Cyn's Seduction - Part One

I met my wife just as she graduated college. She was young, brilliant and best of all a virgin. I’m about five years her senior - old enough to have had a very inventive sex life before I met her. I like my sex hot but gentle and sometimes dirty but always with a willing partner that knows how to have fun. The best sex of my life before meeting Cyndi were the times my cousin Zach and I shared a woman (cousin by marriage, no bl**d relation). Touching that woman all over her body, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Two men totally devoted to her pleasure. Needless to say all that stopped the first time Cyndi shyly smiled at me. I fell in love instantly and I have never left her side since. Zach broached the subject of sharing her once after we married. For one stunned moment I was like no way she’s mine! and Zach could see it on my face. With a grin he backed off and joked that I had it good being so in love with my wife. He was right. I saw a little regret in his expression though. We had shared everything up to that point. I felt a little bad about it but just couldn’t bring up something like that to my new wife yet. She knew about our exploits, I told her everything, but that was a far cry from asking her to participate. Cyndi was just so sweet and loving. She was mine and I was keeping her all to myself…for now.
There is nothing sexier to me than my wife’s cute round belly. Not a pot belly mind you, no it’s just round and soft and perfect for me. Years of yoga and belly dancing classes kept her fit but not athletically buff. All she had to do was show me that sliver of skin between her shirt and jeans and my cock would harden instantly.
A few years after we had settled into our marriage (a very good one I have to say) I began to crave seeing my wife with another man’s cock inside her mouth. Cyndi was still shy in the bedroom but always open to new experiences. I wondered if she would be open to having Zach enter our bed. I innocently brought it up once when I told her Zach would be in town in a few weeks. I mentioned having him stay with us like always and Cyndi agreed. She loved him like a b*****r she told me once. She immediately started to make plans to keep Zach occupied while he was in our home. I was hoping to coax more of a reaction out of her.
“You don’t have to worry that Zach will be bored honey;” I told her mock innocently. “He has you to look at to keep entertained.” I said slyly, waiting for her reaction. It was there instantly.
“Ethan!” she said, blushing furiously. “He’s your cousin!”
“Yeah, but he’s not dead. You’re gorgeous. Why wouldn’t he want to look at you?”
“Because…because…” she didn’t know what to say. I could tell she was nervous talking like this about him but I also saw something that encouraged me. She had this little curious gleam in her eye.
“Because?” I prompted, hoping she would elaborate.
“I know you and Zach used to share women before you met me.” she whispered. I loved when she blushed - the red flush ran down her neck to her chest and over her breasts. She was wearing a flimsy tank top and shorts. My cock went hard suddenly imagining bending her over the couch right there and pushing my cock into her wet pussy. She would be wet for me, she always was. But I went back to our conversation before I lost control.
“Does that bother you? That Zach and I shared?” I asked gently. Cyn shook her head no and I let loose a breath I hadn’t known I was holding.
“No. I know I’m not as experienced as the women you had before. And your sex life before me isn’t any of my concern. I just…” she broke off again and I wasn’t sure where she was going with this. I stood and went before her, making her look at me.
“Tell me sweetheart. You know you can tell me anything.”
“I worry sometimes that you might want to go back to your old life with Zach. Have sex with another woman with him.” she blurted out and bit her lip. I wanted to bite that soft little piece of flesh for her. But I focused instead on what she said.
“No baby, I don’t want any other woman. Ever. You’re my wife and I love you with every part of my being.” I hugged her close and she let out a relieved breath. We had total honesty in our marriage and it worked. “I wouldn’t mind seeing you with Zach however.” I told her softly and I heard her gasp. She looked up at me, shock on her face.
“Really?” she asked and I couldn’t tell if she was excited or repulsed. I decided to lighten up the situation until I could change her mind later in bed.
“Well it’s just a thought. It’s something new we haven’t tried before right?” I asked and then let her go with a quick kiss to her lips. “Now go get ready to go before I pull down those shorts and shove my cock in you.” I warned her. Cyn hated to be late, but the gleam in her eye at my words told me she wouldn’t mind this time if I pushed it. I decided not to this time and told her again to get ready. She looked a little disappointed but I’d make it up to her later….

