Fun in the Laundry Room

Hey everyone, this story is total fiction, and it's the first story I've ever posted. Hope you like it.

We accidentally bump into each other in the laundry room, I wasn't looking where I was going and she was talking on your cell phone. She laughed, sitting on the floor with her dirty clothes around her, telling the person on the phone that you'll have to call them back. "I'm so sorry Jamie, here let me help you." I set my basket down and start picking up your clothes and throwing them into yours. "No, no, no, it's my fault, Scott" she replied, "I was too busy listening to her babble that I didn't see you." I smiled at her pretty face and tried to sneak a peek at her petite body. Her breasts were on the small side, which was definitely my preference; and the rest of her filled out quite nicely. "Hey, I'm up here", she told me, obviously catching my glare. I paused, blushing because I was caught.

Without even thinking, I grabbed a pair of her panties off the floor, and they were adorable: A small pink string bikini with white hearts. Feeling the soaking wet material between my fingers, I could barely hide my lust. She must have just taken them off to wash, and I could smell her delicious scent coming from the panties. I blushed again, knowing she saw my obvious excitement at holding her freshly removed underwear. "Do you like my dirty panties?" she asked. I was still too shy to answer, but nodded once. "I bet you do, I always catch you staring at me, hoping for a glimpse of my panties, or just checking me out; I know you want me." She walked over to the door, putting up an out of order sign (which was usually on the door anyway) and locked it.

"Poor boy, you've been nothing but a sweetheart, helping me put my laundry back and I haven't done a thing to repay you" she teased. Jamie slowly reached down, pulling her tank top up ever so slowly, showing her tight stomach and finally a light pink bra. I couldn't help but stare at her bra-covered tits, thinking of how many times I've fantasized about sucking on them. She noticed the bulge in my pants, smiling that 'up to no good' smile of hers. "I think he likes me," she teased as she pointed toward the bulge growing in my pants. I nodded again, hoping this was going to continue as long as I played along. "I have a little secret", she whispered as she took a seat on my lap, grinding on my hard cock for just a few seconds. "Those panties you picked up, I just took those off after I finished playing with myself, do you like that?" I moaned involuntarily, barely getting a yes out.

"I thought you might, I changed into a different pair, wanna see?" Did I want to see? This girl must love torturing me, she obviously knows all about my panty fetish. She stood up and slowly pulled down her sweatpants, spinning around so I could see her tiny little ass in a blue satin thong. "Oh my god, Jamie", I almost gasped, reaching out to tease the edge of her panties with my fingers, "You look so fucking hot." She smiled, sliding onto my lap again in just her thong, knowing she had me wrapped around her little finger. "Well since I helped you out, maybe you could help me out for bumping into me" she pleaded with a pouting face.

I changed places with her, letting her sit down while I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, letting them slide off. She gasped a little when she saw my cock straining against my boxers, "Oh my, did I do that to you?" she asked with a smile on her face. I picked her up, sitting back in the chair with her straddling me, my cock pushing against her thong covered pussy. She moaned quietly as I leaned in to kiss her. Our tongues intertwined, passion and lust running wild between us. I reached behind and unclasped her bra, releasing the tits I had fantasized about for months. As I suspected, on the small side but extremely perky, with cute little nipples that were so hard. I couldn't help myself and lowered my face down to tease them with my tongue. I let my tongue trace around the outside of her areolas, and lightly nibble on the tip of her nipple, letting my hand tease the other. After a couple minutes, I switch and make sure I get to play with both.

I could feel her are starting to get worked up and she started to grind on my hard cock, trying to get it to press into her pussy as much as possible. I smile wryly and get her to sit on the chair while I kneel on the floor. Pulling her tiny little thong to the side, I get my first look at her neatly trimmed pussy, soaking wet from the little show she's been putting on. She moans quietly, wanting desparately for me to play with her. My fingers traced her pussy lips, teasing and getting my fingers soaking wet. I let one finger slide inside, feeling how tight she really is. Jamie moaned, finally getting the pleasure she has been waiting for. "I just want you to know that you are incredibly sexy Jamie; I love seeing you in your sexy panties, I love playing with your tits, and most of all, I love your tight little pussy" I managed to get all that out while trying to focus on getting a second finger inside. Once I did, she moaned even louder, "Thank you Scott, that's very sweet. Now if you don't fucking lick my pussy right now, I'm going to go crazy!"

