More than a WET dream...

This is my first story, all of it true and I hope you like it...All comments welcome.

I was 13yrs old when this took place. My f****y and I were staying at my grandma's house. She has a big two story house 5 bedrooms. My aunt, was also staying there, she actucally lived there. she was A single mother, so she needed that support. She was about 26yrs old, pettite, curly hair that would past her shoulders, 5'4", about 120lbs, but she had everything in the right place, nice ass, shape legs and perky boobs. one night, her k**, my younger b*****rs and me, were watching tv downstair in the living room. As always, all the k**s felt asl**p. Around 11pm, I hear a (psss psss) im looking around, than I look up the starewell, there was my aunt, standding at the top, wearing a long white t-shirt pj, that had the letters (V.S.) in pink. I could see her light skin, her arms and her sexy and tone legs. She asked me "is my son asl**p?" I tell her "yes, you want me to bring him to you?" As I was asking that, she was already coming donw the stairs... she goes to where he felt asl**p, she bends down to pick him up, and thats when I saw the most hot, amzing sexy view. Her firm and shape ass, wearing black lace panties that had pink all around the edges. covering half her sexy ass, and giving me a clear view of her pussy lips, from behine. My young cock got hard instanlly, she pick him up, as she past by me, I could se the shape of her perky tits, and her hard nipples. I was trying not to stare, but it was hard..and so was my young cock. As she was going upstairs, I could see her sexy black lace panties from behine, as she made it to the top, she turn around, saw me satnding there, staring at her from view of her panties now, where her pussy lips had shaped. she kinda smile at me and said "Don't go to sl**p too late"... I was frozen. She went to her room with her son. I was just sitting there, analazing the whole thing, and playing every moment in my mind over.. and over.. and my young cock would get harder and harder.. as I was about to go realease my self,my little b*****r move, kinda wanting to wake up. So i decided to call it a night, and took both of my b*****rs to their room. As I was walking towards my room, i saw my aunts door room, kinda open, I walked by it, the light of the moon and the outside light, gave me a clear view of her, laying in bed, her back towards the door, her pj half way up her back and a clear view on her sexy ass in those black lace panties. I hard in seconds again, i was there for a few mins, just admiring, kinda touching my self over my sweatpants, then she moved a little, and turn around, facing the door, as she was tossing in bed, her pjs when up a little more, half her breast was released, and i could see her light color nipples...they were so sexy, they look like they could fit in my mouth... As she was pulling the covers to cover herself, she kinda open her eyes, she saw me standing there, didn't say anything, but she run her hand down her belly, towards her panties, over her panties and on top of her pussy lips. she rub her pussy over her black lace panties a few times, maybe 5 or 6. Than she turn around and cover herself... I when to the restroom to release my self... went to bed.. my young hard cock was still hard, so playing every imagine of my sexy aunt, I release my self again. The next morning, as I was going to use the bathroom and shower, I past by my aunts room, she was not there anymore. I walk in the restroom, and the first thing that gets my attention, is a pair of black lace panties with pink around the edges. I go over to them, pick them up, feeling the lace in my hands, looking at them got me so hard, in seconds. I could kinda see a wet spot in the panties, were her sweet pussy lips should be. I started to masturbate thinking of her in those sexy panties, imagining her wet pussy wearing those panties...and I shot a big load of my young cream all over her pnaties... I left them in the same place... and when into the shower... ;-)
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2 years ago
mm sounds like she wanted you ta see em
2 years ago
mmm.....very hot, my cock id hard
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice, i remember days like that!