The thoughts I had all day about sandwiching my wife between me and my best friend were borderline i*****l. I couldn’t stop thinking about hearing her cry and moan around Zach’s cock in her mouth and mine in her tight cunt. I had to walk around all afternoon with a raging hard-on and by the time we got home I was ready to burst. I followed Cyn around the house as she did mundane things; putting her purse away, looking through some mail. She was killing me. Finally she started to go upstairs and just as she entered our room I pounced. Cyn squealed as I quickly tore off her sweater and bra but left on her short skirt and heels. Then I swept her up and deposited her on the bed, belly down, feet on the floor, legs spread wide. She was breathing heavy, wondering what I was going to do. I loved taking control of her pleasure and so did she. I rarely did it so f***efully however. I liked it rough sometimes but mostly I made gentle love to my wife. Remembering that Zach was the more aggressive one that liked to spank and take a woman’s pleasure to new heights had me wanting to see him do that to Cyndi.
I put my hand between her legs. She moaned and pushed back into me. She was wet, but not wet enough yet. I spread her ass cheeks and pussy lips with my fingers and knelt down to lick her. Cyn was clean shaven and I loved licking her soft folds. I knew she liked this, especially when I pushed two fingers inside her and rubbed her swollen clit. As she moaned and writhed beneath me I felt behind me for the dresser drawer with our sex toys inside. I found the large dick I knew she liked I got it ready. I stood and ran my hands up her thighs, lifting the skirt. Man she has a great ass. Round and perfect for fucking. I could see how wet she was; her juices were starting to stream down her leg. The sight had my dick was throbbing with the need to bury itself deep inside her but I made myself wait.
I quickly undressed and then leaned over my wife’s prone body. I started to whisper in her ear. Cyn loves dirty talk and I was going to test the waters and give her some.
“Close your eyes baby.” I knew she would do as I told her. “I want you to imagine me touching you, kissing you all over.” she moaned, getting into the spirit of the fantasy. I couldn’t wait to keep going. “Feel this?” I asked, taking the dildo and rubbing it up and down from her wet slit to her asshole. She told me yes she could feel it. “Good. This isn’t me. It’s another man’s dick that is going to fuck you Cyndi.” I started. She stilled for a moment but she didn’t stop me so I kept going. “I want you to fuck his cock Cyndi. Push back and take it inside you.” at first I didn’t think she was going to do it and I would have to change tactics. But then she leaned back towards the waiting dick and I nearly came when I realized she was going to play.
“That’s it. He’s going to fuck you and I’m going to watch.” I whispered hoarsely. Slowly I ran the head of the dildo over her slit, then started to push it in. Cyn was tight and I had to work it in and out. She moaned and shifted her hips each time. “Do you feel that cock fucking you Cyn? Do you like him fucking your tight cunt?”
“Yes…oh yes…” she breathed softly into the cover but I heard her. I started to fuck her with the dildo, nice and deep and hard just like she liked it. I took my other hand and started to rub her clit in time with the thrusts.
“Take it baby. Take his cock inside you. Fuck him hard.” I was whispering to her and she went wild. I could feel her clit throb as she started to come. God she was beautiful when she came. Her head came up and she wailed out her orgasm and before she could come down from her high I flipped my wife over to her back, pulled out the dildo and shoved my cock inside her. I almost lost it when her eyes rolled back and she finished her orgasm on my waiting dick. Before I could change my mind (or come like a school boy) I took the dildo, wet with her juices and rubbed it on her lips. Cyn’s eyes opened in surprise and when she opened her mouth to talk I pushed the cock right in. Her eyes widened but she didn’t protest. It was so hot seeing that dildo in her mouth I felt pre-cum well up inside me and coat the inside of her pussy.
“Suck his cock Cyn. Suck it deep. Taste your cum as he fucks your mouth.” I grunted out as best I could. I turned my head to the mirror and saw the most exciting site ever. My wife splayed out as I thrust my cock inside her, and her luscious mouth wrapped around another cock. I pushed it in and out of her mouth as she moaned and sucked it. I felt her muscles clench around my dick and I knew she was coming again. I groaned, angled deeper and fucked my wife so hard that when I came I saw stars.
I gently withdrew the cock from Cyn’s mouth and lay down beside her. She was quiet and breathing hard. I was still semi-hard inside her that’s how turned on I was. Was she okay? Did I push her too far? I was just about to ask when she smiled and turned towards me, wrapping her slender arms around me to snuggle. God I loved this woman. When our breathing calmed I decided to see how much she liked our little role-playing.
“Too much?” I asked. “I didn’t give you a lot foreplay.” We had complete honesty in the bedroom about our likes and fantasies. Cyn shook her head no.
“No. It was…different. Exciting.” she was so quiet I barely heard her. I loved her innocence and how easy it was to make her flush. You’d think after our years together she would be used to it but it was that innocence, no matter what we did in bed that made her so desirable.
“Bad different? You came twice so you liked it right?”
“No, not bad different.” She told me. “I..uh…I liked it. A lot.” she told me and I felt excitement build inside me. I could make this work. I could introduce her slowly to the art of ménage. Then by the time Zach arrived maybe she would be receptive to a threesome?
“Good. I love making you come, trying out new fantasies.”
“Me too. Though I’m not sure I could do it in real life.” she admitted to me and my heart sank a little.
“No? Why not baby?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could. I had her snuggled close to me so she couldn’t see the disappointment on my face.
“I don’t know. I’m…scared. You’re the only man I’ve ever been with. I don’t think I’d know what to do.” she admitted to me.
“Are you sure?”
“No. Not really. The idea turns me on. Actually doing it however,” she shrugged. “I just don’t know.” Well it was a start. She was just being honest.
“You trust me to take care of your pleasure right Cyn?” I asked, unable to just let it go. “I mean you know I’d never do anything to hurt you and I’d never f***e you to do something you didn’t want to do.”
“Of course! The thought never entered my mind.”
“Okay then. Just…think about it. That’s all I ask.”
“Okay Ethan. I will.”

PART 2 COMING SOON...Let me know how you like this beginning... ;)

This story is copyrighted and from a collection of short true stories already published under author’s name.
© 2011

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3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Nice, very nice. You played it out well. Will be watching for more. Thanks.