The magnificent seven + one wimp

When I was 19 working as a Navy Corpsman (medic), I had night duty at one period and responsible for three surgical wards in a large hospital. One of the wards was empty, the convalescing patients out on liberty for the weekend, but each hour, my round had to be done so I would enter the darkened, empty ward with a flashlight. On an early morning round, I heard moaning sounds coming from the back of the ward so I investigated it. I came up on an unforgettable scene; a single corps-wave I recognized, with seven men, all nude, engaged in sex, their uniforms piled on a nearby bed. She was servicing all seven at the same time so I was rather shocked, as I had never seen or even imagined anything like that.

Two of the sailors were on their backs, opposed to each other, balls to balls and their cocks were buried deeply into her vagina as she rotated her hips, moving in a compass then cross directions. My flashlight, focused on her crotch, allowed me to see a third man pumping away at her asshole. She held two others by their erect cocks, on each side of the mattress on the floor and jerked them while the sixth and seventh, two guys side by side, vied for her mouth. One of the men, larger than the other, what appeared to be at least nine inches, with a penis helmet the size of a small apple, sometimes f***ed itself in so deep that the smaller man pulled out with a popping sound.

One of the sailors, whom I also recognized, told me to turn off the flashlight. I did but remained, transfixed, catching my breath and trying to find my balance again. Then after a long pause, I asked them to try to be quiet. However, I found I could not move and my own cock began to stretch my white trousers. One by one, the men started to ejaculate. At the same time, the wave, Vicky, sounded like she was also erupting. Excited by the increased fervor, two of the men let out large gasps and came. Vicky said, in a loud whisper, “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” but it was too much and finally, the last sailor stood up, leaving her lying on the mattress, her legs spread. I saw cum everywhere, on her body and all over the sheet on the mattress.

The next day at noon, in the hospital cafeteria, Vicky walked in and glanced my way. In a moment it dawned on her that I had been the duty corpsman with the flashlight. She approached me and asked if she could join me. I looked up and felt my face flush a bit, in those teen years still finding much embarrassment. She said that the men had told her my name and she wanted to know if she could count on my keeping quiet about the scene. I said, “Who would I tell and what the hell would I say?” She smiled and after some chat offered me a private session, stating that she was highly sexed and would guarantee to fuck my brains out completely out of my head. She was not quite what I would call hot but not altogether unattractive, with fairly large breasts, but my religious brainwash was still very much in thrall, and along with that, I feared STDs---so I thanked her and said that I would “Certainly consider it.” From her expression, she could tell that I was not really going to go for it but smiled and left.

Some time before being released from the active duty, I heard that Vicky marred one of the staff doctors. Whenever I recall the incident, the thoughts come like a giant, three- ring circus. ###

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3 years ago
haha erin nice comment thats funny but a great story none the less
3 years ago
Vicky is a true party starter. Thank you for posting this HOT story.
3 years ago
I think that Vicky's name should have be "Easy" or at least "Easy Vicky"