Can't be a girl. So, I'll fuck sluts till I kill myself :O
(6 days ago)
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Occupation:Your Sissyboi
Education:Current college student
Star sign:Virgo
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
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Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue
About Me
I'm a confused 19 year old guy, I love Tgirls/CD/Traps/Whatever else :)! I've had sex with one tgirl my age,it was effing amazing and that is what got me on this site, but other than that its been females. I'm hoping to find more Tgirls/CD in my area in the future, but for now xhamster is satisfying my needs ;D.

I also have a strong desire to dress up like a female, because I'm slim and feminine, and I think I look hot dressed like a girl! So I might upload pictures of me dressed up in the future!

I love all my friends on this site :)! You guys are truly amazing! So don't be a stranger..... !

Some of my interests: Any trans/cd/trap stuff obviously, anal, amateur videos, lesbians, strap-on videos, getting pegged/strap-on fucked by a female, femdom, femboys, hot straight POV videos and amateur couples, losing my anal virginity.

What the fuck is wrong with me haha??!

Anyway....Thanks for adding or accepting me if you're my friend :)! If you want to private message or skype, just message me
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4 days ago
thanks for the accept. great videos and pictures!
6 days ago
then be a GURL and hook up with a girl
that likes gurls

18 days ago
You can identify however way you want to. If you dress up feminine and feel happy, then continue to do so! Forget what others think!

PS: I still think you're cute.
21 days ago
you will always be a special girl to me xxx
22 days ago
"I give up I'll never be a girl. At least I can fantasize ;( "

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

With all my Luv, Admiration, Respect and Consideration.

22 days ago
"I give up I'll never be a girl. At least I can fantasize ;( "


Why do you want to be a girl? You can be a gurl, gyrl, sissy, sexy boi. Best part, sweetie, you have a boi-pussy.

Master wants to lay you on your back, lift your legs and fuck your tight, hot sweet boi-pussy, and come deep inside you.

Relax sweetie, you're adorable and desirable.

Spanks and kisses,

Master Padraig

27 days ago
do what makes you feel good as long as no one gets hurt
1 month ago
Correct - NOBODY is normal.
1 month ago
There's a Charger Hellcat as well as a Challenger.
The Challenger is crap in corners, as it's a traditional 'muscle car' and is only good at going straight.
Unfortunately, you can't get the Hellcat powertrain in an AWD Charger.

And fuck normal. It doesn't really exist anyway. ;-)
1 month ago
Yessssshhhh. I always have dabs…if I don't I uh….become "mentally unstable" lmao.
Hey it's like the fastest 4-doored car you'll find with over 500 hp manual.
Screw the hellcat lol. That's a damn coupe! Same company at least.
1 month ago
Love to dab with you.

And fuck the SRT-8. Hellcat, baby!
1 month ago
I make my own dabs :). Have my own set up in the basement….Take's time learning how to actually make a true 98-99% though.
Try Chopin or Belvedere. Polish Vodka=Russian Premium Vodka. The Polish know how to make proper Vodka.
1 month ago
Dabs and vodka are good stuff in the winter; never had Belvedere though.
1 month ago
i want to hold you
i want you to suck my tits
i want to ride your cock
n make u explode inside of me
2 months ago
Great galleries, thank you for sharing! X
2 months ago
Me too. Two drinks and I am on my knees with open mouth waiting for cock.
2 months ago
Thanks for the add sexy. Would love to get to know you better
2 months ago
Dearest sweetie,

Sorry I took so long in answering. Yes, if you lived closer, Master would have your sweet ass and mouth filled with his cock and come all the time.

Told you you were a natural sissy, cocksucking, faggot slut. Hope you are being used by lots of cruel men.

Spanks and kisses,

Master Padraig

2 months ago
just be a bitch then ;)
2 months ago
I'm making experiencing Pain a hobby though…. ;D.
Ehhh…Fuuuuuck It.
No point in being a whiney bitch heheheh.
3 months ago
love your profile, nothing wrong with you dude. Keep doing you :)
3 months ago
mmm HOT profile ;);)
3 months ago
Pain is a major part of life....
3 months ago
I would love to feed you DICK
3 months ago
Such HOT Profile, Videos & Outfits baby!!! Wet Kisses
3 months ago
My show statrt at 15-00 GMT. Welcome my frends!
3 months ago
You're quite welcome….Hope you like my profile, I may add more content soon. I have like thousands of pictures and hundreds of GIFS too still share ;D.
3 months ago
thanks for adding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 months ago
hi sweetie, very hot profile
excellent collection :-)
3 months ago
Look up the kinks, state of confusion. Cool song...

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