I watch my daughter cum,as i do as well.

I decided to set up a webcam in our bedroom one night to see if i could secretly broadcast to the web,and to also see if my wife was playing with herself,having concealed the camera on top of the wardrobe,i retired to the garage to see if it was ok and broadcasting ok to the web from my laptop,i was plesantly pleased with it,even if it was slightly dark,from my laptop i could control the zoom and turn on night vision if required.
The evening's i spent down there were long and there is so much only one can work banging on the car,i broadcast some lovely videos of my wife undressing and dressing,showing her naked body off but nothing really sex blowing.plus my teenage daughter going in and out,looking through my wife's pantie drawer handling her pant's for some reason.
This particular night my wife went out and was not expected back for sometime,i as usual went the garage to look at porn and make a noise,
The webcam lit up and Mandy my daughter walked in as usual,normal stuff for her,i looked away and carried on oogling porn,but kept the small window visible in the corner of the laptop,glancing at it occasionaly,i glanced at it to see Mandy with a pair of panties in her hand's,Mandy looked around the room as if to see if anyone was around,she put the panties down and pulled the drawer out further and started to look deeper in,she had found a a rabbit vibrator,something i had not seen before, she had found in the back of the drawer,on looking at i could see she was playing with the button's,She put it against her tight jean's and rubbed it against the outside of them across her crotch,by now my cock was stirring against my jeans to,for this was getting towards taboo area,but the comments that were coming in from the web were mindblowing,so i just let it carry on broadcasting,
Mandy layed down on the bed pulled her jean's up tighter and started to move thr rabbit over her mound,she pulled the zip flap back so that the rabbit vibed against the steel zip,i assumed it tingled more,she moved one hand to her waist band and pulled them up tighter,making her cunt push hard against the zip,the tip of the rabbit started to stay in one spot against the zip,her mouth was starting to open and her tits wre starting to heave as well,by now my cock was rock hard and my hand also was starting to move to my cock,i could feel precum ozzing as well.her hand with the rabbit in started to ram agaist the zip as if she was trying to fuck herself with it,all the time she was also pulling her jeans up against her cunt and letting go and then pulling them tight,as if wanking the zip against her self,her movements grew stronger as did my desire to run in and fuck her also,but my hand was occupied wanking me away to her, her feet started to dig into the bed lifting her bum of the bed,moving cunt up to meet the rabbit,boy this was cock tingling stuff to me and also to much as i wanked myself, long ribbons of spunk shooting out from my cock,looking hard at the screen i could see that Mandy to was in the throw's of orgasm too,as she was now arched,her cunt looking skywards,her jeans were pulled very tight against her cunt and the rabbit looked as if it was rammed hard against her cunt,vibing away,
She slowly lowered her self to the bed,she kissed the rabbit a thank you,she picked up the panties,put them back in the drawer,but left the rabbit out,glancing at her watch,she seemed to pause at putting the rabbit away,she then got off the bed rabbit in hand and went off with it,i can only assume to her bedrooom for a more intamate play,which fucked me off as i wanted to see her cunt,i would imagine a glistening cunt at that,which got me stirring again,plus a wicked thought,could i set the webcam up in her bedroom as it seem's she is more available to broadcast,
An hour went by before Mandy reappered in our bedroom,only this time she just had her very short nighty on,which if seen her in before but for some reason only when the wife is out for the night, she opened the and gave the rabbit a long lingering kiss before she put it away.
Next time the webcam will be in Mandys bedroom.
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3 months ago
Fantastic storyline...
1 year ago
Very nice story, I hope that yu continue it with a part 2 of Mandy on cam. I hope you don't mind but I saved this to my favs
2 years ago
...an exciting story for us voyeurs!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice. Thanks
3 years ago
that story made me cum!
3 years ago
Loved your story......I love jerking off too pics of my daughter...upskirts,nude in shower and bedroom...got her panties wrapped around my cock now....
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
very good story. can't wait to hear more of mandy
3 years ago
very enticeing hope there is more to cum
3 years ago
Excellent! Hope there's more!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome Story... made Me Rick Hard too, Jacking Off and CUMMING at by the end of the Story...
Please, Write more about Mandy and Her Mom too, if Ya' want!
I Saved this Story along with my other Favorites!
Naughty Johnny in Los Angeles...
(I'm Still Playing with my flacid Dick... it feels too good to stop...)
3 years ago