swinger holidej

do not know who first came to my mind, but it was extremely uncommon although druskanje in a bar, drink a little, looked spontanao, I do not think that's really the point of maximum. Sex, Threesomes, that we some time, a couple months put on side lane, first of all it was Tina's request, I understand, although I did not have these problems, but the fact that it recently became osnovmi kind of sex, there have been more we deal with it every weekend. At the same time our sponsors probs + variant through ads but that absolutely did not like us, we refused to even meet these people, and we are on the other side began to retract the story and another bridesmaid. I do not know but we are absolutely supporters to do it with close people. Only the idea of ​​going on a vacation together we became close and we all have accepted enthusiastically. Strange for all these years it has ever occurred to them, or so, but feared that the tsaj ozvuci, our sexual games were four together for mutual rights naive threes postioje for years, my wife and I mikica sezezamo the fifth year, the that his wife does not know, does not know what my kkao for a return scheme Detector, Emma and me a little longer. We tried several times to quadruple but something goes limp. Still a little bothered by them, and we came to the end to reach a jeda to work in the same room and that's it. Threesomes it's something else that we can sway to the end Ganic, even if you think women do not know of it then at least I sense, but cute, who knows what reason. Basically after two days, but we were dibrih hours of super seograda we Zeal, when he had come to replace, namely schemes began to be evil, and she and my wife switched places, Tina went back and came ema in its place, we have continued to put ulepoj atmosphere changed when I tossed it to accidentally go too far and do not forget to vatanju and groping, of course it was fun. . Joke joke but after about ten minutes of me pushing Emma eyes and gestured back, the two of them were completely immersed ourselves, almost one lying, and he loved her naked breasts, and obviously it was not interested in what we present, we began to protest and ZVID . Stop for a moment, my wife leaned all the way forward and three steps we pull the dick out of shorts IREC Emi now you take it back and leaned back. Emi is twice had to say, began with jerking, but after about twenty seconds move to smoking, with such enthusiasm that it was hard to follow, especially when driving. I enjoyed it, especially in view of the mirror where the action took place right where pornography would envy her any good movie in which my wife and best man show extreme closeness of imagination and unparalleled. She did opkoracila and who knows what is wanted mainly on her legs pulled up zagnjurivsi face her vagina, a post he still sky high from the car she had to make malte no spaghetti and while he Öif open, do whatever he wanted m it is the poluokrenuvsi him blow job. It was for me too, I had to stop because there was no more safe, I had a desire to honor Emu. Before departure, I knew that it would come to this situation when you can do and will do so, just did not expect so soon. When we brought the little red We drove as if nothing happened. We got on the boat at dawn, we got a cabin with four beds, I slept almost in flight, woke me gentle kisses my wife, we were entering the harbor. She looked rested and fresh clean Scented bathed. You had a good rest, more than zapazih asked.
I trenula answer me, so what are you pobugu worked so far. Fuck it, what followed was looking forward to an answer, the three of you? Oh, not us. Where? Here and on the deck. . . Well Kaaka was super, so good that we had to repeat the deck! Where was his wife? There. . . . I slept who fuck. .

Otherwise before departure we agreed that we fully emerge and does not inhibit each other, we do what we want when we want and to ignore too much on them, if they accept they accept, the Mikic I knew there was no problem, as I see it Emi will not mind even put ourselves in a beautiful apartment, with two bedrooms, a living room with ogromnokm trerasom overlooking the bay. We just threw things and went looking for a good lunch. In a wonderful little restaurant after lunch, the mood was extraordinarily, I relaxed and accepted the wine, while all the time the two njh domundjavale and giggled, I was a little surprised by their familiarity.
Almost in unison, somewhat theatrically us saopstise your decision! That is, since we're here 15 days njh two proposes to replace the 5 days. For example to be with my wife Detector, to be together, sl**ping, fucking walk, one word to be husband and wife, and the same goes for Emma and me. Mikica immediately agreed, everyone was looking at me, I get a hard dick to break boundaries. I looked at my wife, she smiled and nodded. Well said, you all know that I'm secretly in love with Emma, ​​everyone laughed in unison, godmother leaned toward me gently kiss me, you're a gentleman, turned to my wife and said, here's the farmers and make a gentleman of him. After lunch we set off for a walk, we were back and Sonja Mikic, normal zagrlih Emu prko bare shoulders iodmah I felt it, private with me, otherwise she and I when we had sex I always knew how to find her and to feel ever so sekx was not a mere jebacina.

