One time my mom borrowed my laptop to surf the net. After she used it I locked my room to watch some porn i downloaded and jerk off. When i opened the folder i saw that it was last opened minutes ago..."Fuck my mom saw these". I didn't know what to that instance, I didn't even want to show my face to her. Dinner came and everything was normal, my mom didn't act strange in any way. I was relieved because she might not have saw my porn but accidentally opened the file but didn't saw the kinky part(it has some shitty acting in the first part)

My mom's friend usually comes to our house to have some talk with my mom. Today she came but strangely my mom told her that they will be talking in the library instead of the living room. I was intrigued of they'll be talking about so i sneaked in the library with the hole in my room( a small hole connects my room and the closet in the library , and nobody in the f****y knows this). I sneaked in and waited for them. The topic wasn't as good as i expected, i thought they'll be talking about sex or something. They're just talking of how to raise k**s, but then i heard my mom telling her friend that she saw my porn in my laptop.

Mom: does your son have porn too?
Friend: yeah but she doesnt use them anymore
Mom: how sure are you?
Friend: he doesn't need them anymore, she uses me instead
Mom: What?! i don't get you
Friend:I let him fuck me
Mom: What the fuck thats i****t!
Friend: well we needed each other
Friend: It started when i saw him masturbating, when i saw his cock i was just so horny.
Friend: at first I didn't do anything but i saw him buy a flesh light and sniffing my panties, thats when i thought were the same.
Friend: we were sexually frustrated. I thought of it thoroughly before doing it
Friend: I thought doing it might not be so bad we'll be both enjoying, we'll both satisfy our needs and he doesnt need to fuck other girls that he can impregnate.
Friend: i can teach you if you want to do it
Mom: what the fuck i will never do that
Friend: Okay here's what i did , i took a bath and asked him to bring a shampoo because i dont have any left. He entered the bath, then i opened the curtain and let him see my body. I saw his cock get bigger and bigger , I then asked him if he was turned on to see my body. He walked away from the bathroom and entered his room. After taking a bath I went to his room and asked him "Do you want your mommy to do anything you like?".He looked away and didnt answer."If you promise to study hard and make mommy your only girl and Ill do whatever you want. He finally answered "Ill do anything you want!".
Friend: That's what happened, his grades got better and our sexual needs are satisfied. Try it, it's fun
Mom: The fuck, can you even hear yourself?
Friend: Just try it and see how great it is.
Mom: yeah yeah whatever.

I got so turned on just hearing her story, what a lucky son that was! I wish my mom would do it with me too. Weeks passed and it hasn't happen yet.... "i got it i just have to show my mom how sexually frustrated i am". I started by masturbating while she was out gardening and letting her see me jerking off...yeah i know its embarrassing but ill do it. I then use her underwear for masturbating and leave the smell in it.

The day of my dreams came, my mom talked with me and asked me the same questions as her friend asked her son.I said "Sure".

Mom: What do you want me to do?
Me:Let me touch your tits

i touched her soft tits, i slid my hands in her pants and started to touch her pussy. It was so wet and soft, it like sucking my hands in.I sucked her tits and kissed her lips(awkward)our tongues are like swords clashing. "ill make you feel good too". She put her hand in my cock and kneeled in front of me. She then gave me a blowjob. Her tongue swirled,she sucked so hard i thought i was gonna cum from her first suck. I managed to stop myself from cumming early."I cant wait anymore", i put it inside her wet pussy, she was still tight even from her age.I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy until i climaxed inside her.

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8 months ago
more details.. some stories have too much details though too many words to read... i dont like long stories either but somewhat of detailed
1 year ago
good & more details
1 year ago
good love to fuck you mom too...
1 year ago
Come on...there HAS to be more!