries, Max’s cock entered Nadia’s drenched pussy. In one thrust he was inside her, hot and throbbing. Nadia cried out at the sudden invasion – no dildo, no vibrator was as thick as her lover’s cock. He was always ready, always hard. Max had started to drive himself inside her and she was so close to orgasm from bringing Margo hers that Max’s touch nearly drove her insane. He was stroking his thumb over her swollen clit, pushing hard and rubbing in a slow circle at the same time. Slow, hard, slow and hard. She was so wet, so aroused that when she came, it was quick and she wasn’t ready for it. She lost her breath and vision for a moment. Her back was arched in exquisite pleasure/pain and her vision went black and she heard Max shout with completion above her as he gave one last great thrust of his body. Over stimulated, Nadia felt like she lost consciousness for a moment. She knew Max was lifting her gently in his arms. She thought they were in the bedroom but she couldn’t be sure. The covers were softly laid over her and tucked around her. She felt hot skin next to hers; skin that smelled like scorching naughty sex, and strangely it reassured her. Vaguely she heard the front door open and close quietly. Margo had gotten dressed and left them to their selves once she got what she was brought for. Now it was just her and Max and Nadia knew that once they had rested, something would begin again later. The sex could be soft and sweet, or rough and f***eful. With Max she could never tell what he wanted to do to her until she was grabbed abruptly and taken from behind. Max always set the pace, was always in control. Maybe once he would let Nadia love him in her way, the way he was meant to be loved by her.
Nadia sighed; snuggled closer and felt Max’s strong arms encircle her protectively. He drowsily kissed her forehead, her cheek, and her lips. Even exhausted, Max’s member was still at half-mast, ready to be ridden again. She could feel its power against her belly as it waited to be fulfilled. She sighed again not ready to fall asl**p. He was still angry, but not as explosively as before. Her role was to wait until he thought of another way to punish her for her earlier behavior. After awhile, Max stirred from his light slumber. He drew Nadia up with him, his hands framing her face to gaze deeply in her eyes.
“Go take a shower. I’ll wait for you here.” He told her. His voice was soft, but held a thread of something else that made Nadia shiver in expectation. She started to slide out of the bed to obey but Max’s hand caught her wrist and pulled her back. Had he changed his mind? She was kneeling in front of him on the sheets, unable to move away since his hand had captured her. Without speaking again, his other hand slid between her legs, the fit tight since her thighs were clamped together. His finger found her however, sliding sweetly over her clit, stroking slowly. Nadia gasped at the pleasure that rekindled through her body. Her hips started to move, but Max shook his head.
“Don’t move.” He told her, so she didn’t. Unhurriedly, his fingers slid over and over her and Nadia had to fight to hold her body still. He was working her into a fine state of arousal, just enough pressure to heighten the senses, but not fast enough to bring on the climax. Nadia’s eyes fluttered as she felt the tension tighten, coil through her body. Yes, she was almost there…almost there…
Max stopped abruptly, his hand moving from her wetness. Nadia groaned in frustration and when her eyes flew to his to protest, she could see the pleased resolve in them. He was priming her, imprisoning her in her own desires. He was enjoying teasing her without relief, thinking she wouldn’t protest. Enough was enough.
Without thinking Nadia’s free hand suddenly coming up to slap his face. Unprepared for it, Max’s face snapped back with the blow. He froze, and then slowly turned to face Nadia. For once, she didn’t shy away from his anger. She didn’t even flinch at the red marks on his face from her fingers or the promise of retaliation in his stare.
“Bastard!” she hissed from between her teeth. When she pulled away, he let her go, watching her with those dark, calculating eyes of his. She was breathing heavy from both his touch and the infuriation of not being allowed to finish. The anger made her daring and she didn’t care.
“Go take your shower Nadia.” His voice was dark velvet stroking the skin. He didn’t sound angry or even put out. Unsure of his mood and what the smooth texture of that voice meant she took the reprieve and huffed off into the bathroom and slammed the door. Max grinned then and touched his hot face. So his little kitten had claws after all. He could make her do the most debouched things in the bedroom and she give but a token protest. Tease her a little and not let her have her orgasm, well, that provoked Nadia into v******e. Again Max smiled, the one that promised sweet retribution for smacking him. Looking forward to again asserting his dominance, Max stood; unashamedly naked he ambled towards the bathroom to join Nadia and remind her who was the master and who was the slave.
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Ya' really think so, Mike?
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there is a lot more to this story part 2, 3....
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