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Dirty Panties

It's been 3 days now that you've shoved your daily panties into my face.

It's been 3 days of heaven.

They smell like the sex I want, crave and lust for.

You fucking hard working bitch.

I like to feel like you are empowered when you f***e me to succumb to your pheromones.

The dirty, sickly sweet scent of your nectar that shouldn't smell so good.

But does.

Every day would make it complete.
Posted by pantyraider99 2 months ago

Fixing the fence

It began honestly enough.

I just finished fixing a customers fence and came in to let him know. There was noone there but his just turned eighteen year old daughter.

I was informed that he was out on another gambling spree, which he was notorious for.

She seemed friendly enough and wasn't offended when she caught my gaze lingering longer than it should and even invited me to dinner. Believe me I was famished.... and sweaty. I asked if she would be alright if I had a quick rinse after I quickly agreed to her invitation. She took my hand and showed me to the shower and handed me a... Continue»
Posted by pantyraider99 4 months ago

Ass Grab

I like it when she lays next to me.
In a deep slumber.
Deep rhythmic breathing.

I can grab her ass with authority.
Adjust for awareness.
A firm but gentle rub of those cheeks.
Keep dreaming my dear.
Posted by pantyraider99 1 year ago

Double Vag Fuck

This last weekend I was wrenching on my wife's truck. She kept vying war on my attention by grabbing my cock and telling me how bad she wanted it. All I wanted to do was fix it.
When I finally finished up for the day I look over and see her reading some book which apparently really got her pussy wet. After I showered she was already in the bedroom fucking herself with a cock sized vibrator and begged me to come to her so she could swallow my growing meat.
I quickly obliged her. She was hammering her tonsils on my helmet without any help from me which means she'll let me get away with some ... Continue»
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blowing load on her face

As I was sliding my cock into my wife's face last night I declared I was gonna blow. So I aimed for her face and coated it with creamy goo. I find it really adds to a woman's beauty.
Posted by pantyraider99 1 year ago

[Story] total desire

A night of watching a heavy metal cartoon after a extremely fancy dinner can lead to only one simple desire.

I want to smell the scent of your panty soup that you have been cooking up. It's not hard to get your juices flowwing. A little suckle on your nipples, a little finger slip under you tight frilly turquoise panties.....MMMMmmmmm........

Hey baby I can smell you from here. Maybe you won't mind me coming over there and dropping my shaft into your lazy mouth. That's right it's time for a workout !!

Oooh thanks baby didn't spill a drop. Good girl now please allow me to pull ... Continue»
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[Story] Stroke

Here I sit and beat my meat,
With pubes trimmed back nice and neat.

I watch the porn to no avail,
Nothing beats your smooth tight tail.

All I want is a little fun,
Push my fingers in your bum.

Front to back that's how she wipes,
but still won't let me stick in my pipe.

The puckered starfish so far from sea,
that's right where my dick really wants to be.

Nice and slow that's how we'll take it,
look at that the helmet's made it.

Don't scream or cry it's barely inside,
with a little practice it'll open wide.

I watch the movi... Continue»
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[Story] panty poem

I lay here awake, all super baked. The smell of your clothes, they enter my nose. I give them a sniff, then begin to wish. Why are you sick, instead of licking my prick. Slowly stroking my cock, in something better than a sock. They're light in hue, a bright colored blue. Wrapped in soft cotton, I think of your bottom. The perfume left on your panties, worn by your fanny. They'll do the trick, catching the wad from my dick. Don't wake up my sweet, you need your sl**p. You've done your duty, by clothing your booty. Thanks t... Continue»
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