Without wasting a second, she grabbed my head and shoved it into her soaked pussy. After taking a second to recover, I let my tongue explore every square inch of her pussy; teasing around the edges, flicking my tongue over her clit, and then seeing how far I can slide my tongue inside her. I take a couple minutes to lick around her pussy, feeling that she is getting closer and closer to her first orgasm. When I realize how close she is, I slide two fingers inside her tight cunt and suck on her clit. I alternate between sucking and licking her clit while I pound two fingers in and out, curving them up to hit her g-spot as she shakes and clamps her legs over my head. Letting the first orgasm roll over her, she screams out in pleasure as she hits her climax.

"Well now Scott, that was pretty impressive. But now it's your turn" her devilish smile returned, kissing me quickly and tasting herself on my lips. Jamie kneels down, pulling my boxers off until my hard cock springs free. "You've got a pretty nice cock there" she complimented, "and believe me, I know how to play with those." She let her fingers run the length of my cock, admiring it for a second before taking the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip, while her hand reached out and started to stroke the rest of my cock. I moan as she takes more and more of my rock hard cock into her mouth, always stroking what little bit she isn't sucking. After a couple minutes, I feel myself getting closer, so I made her stop. Jamie pouted for a minute, but then I sit down on the chair and told her to get on. Smiling, she pulls her thong to the side and straddles her pussy over my cock.

Ever so slowly, inch by inch I filled up her soaking wet pussy with my cock. Both of us moan as she takes my entire cock, feeling it fill her up completely. She slowly starts to slide up and down, going so far as to let my cock slip out of her before slamming down on it again. Each time I filled her, she gasps, loving the feeling of my huge cock stretching her pussy to its limits. Jamie bounced up and down on me, moaning and panting, while I whisper into her ear every naughty thought I can think of. "You love riding my big cock here in the laundry room, don't you? I bet you're hoping someone comes in and sees how much you love fucking me."

I hear a gasp escape her lips, knowing my dirty talk is helping to push her over the edge. "Who knew that cute little Jamie was such a nympho? You masturbate every day, don't you? Hoping to get someone to fuck your tight little cunt. Well now I'm fucking it with my rock hard cock, and I'm going to fucking make you cum." Jamie screamed out in pleasure as I started pounding her pussy in rythm with her movements. I can see it in her face as her pussy tightens around my cock, her pussy juices covering it as she claws my back. She holds on for dear life as wave after wave of your orgasm hits her, every inch of my cock still inside her. "Now I'm really going to make you my little slut, I know how much you must love cum after your little display here" I taunt, knowing it's just going to turn her on more.

So I f***e her to kneel in front of me, her pretty face looking up at me while she strokes my cock. "Please cum for me Scott, I want it so bad, I want to taste it and feel it, please cum for me". With her eyes looking up at me, I can't possibly resist and start to cum into her open mouth. Most of it stays in her mouth, but I see a few strands hitting her little tits and sliding their way down toward those sexy, soaked panties. She swallows every drop, takse off her panties, and toss them to me. "These are yours sexy boy, I want you to keep them as a keepsake and also I want you to use them when you masturbate. I know you get off on smelling dirty panties, your one night stand with my roommate wasn't as private as you'd like." She winked, pulled on her pants and shirt, and threw a load in the washer and left. I stood there, dumbfounded, holding the treasured panties in my hand, I headed upstairs, hoping this was the start of many encounters this year.
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9 months ago
yum yum what a great story
1 year ago
Very good considering you typed it out using only one hand. ;)
2 years ago
could have had some more description of the characters, and of the setting, and despite some grammatical errors here and there, its a good story, ill give it a 3.5/5