Beach Episode 2 - Line in the Sand

"I wanna see that big black dick again." Her accent was thick, a country drawl. She took off her over sized "See Gulf Shores" t-shirt and revealed a tiny black bikini and a small figure, a k**'s really. Vernon and Jules looked at each other. Vernon spoke up, "We really didn't know anyone lived here. This place has been deserted for a while, these beach houses have been vacant through the recession. Locals use it as a 'Lovers Lane', you know. They come down here with blankets and umbrellas and make out..."
"And Fuck?!" the tiny one shouted. "Yeah, and fuck," replied her partner. He was sandy haired and had scars running down his arms. 'Suicide maybe,' Vernon thought. Jules was becoming impatient. "We're going," she said and grabbed her lover by the arm. The girl started to throw a tantrum. "I said whip it out!" The guy called out, "Better do what she says, I got a gun," and with this he produced an army issue pistol, cocked it and pointed it in their general direction. Vernon spun around and didn't know what to do next. "Vera, get on with it," he ordered.
The girl dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled down his trunks. His dick was still wet from Jules' orgasm and the hair above his cock shone with her cum. Vera began to wrap her tiny hands around it and it swelled. "Oh my goodness, that IS a big one." She stroked it. "I knew from the balcony this was something special, it's so thick!" Jules and Vernon exchanged glances, first at each other, second at the gun. "Oh this?" the guy said. "Nevermind it, keep at your task."
"Why are you doing this to us?" Jules asked. "What do you want?"
"I just want to watch. What she wants is him."
"Why don't you two fuck and leave us out of it!"
"I can't do that, besides I'm not interested in her. I can only watch and I want to watch him."
Jules eyes widened. 'What is happening here,' she thought. Vera's silky blonde hair was a tornado in the breeze and her back arched as she put his head in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the gills and alternated between sucking the head and licking his shaft. Vernon thought about how her technique was better than Jules because he would cum immediately if she constantly sucked the head, but switching back and forth gave him the break he needed to regain composure. He looked over at Jules and realized he was enjoying this too much and it was showing. He grimaced and closed his eyes.
The guy began to sing lightly under his breath, "Somebody's gonna hurt someone, before the night is through. Somebody's gonna come undone. There's nothin' we can do."
Jules looked up and down the beach, but it was hopeless. Vera's lips pulled away from Vernon's swollen member and a strand of spit hung in the air. She turned her back to him. "Help me with this, sugar." He grabbed her bikini top's laces and they loosened, the top dropping to the blanket. Her perky little breasts were amazing, a sun tan line wrapped them perfectly. She unlaced her bottom and placed it on the blanket, bending over as she did. Not a sight of hair. The color of her tight pink pussy popped in contrast to her pale ass, all wrapped in another tanline. She grabbed Jules' bottle of oil from her beach bag and rubbed herself with it, starting at the arms and ending with the legs, but paying special attention to her pussy.
"I want you to do it to me the same way you did it to her." Vera laid on her back and cocked her legs up. Vernon just stood there. "Look," the guy chimed in, "Do I have to threaten you every time or what, get down there, NOW!" He shoved Vernon down and Vernon looked at Jules. 'It's alright,' her body language stated. She shrugged, fighting back tears. He licked Vera's pussy, caressed it gently with his tongue, and her legs began to twitch. He felt her hole with his fingers, felt that it was oh so tight, unbelievably so. She stood up and made him lay down, then flipped over and threw her leg over him and put him back in her mouth. He grabbed her ass (at this sight Jules gasped) and pulled her pussy to his mouth. His tongue was the same area size as her whole pussy, and he used this to his advantage, taking big laps as she squealed with delight, muffled by the most cock she had ever had in her mouth. He stuck his thumb in her and played with her taint.
Jules turned her head. "How did you get those scars?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"I asked didn't I?" She really didn't want to know, but she needed to take her mind off the fact she was being held at gunpoint and f***ed to watch her lover fuck a horny little girl. "When I was in Afghanistan, My commander found out I was gay. He transferred me to this unit where, it turns out, everyone else was too and didn't think too much of it. In fact we flaunted it. I met Vlad there. He was my boyfriend."
Vera flipped over and lowered herself down onto him. She felt her pussy stretch to it's limits and Vernon felt her squeeze him and he began to thrust. Her pussy was sore already. She could feel him rip her a little. She bucked back and forth and and reached for his hands, placing them on her small nipples. He played with them and she leaned forward and kissed him. He forgot where he was for a second and beautiful music played in his head while their tongues danced and her pussy grinded him, still only halfway on his dick.
"With Vlad there it was like having your spouse with you at your job. We would sneak off, have a quick fuck or suck and be back to duty. We were out on patrol when it happened. We were in the back seat, Vlad was frisky. He unzipped me and pulled me out and started sucking, right there in the back of the Humvee. We had never done it there before and it was exciting."
In the missionary position, Vernon remembered his groove. The ocean waves hit the shore. Over and over again. Her legs flopped wildly and he felt two more inches get wet. The sun was in her eyes. She didn't mind. She put her arm over them and moaned. Her pelvis bulged with every thrust.
Vernon had completely lost his mind. He picked up Vera and put her on all fours. Her pussy was dripping bl**d-tinted cum and her face was red, beyond the sun tan. She was in a haze of ecstacy, a wide smile on her face, her blue eyes only slits. He buried his member up to the hilt, and began to beat her pussy without malice. She cried out, a scream of pain and pleasure, then buried her face in the blanket.
Jules and the sandy haired man looked over and Jules face soured. He regained her attention and spoke. "That's when we hit the IED."
Vernon had not came with Jules, and now deep inside Vera his backed up semen exploded outward. She felt it, five hard spurts deep under her stomach, so hot it burned a little. Her pelvis protruded and a pouch formed under her belly.
"Vlad's teeth and skull fragments are buried in my skin down there, hell everywhere." He pointed to his arms and some pock-marks on his neck. "They took out the ones in my dick, but the scars keep me from getting hard. Now I watch Vera. This is the first one she's taken this much interest in."
Vernon pulled out of her slowly, a vine of semen connecting them. It fell to the sand forming a thick line. They both collapsed on the blanket. She climbed on him and grabbed his dick, licking the cum dribbling out. Her pussy felt stuffed, and she could feel him oozing out of her, bit by bit. She fingered it gingerly. It felt red hot. She imagined steam vapors rising from it and was happy.
Jules was crying. "I didn't want to make you cry," the guy said.
"Can we go home now?" she wimpered.
"No, I have some people I want you to meet. We'll go up to the beach house. By the way, I'm Nabokov." He reached his hand out for her. "Jules," she answered. He pivoted on one foot to hoist her up. Jules noticed this and yanked him down, his pistol crashing to the sand.
"Run, Vernon, NOW!" she screamed and threw up a roostertail of sand from her barefeet. Vernon looked down at the little girl with the dick in her mouth. She lazily looked up at him and bared her teeth. From his precarious predicament, Vernon spoke. "I don't think I can go anywhere, Jules!"
By this point Nabokov had retrieved his gun.

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