fun with bhua in Agra

Fun in Agra .

We left Gopals house to go to Agra to see Taz Mahal one of the beautiful
building. The King made it in the memory of his beloved wife who died giving birth.
One the way we stopped at Mathra- Vindravan. The place of Krishna. It is said that Krishana hade more then 360 wives. Wonder how he managed 360 women? We stayed for one night. We seen many places there.

We reached Agra in the afternoon. Checked in hotel and rested. Pari and bhua (aunt) started to do 69.
I was getting excited watching them licking each other,s pussy.

After few minutes Bhua said beta (son) we are red hot now pleas come the satisfy us. We both need your cock now. I said to Bhua are you begging me to fuck you? Yes son I am begging to have that
nice thick cock in my cunt. Then both of go on your knees and and both lick my cock first. I moved closer to bed where they both had their tongues out like dog. They both licked my cock from each side.
Now and then one take cock in her mouth suck it. I had their one boob in my hand.

Ok now who want this cock first? Pari my wife said give it to Bhua she need it more then me. Pari pushed Bhua on her back. I pulled her legs to put her bum on the edge of the bed. I told Pari to hold Bhua,s legs up and spread them. I stood on floor my cock was in line of Bhua,a shaved cunt. Bhua was patting her cunt with her hand and inviting my cock. She made her cunt red by patting. She was hitting her cunt hard. Come my dear son fuck your aunt she is begging you son. I licked her pussy for one minute then push my cock in her very hard. She moan ooooyeeee. That,s it my son fuck me hard.
Pari let her legs go and started to lick Bhua,a boobs. With her other hand she was massaging Bhua,s clit. Bhua was moaning like she was in paradise. Soon Bhua cum her whole body was shivering. Bhua said to me slow down for a minute. She calmed down a bit then she said go faster again my son. I pick up the speed to fuck my aunt. Yes yes she said this feel good go harder bang me hard my son. I picked up more speed and her cunt was dripping her juice. She said do not stop till I ask. Pari looked in to my eyes and smiled. She said yes fuck your aunt hard that she will remember for her whole life. I fucked her for 25 minutes hard fuck. I said now I want to cum. Bua said good shoot in my cunt. Yes yes my son I feel the hot cum in my cunt. She pulled me into her with her legs tightly. I just lay on aunt for few minutes. Aunt was shivering slowly she calm down. We both lay there for few minutes.

Bhua said now you can fuck your wife. I said in 5 minutes. Pari want to ride me so I lay there she rode me for 10 min then she cum.

Next day we went to Taz and spent half a day there. It was very beautiful. The garden was great lots of flowers. Very romantic. AJ said to me to call Gopal,s friends. I called Karim. I introduce my self and he told me that he was expecting my call. Karim asked the name of our hotel. I gave it to him he said he can meet us there by 6pm if that is ok with us. I said sure that be great. AJ asked me how was the talk. I said he sound good. AJ said so we can have fun as 4some. Yes I said

At about just after 6pm our room bell rang. Bhua and I was very excited that another man be here.
When AJ open the door. There were 3 persons at the door. 2 boys and one girl. They all looked very young and well dressed and well spoken. They introduce them self. They said they are friends of Gopal and his f****y.He said I am Karim this is Jusaf and Shabnam our s****r. We boys are twin now 22 our s*s is 20. Both boys were about 5.10” well built. The girl was also well built her boobs were like of mine
We shook hand and Shabnam kiss me and bhua on the cheek. We sat on sofa and talked. I said how they know Gopal and his f****y? We met then at the club and they took us to their home. We all liked each other. I am glad that we now can become your friends. We 3 said ofcourse we are looking for good friends. Shabnam said we know Gopal and f****y very well. We are very open with them. And their son and other friends. I said that is great. This is AJ's Bhua from UK we are showing her India.
She asked me how we know Gopal and f****y? I said same as you did. All three then said so we all are on the same wave lenth. Yes we are. How long three of to beel playing with each other I asked? Shab said since I was 12. Good I said.
AJ in mean time made the drink for all. We sat and chit chat and drink whisky.

Shab was sitting in the middle of her b*****rs. Slowly she started to put her hand on her b*****r's legs. She started to rub her hand on their legs. She got up and sat on floor in front of AJ. We took the hint we moved to her b*****rs me and Bhua and sat in front of her b*****rs. b*****rs started to put their hands on our boobs . Slowly they started to massage them. Very soon we all were all excited and full of lust. In few minutes we all were naked. As the b*****r got naked what a site. They had 9” thick cock.

I am Bhua went on our knees and started to suck them. It was our mouthful. Felt very nice. I turn and saw AJ had his cock in Shab's mouth and was fucking her mouth. After 2 min or so we all were in 69 licking and sucking what ever we see. I was very excited to get 9” in my mouth so was Bhua. Bua said this is heaven. Such a big cock this can rip me apart. We girls lay on floor side by side. And invited boys to start fucking our cunts. We 3 girls had our legs up and spread for their cocks. Shab was in the middle. As Karim got close to my cunt I held his cock in hand and guided it in my bald cunt. I just wanted to hold and push it in myself. It feel great to me to hold and guide cock in my cunt. Our 3 cunts were filled with cock and we were moaning. Swearing at guys to go faster. Mine and Bua's cunt was stretched to the limit. It felt nice to feel cunt spread like that. Bhua was moaning the loudest. It is great to take big great Muslim cock. Muslim fuck the best. Shab agree to that. She said my b*****rs are great fucker. She said AJ is great fucker too. I like the way he moves his cock in my cunt.
Kareem and his b*****r cum after we cum. It felt nice. When we saw AJ still fucking Shab we circle around them. We were cheering them. I started to massage Shab's boobs as AJ was fucking her. AJ was going faster and faster. Bua said come on my son fuck this young cunt and rip it apart. Give it to her to the hilt. AJ was moving faster and harder. AJ fucked Shab for 10 more minutes. Then he cum after Shab cum many times..

We just lay for few minutes. Then we took shower to clean us off.
They said shower at Gopal's home is best. I agree that is bigger more people can take shower together.

I asked Shab if she has taken her b*****r's cock in her ass? She said yes but it hurt lot. She said she enjoy in cunt more. Shab asked me and bhua if u both want my b*****r's cock in ass? Bhua said she is thinking and she will take if Pari will take it too. Shab was coaxing me and Bua to try it if it hurt just tell them to stop. Come on I want to see you both take in ass. Men also pushing us to try it.
Ok I said but wait while we rest our cunts a bit.

Karim asked how we want it. On your back or doggy style? I said I enjoy doggy style I got on my knees. Bhua got on her back She got under me. She was in position where she can suck my boobs.
Shab put lot of oil on in my ass and rub oil on her b*****r's cock got it ready to push it in my ass.
AJ suck other guy's cock and put oil in Bhua's cunt and rub more oil on guys's cock. Bhua spread her legs apart as guy pushed his cock in her cunt. Aunt was licking my boobs and Shab was licking her b*****r's balls. The guys started to fuck me and bhua. It hurt for few seconds but soon got relaxed and enjoy our ass getting fucked.
After few minutes Shab told AJ fo fuck his b*****r as he fuck Bhua. AJ put oil on his dick and pushed it in his ass. AJ fucked guys for 4-5 minutes. Shab got on floor and asked AJ to fuck her. AJ came near where I was on my knees and started to fuck Shab. We got fucked for about 10 minutes then guys cum in ladies ass. They stayed with us next day too we have lots of fun.

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