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Another quetion for you.

I am a black bisexual sissy slut that is more gay than bisexual. My question is can we peaple like you and me who love sucking dick and dressing in slitty clothes and being fucked in our asspusssy get mad if our wives or mates cheat on us? I for one think not. As a matter of fact I sometimes enjoy it to know that she is getting what I can't or prefer not to give to her. I would love to let her know it's ok. I know sahe is cheating,butg so am I. I love when she is out and I have a chance to do my thing and then when I get home,I can smell the sex on her aand then I want to eat her soaked pusss... Continue»
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Has this everhappened to you? Be honest.

Has this ever happened to you and what did you say or do. I had this date set up with this huge white hunk to meet up at an upscale hotel. He made all the arrangements. We had met at the carwash and he was hot and began to check me out. Long story short he made the arrangements. I was looking forward to it all day. I did all the right things,no eating,two enemas,hot silky bath. We arranged for me to get there first. So there I was in the sexist lingerie I have and I have a lot. He knocked on the door. I open it and we talked awhile and had drinks. It was the perfect night. He said come here my... Continue»
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How many?

I would like ev erybody to be honest and tell how often they get fucked. Once a week,once a month or whatever,just be honest. I get fucked once a week by a regular who happens to be my neighbor. Every Sunday his wife and mine go tgo churchand I dress up in my lingerie and he brings his big white dick over and fuck the shit out of me for an hour or so. This has been going on for the last 6 months simce he saw me in lingerie.
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I have a question for all my fellow sissy bottoms. I have been on xhamster and many other sites for years and I always see bottoms who are being fucked and they still have a hard dick. This has never happened to me. My clit or dick is raging hard when I first begin and am still in my panties,but once I get that dick in my black pussy-ass I lose my erection. I still cum after being fucked hard but no erection. My question is am I the only one this happens to or does it happen to others. Looks good on vids witgh rock hard dick flopping while being fucked and just wondered is there someting I can... Continue»
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Flies again.

Anybody elsr have an obsession with flies like me. I would love to hear about any weird kind of obsessions you have.
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Fucked by flies.

I am so glad it is time for flies to return. I was fucked by flies for two hours today and came three times. I don't undertsand the fetish with this,but it feels so good. Let me know of any other weird fetishes you guys have.
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What is it aboutg panties that make me so weak. Just to hear the word panties or read tghe word panties make me feel sexy as hell. I have been wearing and sniffing pantgies for so long,but I still getg the same feelings. I would love to hear from others who feel the same way.
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New email address

I have a new email address it is My flickr pics can still be seen under pantyluver1_1999>
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Me and my fetishes.

I find myself trying to explain who I am again. I am a black man that loves wearing panties and lingerie for white men and couples. I love being fucked ny big white dick and being humiliated while being fucked. I love the racial motivation. It makes me feel my sekf worth which is to serve white men at their will. I love sniffing panties and I love being pissed on by several people at the same time. I justg love being degraded. I also loved hearing and rfeading about others that were caughtg wearing lingerie or getting fucked. Love to chat about it. Please post more caught stories and feel free... Continue»
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I got fly fucked again !
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Please Post

I have posted several things about my fetishes and fantasies,but I love hear about true stories the most. I enjoy stories about getting caught or almost getting caught. I love first time stories and always enjoy stories or vids where black men like myself are being used and abused by white men with big dicks. Please help me and post some vids or stories. Feel free to ask me any questions or degrade me verbally.
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I did it again

WOW. Just got fucked by my white next door neighbor. I had no idea he was gay or bi as he says, This may be the start of something good.
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Need a White dom for my Black pussy-ass.

It has been a minute since I had a big white dick in my tight black ass-pussy. I wish I had somebody to dominate me here online until I can find that big white dick.
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White Dick Black Ass.

As you guys can tell by my profile and my favorite vids, I am a black sissy nigger bitch that loves white dick. I would like to know where I can find full length vids of white men dominating black men both sexually and verbally. I don't care where. It can be a pay site or free site. Help me out please.
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I love white dick.

I don't know when it started but I love white dick in my black ass. I love getting dressed in panties and thigh hi's and lingerie and have white men fuck the shit out of me all the while degrading me by calling me racial names. This turns me on so much.I have been with black guys,but it just doesn't compare with white dick. I dream of it all the time. Please any white men out there who want to humiliate me please feel free to do so.
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What do you guys like?

I like so many things. Wearing panties and lingerie for other men is at the top. I also love sniffing panties. I will wear mine a few days just to get that smell. I love my ass being fingered by a person who is fully clothed while I am in lingerie. That makes me feel so slutty. I love reading caught stories. Please Lets' play gtruth or dare.
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[Story] About Me

I don't know where to start so I guess I will start where I first felt like I might like men. I was about 14 and walking to store for my grandmother. The neighborhood bully acosted me and when I was walking away he felt my ass. That was it. I don't know why but it felt good. I fought off those feelings for a while. Then when I was older I got an obsession with panties and lingerie. I started sniffing and wearing my s****r's. I fought that off. I went on to get married and then the urge came back. I started wearing and sniffing my wife's panties. I knew she was cheating on me and I would wait u... Continue»
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