Texts sent to my wife while i was at work

Ok several fantasies have been vividly coursing through my heads ill do them one at a time: We are watching the video of us at marks house you wearing your robe black panties and that black cute bra you put on the other day... There is someone else there getting turned on watching the video of us Fucking. They have with them a camera. You tell them that they better turn it on as you start slowly stroking my cock through the shortsMy cock get so Fucking hard it feels like it will explode, I look you deep in the eyes and start kissing you intensely as you start gyrating your hips with anticipation and desire. You tear my shirt off and I untie your robe and kiss your body making my way lower and lower. I lick your legs right where your panties start then kiss your beautiful tingling pussy through your panties then slide them off and then tease the outer edge with my tongue. You shuffle out of your robe and bra as I lick your throbbing clit... The camera person intent on catching the hot action gets out of the chair to get a better angle as I spread your pussy and slide two fingers slowly in to gently tease your g spot your hips thrust up and I go faster and harder grunts and groans come from our mouths and I find the spot and keep going then pressing on your lower abdomen and licking your clit you tense up for a moment then my fingers get squeezed out and you squirt cum out then I licking your wanting pussy drenched in your cum as you grab me and drop to your kneesSliding my shorts off you tease then swallow my rigid pulsating cock sliding it down your throat. You sense I'm about to cum as you pull it out and stick your as in the air begging me to cum on your perfect pussy. I shoot a huge load drenching your pussy and ass then I circle you and shove my sensitive cock in your mouth and I release a couple of blasts down your throat as my knees buckle I lay down and you climb on me ordering me to clean up my mess. lick all the cum from your pussy and ass and continue licking your pussy as I get hard again...

To be continued...that is if you want to hear the rest

Now where was I oh yes you were smothering my face with your cum Drenched pussy, licking both our cum out of you and off of you gets me rock hard. You see this and straddle me while I thrust hard and deep as I stare into your eyes. Your facial expressions turn me on even more. You moan and scream... Your pussy starts to quiver and tighten. You have an intense orgasm and slide off of me. you lay on the floor shaking with pleasure as I lead you to the couch and bend you over and enter you again. Slow and deep first then just putting the head in picking up speed I start hitting the spot over and overYour legs tremble you try to get on the couch cause you think your legs won't hold. But I grab your arms and pull you back and keep pounding your happy... You groan and scream and you tighten up around my throbbing cock we can feel each other throbbing and we simultaneously orgasm then instantly collapse to the floor. We both quiver on the floor me still inside you. We remember we aren't alone the camera person collapses into their chair obviously turned on. We climb up to the couch you put only your robe on so you feel the cum drip out and down your legs. We watch the video we just made realizing the came****rson must have been really close to get those shots we didn't notice as we were locked in on each other. As the cameraman leaves I lock the door behind them. As I turn around I see your eyes get really big as you notice that watching our new masterpiece has got my cock so swollen it seems bigger and harder than ever. You tell me to get over there and engulf it in your wet warm mouth. Then order me to lickYour dripping pussy... Here we go again....

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1 year ago
Great story!