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I was incredibly excited and also nervous. I’d never dared do something like this before. My hand hovered over the door and then I rapped three times with a firmness that I didn’t quite feel. I could hear high heels moving down the hallway behind the door. There was a rattle as the chain lock was removed and the door opened inwards. She moved back with the door and I stepped into the house, it all seeming to happen in one movement. I heard the door pushed to behind me and I slowly turned to look at her. She was clothed in a single piece frock of blue and white flowers with a white zip up the middle. Her body was lithe and her silky golden locks fell around her bare shoulders. I swallowed and then ran the tip of my tongue around my dry lips, simultaneously trying to stop myself spontaneously ejaculating at the gorgeous sight before me and the knowledge of what was to come.
My gaze worked up from the sensuous hips to the narrow waist, the gorgeous breasts which rose and fell with her heavy breathing under the frock, her smooth neck and then up to her beautiful face. Her lipstick was bright pink and her eyes, like her eyebrows, nicely touched up with makeup. Our eyes met and locked, then she glanced significantly downwards. For the first time I looked down her body along those gleamingly inviting looking legs to her white high heels and then I realised that I was standing on a spread out black bin liner and that there were two towels on the floor, easily at hand. I swallowed again as I realised that she intended to do the dirty deed right here in the hallway!
She took a step forward and ran her hand up my inner thigh to the bulge of my throbbing cock in my trousers and gently fondled me. Quietly she breathed one word into my face, "Kneel!". I could taste the sweetness of her breath and her feminine fragrance mixed with sweat and excitement. I willingly did as she asked and her hand trailed up my body and under my chin as I dropped. I looked up into her deep blue eyes again and saw her left hand move up to rest on her hip while her right leg swung outwards lifting up her skirt as it went. The smell of aroused female sex filled my nostrils, but there was more than just that. My eyes were pulled down to the damp looking pussy that was revealed before my eyes. Her right hand stroked its way up my cheek and ruffled my hair before gripping a handful at the back. I looked up again into her blue eyes as she gently pulled my hair back. "I’m very excited", she gently said, "Put your tongue out.". I did as she asked and while holding my head in position by my hair she gently eased herself forwards, not far, but just enough for the tip of my tongue to make contact with her aroused pussy lips. She gyrated her hips slightly and moved her sex ever so gently along the tip of my tongue. I could feel her heat and the sweet taste of her sex, but there was something else there too... Her pussy lips must have gently peeled apart as she directed my tongue upwards to the sexy nub of her clit. I was suddenly aware of movement and looked down to see a trickle of thick white creamy liquid begin to slide down her inner thigh.
She must have felt the leak too, for she suddenly realised my head and said, "Lick it up quick". I did as she asked without thinking. The taste was extraordinary. I’d tasted lots of women before, but nothing like this. It was thick and creamy and had the pleasant taste and texture of girl cum like I’d licked from so many orgasming pussys before, but this was different there was a tart, salty taste there too. She grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back with urgency rather than f***e. "Open your mouth, show me", she said. I did as she asked. She quickly dropped to her knees, her eyes holding mine, and then she kissed me deeply, suctioning the fluids out of my mouth, before pulling her head back and obviously and sexily swilling the love juices around her mouth. I watched mesmerised and began to close my mouth. She shook her head and breathed through her nose, "Urgh - Nrgh" to stop me. I waited, my mouth open and almost stinging with the tart taste of her juices and then suddenly she leaned forward and spat the juices she had been savouring into my mouth. Most of it hit my tongue, but some splashed on my cheek.
"Do you know what that is?" she asked, but before I could answer she went on, "Its my boyfriend’s spunk. That’s right I’m filled with millions of his tiny swimming tadpoles and you’re going to eat them all before you get what you want." She must have been playing with her pussy and scooping the cum out of herself as she said this for she brought her hand up to my face. It was just running with the thick, white liquid. The smell was suddenly overpowering. She licked the cum off her fingers and spat it again and again into my mouth. Then she licked the trail of cum off my cheek and slowly and sensually swallowed the sexual cocktail while keeping my eyes locked to hers. Then she slowly almost whispered at me, "Shut your mouth, but don’t swallow." I did as she asked and she went on. "I’ve d***k two cups of hot, sweet tea this morning, once before and once after sex. Do you want to drink from me?". I nodded, my cock throbbing wildly in my trousers. "I’ve also changed my diet these last two days. I’ve had nothing but fresh vegetables, fruit and fish. I’ve read that this makes you taste very nice. Would you like to slip your tongue down the back of my panties and taste how good my other hole is?" I nod again, her words driving me to distraction. "Then prove it to me... swallow my man’s sperm mixed with my cum juice, go on swallow it just for me and I’ll reward you well."
I pushed my tongue onto the roof of my mouth and swallowed the load as it slipped to the back of my throat. It slid down my neck and into my stomach while my senses went wild with the hot almost stingy sensation as the liquid passed along my taste buds. As I swallowed she leaned forward and our mouths met in an unbelievably passionate kiss. At the same time her hand curled around my knob through my trousers. It was all too much. The spunk erupted from deep in my balls with a volcanic gush. A throbbing in my head felt like my temples would explode and my cheeks heated up to the temperature of lava. I felt myself falling, falling as I blacked out with the intensity of it all, the unbelievable pleasure, then nothing, blackness and falling in absolute ecstasy.
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2 years ago
Woman dominates and gives the feeling of being fucked, taken, used and so sexually and erotically satisfied under her.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
So hot!!