When reading this it must be read with a ITALIAN ACCENT....

One day I go to Toronto and stay in a bigga hotel.
I go down to eat soma breakfast. I tella the waitress I wanna two
pissa toast. She bring me only one piss.
I tella her I wanna two piss; she say, go to toilet - I say, you no
understand, I wanna two piss on my plate. She say you betta no piss on
plate, you sonna ma b*tch! I don't even know lady, she calla me somma
ma b*tch.
Then I go to pharmacia with a cougha. The man he give me candy ana
tell me fa cough! - I don't even know man ana he tella me FA COUGH!
Later I got to eat soma lunch at Ricky's Place, the waitress she bring
me spoon, a knife but no fock. I tella her I wanna fock - She tell me
everybody wanna fock. I tella her, you no understand, I wanna fock on
table. She say you betta not fock on table you sonna ma b*tch - I not
even know lady ana she call me sonna ma b*tch.
So, I go back to my hotel room, an there's no sheet on my bed. I calla
the manager and tella him I wanna sheet, he tell me go to toilet. So,
I say, you no understand, I wanna sheet on bed. He say you betta not
sheet on bed you sonna ma b*tch. I don't even know man ana he call me
sonna ma b*tch!
I go to check out of hotel and man at desk say peace to you. I say
peace on you too!, you sonna ma b*tch! - I GO BACK TO ITALY!!!

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1 year ago
si molto vecchio, una volta era divertente ma nel giorno di oggi, non piu
2 years ago
Veery funny
2 years ago
ahahahahhah...very funny..i love it ;-)
2 years ago
window broken out
2 years ago
OMG I was cracking up sooo much thx just got a threat put on my life and widow just got replaced and on and on andon thx for the laugh in my trying times thx so much everyone Love Lovejuice hahaha Lorenda
2 years ago
Good one , anlmose peaced myself laughing
2 years ago
Might have been funny many years ago, but not today.
4 years ago
a good old joke
4 years ago
just so cool
4 years ago
4 years ago
My compliments.
It is one of the most amusing stories I have ever read.
4 years ago