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I'm:Erin, 36
From:St. Albans, West Virginia, United States
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Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:I'm in the healthcare field
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
Star sign:Aquarius
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
Physical Information
Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
About Me
Hi, my name's Erin...I'm a sissy from St. Albans, WV; and I love wearing pantyhose, bodystockings and tights! I'm short, soft and blond with an average build (except for my thick legs, thighs, and phat ass). Usually, if I'm feeling horny, I'll pull on a pair of pantyhose, find a sexy top, do my makeup and go to the local adult bookstores/xxx-arcades (Crazy Mitch's, Adult XXX S uperstore, Lion's Den, etc.). It's really easy to hook up with a guy or two in the adult theater or video booth sections of these stores. God, it's so hot to give in to "real" men and let them have their way with me! The first time I sexually submitted to a man he thoroughly used my phat ass and broke me...he took away any chance I had of becoming a man myself!
He was an older man who lived down the street in my subdivision during my teenage years. I was about 16 years old the day he lured me into his house by offering me shots of liquor. I was curious as to why he wanted my company, but I accepted his offer and allowed him to usher me into his home. He had never been very friendly to me. In the past he had made comments to me about being "too girly", or I "look like a sissy", or "maybe I should have been a girl, etc.," in front of some other kids my age. So I was rather surprised he wanted to party with me. Several shots later, I was heavily buzzed and actually having a good time talking to him. Eventually, he tried talking me into trying on a pair of shiny white pantyhose and a tight, sheer blouse he had, "just to see if I liked it". I don't know if it was the liquor or curiosity or both, but I compliantly changed clothes in his bedroom. God, the pantyhose and the nylon sleeves of the blouse felt so good on me! Our eyes met as I shyly walked out of his bedroom. I saw him look me up and down. I felt my cheeks flush and lowered my eyes to the floor; he then instructed me to come sit next to him on the couch. As I approached the couch he told me to stop and spin around in front of him so he could get a better look at me. "Mmm". He held me still with one hand and ran his other hand over my pantyhosed ass and legs. He said something like, "MMm mm, look at you; look at that fat sissy ass." "...Oh!" escaped my lips as soon as he said it. Needless to say, I was feeling both vulnerable and submissive dressed only in a sheer, long-sleeved blouse and pantyhose. "I love little bottom boys like you", he said. "I've wanted to handle that sexy, fat punk ass of yours for a long time". My neighbor went on to tell me I looked "hot" and "sexy," and that I should let him kiss me. I told him that would be okay, but said,"just please don't hurt me, OK?" Truthfully, if he had decided to flip me over and fuck my phat pantyhosed butt right then and there I couldn't have stopped him. I was so scared of him; my arms felt limp. "Don't you worry, sissy", he said; quickly pulling my pantyhosed body tightly next to his to kiss me. Again,"Oh!" was the only word that escaped my lips. As I submissively parted my lips to allow his tongue to slide into my mouth, I felt justified in my thinking that I was too physically weak resist him. I was soon moaning like a bitch as I felt one of his fingers applying pressure to my butthole! "Oh, oh, god!," I moaned as he held me still with one hand on the small of my back and using his other to finger-fuck my butt through my pantyhose. I was all his and we both knew it. He owned me. When he became tired of playing with my butt, he nudged my face down to his lap; closer to the huge bulge in his pants. With one hand full of my long blond hair; my neighbor held my head in position so he could rub his rock-hard cock on my soft lips with his free hand. All along he was telling me to kiss it, "kiss my dick, faggot." And I did. Soon after he slid his hot dick past my lips and into my mouth. I positioned myself pantyhosed ass-up; with one hand on his leg and the other on his hard cock so I could suck him off better. He said,"Yeah, suck that cock, bitch." I slid my hand and lips up and down on his now-slick cock over and over; I was enjoying having a dick in my mouth more and more...I was so into sucking my neighbor's dick that I hardly noticed his fingers were pushing through my pantyhose into my pussy again! I paused and moaned with his dick still filling my mouth...seeing me in such a position must have been amusing to him. I heard him chuckle as he pushed my head back down on his cock. I continued moaning and sucking as he finger-fucked me through my pantyhose. Later, my neighbor allowed me to pause long enough to tie my long blond hair up before making me swallow his dick again. I sucked him until he tensed up and shot hot cum down my throat and on my face. He said, "You know you love swallowing my cum, don't you faggot?" I replied, "oh, yes, master, I do...I love it so much..." He finished me by holding my head up so he could wipe cum over my lips with his softening dick. "OOhhh," was all I could say. I couldn't help but lick and kiss the head as it passed by my now-sticky lips. I knew I could never be a man after this. He broke me. I had been completely dominated by my neighbor and made to want more...
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3 months ago
I'll be at the pussy up
3 months ago
love your pics... so hot!
9 months ago
good day beautiful lady, I would have loved to add to my network of friends, but the system says it does not accept invitations, it's a shame
9 months ago
Loved checking out your pics... very sexy and your neighbor was right, you do have a fat sissy ass!
11 months ago
I travel through wv often, can I get an add?
11 months ago
hey erin, I'm in your area. would like to go to the bookstores with your
12 months ago
Damn you are a cutie
1 year ago
Hi Erin, I enjoyed your introduction and your stories in your blog. Maybe we can get dolled up and go to the bookstores sometime
1 year ago
you are so beautiful!
1 year ago
Great story....I ernvy yor neighbor!

Would enjoy seeing very sheer nude or tan pantyhopse on your great legs
1 year ago
Wow Erin !! You are hot. !!!
1 year ago
Hi Erin! I LOVE your look!!!! and that ass.... damn. Lucky gurl
1 year ago
Such a hot story!
1 year ago
Thanks so much for accepting my invite, gorgeous!
1 year ago
Thanks for your friendship and your hot sexy avatar !
Would you accept to dominate and to humiliate me on cam ? My Skype ID : angela-on-cam
Please, have a look at my selfmade video :
I'd love to become addict to your intimate smells.
Could we swap some smelly pants or pantyhoses ?
1 year ago
So hot gurl!
1 year ago
When you are in the Washington DC area let me know. I want you to have the time of your life, you need to be with me.
1 year ago
God damn sexy as hell! Please fuck me.
1 year ago
Sexy as ever ;)
1 year ago
hi thanks for the invite.
1 year ago
thx 4 the add dear
1 year ago
wow.. sexy
1 year ago
wanna c something fun?
N tell me what u think?
1 year ago
great intro story, had me hard as a rock
1 year ago
I love you I think
1 year ago
dang ur so cute erin
1 year ago
You are lovely sweetheart!
1 year ago
Lets fuck
1 year ago
Hi I am looking for a submissive girl who needs breeded. Checkout your PM
1 year ago
Hi Sweetie, Awesome profile page Erin!!! Very sexy and hot videos!!! We both love your stunning pictures!!! Lots of hugs and kisses...

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