I was home from college for the holidays the day it all started. I was upstairs hanging out in my room, with the door closed, listening to a Miles Davis CD. I started thinking about a few girls I had met at one of the sororities, and before long I was imagining their (hopefully) shaved pussies, with swollen labia forming lovely vertical smiles, and hard clitorises begging to have my tongue tickle them. The kind of stuff eighteen year-old guys think about most of the day. It certainly didn’t take very long before I was harder than steel, and no longer thinking clearly. I just had to rummage through my secret panty drawer to find some things to wear.

For years I had been dressing in women’s underwear, and had recently come out of the closet. I would put on skirts and dresses over my lingerie, go out to bars with girls who knew about me, and try to pick up a guy. Except for my arms and head of long brown hair, all my body hair is shaved, and with some make-up, I can pass for a fairly attractive chick. I have a girlish kind of face that takes after my mother, but I don’t have her figure. (I have to pad my bra to get any bust line at all.) Even though I like girls, it was fun and exciting, and not to mention very flattering, to go out and have guys hit on me. I had sucked the come out of more than one of their cocks without their knowing I wasn’t a girl. And by the time they did find out, most of them would get me off with their mouths, surprised to find out that they actually enjoyed sucking off a chick with an eight-inch dick.

But today I was stuck with that old standby, my hand. With a hard dick, a girl can’t think of much other than getting it off.

I took off all my clothes, and picked out a pink baby-doll, with matching pink nylon bikini panties and bra, and a pair of pink nylon thigh-high stockings that would stay up on their own. As I dressed, I watched my formerly limp dick stand rigidly at attention. It would have been so much fun to have watched it grow larger and larger from its flaccid state, rising throb by throb to its full magnificence. I pulled up my silky panties, the last item to put on, and hid my dick off to the side inside them. I could see it throbbing against the fabric and began to rub it through my panties. I felt very hot and sexy, and laid down on the bed. I pulled my panties down enough to massage my balls, and started stroking my cock.

At that very moment, my bedroom door abruptly opened and my mother strode in.

“Honey, do you have any laundry you need—“ She stopped in mid-sentence and her jaw dropped as she fully comprehended the image of me in lingerie, with my hand around my cock in mid-stroke as I instinctively turned to face her.

“Oh my God, Kris…”

I had forgotten to lock the door.

She composed herself rather quickly, but her bulging eyes remained firmly fixed on my throbbing tool.

Finally, she said, “Kris, I never realized you were a panty boy.” Her mouth formed a small, amused smile.

“All right,” I replied. “I’m busted.”

At this point, I figured I might as well be straight with her. It was way too late to try and bluff my way out of this, with my cock in hand, and my cute little baby doll hanging just above my panty line.

“I’ve been called panty boy by girlfriends and boyfriends before. But I go by Kristi when I dress.”

She smiled. “All right, Kristi. How long has this been going on?” she asked, eyes still bulging as she looked at me gripping my cock.

I told her that I had been dressing ever since she and Dad broke up. What I didn’t say was that over the years, I’d had thoughts that boys are not supposed to have about their mothers. Mom is a hot, forty-one year-old chick who doesn’t look a day over thirty. She is a tall brunette with long hair that falls way past her shoulders. I had accidentally seen her naked a couple of times, and her tits were as firm and well formed as any of my girlfriends at college. And her shaved pussy ― which at first shocked me ― was what ultimately prompted me to start shaving my own body hair. She had thick wide lips, perfect for sucking cock, and twinkling hazel eyes. I had thought of her more than once while jerking off. And yes, I did feel a little guilty about it afterwards.

She raised her eyes to mine, and smiled seductively at me. I felt a tingling in my belly, and that strangely pleasant hollow feeling in the groin when you get horny for someone. And I felt that tingling sensation in my cheeks that tells you that your face is turning beet red. Here I was, hot for my own mother!

“You know,” she began, “Years ago, I thought you might be going through my panty drawer. Things were never in the right place. I felt a little funny imagining you wearing my things…but I finally decided that it was just a phase. Boys will be boys…”

Her eyes never wavered from my cock and panties, which stood tall toward the ceiling as I removed my grip.

“I finally got enough courage to go into the stores and buy my own.”

“Well, actually I felt a little guilty…having sexy thoughts about my own son.” Her eyes rose from my panties to meet mine. “I might as well tell you,” she said, “that unlike most chicks, I’ve always found it a turn-on when a guy wears a woman’s clothes. But I was never able to get a man into it. And now, here you are…”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe this. My mother was hitting on me, and I was loving the idea. I wanted to fuck my mother!

“I’m getting hot and worked up looking at you,” she said. “Let me show you what to do with that beautiful cock hanging out of those pretty panties."

I pulled the panties up and stood as she gazed at the bulge. She put her arms around me and gave me a very unmotherly kiss, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. I responded in kind, and moved my hand up the back of her thigh and underneath her skirt, until I could caress her ass underneath her own panties.

We separated, and I pulled her blouse over her head to get it off. I reached around to her back and undid the clips to her bra and pulled it off her body. There were those perfectly formed breasts with wonderfully erect nipples -- titties that I hadn’t had my mouth on since I was a baby. It was time to change that. I leaned down and placed my lips around one of the nipples, teasing it with my tongue, and sucking on it like a baby. She was trembling with anticipation.

Moaning, she said, “Sweetie…suck harder...”

After a few minutes of licking and sucking on my mother’s tits, I straightened up and put my arms around her. We held each other close, feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies as we kissed, both of our hearts thumping wildly as we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues.

