Xhamster is a Dirty Whore

As Xhamster entered the porn shoot she didn't look so hot. One of her male costars took notice. He approached the director. "Hey boss, Xhamster looks sick today. You think something may be wrong with her?" The director scratched his chin. "Hey, Xhamster, get over here, quick!" Xhamster turned around and her face was eaten up with advertisements. She walked over to the director. "My God, girl," he gasped. "Your face!" She tried to smile but a 18babysitters.com ad taped her cheek to her chin. "I'm fine," she mumbled. "I have to have these things on me, they help pay for everything, you know, Xhamster needs advertisements to survive." The director was unsure but was pressed for time. "Alright just don't let them interfere with the scene."
Xhamster undressed and her pussy and ass were crawling with flashing ads. Hornyhotties.com ran down her inner thigh and a Viagra/Cialis ad hovered above her clit. Her asshole and taint housed a Devilsfilms.com advert. The director shook his head. "Everyone just ignore the stupid shit on Xhamster and let's try to still enjoy this, huh?" Xhamster was already stroking a big floppy dick with each hand, a Grannygoesblack.net ad flashing down her right forearm, a blahblahblahsomethingsex.org ad on her left. A man positioned himself under her and guided her onto him. He hit bottom and Xhamster moaned. "Yeah," the director yelled. "Moan and groan like the dirty whore you are, Xhamster!" Xhamster bounced her asscheeks as her pussy grinded and buffered... 10%... 20% ...65%... VIDEO COULD NOT BE FOUND

After reloading the video and a little fast forwarding...

Xhamster bucked and felt as a well endowed black man entered her anus. He rocked up and down and jammed himself in up to the hilt. He read the advertisement on her back out loud. "Humantoilet.com?" Xhamster felt her asshole loosen. She kept sucking and jerking. Then Xhamster orgasmed. She convulsed her body her pussy gushed advertisements. Midgettransvestites.com/org oozed from her cunt and pooled on the floor. Then the guy in her ass grabbed her violently by the hips and spit a loogie on Xhamster's back. "Humantoilet.com," he said and thrust himself in as deep as he could. Xhamster squealed with pain/pleasure. He busted a fat, thick nut in Xhamster's ass. The one underneath her couldn't stand it. He shot three hard pumps of sperm deep inside Xhamster, and she could feel the steaming hot liquid pumping into her uterus. The one she was jerking came, all over her forearm advert. Xhamster's throat and mouth filled to the brim and she had to spit the dick she was sucking out to keep from suffocating. Xhamster collapsed to the ground. The director was impressed. "I'll tell you what, Xhamster, maybe we should do that scene again, but this time make it shorter, with less sex and more ads. Whattya think?" Xhamster gagged and coughed up. She spat a sperm covered Ronjeremypenispump.com/WTF advertisement on the floor and managed a crooked slimey smile. Then Xhamster cocked her leg. She queefed and farted at the same time and spraypainted the wall next to her in cum and ads. BUFFERING...
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