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Well i have a huge fetish for panties ....full blown panty freak lol...i wear them and jack off wit them and of course cum in them ...i sl**p in them sumtimes to ...i got a huge stash 55 pairs ..they r from friends moms , pairs iv bought or stole , my aunts , step s****r and her friends, .....and my fav my moms sweet sweet panties mom has so many silky pairs they r so colorful and stylish iv taken si many pairs she literly has the cotton and lace left overs i dont mom has found my stash a few times she jus takes back her panties n washes them i jus get them back from her drawer one by one ....she has gotten mad first two times ....first she jus found them undet my bed a she found a small graveyard under my bed ..i got a habit of cumming on them and tthrowing them under my bed its starts to pile up after wile ...she first found them and told me we need to talk i knew y cuz i noticed the panties werent under my bed i lik to re use them put mutiple cumshots in them its lik she knew i was about to jack it n i wad looking fir a paur of panties from under my bed ....she yelled from the kirchen come here please ...i got to the kitchen she said i need to talj to u about jerking off into my panties now dont say u havent cuz i seen the sighns it better stop.her exact words..the second time she found my stash ...which had her friends carrys panties in there to carry had asked if i took them ...sheso i foun open the doir to my room stoid there n said i found carrys panties and mine its so gross logan my panties r filthy u eed to get ovr this fetsh n slammed my door exactly wat happened ..i nevrr forget the time she mentions my doins wit her pantids but those r jus the big first two she stoped careing i guess cuz i wld noticed all her panties wld b missing from my stash id find them in washer sge wash them twice to get the stains out sum always had a faint stain cuz i cummed in them so much id try to cover each pair lol other time she was pretty mad i stile a booty shirt pair that were blue n white stripe wit pink lace ..sge was yelling at my i know u got them i jus git those can i wear tgem once b4 u take them blah blah lol ...but ya there r couple more but sum other time ight
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6 months ago
I got caught doing the same thing but she acted very cool about it. Her pantys always smelled so good I couldnt resist.