total desire

A night of watching a heavy metal cartoon after a extremely fancy dinner can lead to only one simple desire.

I want to smell the scent of your panty soup that you have been cooking up. It's not hard to get your juices flowwing. A little suckle on your nipples, a little finger slip under you tight frilly turquoise panties.....MMMMmmmmm........

Hey baby I can smell you from here. Maybe you won't mind me coming over there and dropping my shaft into your lazy mouth. That's right it's time for a workout !!

Oooh thanks baby didn't spill a drop. Good girl now please allow me to pull aside that dirty cotton barrier so I can get a better slurp of the nectar your little hive has been so busy producing for me.

Delicious as usual.

I'm afraid I've got nothing left to donate into your waiting, gaping, eager orifice.

Thank god I'll wake up beside you.
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Posted by pantyraider99
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3 years ago
nice short