Well its finnaly happened!!!

Late on friday evening my g.f took a phone call to say her daughter(21 yr old) wanted to come home from uni for the weekend, so off we went to pick her up.

Ive always had a fantasy about my step daughter but apart from sniffing her panties and having a wank while doing it, nothing more as ever happened....until saturday night.

She decided to catch up with a few old friends and go out for drinks, She asked if i'd pick her up at closing time, which i gladly said yes to....well out she went wearing next to nothing which had me drooling in seconds, and all i could think about was having my wicked way with her.

The night dragged on until i eventually got the call to go collect her, it was around 12.30pm and luckily her mother was fast asl**p in bed. When i got to the pub she got in and asked if we'd drop her friend off, so there i am in my car with 2 sexy, really d***k girls, wearing short skirts and im as hard as a rock.
By the time we dropped her friend at home my step daughter was really out of it, we got home and i had to carry her into the house.

She was fast asl**p on the sofa and thats when my urge got the better of me, I gently lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of baby pink thongs, my cock was instantly hard and i couldnt resist getting it out and wanking there and then.

I didnt notice that she had woken until i looked down and saw her smiling, without hesitation she grabbed my cock and started to wank me off, i thought i'd better return the compliment and gently put my hand into her panties, her pussy was already wet, i couldnt resist having a taste and it was worth the wait, she had the sweetest tasting pussy ive ever tasted.

She sat up on the sofa and took my hard throbbing cock in her mouth, moving slowly at first then increasing her pace, it wasnt long before i exploded in her mouth and my sweet step daughter turned out to be a cum hungry slut and i loved every minute of it.

She lay back on the sofa and took off her panties to reveal her now dripping pussy, I was going down on her in seconds, I licked her pussy and felt her cum in my mouth a few times, she then reached in her bag and brought out a condom, told me to put it on and fuck her hard.

We had amazing sex and i thought this morning was gonna be a little difficult, but to my amazement she cheekily felt my cock when she walked past me.

I've just got back from dropping her back at uni, she sucked me off in the car on the way and yes.....we fucked again in her flat.

Hope she decides to come home next week!!!
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Very good story
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Sweet story
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nice story