my first time with auntie

it was a sunny day on the farm and it was just me and my uncle in laws wife she had a nice fit body for a 40 year old women and nice firm tits and a cute little butt she was at the other house and i was all alone cause my f****y have gone out on a little vacation for my s****r so i left our little home and headed to my uncle in laws houe where me and my auntie we would have dinner with each other and do dishes and stuff so when her husband came back and my mom and step father would come back it would be all tidy up and what except for the bed room of course.

but we will get to that soon

so a couple of days back right before my f****y were about to leave i was walking to the my uncle in laws house when i got there my auntie was all alone cause her husband had left for a 2 week buisness vacation so we started to talk and figure out a plan of what we would do for the next two weeks before my f****y came back and her husband would return.

we started to talk about how boreing it might be for both of us cause she wouldnt have someone to pleasure her and i wouldnt have any friends to chill with but then i thought to my self did she just say she wont have anybody to fuck her and finger her then i thought to myself what if i asked if maybe just a one time thing we could maybe have some fun toghter and she said "that would be nice but as long as u dont say anything to my husband or we would both be dead" and i said "dont worry i wont say a thing" and she gave me a nice little smile and she walked away to go do her buisness and as she was walking away she pulled her thong up just a little bit and was walking away will moveing her hips side to side.

all i could think about will walking back to our house was her teaseing me with that little smile and her hips going back and forth but for now i had to say goodbye to my f****y so as soon as i said that they were off to there f****y vacation house once they left i was sitting on the couch wacking my dick off to stories about me fucking her and ripping her pussy up but at the same time i was felling sick to my stomach or felt like i had the butterflys cause i didnt
know what she wanted to do.

later on that day it was around 6 pm and i just woke up from a nice nap so i decided to walk to her place and as i got there she was sl**ping on the couch and i knew supper was at 8 or 10 depending on what we were making so as i was walking up to wake her up i heard her moan my name and i wasnt shocked but i kind got hard so i decided to go into her room and find her where her panties were at and i decided to snoop around and i found a few nice pairs (she also let me keep the panties) as i was looking around stuffing panties in my face i felt something hard in her dresser as i was grabbing some more panties and thats when i realized.

she had a vibrator and it was still moist and a bit warm so it must have not been long ago she used it and one pair of panties was stuck to it and it was the same thong that i seen her wearing while she was walking away (for an old hag she had some nice panties) as i was stuffing that one pair in my face she smelled so good and she tastes so sweet but in a good way.

i felt a hard feeling comeing in my pants i already knew what it was but i didnt worrie cause i was so into her smelling her hot juicy thong then all the sudden i heard a cough sound as in someone was trying to get my attention so i looked to my right and seen my auntie standing at the door way and she looked pissed but at the same time she looked horny cause she was bitting her lip then i also seen her eyes looking down on my waist where i realized i guess i was so deep in her thong that i pulled my pants down and just had my boxers on where my dick was sticking out.

i tried walking to her and talking but all the sudden she grabbed my dick by the hand and tugged me into the kitchen where she layed flat on the table and pulled her top off and thats when i seen her c36 nice perfect breast i grabbed one tit with on hand as my other was pulling my boxers down and my dick sprung out as i was pinching one tit i heard her moan and she said "fuck me already brandon" so i pulled her pants down and seen she had no panties on and i knew she used her vibrator on herslef once i left.

once i had everything off of my body and hers i started to tease her by rubbing my dick against her pussy lips and putting the tip of my dick in and out and all the sudden she yealled out "JUST FUCK ME ALREADY U BITCH" so that is when i shoved my 8 inch dick in all the way balls deep and she was already wet from earlier so it wasnt that hard even though she was maybe 2 fingers tight as i was fucking her i decided to lift her up and carrie her to the bedroom that is where she tied me to the bed and told me "im gonna fuck the last bit of sperm out of you" and she knew i was 20 so i could hold my own while she fucked me.

as i was laying there all i could do was try and hold my cum back until she cummed first so she was ridding me like no tomorrow she wouldnt care if my dick popped out she would slam in and it would feel like it would snap in half but for a 40 year old she had the energy of a cheetah.

as she was goin up and down she decided to try and turn me into a 1 min man by sucking me off for as fast as she could but as good as she could so as soon as i told her i was gonna cum she said "if u cum right now i will never do this again with" so my plan was to think of something else while she was sucking me off but it was to much all i could hear was gagging and spitting and slurping my dick had never felt like this before and i had sex for then once in my life and nothing like this could ever compare except for maybe my cousin but thats another story.

so after about 10 mins of sucking me off she hopped right back on my dick and started to go back and forth faceing the other way with her ass slideing up and down my body and i said "i wish i could slap the fuck out of ur ass right now baby" and she said "dont worry baby u made it past initiation so u dont have to worry about that will have more time to play with my ass.

thats when i thought to my self maybe ill be able to do anal for the first time so as i was thikning of that all i could here from her was "I THINK IM GONNA CUM" so she cummed all over my dick and all i could feel is warm water just running down my dick and all around my waist that is when she untied me from the bed and i stood up on the bed and grabbed her by the head and said "you better pray to god or im gonna cum all over ur face bitch" she replied "just cum already u little bitch ive been waiting for a long time for some young steamy cum" that is when i broke my own world record i blew 12 jet streams of cum all over her little face.

after that little fuckfest we had i looked at the clock and it started around 6:30 it ended 7:45 we were both tired and she was coverd in cum and it looked like a porn video bukkake from single man would be the title of this movie
me and my auntie were both very tired that we hopped in the shower toghter and once in the shower toghter she started to grab on my dick with her back facing me and tried to shove it in her ass but before i could tell her i didnt want to i already felt her tight ass around my dick that already hard even after that pounding that she gave me.

we started to have anal sex and i reached around and grabbed ahold of her tits and whisperd in her ear that i woudl rather have her for dinner then anything else so after about 5 mins of anal i knew i was about to come cause it felt so tight that it felt like i was giving myself a handjob but even better so i cummed inside he asshole and pulled out and watch the cum drip out after out little shower toghter she had a great idea and said "how about i place food on my body and u can eat it off me" and what i thought was like a sushi body but better cause i can eat her out for dessert so i said "i would love to do that with you".

so she stripped down and layed down on the table while i place down foot like ham and little stuff i didnt fell like cooking so i places had over her tits and pussy and started to eat everyting off her and save the bottom for last and once i got there i could already feel my dick getting hard and once the ham was gone i started to lick her pussy and eat her out and finger her pussy but after a while she started to moan and groan and all i could hear from her was "OMG I THINK IM CUMMING" and all i could feel was warm water runing all over my face.

after that she told me she was gonna clean up and i said i would help her and after we were done we would both go to bed toghter and wake up the next morning and start another day of hard working.

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very good
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nice story.