The untouchable office queen

Marla was the blonde-haired woman in the office that all the guys talked about to each other. They walked around day-dreaming and telling each other what they would do to her if they got the chance. She was the department head’s administrative assistant and married so I did not give her a second thought. She had a sweet smile and wore glasses but it was obvious that she had an extraordinary physique and breasts that were both large and straight out, no doubt, because she was only 20 years old.

When I left reports and notes for my boss on her desk, she always had that magnetic smile but I stopped myself from the big tease by imagining something that would never happen. A year went by after she had started in the office and one day she had this sour expression on her face. I asked if anything was wrong…where was the nice smile? She said that she was tired of supporting her husband so she had thrown him out and taken in a roommate who at least helped with half the rent. The divorce had been quick and she was left with a car. She asked if I could help her sell it since it had a manual transmission and she had no knowledge of shifting. I asked if she wanted help learning to shift, that she might like it and keep the car instead of selling it since it was a BMW.

Based on my enthusiasm for the BMW she agreed to try to learn. We would have the driving lessons during lunchtime in the large mall lot next to the office. After about five sessions, she was skilled. She had picked it up quickly. We grew quite friendly by this time and she invited me for dinner to celebrate and to express her gratitude. Yeah, I started thinking, finally, but then my doubts about getting involved with my boss’s assistant kicked in. When she said that her roommate was a brilliant cook it softened my apprehension about becoming deeply involved with her. In fact, I rarely had trouble being laid with several friends with benefits so I thought of her as a work associate and set a time to join her for supper with her roommate’s cooking.

I showed up that evening with a bottle of wine that she had requested. Her roommate answered the front door and I could understand why she needed help with the rent because the apartment was in a Lux high-rise on the 18th floor overlooking the skyline.

“My name is Alicia. Marla said that you would be here on time and so you are.” Alicia led me to the living room and poured a glass of wine for me from an open, chilled bottle.

Like Marla, also bespectacled, Alicia reminded me of a librarian. She was slim, tallish, stood up like a British army major and had a rather formal demeanor that was not off-putting but lacked a bit or warmth. She looked me over like a librarian appraising the condition of a returned book and excused herself to return to the kitchen.

The two girls (I call them that since Alicia was also quite young, a law student, actually, who had just graduated college) served a surprisingly good dinner and after that, we sat in the living room chatting for a few minutes drinking the new wine bottle I had purchased. I had to drive back a long distance so I nursed the one glass, barely touching it. I asked for the bathroom and used it for no more than five minutes, washing my hands and face before I came out. When I entered the living room, I saw the girls in a tight embrace, French kissing each other with wild tongues. I lost my breath and felt like someone had dumped me in the middle of some scenario from an old Danish movie. They were really going at it and except for glancing my way once in a while and smiling briefly, ignored me. When the shock wore off I felt my bl**d pulsing and my cock becoming erect in my pants but I had no idea what to do but stand there and watch. They began to take each other’s clothes off and Alicia began to suck on Marla’s large breasts, making loud, slurping sounds. Soon, they were nude and began to walk into the bedroom, still making love as they walked.

DUH! It began to dawn on me that they were also giving a message. I took my own clothes off and found myself with one of the hardest erections in memory. I could have hung a coat on it. Soon the girls were in a tight 69 and moaning as they sucked each other. Standing close, Alicia saw my cock and pulled it into her mouth so I began to get sucked but then Alicia slipped me into Marla’s pussy and all the months of fighting thoughts about fucking her flashed by as I thrust deep into her, as Alicia licked my shaft and balls. Then I had the wildest desire to fuck Alicia. For some reason, although Marla had a hotter body, Alicia seemed to be wilder. I could feel heat coming out of her. The two girls began to trib each other and I realized that they had been at this for some time and knew each other sexually quite well. As they grinded their clits together, Marla, on the bottom on her back began to suck me and grabbed my ass, driving my cock deep into her throat. I was astonished when I felt the tightness of the back of her throat but she had a tight grip on my ass and f***ed me in deep taking a large part of my stiff cock. Then Marla began to come, her body jerking up about half a foot off the bed.

They stopped tribbing and Marla lay flat on her back, breathing heavily. I looked into Alicia’s eyes and slid on top her for the first time driving my cock deep into her. She Moaned and as I fucked her. Marla positioned her pussy near her head. We shifted a bit while we fucked so we could both eat and lick Marla’s pussy while we hammered away at each other. Then Alicia said, “Ohhhh, God, that’s great…I love your cock, I love your cock, God, like a steel rod, fuck me, fuck me hard, stick your thumb up my ass. Fuck my ass with your thumb.” I easily penetrated her gaping asshole with my thumb and drove it in as deep as possible, listening to her moan loudly. She then started feeling my cock and balls with her fingertips as I drove deeply into her cunt now pounding rapidly, in and out. Sloshing sounds bubbled out of her full cunt “I’m coming, I’m coming, she moaned out and said, come in me, come in me, I’m ok," and with that we had a bone-shaking mutual orgasm that seemed to last an hour. My hard cock remained deep in her while we sucked each other's tongues.

The three of us had some coffee then we started in again and did not stop until around four in the morning. Driving back home, my head was spinning. I drove carefully in the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately the roads were devoid of traffic so my slow driving, with my head filled with a three ring circus of sexual thoughts was unseen by anyone. As I drove home, all I could think about was the guys back in the office. They would never believe what I had just experienced but then, why the hell would I ever tell them?


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3 years ago
Great story. Thanks
3 years ago
haha great story man! so hot
3 years ago
Great story