How Raja fucked aunt

Pari and I made plan to have Raja fuck my aunt who came from UK to site seeing.
To catch up you can read our post it will get you update on our stories.

After the breakfast I was in my room and aunt was also in my room. Pari went down stair
I asked aunt if she can go down and bring my phone up for me. Pari took my phone.
Aunt said no problem I will go and bring your phone back to you.
As aunt left my room I got up and stood by the room door. I could not hear aunt talking.
After couple of minutes I heard aunt speaking louder. I moved out of room and stood by the stairs: Aunt what the hell is going on? Does Ajay know about it? I am going to call Ajay. He will sort it out. Pari said aunt please calm down it is not that bad. Just look at the dick of Raja. Doesn’t that do any thing do to you? I don’t care aunt said they are servants. We should not mix and do sex with them. Pari said these people are same as any one. I will explain if you just calm down.

I moved down and was listing clearly what was going on. I moved in the kitchen where I could see aunt and pari standing in their room. Raja was naked also Pari my wife was naked too. Pari my wife got hold of Raja’s hand and led him to aunt. When he was close to aunt pari took her hand and put it on Raja’s dick. Aunt was still hesitant. Slowly aunt calm down and held Raja’s dick in her hand. Aunt could hardly hold the dick in her hand.
Pari my wife held aunt’s hand started to move aunt’s hand back n forth masturbate Raja’s dick. Aunt started to masturbate by her self. Pari let go aunt’s hand. Pari Got behind aunt and started to remove aunt’s cloths. Aunt did not made any fuss. I walked in and said in aunt’s ear. Don’t that feel good aunt? She let go Raja.s dick and cover her face. She was shy and did not want to see Ajay. Ajay said it is ok aunt. Raja has been fucking us for long time. He is just our son. I said we should all go to our room and have fun there on big bed.

In the bedroom we all Pari,aunt,raja,nalni maid, and I all were naked. Aunt said you guya planed it for me? Yes we did. We wanted you to experience big dick in your cunt. Now Raja is yours you can do what every you want to do.

Aunt said he do not look that old but his dick is over grown. How that can be? IPari said it all Raja’s mom she sucked Raja’s dick to make it bigger. She suck special way that can make dick bigger.

Aunt said to Raja lay on bed so I can lick and suck your dick. Raja jumped on bed and lay on bed. Aunt got hold of Raja’s dick in hand and put it in her mouth. Her mout was fully stretched. She started to suck his dick slowly. After about 5 strokes she removed her mouth from Raja’s dick. Aunt said it is too big for me to suck. Pari and his mom said keep trying you can do it. Aunt slowly tries to push that big 9” dick in her mouth. She was
Having tough time but she persisted. Every one knew aunt could not take all of his dick in mouth. It was a great site to see aunt sucking that monster cock. Then Raja said why don’t we go in 69 positions. Do you want to be on top or bottom? Aunt said I want to be on top. Aunt got on top of Raja and put her pussy on his face. Aunt was getting more and more of Raja’s dick in her mouth. She got more then half of the dick in her mouth. The saliva was dripping from her side of her mouth. She suck n licked that dick for 10-12 min. In mean time Nalni our maid started to suck my cock while I was on the bed next to raja and aunt. Pari then got on top of me and put her pussy on my mouth for licking.

Aunt said now she is ready for fuck. Raja said in what position do you want? Aunt said First try on my back then doggy.

Aunt lay on bed next to me and nalni and pari. Aunt spread her legs and raja got between her legs. He started to beat aunt’s pussy with his dick. Aunt was getting exciting by the dick beating her pussy. The Raja put his dick at the aunt’s pussy door. He looked in aunt’s eyes they were full of lust. As Raja started to push his dick in aunt’s pussy. Aunt opened her mouth and moan as dick started going in her pussy. Raja was pushing very slowly take time for aunt to get use to his dick. Raja got half of dick in aunt’s pussy. She asked Raja to stop for sec. Let me breath before I take all of it. I asked aunt if she want cream to make it easy to go in?

Aunt said no thanks I want it as it is. I know it is going to hurt but I want it rough fuck.
She said now push more of your cock in my pussy. As Raja pushed more she show pain on her face. I again asked if she want cream she said no just let it be. Slowly Raja pushed all his dick in aunt’s pussy. His mom told aunt to breath more now. After few seconds aunt told Raja to start his cock to fuck me. Raja said here it comes. He started to pump his dick in aunt's pussy like no tomorrow. Pari and Nalni (maid) started to suck aunts boobs. Aunt moan louder. Lucky our home is far away from other house. No one could hear aunt hauling and moaning. Aunt tell Raja you are very good fucker my son I never been fucked like you are fucking me. Few minutes you were yelling at us pari said that.
That was just a gimmick my dear daughter in law. The minute I saw Raja's dick I wanted that cock in my pussy. But I had to pretend that I dont like it. Pari said we knew that what we seen of you how you acted with other people we had sex with. I cant turn down nice cock as Raja's. Raja was on full speed fucking aunt. Aunt was moaning louder and louder. Raja fucked aunt for 15 min none stop. Aunt cum few times as Raja was fucking her. We can see the happiness on aunt's face.

Raja asked aunt if she want from behind like dog? Aunt asked Raja to take his cock out of her cunt. As he did aunt got on the edge of the bed. She was on her stomach. Raja got behind aunt and lick her ass. That was great turn on for aunt. She told him not to push in my ass your cock can rip me apart. Raja said I will not do that till you ask me. Raja pushed his cock in aunt's pussy from the back. Aunt had her feet on floor and sticking her ass out for his dick.
In mean time I got in front of aunt and stick my cock in her mouth. She is good cock sucker too.

Raja fucked for 5 min then he said he is about to cum. Where do you want it?
Aunt said to other girls to lay on bed side by side so he can cum on all of us.
Raja shot his cum on all 3 girls. It was lot of cum we all rub that cum on our self. What was dripping out of Raja's dick aunt took it in her mouth and sucked raja dry.
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