So sad to hug odregovasmo mutual. Ispered us were coming my best man and the woman she is constantly laughing at his wit, laughter and movement by provalih is very excited. Spend the afternoon exploring the possible dismal and wild coves. At about 21h. We are slowly coming back into the apartment a little tipsy. We carried on a bottle of wine on the terrace Spend the next two hours, mostly silently, watching the beautiful night. I am surprised they got up and went into the room, curiously refers to the silence, a certain tension as the fact that they are behind closed doors. We both mutually concluded. Emma got up and went to the room, she was wearing a short silk robe, pinched waist bogovski was built, slightly larger breasts, very slender, slightly roughened face but certainly one of the top. My wife also has a pretty face and zgodnica kurvinskog walk behavior and when they want. Kuma is a bitch otherwise, I think the character, but I always had a way with her. He turned on the fly and said do not be long, and we briefly pausing at the door to enter the next room to our room. I moved and I stop in front of the door to the room from which they had heard screams and sobs, I felt like just a peek through the keyhole, (for me, the most exciting moment otherwise I watch his wife fuck and how to incorporate the right time. Opened the door Emma lying in the middle of the bed, on his back, with a slightly bent left leg which has shifted like a butterfly, slowly showing her beautiful pussy. knew what I, as she and I never fuck yourself, then it was going to be times when this happens the subtle tenderness to the condition that completely lost. LEgoh past her and went to the most gentle caress as I can., m is caressing all over her body, her touch on my pussy started to tremble, there was plenty wet and horny. stroked I is quite long, but the other rooms were screams of orgasm, my wife has always been very loud. EMA has already started shaking and pulling me to you, saying, come on I want you I want your cock, let me fuck you, deserted is a little bit it and then slowly, slowest, slowly, forehead length, krasja up and back, and again, and so on. before long began to orgasm ciceci, scratching and biting me., and its coarseness me always sober and stop, allowing the renew the relationship until they fainted, my hands were full of her breasts, suddenly calm down, I continued to fuck as if nothing is happening. suddenly and skillfully get away beneath me, both hands grabbing my cock stuffed by mouth, immediately flood my sperm fill her mouth nena isprskajoj face. That night we fucked her senseless, do not know when, but from the next room a long time ago not hear a sound, we fell asl**p before dawn firmly embraced. was woken by heat and pounding on the door, Mikica jeskuvao Coffee , trbaalo me 15 minutes to fix and orikljucim. Emi has not crossed my mind to get up.

Before good morning, dropped joke, we were all happy, obviously pleased. We spent the afternoon at a small beach, playing dice and cards, I sat next to women born, and had a desire to neerovatnu pojebm on the spot, and the women are normally just try to present themselves in the best light.
Wake me gently smoking polunadignutog my dick, so I went to sl**p and fell asl**p, Emma I caressed her beautiful breasts, obviously Sonja watching us from somewhere, you can not believe that it is the envy of the issue when it comes to breasts, (Sonja was operated on because of her breasts) see-through shirts, and grinders. .
. Skrenuh view takes hp and saw those two in the fucking water, while Emma zajahivala namestih me so much that I could not watch the full sex in the water, that is.
Prestavim that my own wife prepared obviously knew she was looking at. Only at the end prestavim saw another pair right, I'd say pretty young, and he stared at them, or his wife, he was smoking a dick. Obviously prestavim and njma was intended, the two soon came out of the water and came up to us shaking water. Emma and I had long settle.
On my comment about that couple, they said that Montenegrins are played online yesterday while we were waiting, it was the end of the story the way the apartment where we were compelled to go hungry. That night Mikica and Sonja did not close the doors, but we are, seated morning we sat and drank coffee, soon to appear, and my wife sitting on the arm chair while we were having coffee today, I suggested that few hikers, Sonja and refused Mikica smoothly, we continued drinking Emma coffee while getting ready, Hiking ended unexpectedly after 1h. Gore was a fire and we could not continue.
We went back, and at the time decided to go first to our beach to pick up those two, we descended to the second path a little steeper, but shorter, I left on top of car
plaza seemed deserted, otherwise there are no people, just propose that the back when Emma paused, waved his finger to his mouth silent. I did not understand it, but adjectives and immediately I recognized the Montenegrins. They played the map as naked and obviously, in my personal experience in a very promising atmosphere. Smojos waited a few minutes and then with the disapproval emin pojavismo njhovoj in the vicinity.
I do not know who is more or smotaMikica Sonja, we sat together a little, and then we went to my apartment, the way we joked and Sonja Mikic, but they would not admit to anything. And so we sit in foteljma and Sofa and try to dispel a certain tension that has emerged since the beach.
Sonja enters the room only in panties and sitting by Mikic, a little strange though because we walked around dressed, but there was no one said anything, she namestala prepoznadoh fore of Three,

At the moment I appointed myself a million questions but izustih only one where I accidentally broke out in jealousy, I asked them what they wanted with the Montenegrins response was negative, although they did not believe it at once Mikica half jokingly said that I'm not nervous and that he and his wife have of at least one more day until an agreement is doing what it wants.
To general satisfaction was overruled, just as the claim that the deal ends tomorrow

Sonja is already heavily stretched and nameštala in there before us begin serious petting,. I do not preostade nothing more than to take a few shots of coffee inapravim.

Anjih dvOJEe start thinking seriously about the fucked one meter from me, her husband, is that we have tried for years going there less than a meter. They are quite spontaneously
Joins Emma and two njh starts to work, when it looks more and more aware of the attention to each other
After some time got up and holding hands went up to our room, I followed the oh so excited shooting and the relentless recording. At a given moment, stripped off panties and bukvaslno uvukose me in the crowd, as I fare My wife is
loved with all his might, contact with Born wife after so many days was breathtakingly beautiful pleasure and passion, kraickom eye view of Emu and Mikic, as she smiled to me, that night, my wife provided all each other. The next 5 days were wonderful, the tension is gone as towed hand, was not taken into account who is sl**ping with whom, where, who fucks whom, we were totally relieved, to know your limits and really take care of them. This vacation experience and never again were unable to repeat ...
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