Sex in Singapore

People this is my first time of writing (and it is not a true story) so please forgive me if I have gone wrong.Enjoy reading :)

I went to singapore when I was about 18. My first visit. The moment when I landed and saw the chicks I was like 'wow, I wanna fuck all of them'. My girlfriend was back in US and so I stared at chicks often. I came to visit my uncle for a month and i was received really well and e****ted to their amazing house with a pool.

I had my also living here and he was marrying "a super hot chinese chick" so i went to meet him. After the meet and a drink he took me to his fiance and she had her friends their. She was a hot chick and had plenty of hot friends. One of her friends who was good looking handed me a small piece of paper on which her number was written.I couldn't believe it a chinese chick had asked me out. I was in heavens. Later that day I called her and she invited me over for dinner the next day.

She lived at five minute walk distance from uncles house and I lied to him I was going to my friends house and went to her place ( expecting to stay for the night). We had an amazing dinner a bottle of wine. We went along well. Normally chicks got attracted to my perfect body and dark curly hair. She told me that she had an Indian bf and he was in India so she decided to hook up for a 1 night stand with a male e****t when she met me. She told me that she wanted to fuck me and was tired of the short stick of her bf so we made our way to her bedroom.

We kissed and felt each other for ten minutes. She made my dick really hard. I got naked and she started to rub my dick. She took my 8 inch in her mouth and cupped my balls in her hands mouth while i felt her soft petite breasts.. After a few minutes she realized that I was about to come and
she ordered me to come in her mouth. We smooched again.She removed her clothes and i started rubbing her cunt and kissing her small erect nipples. She was moaning slowly.

I then lay her down on the bed and I started to fuck her in the cowboy position with each movement my dick going deeper in her. We were both moaning hard when she cried "Cum in me ..... CUM IN ME !!". I wasn't wearing a condom so I wasn't sure if this is safe and so i cummed on her face and we slept for the night.

I had sex with her in the morning and bade her goodbye. The next month was amazing. As her bf wasn't home I sneaked out in her house everyday and we had sex more than a hundred times.

I am going to singapore again since my uncle passed away and she broke up with her bf so we plan to make love again....

Hope u enjoyed. Please leave a comment and once again this is not a true story.
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