I laid her down on the bed, unzipped her skirt and pulled it down and off. All she had on now were her own white panties. I pulled them down and down, gazing at my mom’s shaved and swollen pussy crack with yearning, and when I got the panties off, I slowly worked my mouth up her legs, kissing and licking them until I reached that crack. I kissed her labia wetly as she spread her legs for my mouth, and slid my tongue deep into them, sliding it up and down and finally finding her fully engorged clitoris. I sucked on it like it was a tit or a small cock, and massaged it with my tongue, while all the time she moaned and groaned.

“Oh, yes…Kristi…please…don’t…stop…” Again and again and again until she finally screamed in obvious ecstasy.

I was on my knees between her legs, and finally rose to meet my mouth with hers, kissing her with wet pussy juices on my lips. I pulled off my baby-doll, and pulled down my panties just enough to liberate my cock and balls. As her mouth met mine, and our bodies pressed together, I entered her, and my mom let out a long moan. I slid my cock in, and in and in…to the very hilt, and pressed hard against her hairless pussy with my hairless dick.

“Oh, baby,” she said. “Turn over on your back and lay still while I fuck you.”

I turned over, knowing I couldn’t take much more of this before I exploded. I had never been so aroused.

She rested with her knees on each side of my hips, took my cock in her hand, and guided it to where I could enter her again. She slid down the length of my shaft, and when she reached the hilt squeezed with her vagina. She held it tight as she came up the shaft, and when she reached the top, relaxed. She came back down about half-way and started to move her hips back and forth with a circular motion. It was like she had a tongue inside her cunt, that she was playing around the head of my cock. It’s fair to say that I was going crazy.

Again she went down to the bottom and squeezed as she came up. Again, and again. Squeeze, come up, relax, go down…faster and faster and faster. She reached around with one hand and started to massage my balls.

That was the final straw.

I felt that warm feeling that starts below my balls and moves up the shaft of my cock and fully engulfs the head as the huge cluster of nerves sends pleasure signals to the brain. I tried to hold off ejaculating for as long as possible.

“Mommy,” I nearly shouted. “I’m coming!”

She screamed my name as my asshole snapped shut and that first spasm filled her with come. I must have had contractions for a full minute, squirting and squirting and squirting.

She bent down and laid her chest against mine, pressing her weight and her tits against me. She would squeeze my cock with her cunt, and I would contract to harden and lengthen my cock between squeezes. She kissed me wetly again and again, and between kisses whispered, “Oh, baby…,” while I whispered, “Oh, Mommy…”

I never did go soft inside my mother. No, I stayed hard, and before long I was sliding in and out again, while her breathing got heavier and heavier, moaning “Kristi … Kristi … Kristi…” She was having an orgasm every thirty seconds or so, until finally I exploded inside her again, even stronger than the first time, with harder spasms. It was like the sensitive orgasm nerves in my cock extended all the way down my legs, and up into my breasts. It felt so good, it hurt. Again, our bodies pressed together, with her perfect tits against mine, and we played the squeeze and contract, squeeze and contract game again.

“Whew,” she finally said. “I guess my little boy isn’t so little any more. You have a wonderfully long cock.”

“Gee, Mom…”

“Kristi, would you like to come in my mouth?”

“What little boy wouldn’t want to come in his mother’s mouth?” I teased.

“Don’t get smart with me now,” she teased back. “I’m still your mother, you know.” She grinned at her little joke. “I want to taste my son’s come, and have you watch it drip from my mouth and down your cock. I know you guys really like to see your cock in a girl’s mouth.”

And with that she slid her cunt up my shaft until I slipped wetly out of her. She licked my nipples and moved her tongue down toward my panties.

She was absolutely right, of course. I’ve always enjoyed watching a girl (or a boy, for that matter) give me head. But it seems so appropriate somehow, for a woman to have a cock in her mouth. Like it just naturally belongs there ― even more than it belongs in her cunt. It was no exception watching my mother do it to me, except that she did it exceptionally well.

Slowly, she went up and down on my dick with her mouth. Wetly, she teased the head with her tongue, tracing the contours and ridges, forcing her tongue on the monk’s one eye, and keeping her teeth completely out of the way. Each stroke went a little deeper until I reached the back of her mouth, and she had to open up and take me deep into her throat. She surprised me with how long she could hold her breath, but when she did come up for air, it was like her mouth was a soft and wet vacuum-cleaner hose trying to suck me dry.

I felt my third orgasm coming.

“Mommy, you’re going to make me come again,” I warned, and then let it build up like the other two, trying to delay ejaculating as long as possible. When I exploded into her mouth she made little humming sounds as she swallowed, indicating that my come tasted good, and also causing more stimulation of my penis. I was rocking back and forth ― trying, I guess, to get away, because it felt too good. I was moaning and screaming like a girl getting off, but I couldn’t help it. She wouldn’t stop stroking the head of my cock with her tongue as she swallowed more of my come with each succeeding contraction.

“Oh, Mommy,” I pleaded after the jangling nerves had settled down a bit. “Don’t stop. Please… Make it happen again.”

More humming sounds. I took them to mean that she wasn’t done with me yet.

And she wasn’t.

The holidays passed too quickly once Mom and I had discovered each other. When I got back to college, I continued to pass as a girl and fuck and suck the guys who hit on me. But it wasn’t as easy fucking the college girls any more. For one thing, they needed another fifteen or twenty years to really get their bedroom skill sets down. And for another, most of them didn’t really care much for a guy in sexy lingerie ― even a guy with an eight-inch dick.

But Mom was always there for me when I could make it home.

And Kristi always came home.

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